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Bleach Chapter 547 : Peace From Shadows

Chapter 547: Peace from Shadows
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Hello everybody, i am back after a five weeks that went by pretty quickly. let’s get back to business because the VanDerReich are too.

We get a new coloured page of Ichigo’s pair of blades. The smaller Quincy part of him and the large, untamed Hollow side of him. I really hope Ichigo will learn a few more special attack because Getsuga Tenshou is what Rasengan is to Naruto. Anyway, all seems fine and dandy up in the Soul Palace. The fun thing is. I don’t think the Soul Palace will the replaced by the VanDerReich Empire.


Anyway, back to Seireitei. Or is it still Seireitei. The entire central city is disappearing before everybody eyes. As if it was never there in the first place the entire city is gone and everybody present in Seireitei(seems like Kyouraku made it back in time) are now in the foreign city of the VanDerReich.

it seems Ukitake’s home is well outside the city so he might be stuck on the outside for a while. I guess he will have to wait until someone finds a way in(I mean Urahara Kisuke).

The Science boys are completely baffled by whats going on and their question are about to be answered by one of the sternritter; Askin Nakk Le Vaar.

The Quincy’s plan was actually quite genius. Instead of hiding in the human world, they chose to hide in shadows of Soul Society. A place build from spirit particles which the Quincy can use to increase their own strength and abilities. Meaning that they had an endless supply of power to pull from.

While waiting for Juha they patiently built up their powers, their empire, in the shadows. Pretty much in plain ‘sight’ of Soul Society, right in their backyard.

The Sternritter probably didn’t have to move far to find their respective targets. As Haschwalt introduces himself to Kyouraku. As much as Juha is an evil sadistic bastard. It is true when he wants any conflict/war to be resolved quickly.

Strike hard and fast. Their first attack was like this aswell.


There is however one man, who figured out partially what was going after their first strike. Non other than our favorite lunatic. Captain Mayuri. He managed to evade transfer is his personal laboratory was making sure their couldn’t be a single shadow, in effect. hiding himself from the Quincy’s watchful eyes. I assume his new flamboyant outfit with an equally adorable outfit for Nemu(I love the hat, girl). He looks really exited which is bad for his Quincy adversary.

I doubt we will see some real fighting in the next few chapters but we do find out a few matchups. Another Quincy Bazz-B is blasting his way through the random Shinigami fodder.


This guys get greeted by a wall of Ice. Toshiro might not have his bankai anymore, but he seems calm and collected. Ready to face his enemy. Matsumoto right beside him.

Things are slowly heating up. The shinigami start on the backfoot but there are much calmer this time around. It seems the element of surprise and shock was wasted on the Captains and Vice-Captains.


10 Responses

  1. @pretend3r: glad to see your always well written commentary today. As Bleach has been missed, so has your insight. I have my new vision, but I know that you will always catch more than I do. At least, I am no longer mostly blind. Thanks for being there. 🙂

  2. Glad you are enjoying my weekly ramblings.

  3. thanks for the review, about time bleach came out tho!!!!

  4. Kubo has a much more unpredictable story telling way of writing his manga as of late. We were all expecting the main focus to be on Ichigo to pass by all the zero squad palace. He only made it half way. There is much more Ichigo doesn’t know about. What makes this plot move interesting, is, the war comes crashing down all at once. Unlike previous arc, where there was a lot of slow preparation and mobilization. The Quincy arc has everything falling into place with one foul swing. No longer the steady plot developement of waiting until training is over to enter into battle. Too predictable. Now, the curtains going to close down 1000 folds. This is just sheer madness. There is much suspense and things going on Behind the grand scheme of things. Ichigo Quincy/hollow duo swords, Kenpachi bankai, Mr Hat and Clause mysterious arrancar friend, zero squad/King’s palace, shingami/Quincy war, Uryu role in joining the Quincies and Aizen’s plan (no one really knows what Aizen is up to if he ever gets out).
    Kubo has been holding back for a long time. Everything always seem to be kept in the dark. Things like whether Grimmjaw is alive or dead? Whatever happens to Niel? What is Mr Hat and Clause bankai? With a lot of manga, like Naruto and DBZ, the pace goes much slower and sometimes reveals a lot of info at a slow predictable rate. One show waste a huge chunk of chapters to explain one event. The other waste time powering up and showing off muscle. Bleach however, doesn’t waste time. The events and plot shifts immediately, that it throws the most unexpecting thing right at us. The fight also doesn’t drag wasting flashbacks or showing off power levels.

    Can’t wait for the next chapter. This is the best build up to a fight.

  5. @pretend3r – thanks for the review; its about to get proper in Soul society and I can’t wait for Zaraki to make his grand entrance!

  6. @pretend3r: ramble away. I tried to “like” you, but that aspect does not seem to work.

    @nss7: Not having any other manga experience, I have to take your word that Kubo’s approach differs from his peers. In general, it does differ from what I normally expect out of fantasy fiction, which I have been reading a lot of the last year. As you said and from what I have seen in regular fiction, once the author has laid every item out in great detail, things would start to happen and so far Kubo has continued to tease us with delays instead. I hope after his six week vacation that he has come back to let this “final” war evolve.

  7. I dont know what the fuck is going on but THE CHAPTERS ARE OUT EARLY!!!!!



  8. @Tensa Gizzla: Thank for letting us know.

  9. No worries, nice little intro to the tag team fight of Ice an Dust or Sand or whatever Heiniko is vs fire……..

  10. @Tensa Gizzla: I always figured that Heiniko’s attack was powdered metal, likely steel, which was why it injuries so well. That way it would be much stronger than sand or dust. About the only other deadly cloud with similar properties that comes to mind is powered glass, which was used in a Sword of Truth book I read recently. But to me, steel makes more sense, because it was already there in the resting form of the blade.

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