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Naruto and One Piece – Satisfaction and Building Armies

Naruto Chapter 645-Satisfaction

Enjoyment is not the right word for me after reading this chapter, “Satisfaction”, yes, that is the right word to describe my reaction after reading this chapter. It is for the simple fact that Sasuke was put in his place, and Naruto has the spot light0010 he so desperately deserved. I know that Naruto has been in the spot light for a long time, but in this chapter he looked cool, smart, funny, and his signature goofy headstrong actions. While we see Sasuke finally noticing that Naruto might be too much out of his league in matters of Chakra level. I just have to say that I got a good kick out of that little reaction from Sasuke. Since we are on the topic of Sasuke, remember when he claimed that he will become Hokage? Well, it just occurred to me, how can he claim to make that statement when he has no followers other than his little posse. He has no set of people to lead other than the few friends he has left. Also, right now all of the Ninja world recognizes and looks up to Naruto, so there is no way that Sasuke can become Hokage. Like Itachi has said it is not the strongest that becomes Hokage, but it is the one that is acknowledged by the people surrounding him. And right now the whole world acknowledges Naruto, while Sasuke is labeled as a missing-Nin.

Side Notes:

  • I know that a lot of people are saying that Naruto is becoming predictable, but this is the end and usually endings in  a Manga are predictable. Also, it is not as predictable as some people have been saying. For instance, Naruto and Minato transferring all those people out of the barrier was unpredictable.
  • Finally, Naruto has combined Sage and Kurama’s chakra together. Those eyes are badazz, I wonder if they give him special skills, maybe it will give him great sensing ability. For examples, he can sense evil intentions from his Kurama powers and his sage chakra gives him great awareness skills.
  • The seconds is still badazz.
  • This Obito is a very reliable villain. If only he was like this, this whole time.


One Piece Chapter-Building Armies

Do I really have to say anything about this chapter other than I am salivating on what excitement Oda has for us next week. I got to say that this arc will probably go down as the best arc after the time skip and it is not done yet. In fact we are in the beginning. But this chapter was all about the fetish Bart has for Luffy. Though, it is more like idolizing than a fe0008tish because to Bart Luffy is his idol, his mentor, his reason why he went and became a pirate. For the reason to become stronger so one day he can face Luffy and ask if he can be a part of his crew or make an alliance, such like the alliance between Luffy and Law. I must say Bart caught me off guard, I never thought that he would idolize Luffy so much to the point that he would brutally beat up a person for mocking Luffy’s name. Nonetheless, I really like this angle of Bart and wish that he would stay with us for awhile and possibly becoming a Strawhat, but that is just wishful thinking. Bart will more likely become an ally or a general in Luffy’s army because Luffy is unwillingly building an army right now. So far Luffy has a lot of people that care about him and will back him up. People like the fishermen/mermaids on Fishman Island and the other countries he visited, etc. Also, right now Chinjao thought of adding his nephews leadership under Luffy. And all those Gladiator prisoners will most likely be freed by Luffy thus owning their trust. As for Rebecca, I did not expect her  to become a big figure in this arc, I thought that she was just there to have a female character in this tournament. But she is proving to be a very promising character, in the sense of emotion and possibly power. Supposedly she is supposed to be extremely quick according to the Gladiator prisoners. Either way each chapter is promising and I see in the future many more appealing chapters ahead.

Side Notes

  • I did not want to say much because to be honest I am enjoying this series to much to say anything about it.
  • So Rebecca turned out to be a back stabbing person, even though she does not want to be she was willing to kill Luffy to get to her goal. Like I said this also caught me off guard.
  • As to what the hell Aokija doing making a deal with Blackbeard is beyond my thinking? It be a deal they both made that benifits both parties or it could be that Aokiji is playing Blackbeard.




7 Responses

  1. thanks for your hard work JDOGG your keeping this site alive

    im really enjoying one piece right now.
    if you think about it luffy already have two powerful alliances in the hearts pirates,the sun pirates maybe Aokiji and the add to that chinjao’s grandson army under luffy.

    for bart i either want him to be the new strawhat or the1st Division Commander under luffy’s command cuz i think he will everything to be under luffy and not just his ally or friend.

    as for rebecca im sure she will impact this arc but i hope thats it cuz to be honest i dont want her to be the new strawhat or to take the mera mera no mi (luffy can help her overthrow Doflamingo without her taking the mera no mi).

    the mera mera no mi
    i dont know how strong burgess is but if he’s stronger than luffy and the final four is a foursome then luffy will get help from bart to defeat him (even if it will piss luffy off) and that could be bart’s opening to become a strawhat.
    if luffy gets it the best way to use it is to find a way to have two DF’s like blackbeard or just keep it with him until he find someone suitable to use it like a new nakama (to me sanji is the only one in the crew that it would make sense giving it to him but i dont think it will happen).

    new SH
    of all the new characters that got introduced in punk hazard and in this arc in this arc only two IMO have a good chance of becoming the new SH the first is Violet and the second is bart as i mentioned before. and to the people who is saying it must be a women (believe it or not out of all the supernova’s and the other pirates crew’s only the SH’s have two women in thier crew) it doesn’t matter to me as long as they are strong it’s too far in the story to add another weakling (and IMO they shouldn’t take the mera mera no mi and then be strong like some say would happen with rebecca they should be already strong and has a name for themselves like Violet or bart)

    i think oda is setting the SH’s in this arc to be eligible to takedown one of the yonko’s as law said thier power is still not enough but after this arc i think it will be with all thier (alliances,new army, one or two new nakama and big chance of getting the mera mera no mi power)

    i Expect after two or three more arc’s we could see the four yonko’s to be:
    3.luffy and law alliance
    4.kidd and his alliance

  2. In terms of this tournament though; don’t the Block winners proceed to fight one-on-one against each of the seat holders of Doflamingo’s family and not each other?

  3. @Tawuya-sama
    yeah my bad man i totally forgot about them so that’s means there will be four winners so how the next round will be?

  4. In terms of how the next round works I’m not sure whether it will be all 8 of them (Block winners and seat holders) at the same time in one ring/arena or whether there will be a 4 1-on-1 fights in succession. I’m hoping for the latter where we get to see 1-on-1 fights so we really see what Doflamingo’s crew is packing but a Royal Rumble wouldn’t hurt either as I suppose individuals would square off.

    Definitely the most interesting aspect of a free for all would be Bart trying to protect Luffy from the likes of Jesus Burgess while fighting his own battle.

  5. 4 1 on 1 fights would be the best way to go as it will show who’s really the strongest with the overall winner maybe fighting Doflamingo. i have a feeling the tournament would get interrupted with all what’ll happen under the coliseum i just hope that wouldnt happen before we see atleast a glimpse of the final fight.

  6. @Jdogg. I agree with @albati. Your hard work is definitely keeping this site alive. Your inspiration serves fired up fans well, who have plenty of opinions and for a time were running out of places to post them. Thanks to you and pretend3r on the Bleach thread for keeping the conversation moving.

  7. I dont know what the fuck is going on but THE CHAPTERS ARE OUT EARLY!!!!!



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