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Its Out!!!

Naruto Chapter 649


Bleach Chapter 551


One Piece will be out on mangastream shortly. It is already out on other manga website.


16 Responses

  1. I dont even have to say anything about this chapter… it speaks for itself. 1 bright spot… kakashi is still alive yay lol

  2. One piece’s ending was awesome, like I’m legitimately excited about next weeks chapter.

  3. Nice seeing Kakashi stiching him self up, and not just seeing Medicals ninja doing it..

  4. bleach – always trust urahara to have an ace up his sleeve, these quincies are badass so far

    naruto – still dont see the ”gokages” return being relevant, all they have done is give a boost to the alliance, something naruto would have done by himself, lol kakashi going rambo

    one piece – sanji is a beast, taking on doflamingo like that and props to law, playing doflamingo and fujitora for fools. time for sanji to step up. looks like bart will help zoro and kinemon into to the colliseum

  5. OP-Sanji is a “Man” among men! He did the same to Vergo except he connected while Dofy blocked it. Yes Sanji’s body was beat up badly and still fought Vergo pretty well considering….we will now see what a fresh Sanji can truly do against someone of Dofys caliber. I think at some point in the manga Sanji will use his hands while fighting to protect Nami or someone dear to him and imagine how Beast he would be :-0

  6. About Naruto It looks like everyone’s marching toward the end. I wonder what Naruto and Sasuke will force Obito to do.
    About Bleach It doesn’t seem like the Gotei can do anything against this threat, but, as always, Urahara comes in to save the day.I think someone’s campaigning for his spot within the Zero Squad hard.

  7. @ Naruto
    I think Shikamaru’s statement about being the adviser to Naruto is a very heartwarming thought. Surely Naruto does not have someone as intelligent as the 2nd Hokage. But Kiba just ruined the whole thing by saying stupid like he will be the hokage.

    @ Bleach,
    In this arc, Urahara’s discovery is a lot more important than Miyuri’s.

  8. Decent chapters this week 🙂

    Naruto – Shikamaru speech was PROPER (lol, agree that Kiba piping in was unnecessary). So it’s the Kage-led Alliance versus God (Tree) and Naruske versus Juubito/the Devil. Hopefully multiple straight chapters of action now that everyone is on the same “page” motivation-wise.

    Bleach – not so sure how I felt about this chapter; are the Captains really so useless without their bankai’s? Hitsugaya spent all that time training but seems it was all for nought; guess we have to take into consideration the fact that he’s still a child even though a prodigy. Gotei still expecting the big daddy’s though – 1) Zaraki 2) Wolf-boy with granddads secrets 3) sick captain 4) vaizards and 5) soul palace crew so maybe situation not that dire.

    One Piece – nothing to say here; this is a genius manga. Oda is the Rain Man of manga writers!

    Token, come out, come out wherever you are! Lol, you know you have your weekly rant ready 🙂

  9. @tawuya this chapter speaks for itself lol. its been pointless to rant cause i would just be ranting about the same stuff from the past three weeks seeing as how the past 3 weeks have been borderline useless chapters (and might i add boring as hell)

  10. @Token – lol, I’ll admit that whilst Shikamaru bit was heart-wrenching for me the touchy touchy bits are dragging on a tad now. We may find ourselves on same side of Rant River next week *throws pebble*

  11. That drawing on page 3 of naruto……
    Isn’t someone of obitos strength supposed to be ripped? Why does it look like he packing a 40 ounce instead of a six pack?

  12. My funniest part of this chapter…was when Kiba said, “Don’t overdo it, Shikamaru..You might become ‘my’ advisor you know.”…..then Akamauru went “UUHN~”

  13. Naruto, Rise of the Uchiha- Not much to say about this chapter. The only thing I was thinking was it seemed like the ninja alliance spent 14 of the 15 minutes talking so now they have 1 minute to take the 10 tail jinchuuriki down; but considering “who” they have to take down, it will only take them 30 seconds tops.

    Bleach- Sigh…it would appear that arrogance may be the quincies downfall. (Even though they have a good reason to be arrogant considering they have been planning this for what…1000 years!) My only questions for this chapter is why in the world is Kisuke still in Hueco Mundo? Are we ever going to see the person that sword belongs to? Other than that…arc is still decent.

    One piece- You know, this is one of those chapters where the author takes a 2 week hiatus leaving us yearning for the next chapter to come out. Thankfully Oda is not going to do that so I can look forward to the next chapter next week!

  14. Didn’t anyone notice… Kakashi had chakra around his right hand while he was stitching up. The guy knows some medical jutsu, he’s pretty badass. Granted not good enough to prevent him needing stitches but still, he truly is a jack-of-all-trades. Doujutsu, medical jutsu, 3 element types, sealing jutsu, summoning jutsu, and pretty good at taijutsu and strategy too. I guess he needs a big bag of tricks of he has a low chakra reserve.

  15. Is mangastream down or something? I cannot seem to access the site.

  16. @ripcord: That seems to be norm in the shinobi universe. The first hokage has a few jutsu with monster chakra, while his bro has a multitude of jutsu with weaker (not weak) chakra reserves. Some ninjas may have alot of jutsu (Madara, Sasuke,) but they only stick to a few of them (when was the last time Sasuke used Kirin?) So once they acquire enough chakra they repeatedly use the same jutsu. I guess what I’m trying to say is more chakra means spamming the same powerful jutsu, less chakra means using a multitude of jutsu to get the job done. Good one ripcord.

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