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Its Out!!!

Naruto Chapter 647


Bleach Chapter 549

Soi_Fong___The_Assassin_by_NinjaticOne Piece is on Break this week. Oda decided to go to Fiji and relax on the beach instead of giving us a One Piece chapter…That bas…I mean I wish him a happy vacation.


34 Responses

  1. so are we going to se a Sage kyuubi coverd in a Susanoo fighting the Little flower?

  2. So what we have here is a plant that caused a bunch of ninjas to become lazy and lose their will to fight, gives sasuke delusions of grandeur and overconfidence, the fodder ninjas becoming paronoid and hysterical, and everyone hallucinating visions of Naruto and past events………

    nah, too easy.

  3. Naruto- It seems like Kish is getting rid of all the mature, intelligent ninjas in the manga and leaving behind….everyone else. I hope Shikamaru doesn’t go….he was the closes to becoming Hokage IMO.

    Bleach- I’m still loving this arc. I thought TK was going to show how much the Gotei 13 had improved. It’s good to see it still won’t be easy.
    Oh and Soi fon was awesome this chapter. She now has me thinking about Yoruichi…where is she? And that short pink hair girl who was riding around on Kenny….it seems alot of people are still MIA. Can’t wait till the next chapter.

    @seda: Sigh….if that happens, I bet the next step is for Naruto and Sasuke to kiss again.

    @darthuchiha: LMAO. That was funny. I didn’t see it that way until now!

  4. By the way Jdogg, great pics!!

  5. This chapter is going cheesier every week. Karin will help the alliance to recover?? Really?? How??? She will let the shinobi alliance bite her? She will be a human denture after this arc.

    Also, it’s just displeasing to me that Madara stated the whole plan even the switching part with Obito. I mean, why are you telling your plan to your enemy. Is he too confident that he can do it? It’s like saying to your enemy, “I will cut you down tonight. I will pass by the door on the back of the house, set a simple noise for diversion and Imma kill you!”. So LAME!!!

    Then another thing is, how does Naruto be able to recover so quickly from that? The previous panel his eyes are drooping due to low chakra and then he saw Sasuke and he’s full of juice now? Is sasuke serves like a PORN which make Naruto juice a lot? Crazy.

  6. “One Piece is on Break this week. Oda decided to go to Fiji and relax on the beach instead of giving us a One Piece chapter…That bas…I mean I wish him a happy vacation.” – hahahaha, very funny.

    Great chapters this week!

  7. @Kantutantayo – natural energy is the key; it’s all around him he just has to focus. Sasuke in front of him going him forward gave him the resolve to focus and gather chakra. I think that was the whole point. What some call “cheese” is coming full circle of the manga from where it first started. We forget a lot of the time that at its heart Naruto is about… Naruto! A lonely jinchuuriki.

  8. @Tawuya,

    “Sasuke in front of him going him forward gave him the resolve to focus and gather chakra.” This is just an assumption. However, considering that this is manga and it is kishi, he can do whatever he wants and we’ll just keep on reading anyways.

  9. Yeeah, but it’s not really assumption; that was the whole point of all the flashbacks – the times he felt regret at just accepting and not acting; ninja school shunning, chasing Sasuke to the valley of the end all were symbolic. His repowering was not random it was all tied into the symbolism of Sasuke standing in front of where he’s been before…

  10. @Tawuya-sama: So basically this manga will always be about Sasuke. Interesting…..

    I remember back in my lurking days of this site, they had a interesting fellow by the name of FleeceJohnson. I use to laugh seeing him talk about “King Sasuke” and how in the end the manga was all about Sasuke. I laughed now even more seeing that he was right.

  11. @immortal

    I remember him he camw back ealier this year and posted like 2 comments and diappeared again. He used to be optimus the somebody or another before that, he did used say Sasuke was the greatest, and that Naruto would never be anywhere near him in terma of power.

    It’s funny though, as strong as Obito is right now. BIG MAGNUM knows he can still beat him. That shows how sucky Obito really is even with his newfound power.

  12. Where r the naruto reviews? We got bleach but not naruto? Wasn’t this the naruto hurricane site?! Lol

  13. @UchihaTheInfamous: Obito has become a afterthought in my view. Despite how powerful he is, his overall character is still missing IMO. What’s funny is that I don’t even think of him as Obito but rather I see him as somebody possess by the ten tails. The only time his personality became interesting is when he first became the jinchuuriki and he said Ob-bi-to. I thought he was going on a rampage which would have been cool. But then he gain control and I lost interest in his character completely.


    Jdogg: Understandably his life is busy at the moment
    LaydeeKay: She came, she wrote, and she went MIA
    Mistersensi: Taught us the value of foul language. MIA

    Am I forgetting anyone? Well master bob is also MIA. Sigh.

    What happen to the second hokage? He came in all smooth and now Kish decided he was getting too much attention. I hope I’m wrong but he may be next to go.

  14. Funny how Sakura with Kyuubi chakra still fails to save someone’s life. Shikamaru wasn’t dead yet and Sakura still has an abundant Supply of chakra to work with. Why couldn’t she save Shikamaru? Such a worthless character.

  15. Ino has surpassed her by far… She has been extremely useful compared to Sakura claiming to have caught up to SASUKE and naruto….

  16. For a main character, Sakura is forgettable. Was anyone impress with Sakura’s growth in part II…………………. *cricket* ……………. Anyone………….. * cricket* …………… Nope

  17. @immortal

    Yeah, for him to be the main villain right now is still hard to believe, and the constant comparing his younger self to Naruto still feels like a pretty big stretch. Sure they may share a few similar quotes, but that is about far as it goes.

  18. New naruto out…. Kishi is just dragging this out now. Horrible chapter and waste of time

  19. Great chapters!!!

    @Token – you want some cheese with that whine??? lol

  20. Lol if I can ask what good about the naruto chapter?

  21. I’m enjoying the way everything is being knitted together in Naruto. One could say the mid-battle flashbacks slow the momentum of the story telling but it’s the flashback(s) that added so much weight to the arrival of the (united!) 5 Kages!

    We’re now getting some meat about how the various villages and countries related to each other from the past and what that means for the present. I personally think that Madara’s view thus far is the better one; it all went pear-shaped with the introduction of chakra into the world.

    If we think about it; this is not Obito or Madara’s War; it’s the Juubi’s War and it’s been wanting to finish it from when the SOSPs Mommma ate the fruit of The Tree. To defeat that it makes sense that it would take; 5 Kages, Naruto, Sasuke, Oro, Edos etc to do it. Anything less wouldn’t carry any weight so I liked how this chapter has set up that showdown.

  22. U are just now realizing it will require all of those ppl to take down obito now?! That was determined chapters ago lol. And sorry I could care less about the politics involved with the villages I haven’t seen many people asking about the politics behind the villages and such and frankly the flashbacks in the middle of the greatest battle waged as of now is horribl on kishis part. Not only does it slow down flow and momentum but kishi is adding some info we already pieced together or were told (such as curse marks being nature energy and such and what’s with kishi spending panels on oro saying SASUKE will surpass madara and the second talking about naruto being like hashirama…… )Yea we already knew that. To have two chapters with basically useless flashbacks and slowin down what at one point was a interesting battle against obito by naruto, fourth, second etc. It’s ruining the flow

  23. #sigh – no not JUST realizing that, Token, but a story must go through natural stages of progression.

    Well, to each his/her own I suppose…

  24. I agree with progression which is y I hate these last couple chapters lol. To step it up than for two chapters drop back down in intensity to borderline boredom? Yea bad progression

  25. Do you see what i meant Tawuya-sama 😀 😀 *Burner Finger* Dammnnnn…Didn’t expect Naruto to come out that bad…still yet to read OP but had to comment about bleach…

  26. lol why does anyone pay attention to token? smh. if oro and tobirama are foreshadowing BIG and MEGA MAGNUM being surpassed, this manga aint very close to ending is it o_o no way its gonna end without us seeing naruto and sasuke breaking the world apart on some goku vs vegeta type madness

  27. lol people pay attention cause i actually speak truth. i dont suck on kishis tit like some ppl *cough*madara*cough*. love how you ask who pays attention when you bring me up lol

  28. sides is anything i said not true?I gave my opinion on the chapter. if you enjoyed it fine if you didnt fine. For me the chapter was boring and dull with no progression and a second straight week of flashbacks. sorry that flashbacks just dont do it for me

  29. The Uchiha saga: Now this manga makes sense with the new title change! Personally though, I wished Kish would have did all these flash backs allllloooonnggg time ago. The timing now seems off to me; not to mention that it slows the momentum of this already dragged out war. This is my opinion of course.

    Bleach: Alright Tite keep that fire burning!

    One piece: I read one piece but to be honest, I had no ideal what was going on.(That’s what I get for skipping 400 or so chapters). What the heck was Donflamingo talking about?

  30. Hey everyone, long time reader first time commenter. Who do I contact to do the “its Out” and possibly the weekly summaries? Should I go find Bob?

  31. Was anyone else annoyed by the fact that Bazz B said his flames countered the Captain Commander’s?! He must be talking about his shikai release flames where he was flying through Soul Society…

  32. Naruto: This chapter was kinda boring, we didn’t receive new information. We already know that Naruto and Sasugay will surpass The first/ Madara, but why do we need to be reminded about that every week? Jugnanno was nice but for the first time Sasuke was not able to do on and needed to be helped. Just my oppinion.

    Bleach. The Quinchies are OP. So after all that training the void ice was not able to cut a freaking uniform. That powerfull blade was able just to cut the cloak? Can someone explain, did i miss something or what? Toshiro managed a clean cut, with a powerfull ice, and the end result was that just the exterior mantle/ cloak was cut… the inside uniform was undamaged. What is going on? Are the quinchies using armor? And is not blood vene, that tehniquie only protects the body, not the clothes.
    And I have to admit, i was surprised when Buzz B said that he held back Yamamotos flames (even if they were in shikai, that is madness). Yama’s flames were the strongest in Sereitei, and Buzz B (who is a B, not an A) managed to overpower them… is crazy.
    About BG9, this name made me think? Why BG9, is there a BG8, a BG10? Is he mass produced? Cause if you build one android/robot, then you can make more. Or maybe Skinet sent him back to kill Sarah Connor…
    Either way Soy Fong, was kinda cocky and her tehniquie was countered hard…

    So in the end, i have to say that if the shinigami want to win this war, they have to find the tailor that made the uniforms and order some for them too. SUIT UP

  33. @TheTamedShrew

    I think you need to ask Jdogg when he comes around on the it’s out posts. He’ll get you straightened out :-).

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