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Bleach Chapter 550: Blazing Bullets

Chapter 550: Blazing Bullets
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Le Vaar, the Sternritter decides not to fight Mayuri. Apperently he feels fighting Mayuri will actually take a while and he says he doesn’t really have the attention to detail needed to take Mayuri out in a speedy fashion.


Le Vaar actually wonders why Mayuri doesn’t bother following him. As a true scientist, Mayuri explains he’d much rather be analyzing his reiatsu rather that waste time fighting, also the option of falling into a trap is part of his reasoning.

Their little chat is interrupted by the tremlbings of Soi Fon’s explosion. Le Vaar commends the shinigami that lost their bankai for their ability to overcome that handicap in quite a speedy fashion. He then goes to say that it doesn’t matter, it is only a matter of time before they are all turned into corpses.

Turns out, he is quite right. As we already knew from the last ep, Bazz-B and BG9 arent dead. Turns out, they aren’t even wounded. They still have Blut Vene as an armor. BG9 goes straight back onto the offensive not being damaged at all.


Soi Fon’s surprised to see that he is breathing at all. It is right after that we finally see his true form. “I’ve never taken a breath” is what he speaks. So, BG9 seems to be a machine. Not an Arrancar. And he is packed to the brim with rockets and whatnot. BG9 has taken in all the information from that single attack of Soi Fon. He is quite happy with his findings but at the same time disappointed. The apparent lack of strength of the Shunkou.

He launches his entire arsenal. Soi Fon manages to avoid most it, but with all the info he gathered BG9 quickly manages to sneak up behind her and stab her through her Shikai arm, before blowing a rocking point-blank into her face.


The chapter switches back to Bazz-B. His little talk toward Toshiro pretty much explains what power level these guys are on. He begins to explain that he, and the other two Sternritter who were struck by the Captain’s Commanders flames are quite ok(Chapter 506). this was due the fact that Bazz-B’s flames cancelled out those of the Yamamoto. Now, this doesn’t mean that Bazz-B is stronger than Yamamoto, since the commander was only using Shikai at the time, but even with only a Shikai the commander stood above everybody else in SS meaning most of the Sternritter will be floating around the half-way point in strength between the captains and Yamamoto.

Now there is a lot difference in abilities between the captain themselfs, and the Vaizard captains will have another advantage to fall back on.

Toshiro goes defensive falling back, creating another type of Ice Wall between him and Bazz-B… however.

It does nothing to block Bazz-B’s pillar of flame as the pierces Toshiro right through the chest.

Extra Rambling
The Captains are truly in trouble. I begin to wonder how much of a difference Zaraki can make. In raw physical strength he probably equals ye ‘ol Yamamoto, if not stronger. But he lacks techniques. Now him talking to his Zanpaktou is a huge step in that process.

Also, Kyouraku and Ukitake(Ukitake is not in the Quincy realm atm), we haven’t seen go all out. I also have not seen a Vaizard release their bankai apart from Kensei(I could be wrong though).

Toushiro is strong but is young compared to the others. Soi fon, somewhat the same I guess. Alot of the older generation’s true strength is uknown and they could prove to be pivotal to keep the Gotei 13 standing till help arrives from the Soul Palace or Hueco Mundo.


5 Responses

  1. Brilliant review pretend3r! I’m really enjoying the direction TK is going in; (even if I don’t really know what direction he is going in lol.) What I mean is the way that he tells his stories, he leaves a myriad of things to ponder about which makes it interesting.

    For example like you mentioned about the vizards. I wonder how he will fit them in the story? Not to mention the fullbringers. Then there is still Kisuke, Yoruichi, Aizen (maybe), Kenny, Ichigo, there’s just so many things that TK teases at that it makes me eager to see how he will bring it all together.

    The one thing that I am excited to see like many people mentioned is Kenny. I can’t wait to see how he will make his entrance and who he will DECIMATE (maybe) in the process.

    “Never admit defeat and ask for a quick death! Die first, then admit defeat! If you are defeated but didn’t die, it just means you were lucky! At those times, think only about survival! Survive and think only about killing the one who failed to kill you!” -Kenpachi

  2. @Immortal – that Kenpachi flashback quote gave me goosebumps!!! Kenny!!!

    It’s about to pop off in Soul Society…

  3. Quincies are only afraid of shiningami’s bankai. No bankai= no chance. Kenpachi would be the only exception.

  4. @Tawuya-sama: My favorite quote from Kenny is; “Injury and death or nothing but the price one pays for a good fight.” That quote caused me to have a deep interest in his character.

  5. @Immortal – I think Kenpachi’s quotes are even more poignant now that we know his actual history i.e. binding his own power at the fear of never experiencing a good fight again… The man is a true warrior!

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