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Its Out!!!

Bleach Chapter 554

wings dragons bleach artwork hitsugaya toshiro 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_64Naruto Chapter 652

ed854a97f4f8290f375cdd90fdbd1f85One Piece is on a break this week. 😦


27 Responses

  1. so, if naruto wins the tug of war he’ll get all the tail beasts’ powers. therefore becoming the new sage or 10 tail jinjuriki


    Bleach- Freaking TK!! Just when I thought the shinigami were going to turn the tide of this battle, Yhwach took a play from Aizen knowing ahead of time that they were going to get their banki back and he prepare for it!!! Well played….

    One piece: #@&%!!!!! Sorry I got carried away.

  3. I wanted to share. While I have been a deep dyed Bleach fan, I knew very little about Naruto. For the last few months, I have been watching the anime on Adult Swim, but that is a long way to where the manga is now. I have started at chapter one reading the manga. I have only reached chapter nine, which is miles from 652, but I will get there – one step or in this case, one chapter at a time. 🙂

  4. YO when is Kenpachi Gonna show up & kick some quincy A$$!! Dam i wanna see how much more powerful he has Become!! Seriously!! XD

  5. @Alerie you will love, it seems afar but you will find yourself reading a couple chapters a time because you want to find out what happens next. Ask any questions we are all here to help you through

  6. Since Gaara’s pulling in the 1 tails and B is pulling in the 8 tails won’t naruto only have 2-7 and 9 tails chakra?

  7. Naruto 101: Thanks for the encouragement.

  8. I dont Think its narutos intention to take the tailed beast chakra and become 10 tail jinchurici.. He wants to free them and let them go

  9. Then someone else in the future will plan to capture them once more. Either they somehow be sent to a place no other ninja can get to them and live in peace, or go with sasuke’s plan and kill them all.

  10. @Immortal – hahahahaha, it is indeed all over!!!

  11. Naruto
    Question: why does Naruto have 10 tails. Yes i know that he received the chakra from tails 2-8 but still, Kurama has 9 tails, but in this chapter he had 10 (8 special tails, and 2 regular tails). So talk no justsu, op. I’m really curious how Naruto is going to lose the tailed beasts. We all know that somehow Madara will interfere and steal the tailed beasts (even Kurama, if we’re lucky), but I’m really curious how. So the Obito saga is about to end.

    All I have to say is: Everything goes as planned (The King seems to be the person who taught Aizen, how to plan )

  12. Is it just me, or is One Piece on break very often nowadays?

  13. @IIdannizzle

    well quality of that magnitude takes time and a lot of hard work. Oda deserves it.

  14. Question-If the 10 tails is pulled from Obito, this should be the end of him correct; since when a jinchuuriki loses his or her tailed beast they die.

  15. If this is how it ends.. just wow. Honestly I was kind of hoping for a different outcome instead of talk no jutsu… This outcome was boring and predictable. I mean who didnt call obito being talked no jutsu’d. It would have been nice if maybe kishi made obito not have any regrets and realize that he should just be ruthless but no kishi made obito just a sad horrible villain imo. Im not gonna even bother spouting off about how lame this has been cause im sure a few of u feel the same way.

  16. also how come the bijuu chakra is coming out now and not when naruto hit obito in sage mode with teh rasengan before?

  17. @token

    Because Sasuke had to be part of the final equation, lol.

  18. Ah yes kishi’s main character

  19. @ token

    Exactly right sir.

  20. @Token: You wanna know what’s even worst about talk no jutsu, Naruto seems to be the ONLY person who can use it on Obito. Neither Kakashi or Minato could use talk no jutsu even though they were his teammates. Sigh…… It’ strange that any villian, no matter how driven they are to their diabolical goals, cannot overcome the absolute power of…..


    Seriously though, talk no jutsu has always been apart of the manga. It’s just way more noticeable now. It’s crazy to me because my perception of the ninjas in this manga went from skilled assassins to skilled orators.

  21. I would reccomend obito simply plugging his ears to shield himself from naruto’s talk-no-jutsu, but we’ve seen how well that worked for kakashi during the bells excercise………..

  22. Hey guys. Bleach 555 is here and Ichigo is back.!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. @Alerie – the Strawberry is now extraordinary with a shunpo that is 14 times faster than normal!

  24. Well Naruto just released the ultimate talk-no-jutsu. Obito never stood a chance. It’s the only genjutsu you can’t be snapped out of. Only thing left now is for MEGA MAGNUM to use the same talk-no-jutsu he used on Sauke on BIG MAGNUM, then the Naruto circle of life will be complete and everyone can hold hands and skip off into the sunset. Oh and they will find the dragonballs and wish everyone back AKA the gedo statue will bring everyone back.

  25. @Impaler
    9 entities came out of Obito because there is only 9 different tailed beast. The 10 tail doesn’t count if it gets separated into nine again. Naruto nine tails matches the tailed beast from 1-9

  26. I am surprised Obito is losing this quickly, with having the 10 tails inside of him.

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