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Its Out!!!

Sorry ladies and Gets, I short on time. But all the Bleach, Naruto and One Piece chapter can be found on Mangastream.com, or any other manga stream website. If I get time on my hand I will make this look pretty with art work. But for now discuss the newest chapters.


51 Responses

  1. this chapter from kishi is not really enjoyable to the point that story is heading its way too fast.. Naruto just got Kurama-Sage Mode in sync then all of a sudden they are all useless in front of this wachacall it (GOD TREE, LIFE TREE, GENESIS TREE). One piece is really good.. Luffy is indeed creating an army.. and about captain hitsugaya.. well done.. developing what you had left in your arsenal is the best thing to do than to cry and be an emo about your stolen bankai..

  2. I wonder if the stone tablet of the uchia knows the lottery numbers? Beacuse that tablet seems to know everything

  3. Final form is a tree… Horrible chapter

  4. Ok i found this Naruto chapter really original. So at the beginning a woman ate the forbidden fruit. I think that we just need a snake to spice things up.
    The juubi is now a freaking plant…Kubo tried to give the juubi an origin, but he failed. now the story is just like the chicken and the egg, which one was first? So how did that tree come to existance? What happended with SSJ3 Naruto? Was the previous chapter useless? And the bigger question is: is Hinata allright?

    I really hate the ideea that the juubi is a plant? So the Sage transformed a plant into 9 animals? It sounds dumm. Or maybe all the tailed beasts were in fact plants.

  5. I think what’s really disappointing is that in silhouettes and quick flash backs the juubi was shown as a massive creature yielding 10 tails and capable of creating massive disasters with just its chakra and now it’s final devastating form is the almighty…. Tree. So the sage went up against a tree in its final form? Sigh some of the sages prowess has to be diminished now lol. Maybe there is another side to all this but honestly if this is it I can officially say kishi has lost it

  6. @token
    The Sage of the six paths is also known as the Mighty Lumberjack.

  7. Adding onto this it makes the establishment that the tailed beasts are more than just weapons made of chakra an has feelings an emotions kinda pointless.

    Sasuke is right, its best at this point to just get rid of them all.

  8. So apparently the Uchiha are not only direct descendants of the sage, but of his mothers clan. So now my question is, what in the heck did that chakra from the tree have to do with the sage getting a dojutsu. Did his mom have the rinnegan oe what, because if we follow logical progression, it gets weaker and mutated over every generation. So did his mother have something better than the rinnegan, maybe this is where the byakugan comes in, it’s the if you will good/pure/light chakra, and the rinnegan is the evil/bad/dark, but when combined you get this super awesome dojutsu. I know it’s a long shot…..just saying. But I’m serious about what dojutsu the sages mother had because by the laws of Naruto it should be stronger than the sages just like his was stronger than the one his son had.

  9. @seda lol the tablet probably does but too bad you’re not an Uchiha

  10. And on a completely different note something just popped into my head; is it possible that kurama is special even compared to the other tailed beasts? I find it interesting that in tailed beast mode etc naruto becomes more and more like the sage. Is it possible kurama holds the key to ending the juubi and the sage entrusted kurama with the power if the right person came along like naruto?

  11. @token

    This is very plausible, but now with the added knowledge that the sage isn’t even the strongest person in his family, who knows if he had brothers and sisters to help him defeatthe juubi until. Someone reads the whole Uchiha tablet from start to finish no one knows where all the keys to defeating the juubi could lie. Also this explains why the gedo statue was so adept at absorbing chakra, because it was all it’s from the start. It also explains why one of the six paths powersis chakra absorbtion, because some of the powers of the tree were passed down through the fruit.

  12. @uchiha i find it unlikely that the sage had someone helping him… throughout the manga there have never been a more dominant sibling who just appeared out of nowhere. I think the sage did this on his own as its been told from madara (who knew about the goddess mother or whatever u wanna call her) etc. that the uchiha and senju had gifts bestowed from the sage so its pretty clear that the sage was the most powerful person in his time and that there was not anyone who can compare. if madara after having read this tablet still mentions over and over how the sage was the most powerful being and that hashirama is comparable to him than i will take madaras word for it; madara as annoying as he is his information is pretty spot on thus far.
    As for the kurama point i say this because i find it interesting that this whole story from start to now with his power naruto is still at HALF power in terms of kuramas actual strength. If naruto can do all this with only half of kuramas chakra i mean what will he be capable of with a full kurama? kurama has been billed as the most powerful and it has been proven that that very well may be he case and its been with kurama at half power.

  13. Naruto- I kinda like the ”god tree” wanting to get all of it’s chakra back. Now I’m just wondering if this is a good ideal for Kish to introduce this back story at the end of the manga. Instead of tying up loose ends, he seems to be unraveling them even more.

    @seda- LOL for real. No wonder the Uchiha clan became so legendary that tablet gave them the edge.

    One piece- Sorry if I offend anyone by saying this due to the fact that I don’t know much about one piece but it seems like everywhere luffy and company goes, there always seem to be a woman in distress about some ruler or something. Remember princess vivi? That’s what this chapter reminded me of.

    Bleach- Tite has nothing to lose in writing this final arc and it seems he really is going out with a bang.

    @nss7: If you are reading this, I just wanted to respond to the post you left about the last bleach chapter. I wanted to say that I agree with you 100%!

    Also great job Jdogg and pretend3r.

  14. So it seems you all missed something. The sage’s mother stole the fruit from the tree and she gained god-like powers. The tree became passed and transformed into the jubi. It went berserk trying to get its chalra back. Sage was born and became the first to wield Chaka. He essentially became a god, more powerful than the tree. he battled and defeated the jubi, sealed it, then later splits it up. So Sage was stronger than his mother, and no he did not fight a tree, when he fought the jubi it was in animal form.

  15. I meant, the mother ate the fruit and gained the power of god, she passed that same power to her son who was equally powerful, but both of course more powerful than the jubi. The Shinju is the tree, and the jubi is the animal. Sage then defeats the jubi, not the Shinju.

  16. If that is the case cesc why is the eight tails so terrified now that its in its final form? If its animal form was used against the sage that form would have been superior ao this form should be easier to deal with by your logic.

  17. Naruto – Magic tree attackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!! Not even gonna talk about the damn tree – utter trolling by kishi

    Soooo Maddi is really a good guy striving for peace through a radical strategy just like our fave rinnegan user pain.

    Bleach – Nothing happened at all this chapter.

    One piece – Rebecca’s backstory was quick by Oda’s standards but damn this felt dragged out but dammit Oda kills me with the sad faces! Little Rebecca, Robin, Momonosuke – the sad faces slay me! Im curious about her fighting techniques tho “I’ll teach you how to fight without hurting anyone”, “The great illusionary princess”…..hmmmm Haki anyone???!!!

  18. @rock lee
    My full name Seda Uchia.. Or is it?? Hmm, Dun Dun DUUUUNN

  19. and soon naruto will summon Treebeard.. and we will se a Ent fiight

  20. I’m just waiting on someone to summon Exodia, Arceus, and War Greymon so we can all go home. -_-.

  21. @token

    read the chapter again, it is stated that The sage tames the jubi. Notice how Madara takes care to refer to the two entities by different names. The Shinju bore the fruit, the jubi attacked and was tamed. What we have now is the shinju, a host for god.

  22. How can Sarutobi be back??

  23. @cesc well if they are two different entities than how did the juubi change into the shinju?

  24. http://readms.com/r/naruto/646/2048/8 The eight tails clearly states its a form of the juubi not two different beings. when it comes to listening to either madara or the eight tails ill listen to the eight tails… it is after all a part of the juubi

  25. wait i think i get what ur saying and we r on the same page lol i dont get y kishi was sayin two different names for the same entity.. y didnt he just say tailed beast form and tree form for convinience

  26. Okay basically everything that happened in a nutshell was,eve oops! Forgot her name) stole the devil fruit(did i just say devil fruit?oh well) and the tree was like “BITCH COME BACK HERE!” but it was a tree with its root to the ground so it couldn’t follow so it went nuts and mutated into fat jolly creature with tentails.so when anyone sees the destructive tentailed creature,they scream “JUUBI”!and so the juubi is born.Am so getting an A in history.thanks kishi

    as for bleach i tought we were done with the stepping stone chapters.you are not living up to five weeks break did you just go find tits, eh? Kubo tite

  27. I think Kishi had this God tree concept developing for a while. remember when Naruto was spaming rasengans on the Zetsu colones?..they would turn into trees…maybe there is something special about Kurama b/c so far he’s the only jinchuriki that cause that to happen.

  28. @rsvp yea I think kurama is the sages favorite tailed beast and I think he holds some special advantage or something than all te other tailed beasts cause lets be real naruto isn’t necessarily some special lineage and their forms are different than the others an vastly more powerful than the other tailed beasts. It seems to me that after seein kurama cry when the sage was talking to them I think he and the sage may have had a really close bond and maybe the sage gave kurama more of himself than to the others so that may explain y naruto looks most like the sage when his form gets progressively more complete (although maybe being uzumaki has something to do with this but I don’t think it would explain how naruto looks alot like the sage when he changes forms with kurama)

  29. I think Orochimaru is the snake on the God Tree. It suits him.

  30. Oro is going to be the one who kills the tree. He knows all these secrets and jutsu, and he’s a genious, and powerful. He’s just like the creepy scientist guy from bleach. Always steps in at the right time with the right info to throw the opponent off guard. I’m calling it already. Oro comes up with a plan to beat the tree. No one in the series is as smart as he is.

  31. I think everyone seems to be missing the point that kishi is trying to make here. That is in the beginning even before the advent of chakra use there was war, and that the goddess tried to use the old tried and true method of domination through overwhelming power/force to bring about peace. Short term it works but over the long term it simply causes even greater chaos. As shown when the Sage is needed to tame and break up the juubi, since it has now gone on a rampage having been stolen from. The sage after this then goes onto disperse the knowledge and techniques needed to use chakra to anyone who seems willing to try it, and with that the cat is out of the bag and cant be put back in, chakra and its many uses are here to stay. This leads to more and more conflict, perhaps conflict that is even more devastating then that which occurred prior to chakra use being taught.

    If you look at naruto as a whole not just this chapter it reads almost as an allegory to nuclear proliferation, and a desire to find a way to resolve conflict without the use of force. All the parallels are there to be easily seen, goddess discovers how to use chakra and uses it to forcefully bring about peace, nuclear fission is discovered and used to develop and deploy the hydrogen bomb ending ww2 in a swift and terrifying manor. The sage a man of peace and sees the good that can be done with chakra and so teaches his people including his sons how to develop and use it. Scientists realize we can do much more with nuclear fission then just blow each other up and overtime leak or pass on info to the rest of the world. In both cases the baser nature of these elements is neither ignored or dissuaded and is continually developed until in both the narutoverse and our world we reach a state of détente. In the narutoverse it is the use and control of the tailed beasts (beings of pure chakra) and in our world nuclear weapons.

    What kishi through out has been always alluding to (imo) is that seeking peace through destructive means will corrupt the very things that maybe needed to help move us away from conflict. With chakra Hashirama created a city for all his people to coexist together in peace. In our world nuclear fission can and does provide electricity and may even one day be used to send humanity into deep space. But when we focus so heavily on using these wonderful elements as sources for conflict resolution, we short change their best uses and cause people to question whether they should be used at all.

    As for the juubi tree, its obviously a Buddhist reference. As many religions and philosophies have trees of life in their creation mythos, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to any one why its being used. Although I do hope Kishi does flesh out this origin myth a bit more, as it does come off as a bit clumsy in terms of execution.

  32. So every singel shinobi must be a distant reletiv to the Sosp!! beacuse he was the only one who had chakra that his mother stole from the Little Flower, or how could rest of the shiobi World get chakra? and if the rest of the worlds chakra isnt beloning to the flower why is it taking it back

  33. Is this Naruto or Little Shop of Horrors part 2, lol?

  34. Welcome back to you too darth, lol.

  35. so everyone will be under the power of infinite tsukyomi, is kakashi the only one to bring them out of the genjutsu control since hes in obtios sharingan dimension?

  36. @RSVP & Token
    Naruto has a different form because of the 4th hokages “key.” He gave the “key” to Jiraiya to hold on to for a while. Once Naruto had better control of his fox’s power, Jiraiya pass down that “key” on to Naruto. That special seal also gave Minato the exact distinct look as Naruto in his kyuubi mode. It is all do to that special “key” Minato has stored for himself and Naruto. It’s a reason why all the other jinchuuriki, gold/silver brothers and Killer Bee does not take the same shape.

    Sosp probably transfer his chakra to everyone in the world. Kinda like how Naruto gave his fox’s chakra to the whole alliance. Or how the gold & silver brother’s ate the fox’s intestines. Sosp is considered to be a god. He could do whatever he wanted to. It was said, he could create things out of nothing.

  37. @nss7 http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Eight_Trigrams_Sealing_Style
    The key is for narutos seal it was so naruto can access all of the kyuubi when he was ready that would not explain the form cause the key was in safe keeping so how could Minato access that key an use it on himself when e was dead? Minato though does hold a close cause he has a similar form and what do the two have in common? The kyuubi. The key was an actual item given to jiryia for safe keeping and Minato couldn’t access it and yet he has the same form as naruto stage 1

  38. @Profess: I seriously doubt it. Kakashi would have to pull everyone in the dimension without leaving the dimension itself since he would no longer be able to come back to the sharingan dimension if that makes since. But according to that logic, even if he did do that, whoever he brings in will not be able to return. And since with Kakashi’s sharingan, he couldn’t resist Itachi’s Tsuykuomi let alone a infinite one.

    Then again I wonder if the infinite Tsuykuomi will take effect if you don’t look at the moon? Will it be visible in the daytime? What about a eclipse? I don’t know…need more info.

  39. I made a few errors in that last post but I also wanted to say that I believe there is only one solution to the infinite tsuykuomi:

    Win win. (If someone thought of this earlier, I do apologize.)

  40. Hmm, does anyone else think the princess is a reference to the Tale of the Bamboo cutter, especially that the character’s last name is a reference to “Big Cylinder tree”?

    I think Kishi will probably reveal the lineage of Namikaze (Something along the lines of wind, wave from what I have been able to determine).

    I get a sneaking impression that something with happen to B and Gyuki with Naruto’s father passing his half of Kurama to Naruto to bring them back together for the first time.

    Like what happened previously this recombination brings SOTP from within the combined chakra into Naruto’s psyche much like what happened originally with Minato and Kushina?


  41. @Token
    The “key” is inside Naruto. It’s purpose is to strengthen Naruto’s ninetails power. This “key” was pass on to Jiraiya by Minato then later went inside Naruto’s belly by entering through his mouth.


  42. Scroll down and read part ll to the link I’ve posted.

  43. @nas7 the purpose of the key is to allow naruto to access ALL te kyuubis chakra.
    The seal itself is so It filters the chakra a little at a time as naruto would not be able to control the full access. The seal is nothing more than a gate with a hole in it to let some of the kyuubi chakra filter thru; the key unlocks that gate until its completely opened so that naruto can access te full chakra. Nothing more it doesn’t strengthen the chakra it just allows naruto to access it

  44. @immortal

    I thought about the same thing, lol. And then S asuke tells Naruto that on the Uchiha scroll there is mention of another of the sages weapons that nobody knows about if you can’t read the scroll. And this weapon was actually a set of magic crystal balls, that were tied to a summoning pact with a great dragon. This dragon, was the sages first attempt to create tailed beasts, but it was too powerful, because it could create the summoners every “wish” into reality. Therefore it’s power got sealed off into separate balls that were split off around the world in hopes of nobody finding them to summon it again. If they found them, maybe they could “wish” the moon and “good” people back after they defeat Obito and BIG MAGNUM.

    I think that sounds about right. :-).

  45. @Token
    The seal on Naruto’s stomach is identical to both Naruto and Minato’s seal When they’re in Kyuubi mode. Also, both Naruro and Minato sign the scroll. Minato sign the scroll upon his death for sealing half the fox into naruto. Naruto then signs it when he was at the frog’s mountain. In addition to all of that, Naruto and Minato are the only two that sealed their tailed beast using the markings and “key.”

  46. @nss7 ur not getting what I’m saying; the key is not anything other than that, a key to unlock narutos seal so eventually he could access ALL the kyuubis chakra. The key itself is just a key that unlocks the door to all of the kyuubis chakra in naruto. It doesn’t enhance and has nothing to do with te seals on them in tailed beast mode it is just a key to unlock the door to the kyuubis chakra. This still has zero to do with what makes their form different; the seal isn’t what makes them different as only naruto has the eight trigram deal placed on him. The seals on their beast modes is just a circle hole the right trigram is two different 4 trigrams put together and looks different than just a spiral as there are markings around it. Your pics show just a spiral but the eight trigram involves just naruto and has markings around it. The key is just a key not sure what else I can say to make u understand that

  47. @nss7 and Token, I gotta agree with you Token, the key (or keys in general) is meant to unlock something. the thing that is valuable is the object/thing/person that’s on the other side of the lock door or gate. The only logical reason Naruto had a key is because he was made a jinchuriki as a baby. Minato had to protect Naruto from the Kyuubi until he was strong enough to control it. All the other jinchuriki were adults or at least strong enough of a shinobi to control their tailed beast.

  48. http://www.mangabee.com/Naruto/647/1/
    new chapter out… lackluster at best. Gotta love sasukes cockiness even though hes vastly superior to naruto as this point. Anyways seems kishi took the week off… slow chapter with no really new information and just alot of … going around. Good news is my man oro is back finally. maybe he can add some smarts to this group

  49. meant vastly inferior to naruto not superior lol

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