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Naruto & One Piece Chapters – Together

First of, it is Saturday and not Thursday, which I promised to post this. Nonetheless, it is extremely difficult for me to have time to do this anymore. The main reason in which I have not been as active as I used to be is that I am getting at the end of my college career and taking very difficult,  upper class level courses, that I am unable to have any free time to do anything any more. I am really sorry that I have to say this but I cannot keep up with the current events, to be honest I just read the past 10 or so chapters of Naruto and One Piece, that can tell you how busy I have been lately. To the point that I can only post the ‘its out’ without even reading the chapters. Though what I suggest I can do is that give you guys a short analysis of both the Naruto and One Piece chapters together, this way you guys will have something to discuss and if some of you guys do not like my post than you can just bash me and tell me how terrible I am, as long as your active in this community, I am okay with it. So read my short analysis and tell me what you guys think?


Naruto Chapter


The main thing I got from this chapter is the concept of Yin and Yang. Kishi plays it off so well here that we get to see how powerful this Yin/Yang concept is. So since Naruto has access to the “Dark” side of Karama he is that more powerful to the point that his previous powers have sky rocketed. Kishi shows that the powers of light and dark are not fully attend until they both come together and set their sites on a goal; in doing so, the two sides become one and complement each other perfectly, achieving the impossible. For example, Naruto and Sasuke, Light and Dark, separately they are powerful but put together they become very powerful. In this case, the light and dark side of Kurama came together and became vastly superior to their separate parts. I really liked that Kishi thought this idea through and not just pulled things out of thin air like he has been doing in this Fourth Ninja war.

Side Notes:

  • I think a lot of us are confused as to how the 2nd as badass as he is, was killed by 20 unnamed cloud Ninjas.
  • The second is becoming one of if not my favorite character. He is smart, has that anti-hero personality and has invented lots of Ninjutsu.
  • Sasuke was put in the shadows of Naruto this week. That is very rare considering he is Kishi’s Golden Child.
  • Hey Sasukar made an appereance. (No one cares)



One Piece Chapter


What can I say about this chapter other than that it was amazing. It is very rare for Oda to dedicate a whole chapter to just one event of his story. But I think that it was a good move because now we have a background history for Chinjao. Also, we got to see a glimpse of how powerful Garp is that with one punch he was able to defeat a Pirate whose bounty was over 500,000,000 beli. It just makes wonder how powerful he really is and it also makes me wonder how powerful Dragon is considering that his father and son’s strengths. But back to the present. I am predicting a very chaotic chapter next week because all the players are slowly making their way towards the stadium and when they all get together, it’ll be chaos all over the stadium. I see alot of people facing off each other. Specifically Bart and Cavendish, I predict will get at each others neck to see who will be the one to face of Luffy. Either way lately I have been really enjoying the story so far, that I just sit back and enjoy the ride One Piece sends me on, that I forget trying to analysis or theorize about the future and just enjoy the chapter.

Side Note:

  • Garp was famous and powerful even thirty years ago.
  • So now we know that Luffy can take some one on with a bounty of over 500,000,000 beli, even though he was out of touch and aged.
  • The story is really picking up, I tell ya Oda can tell a story like no other.



13 Responses

  1. Thanks JDogg! No problem at all with the absence; do what you need to do…

    Nice short analyses 🙂

    ” I have been really enjoying the story so far, that I just sit back and enjoy the ride One Piece sends me on, that I forget trying to analysis or theorize about the future and just enjoy the chapter.” – 100% AGREE!!! It’s a testament to how good the manga is.

    Naruto has also picked up very nicely and Obito is making a good villain.

    Can’t wait for the return of The Mighty Bleach!

  2. Naruto has become a little predictable though. I miss the style of part 1 immensely, but there is no going back now it seems. I wonder if the Naruto and his dad messed up here in a way: what if they can’t jump back inside the barrier?

    If that’s the case then Obito has all the time in the world to execute his plan, so long as Madara keeps Hashirama occupied. Hiruzen and Kakashi, if he returns, won’t be much help because they don’t know senjutsu.

    As far as you are concerned Jdogg, I was in college when I started following part 2 (just after Sasuke vs Itachi started). I used to comment a lot but growing up takes priority to parcipating here. I hope enough of us old timers can hang on until Naruto is over… Whenever that is.

    I keep holding out for the Moons Eye working with only Team 7 deflecting it, so they have to save everyone. Here’s how:

    Kakashi is in the other dimension, so he avoids it. Sakura boosts her chakra flow with Yang release. Sasuke is Sasuke… Oh yeah and he has the EMS. Naruto has Kurama.

    Now this doesn’t explain what happens to Bee, maybe he deflects it too but that’s it. Ok there you have the set-up for part 3, if it happens.

  3. @ripcord
    Maybe long shot.. But doesnt Hiruzen know all the technique within Konhoa?? so maybe he know Senjutsu, but maybe Senjustu isnt technique within Konoha.

  4. Nice to see some fellow old timers comin by again

    I really like where Naruto is heading. To me it seems like kishi is setting up an inner struggle within Obito. The Juubi trying to completely release itself, the bijiu making up juubi trying to regain their freedom and naruto finally gaining Kurama’s full power once Minato is released from Edo.

    I think that once naruto has both yin and yang Kurama in him he will have a much easier time taking down the incomplete Juubi and breaking it up into the individual bijiu. Cause lets face it, if Naruto doesnt accomplish that then what was the point of learning the names of all the bijiu and them talking about Naruto being the next “sage”

    On another note, if Naruto doesnt get to learn Flying Thunder God Technique from either his dad or the second then I will be disappointed. Seriously, all of Naruto’s jutsu where created by those two, shadow clone and rasengan. Everyone complains that those are the only jutsu Naruto uses but lets face it, they are perfect straight forward “forbidden justu” that despite their frequent use no one can counter them when used correctly.

  5. 10$ says the second hokage invented the sexy harem jutsu too….

  6. One Piece, Naruto and BLEACH are out!!!!


  7. Boss chapters all around, helluva way to kick off September! Will wait for official “It’s Out” to comment 🙂

  8. I would have thought that he would know Senjutsu through the Monkey King Enma but it was never shown that he practiced it… Hasirama is in senjutsu mode and he isnt even part of an animal contract…

  9. 5+ weeks for Bleach and this is what we GET!!!!!!!

  10. Bleach 547 is out!!!! The long wait is over.

  11. Bleach was amaze-balls!

  12. @ Naruto Poor Sasuke. He’s outshined by Naruto yet again. This reminds me of something… I know! It’s time for Kakashi to exit the warp dimension. He needs to use his special Talk no Jutsu: “Revenge Is not the Answer” again (now, featuring Obito as the example of why seeking revenge only leaves behind an empty shell).
    @ Bleach
    Capt. Hitsugaya looks like he’s about to tear it up, and so does his vice captain. Training really does a body good in her case!

  13. @naruto tutor Her body was good long before the training 😉

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