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Bleach Chapter 554 : Desperate Lights

Chapter 554: Desperate Lights
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Bazz-B doesn’t seem to saddened that his fellow Sternritter Chang Du being killed by Toshiro. Toshiro succeeded in killing one enemy but he is completely drained from energy.


He fell down to the ground close to Matsumoto.

BG9 seems to have been terminated by Soi Fon’s bankai. But i doubt Soi Fon herself can keep fighting. Much like Toshiro she was beaten up heavily. The other sternritter feel the loss of the Bankai that they had stolen.


The king is simply waiting in his throne room. Ishida standing beside him. In response to a Question by Ishida. He begins to tell that he expected this to happen. A rightful assumption indeed. no way the Shinigami wouldn’t try to get back their Bankai’s. He doesn’t even seem in the least worried on how fast they did it though.

Our next Sternritter is sternritter ‘E’ Bambietta Basterbine. The overly sadistic and cruel young lady. She keeps ranting about her enemy the doggy(Komamura) not even being here. Then she turns wondering where he subordinates are. And they are gone. embarrassed to find herself to herself alone she gets angry and blows up the entire neighborhood around her.

Then with his loud voice the do. sorry. Komamura jumps in. Bambietta questions him about his new helmet. The new helmet, shoulderguard and chest cover are all nice new gifts. He however is not alone.

Shinji has also joined him, Zanpaktou already released in his Shikai state.


I love the pic where he releases his ability on her. She immidiatly gets all dizzy and confused as she loses all sense of direction to the powers of Shinji’s zanpaktou Sakanade. It probably wont take too long for to rage out.

The chapter switches back to the King and Ishida. He says himself now that he figured they would find a way to get their bankai’s back eventually. The King is very happy to see that his Sternritter are loving it. Loving the battle. Loving the fact that they can go all out.

Bambietta is the first the release herself to her complete state. Quincy Vollstaendig. The Quincy bankai to say. A power she couldn’t release while she held control of their Bankai. I am not sure how more power suddenly negates the mind-numbing effects of Sakanade, but there you go.

All doesn’t seem lost as the two scientists get an unexpected phone call. From Ichigo.


4 Responses

  1. pretend3r nice review but you said that Chang Du was killled. Unfortunatelly he’s not. If you look at page 19, you can see that the ice flower crumbles, when the Quincy Vollstaendig activates. And the next picture, i think that shows BG 9 going Quincy Vollstaendig too.

  2. This may be a brilliant move for TK. If the sternritters would have been defeated so easily with the return of the captians banki, then from a story telling perspective, that would leave little for the heavy hitters to fight, Ichigo, Kenpachi, and not to mention the fullbringers and the sword dude from Hecuo Mundo. Personally I’m still wondering what TK is plan on doing with Byakuya, Renji, and Rukia? Also I wonder just how powerful is Ishida? Are Ichigo dad and Ishida dad going to play a role in the last arc? So far the story is still good.

  3. @impaler : You’re right. Missed it. thanks. Even if BG9 is alive. He face is caved in. Guess he aint doing too well.

  4. pretend3r, I’m glad that I could be useful and keep up the good job. About BG9, he’s a robot/ cyborg, so the CPU could be anywhere, not in the head. It would be cool if he would fight without a head, but from what we saw in this chapter, the Quincy Vollstaendig has some regenerative capabilities. The druged chick came back clean, so maybe robotboy will get an upgrade, including a new head, or more tentacles, ROFL

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