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Bleach Chapter 548 : The Thin Ice

Chapter 548: The Thin Ice
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So here we are again. Omeada is on his own and seems to be far away from anybody else of equal rank. He almost loses it but his little sister pulls on his clothing. Pleading to him to stay with her. It’s enough for him to realize what he has to do.


He has to go in order to protect her, the rest of his family and of course Sereitei. He doesn’t have to travel far though as one of the VanDerReich is already on his position. The masked man known as BG9 (maybe be an arrancar?) with designation ‘K’. Interesting to note is that this guy stole Soi Fon’s bankai. I personally don’t think Soi Fon will miss her Bankai that much depending on what enemy she faces. She loves her speed more than anything and if she’s improved her Shunko techniques(what both she and Yourichi used when they battled each other). She would be ok I guess.

Anyway! Back to Bazz-B and Toshiro. Bazz-B remembers Toshiro now, immediately mocking the 10th Squad Captain. Bazz-B uses fire to which you would think gives him the upper hand in this battle. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case as the fight continues.

Matsumoto joins Toshiro after she made sure their subordinates are out of harms way.


Matsumoto manages to make a bit more embarrassed by telling how cute he is needing her help. After Toshiro yelled to her she sets of the Flay Pastry Strategy(Mangstream translation). She releases her Shikai and Toshiro follows suit with his. Matsumoto calls back her Haineko. Bazz-B attacks Toshiro’s walls of ice.

But this time he can’t melt it. Only the surface. Toshiro decides to explain it to him. Toshiro describers it as a multiple layered Ice Wall. He uses Haineko’s ashes mixed with his ices to create it. When Matsumoto calls back her ashes it created an air vacuum between the different layers Of ice. For Toshiro the loss of his Bankai is mostly a loss in volume of ice produced.

Toshiro has been training hard to compensate to compensate for that loss.


Bazz-B tries again but Toshiro easily blocks it again. Before finally going on the offence.

Striking him with a vacuum-ice blade dealing massive damage to his torso. Good to see the Gotei 13 is strong enough to not be forced into a defensive battle.


16 Responses

  1. Great job Pretend3r. Only a brief comment today because I am super tired. Is anyone else getting sick of not seeing Ichigo? I liked the bit with Toshiro, but could have done without Omeada justify himself to his sister. I would have rather seen some of my other favorite characters, who have vastly improved their skills. And I really want to see how Ichigo handles his new twin blades.

  2. I just wanna see kenpachi in action 🙂

  3. The hero will show up… when he is needed most 😉 Alerie

  4. Really great to see how Toshiro copes with the loss of his bankai. Combining his powers with Matsumoto’s will be very nice to see! Next chapter I want to see Shinji or 11th division in action!

  5. The world will end if Kenpachi steps in.

    @Alerie Corbray
    Ichigo still has to go through 2 more zero squad palaces and possibly talk to the soul king before arriving back down to soul society.

  6. @unkown91: AGREED!!!

  7. we can’t see Ichigo right now. He will come after all the captains were defeated. When everything will be lost, Ichigo will make a huge entrance. Plus like nss7 said, he still has a lot of training in front of him. He has to receive a new uniform, train with 2 swords (I’m really courious to see what fighting style he will have). And don’t forget the king (and if we’re lucky Aizen). So now Ichigo in the near future.
    If you ask me, i’m really glad we have the cance to see what the other caracters do. Plus we still have to see some bankais, we’ve never seen before. I hope we’ll see Shinsui’s bankai, and learn why is it so dangerous.

  8. Anything is possible in this arc. TK has left alot of room for some creative twist and turns. I want to see what will Byakuya do for this final arc. Here’s a thought; I’m thinking Ichigo will have to fight Ishida first before he fights the king.

  9. And we sill need to see how and when Aizen factors into all of this….

  10. All, Chapter 549 Bleach is out early again!

  11. @Corbray – good chapter but uhh didn’t Soi Fon lose here arm to Lord Barragan (Espada 2)? If I remember correctly she was doing one-arm handstand press-ups on a mountain with other arm missing…

  12. Did u forget about Inoue tawuya? cmon it would’ve been stupid if she like the captain commander chose 1 hand instead of 2…But overall sweet chapter can’t wait to see bazz-b rape Toushiro and Matsumoto cause he looks evil.

  13. @Bl@ck didn’t forget about Ole Orihime but wasn’t she long gone by the time Soi Fong was doing one-arm training? That would be the logical answer but the time seemed a bit tight…

  14. They weren’t so far from eachother though who knows probably urahara was involved or even Yoruichi… The thing is we also don’t really know how much time passed and stuff…

  15. 100%! Lol, guess best thing to do is sit back and enjoy the ride… But foresee both Bazz and BG9 getting owned as each Captain reveals little nuances to each of their newfound non-Bankai attack modes.

  16. I hope Bazz kicks ass cause he seems so confident, it would be a let down if he gets his ass kicked by hitsugaya who i don’t even know what he could possibly pull out of his sleeve…unless Matsumoto’s gonna release her bankai then he might as well die :p

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