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Naruto & One Piece – Sorry

As many of you know, I am not as active in this great community we have created. Life is not as simple as I imagined it to be as a kid. Work, school and life in general is always in the way of my hobbies, and one of my favorite hobbies is to talk about Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and any manga/anime out there. Nonetheless, I have time on my hand now and will just say quick thoughts on the resent chapters. P.S. from now on I will post the “its out” but it will not be as impressive as I used to make it, so pictures will not be posted, I will open the blog on the most recent chapter so that you guys can have an opportunity to discuss the recent chapters.

Naruto Chapter

To be honest, I did not want to say anything relating the Naruto chapter because as a long time fan of Naruto, I have come to the point in my career as a Naruto fan where I cannot enjoy it. I can give you numerous reasons why, but I do not want to discourage anyone from reading this series because it can be entertain. If anyone wants to discuss the issue I am referring to (I.E the fetish Kishi has with given Sasuke almost every freaking power, the numerous plot holes and etc) give a shout out on the comments and I would love to argue on this issue. But for now I will analysis the chapter and not give my negative thoughts on it.

Naruto’s Senjutsu and Sasuke’s Senjutsu

So it is official Sasuke can use Senjutsu or at least a copied version of it, but a Senjutsu nonetheless. I know that a lot of people would be very angry about this and find it unjustifiable from Kishi’s to give Sasuke a power that is so exclusive to Naruto. What some might think happened is that Sasuke basically has a power that is a fundamental power of Naruto and it is what made him so valuable. It is like if Naruto gained a doujutsu that is like the Sharagain. But before people become  ferocious and riot, they have to think that the Senjutsu of Naruto and Sasuke are different, in the sense that Naruto’s senjutsu is superior to Sasuke’s. Naruto’s version is the original source and he has endless supply of it, while Sauske has to gain it from his bitc…I mean get it from Jugo.Basically without Jugo, Sasuke does not have a source to gain Senjutsu or at least some form of it. In essences Naruto has a endless supply of it which is his surroundings while Sasuke’s supply comes from Jugo.

The Kages

Is there really a point to having the current Kages come back, I know I said I wouldn’t say my opinion, but even an idiot can notice that the kages are useless. They were decimated by Madara, while Obito is far superior to Madara now that he is the Ten Tails. The only logical thing for having the Kages come back is to get their revenge on their embarrassment done by the hands of Madara. Other than that they really do not amount to anything because Naruto is the only one who can really do some damage to Obito now. Well that was really hard to write about Naruto without going full rambling, like I said if any one wants to justify the current event and make a believer out of me, than drop a comment.

One Piece chapter

I’ll get right to it, Doflamingo is a Celestial Dragon. So let me just lists the titles this guy has under his belt; he is a pirate with a previous bounty of 340,000,000 beli, is a Shichibukai, Captain of the Doflamingo Pirates, an underground Broker known as Joker, King of Dressrosa, and is a world noble aka a Celestial Dragon. This guy basically can do whatever he wants and when he wants and no one is able to do anything about it, not even a Admiral can get in his way. But the thing to take from the fight he had with Law is that Law was able to hold his ground against a Shichibukai and an admiral for this long, while he did not seem to give them a hard time, he still was able to give them a hard in the sense that it took both of them to take him down. Originally we all thought that it was going to be a three way fight but since Doflamingo is a World Noble, Issho inferior in the sense of the World Government Laws. This turns the situation for the worse because if Luffy and Law somehow dethrone and defeat Doflamingo they will get the attention of not only the Marines but also the world government. Either way this is a turn for the worst which makes the story even more exciting.


7 Responses

  1. Naruto…I just hope that kishi will finish it soon.. No need to ruin it anymore.

  2. Hey Jdogg you don’t have to keep apologizing for not being able to do the post consistently. I believe we all understand when a busy life prevents you from doing the things you wish you could. Not to mentioned that its hard to do a post about Naruto considering the direction it is going in. But that is for another topic.

    I would like to thank you for explaining the significance of what donflamingo was saying. I will have to do a little research but by the way you worded it, this is huge!

    As far as Naruto is concerned (which I now refer to it as the Uchiha saga,) I really don’t see Naruto as the main character anymore. In the beginning, Naruto was about a kid named Naruto who wanted to become Hokage. We saw all the ups and down of this character in his pursuit of this goal. Great! I loved it. Then it went from Naruto wanting to become Hokage to him wanting Sasuke…..I mean wanting to save Sasuke. At first this was okay until it dragged on and on with Naruto at times started looking like a complete idiot! (More than usual). Now we are at the stage where it seems like Naruto wants more than anything is for Sasuke to acknowledge him. Sigh. During all this time, Sasuke was the one who went through all the ups and downs, we learned more about his clan than Naruto’s, and Sasuke decided to be Hokage; something I was thinking Naruto has lost sight of chasing after Sasuke. Although Naruto does say every now and again that he wants to become Hokage, with the way he has been portrayed, I’m not buying it anymore.

    So without further ado, LET THE UCHIHA SAGA CONTINUE!!

  3. @immortal

    I think that Kishi is kindof faking it with Naruto being Uzumaki but being represented by Senju in the overall story. It’d make more sense if it was clear about their relationship (that he was really related or actually had some Senju ability…). I was holding out for a while that Naruto would lose the Kyuubi in this arc and then there would be a 3rd arc where he would have to obtain the powers of his ancestors (Uzumaki and Namikaze.

    Of course we are now stuck with the arc as it is… it seems very unlikely now that Obito needs the rest of the Kyuubi or the 8-tails for that matter.

    The biggest problem I have for this arc is that everything in part 1 and at the start of part 2 was small battle type fights. Even the fight vs. Pain was this way. Now it’s a very different feel… almost like Kishi got us hooked on a story then changed it to tell what he really wanted to tell. Either that or he’s just plain run out of time. I still enjoy the series because I’ve invested so much time in it, but there is no more fun analyzing anything. If Kishi was still writing in the style he did before, we would be all debating if Obito was really evil or something like that (remember the “Is Itachi really evil?” debate or stronger than Sasuke debate?, or the whole debate about the nature of chakra)… sigh, all that doesn’t matter anymore.

  4. @Ripcord: Interesting. Those are some excellent points you’ve made. Right now the only reason that I can think of for myself to continue reading the manga is like you said, time invested. Don’t get me wrong the manga doesn’t “suck” IMO, it’s like you said the writing style has changed and I personally don’t know how to process that. It’s really weird. LOL!

    Thanks for clearing that up. LOL.

  5. I’m really torn about how I feel about this series.You all make valid points and so much sense,and I really wanna like it,hell the last time I posted I defended it……but I can’t anymore. I don’t even get the plot anymore,or where the hell is Kishi going with all this fruit tree shit,and should I even care?I mean who is this manga about?Damn even Orichimara, looks dumb to me now,on the guy who killed him(or at least tried to)nuts.And what the hell are the Kages supposed 2 do,they got their asses handed to them by Madara. I’m not off the bandwagon just yet,but I just blew 2 tires believe it!

  6. @Jdogg, lovely review. I was wondering how I could help out with the sit. Let me know :). Ill be back later to give a more in-depth comment.

  7. @TheTamedShrew, Honestly I cannot make you an author, I do not have that authority. You’ll have to email Bob and see if he can make you an author so that you can publish posts. But that is if your interested.

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