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Its Out!!!

Naruto Chapter 645

Bleach Chapter 547

One Piece Chapter 720


14 Responses

  1. Bleach is back and it was missed. One Piece is consistently good and Naruto is predictable as always. I am just happy that they are back. And i can’t even hold back my enthusiasm as the Jugram Haschwalth takes on new Captain-Commander SHunsui Kyouraku. Both fighters seem to be a contender for victor. I foreshadow Ichigo will come back, over-powered as usual, and outclass everyone on the battlefield, with the exception of the empowered Uryu, the Quincy King, the Soul King, the empowered Zaraki, Ukitake, the Vizard Captains, the new captain-commander (Shunsui) and Jugram.

  2. Lol, I missed this site so much. I just read the comment above me, Johnyang, and realized I got no idea what the hell is happening in Bleach. I guess I’m just an old Fossil of Shannaro’s glory days now, along with all the friends I used to have. Have a fun time reading and enjoying manga here everyone, and don’t let this site die out! Good bye Shannaro!!! It’s been a hell of a ride with you.
    Now, for the last and final time.
    Suna, OUT!

  3. Good to see you suna. We need more originals to visit more often. Please don’t be a stranger.

  4. Naruto – proceeding very nicely and I like how Juubito has raised the stakes; hoping that Madara will stop harassing Hashirama now and get involved!

    Bleach – welcome back big daddy! Lol @Mayuri’s festival outfit but can’t fault his scientific vision/mind!

    One Piece – Bart is Luffy fanboy?! hahahaha very funny but it makes the quarterfinal fights very interesting. So the Strawhats fleet has officially expanded and will now include the Don’s navy, noyce!

  5. One Piece was awesome. We are seeing possible new allies of the SH. The Happou Navy and Bartolomeo. Barto got sumthin like a school girl crush on Luffy lmao. He can also be a powerful ally. Blackbeard talking to Burgess something about Aokiji and Shiliew was interesting but we didnt get too much info about it. I dont think Jesus Burgess will get the mera mera no mi because the Blackbeard pirates will be too overpowered and I think its time for Blackbeard to learn how to handle the disappointment by not getting whatever he wants thanks to Luffy.

  6. @Rock Lee – a quick reminder please, who is Shiliew?

  7. Great One Piece chapter. Apparently Luffy has an army now. So much for the “only 10 crewmates” theory. The sky is the limit.

    Shiliew is the swordsman guy that used to work under Magellan in Impel Down. He always has a cigar in his mouth and is the one that cured Blackbeard and his crew from Magellan’s poison and then joined the crew afterwards. I always pictured him as the 2nd strongest.

  8. Yin and yang
    Nice way to bring the story together. Fusing two halves into one. Dark and light. What wasn’t convincing about this mixing of chakra is the two doesn’t have any differences. Both Kurama has the same personality, same chakra amount, and same speaking patterns. There wasn’t any explanation of what’s the difference between dark and
    Light chakra. Light Kurama in Naruto was just as evil as his counterpart in the past. What’s the difference?

    Sasuke’s EMS
    After all this time, Sasuke seems to be stronger than Naruto power wise. Might not be believable to many of us but the fact that Kishi went to a length of having Naruto and his father combining both Kurama entities into one, leads us to believe that Naruto was inferior to Sasuke before this union. Sasuke has already combine his most powerful part (MS) with his brothers part (MS) into one whole complete piece (EMS). We were made to believe that Sasuke’s EMS was weaker to Naruto’s Half Kyuubi power. Naruto got to showcase his power to an extent that was unheard of. His chakra was something out of a superman’s movie (Superman power’s is unbelievably limitless). Sasuke and Itachi duo didn’t get the same showcase of power. They both were reduce to half ass fight against Kabuto.

    One of the best characters to the series but him crying in the middle of battle is a bit too much. Couldn’t he have picked another time to cry? Minato, just like Itachi, are individually the Marty sue. They do no wrong. There is nothing to hate about their characters except for being too perfect.

    The less he talks, the better his character becomes. Still believe he’s a horrible outcome and mistake, but all and all, his character being somewhat mute for the last few chapters have made the Naruto chapters more readable. Now, Kishi needs to finish the job, by duck taping Obito’s mouth completely.

  9. I wonder what else the senju chakra will do for naruto.

    I always thought that he would transform into the rikuu if he added the senju chakra while in bijuu form..

  10. The new chapter is out!!! Pretty interesting….!

  11. Now here’s my question… I thought the third was done for after Obito attacked him earlier. So are you saying that he was standing there idly while all of this been taking place. Telling from his fight with Oro that he can only do two shadow clone but since he was doing the barrier he wasn’t able to do another clone until it was destroyed.

  12. this.is.the.COOLEST NARUTO CHAPTER IN AGES!!!!! O.O WWOOOOOOOOWWW!!!!!! yeah that third appearing dont make no sense.

  13. not a fan of this chapter… a effin tree u have got to be kidding me

  14. @naruto101 He could only do two shadow clones in that fight because he was running low on chakra.

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