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its Out Earlly!!!

Naruto Chapter 653


Bleach Chapter 555


One Piece Chapter 726



16 Responses

  1. Hot, hot, HOT One Piece and Bleach chapters! Not so sure about entire chapter dedicated to talk no jutsu lol. I foresee Obito being annihilated by Madara in the next few chapters after this 😦

    Damn, Ichigo is whole nother beast now *where’s Zaraki!?*

    One Piece, vintage; as we’ve come to expect!

  2. Perfectly set up for Madara to come in and take over Obito when he’s not focused. Madara will overpower Naruto and the others to prevent the Juubi extraction and Obito will be sucked in to suffer in Madara’s illusion for his betrayal.

  3. When did Naruto get so wise and perceptive? It’s weird that this side comes out all of a sudden.This Naruto shocks me!

  4. You know what would be an epic clash?

    Talk-no-jutsu vs. Conquerer’s Haki!!!! (^_^)


  5. Naruto
    – this chapter really annoys me. It’s all about Rin after all. Naruto only needs to know how the villain’s loved ones react and say and vola! The talk no jutsu succeeds.

    PAIN arc – naruto is like the kid that Nagato loves. I forgot his name. Naruto even able to mimic what that kid used to say. Then nagato realize Naruto is his new bitch and turned a new leaf.

    Obito = just the same. He remembers Rin in Naruto’s words. So he will realize that Naruto is his new bitch also.

    Only Madara is the real villain here. No redemption, no regrets, only killing!

    – the suit that ichigo dropped reminds me of the suit that piccolo used. So damn heavy,

  6. Well Naruto just released the ultimate talk-no-jutsu. Obito never stood a chance. It’s the only genjutsu you can’t be snapped out of. Only thing left now is for MEGA MAGNUM to use the same talk-no-jutsu he used on Sauke on BIG MAGNUM, then the Naruto circle of life will be complete and everyone can hold hands and skip off into the sunset. Oh and they will find the dragonballs and wish everyone back AKA the gedo statue will bring everyone back

  7. I really hope we get flashbacks to Ichigo’s training with squad 0. The quincy are formidable but Kenpachi, Ichigo and Byakuga are still MIA. I predict that Byakuga will somehow be the only soul reaper with two Bankai since he got his stolen but also created a new one, that could be epic.

    Yes, Naruto is corny as shit right now but the fact that OG Madara is still kicking keeps me hopeful. Lets be honest, he is the only villian that has been a constant since the beginning (other than orochimaru but he seems to have put his plans on hold till this is settled).

  8. is it just me, or were all three of these chapter fairly disappointing this week?

  9. Naruto: The only thing missing from this chapter was Naruto receiving a standing ovation from the ninja alliance.

    Bleach: It was good to see Ichigo. I firmly believe his first opponent will be Ishida.

    One piece: Honestly I don’t know what the significance of what transpired at the end of the chapter but it wasn’t a bad chapter.

    @Tawuya-sama: Yeah….I can’t wait for Kenny to fight but TK is a tease. He knows that every bleach fan is eagerly awaiting for Kenny to say this one word: BANKAI!!!

    @ripcord: I hope you are right but my theory is Madara will step in attempting to take the tailed beast only for Obito use some forbidden jutsu that will transfer all tailed beast to Naruto.

    @Naruto Tutor: Naruto waivers between highly intelligent to highly idiotic. Basically he’s been like that the entire series.

    @darthuchiha: I don’t know……talk no jutsu did just stop a villain who has been planning his scheme for over 14 years and this same villain gave up everything for that plan. Sooo if this was to happen talk no jutsu hands down winner. LOL!

    @kantutantayo: Agreed. It’s weird that it takes NARUTO to remind both Pein and Obito about things they themselves forgot. Not only that, he reminds them of something that TOTALLY causes them to change. You mean to tell me Pein who killed Jiraiya (R.I.P) didn’t remind Pein, Kakashi and Minato didn’t remind Obito. I guess Naruto has that effect on people since he is the only one capable of getting through the most driven villain even when the one’s they know couldn’t.

    @UchihaTheInfamous: ROFL….I wouldn’t be surprised.

    @shikamaruistheman: Byakuya with two Bankai’s? That would be cool. But Byakuya is still in the soul palace (if that’s what it’s called) I wonder if the pill Kisuke made was transferred there?

    Madara may be kicking but don’t underestimate the absolute power of no talk jutsu.

    @fire fist: Personally I liked both Bleach and One piece. Both chapters maintained a good paced storytelling wise even though there was no action. Naruto was disappointing because as I was reading the chapter I was thinking, “I can’t believe no talk jutsu actually is actually working AGAIN! The one reason I look forward to reading the next chapter is to really see if no talk jutsu really worked! If so…..that would be the most lackluster defeat for a villain in manga history.

    Whew!! I responded to everyone! So peace out Shannaronites!!

  10. I really hope madara doesnt get talk no jutsu’d…. and if he does pleaseeeeeee let oro do something out of nowhere and become the ultimate villain. This manga has not had a true villain in quite some time, a villain who doesnt regret or anything just does. For every naruto there has to be a polar opposite and im hoping either madara or oro are that opposite.

  11. As lame as my name is, when it comes to its hero’s an villians I can hardly tell the difference between this an star wars anymore. I’m half expecting the emperor sidi-madara to congradulate naruto an tell him to finish vade-obito off and take his place by his side.

    Tobi: so, you have finally accepted the truth.

    Naruto: ive accepted the fact that you’re obito uchiha, a ninjas from the hidden leaf village.


    Naruto : its the name of your true self, you only forgotten.

  12. Side note, what’s the Fairy Tail release schedule look like? When do we get the translations? I just got caught up with it and I like it.

  13. All. The new Bleach Chapter 556 Is up. And WOW!!!!!

  14. @Corbray – 10,000% agree with the “WOW”!

  15. at least one of the big three is good… naruto is just draggin on at this point

  16. @Tawuya-same: 🙂

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