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Bleach Chapter 549 : The Stormbringer

Chapter 549: The Stormbringer
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Omeada is getting his ass kicked by the clearly superior BG9. A cold calculating being which doesn’t look anything like a human. Maybe an arrancar that has been persuaded to the other side. his look is reminiscent of Shawlong Koufang(subordinate of Grimmjow). Even abilities bear a bit of a resemblance(a little I know).

BG9 is not actually interested in the Lt. and it looking for Soi Fon instead. Omeada is thrown into his cowardice side very easily, he can’t answer BG9’s question even going as far as saying he would spill the beans immediately if he knew where she was. What a guy.

Anyway, i am somewhat surprised that the otherwise very well-informed BG9 doesn’t actually believe him. then again, since BG seems to have very little personality. He might have never looked into that kind of information.


Anyway BG changes the direction his inquiry. He launches one of his ‘ arms’ into a nearby building. Omeada wonder for a moment why BG9 destroyed the building but soon see BG9 has pierced the body of his little sister.

BG9 takes a hit to the face of a now very angry Omeada. The Sternritter is completely unfazed by the attack. BG9’s calm demeanor to the fate of Omeada’s family member angers him further and further be he lacks the strength to do anything to BG9.

When BG9 had enough he pulls out a giant gattling gun. ready to blast the lt. to the next plain.


Soi Fon comes to the rescue. She breaks his gattling gun in half. The Quincy however still lacks any kind of emotion immidiatly analyzing the situation instead.

Soi Fon used the Shunkou technique. An advanced battle technique that she once used against Soi Fon. Back then she was outclassed by the cat-lady. But she had time to tweak and perfect her Shunkou.

Wind is the element of her Shunkou. Then I guess Yourichi had Electricity as her ‘element’. Creating powerful vortex’s around her body. With a powerful attack she dubbed: ‘Eternal Shunkou’.

The attack seems just about rip BG9 to shreds blasting him into the buildings behind. The blast visible for Toshiro who is a good distance away from Soi Fon.


They seem quite relaxed wondering to head to the other captains… However. The enemy doesn’t seem to be able to die so easily. Bazz-B seems to be alive and well and even BG9(which is a different creature altogether) also seems, a little damaged but still in good fighting spirits.


Now if I remember correctly Juha Bach said there were going to kill Ichigo and then revive him. So its possible these guys are not ‘alive’ also. The way the Quincy powers work this entire place is an area where they can draw power from, which they have done whilst they were in hiding already for around a 1000 years.

So that begs the question. Can these guys actually be killed? I’m sure Mayuri will have figured something out.


4 Responses

  1. @pretend3r: I like your theory about the quincies being “undead” so to speak. But didn’t Kenny and Yamamoto kill some of the sternritter if I’m not mistaken?

  2. @Immortal
    I believe pretend3r was deluding to the fact that they’re “undead” in their own realm, after the Seretei disappeared. Kenpachi and the other shiningami was able to stab them down before when the Seretei was up. Now, that it’s gone, it’s all fair game.

  3. @nss7: Whoa…..that’s pretty awesome. Thanks for explaining that. If that really is the case, like pretend3r said, I hope Mayuri figured that out.

    Question; is that arrancar that Mayuri fought still alive waiting for that blade to hit his heart? I just thought about him when Mayuri was mentioned.

  4. Kubo might not live long enough to write about that arrancar’s pain of being stabbed in the heart. He would need millions of years more life span to do so.

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