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Its Out!!!!

One Piece Chapter 724


Bleach Chapter 552


Naruto Chapter 650



20 Responses

  1. Sound familiar?


    Seriously the only good thing that came out of this chapter is that drawing on the last page. Kishi needs to make that a reality immediately!!!!

  2. Fusion? Coasting on toriyamas coat tails

  3. Great “It’s Out” pics!

    Enjoyed all three with One Piece reigning king this week followed by Bleach.

  4. The last page was worthy for a read. Naruto and Sasuke should end it before the battle drags out too long. Obito got too many chances to escape death. Time for him to be put away once and for all.

  5. There needs to be more Sasuke.

  6. One piece- Donflamingo is the man. He is one of those villains that I hope if “he gotta go, go with a smile.” -Joker. Fufufufu!!

    Bleach- Yhwach screwed up big time when he left Kisuke alive. Mr Hat and Cloggs should have been his FIRST target. However even though Kisuke help the Gotei 13, this war is far from over.

    Naruto- This was a okay chapter. It wasn’t overly exciting but it wasn’t dull either. Did you all see the color page at the end with Naruto with the Ten tails eyes? Not only that but Madara saying “he failed”? That kinda got my attention.

    @darthuchiha- A byakugan eye couldn’t have saw what you saw any better. Good catch!

    @Tawuya-sama- Agreed on everything said.

    @nss7- You are right it’s time for Obito to go. Also if Naruto is getting the ten tails eyes, you know Sasuke will get the Rinnegan hands down.

  7. Well I guess this chap finally explains exactly why Ichigos bankai couldn’t be stolen.

  8. @ tele,

    yes and Ichigo is their greatest downfall. Urahara said that just a seed of that Hollow DNA will cause the Quincies to die (not die instantly), Imagine what a Vasto Lorde level Hollow (in this case, Ichigo) can do.

    I also feel Grimmjow is gonna make a big return. He might be the one who helped Urahara from the Hueco muendo before.

  9. @ Kantutantayo Your comment about the hollow DNA killing Quincies slowly but surely makes me think the Quincies quite literally treat all Hollows as cancerous, disease-ridden creatures that must be eradicated. I actually thought that the reaction was something like an allergy, but your comment supports the Quincies aggressive stance against Hollows. For example, if you had a pet allergy or a food allergy, you probably just would not get a cat or eat anything with peanuts, you wouldn’t go on a crusade to burn down pet shops or peanut fields. However, that kind of scorched earth policy is much more acceptable if you were treating cancer through chemotherapy. What I’m trying to say is that you made a good point that made me think twice about what I was going to post.

  10. It does appear as though the quincy and hollows are being treated as extrem polar opposits, light and dark if you will. Both are the others bane and when both kill each other they are simply wiped from existence, soul and all. But then are the shinigami simply there to balance these two very divergent groups, prevent one from completely wiping out the other, culling one group to keep them from over running another?

    Also what does this now make ichigo he is in essence a combination of pretty much everything and such an unknown that the new capt commander doesnt want him living in the human world. One last thing is this means that the vizards can now go all out and along with ichigo are now the greatest threat to the quincies.

  11. @Tele – bloody good point about the Vaizard! Has this been set up from the get go by Tite?

  12. @Tele
    If you read the wiki, you will find out that quincy are in fact the opposite of shinigami, not of hollows. And after reading the manga, i didn’t find at all the part in which the hollows said that they want to destroy the quincy.

  13. Where’s Juugo? Did he fuse with Sasuke?

    Obito seems boring everytime he opens his mouth.

  14. @impaler hollows are always craving foods which is spiritual energy they attack humans or shinigami with higher amounts and seeing how quincy are only humans with an advanced amount of spiritual pressure it only make sense they will attack them constantly. Grand Fisher specifically went after people who could see the fake women he had to make himself stronger. In that sense it makes perfect sense. The rest had been explained before

  15. I think kakashi just became hokage

  16. @Siskin – did Kakashi just pull an internal genjutsu or is the Will of Sage that gave Obito that vision?

  17. Bleach chapter 553 is out.

  18. And the bankai is back!!!!!!!!!

  19. How can I post a review on Naruto chapters?

  20. @Cobray – Hitsugaya’s semi vaizard bankai was off the chain!!!!

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