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It’s Out!

One Piece and Naruto chapters are out on manga stream.com, sorry I cannot post photos right now but I promise once I get my hands on a computer I will make the post pretty with pictures and expect the Naruto and One Piece analysis by Thursday.


26 Responses

  1. Fantastic chapters!

    One Piece – the ending of that fight was very satisfying and I foresee The Don becoming a part of Luffy’s fleet now that Luffy has given him back the “key” to his treasure 🙂

    Naruto – genuine tear jerker chapter that put a lump in my throat 🙂 Now, teleport the Alliance out of there and let’s have a no holds barred rumble!

  2. Now the second invented the Shadow Clone Jutsu? He is getting more bad-ass every chapter.

  3. I like how Kiba was hatin’ on Naruto..and Hinata checking his ass by saying “It’s not just Naruto chakra..dumb ninja!”

  4. Hashirama who?


    You can tell in this chapter Naruto did not appreaciate being talked down to by Sasuke a few chapters ago.

  5. The Second got defeated by a squad of Cloud elites but all of a sudden he is this badass… I think he is a typical example of someone who was book smart (inventing jutsu) and not street smart (edo tensei’ing, grey flashing and shadow cloning the heck out of those Cloud nin) all in all best and worst hokage ever!

    The First had Chakra at the level of Kurama and Naruto? Really… like the 9-tails… really? Kishi wanting to lie to us like we are 5yrs old and telling us Santa Claus exists.

    One Piece was epic tho!

  6. Naruto – 4 Bijuu bombs an a mass flying thunder god tech – I thought this took up too many panels an shouldn’t have taken up the whole damn chapter but it was epic tho -4th hokage lookin like a copy ninja of the 2nd, does he have any of his own shit lol and where da fuck is snake boy an those kages at!

    One piece- Don Chinjao vs Luffy – I thought this was abit rushed, it’s good for story progression but still Luffy won a bit too easy for my liking considering Chinjao’s hype! I really enjoyed the Chinjao vs Garp fight tho – Garp with that Haki fist looked beast!!!!!!!! Chinajo did spark my interest with his speech – wonder if he’s met blackbeard before? and about defeating the admirals an 4 yonko an exceeding Roger……….who da hell were the yonko’s/admirals in Rogers era an if there were any, where are they now? maybe some are members of the Gorosei??! Imagine how strong an dangerous Ace would have become if he reached his full potential

  7. Sasuke-“i’ll take you(juugo) and naruto out of here”
    Damn sakura! just kill yourself.you dont mean a ratass to sasuke

  8. @tensa copy cat perhaps but the second even admitted the fourths use of his tech was superior to his and the second seems like the type that doesn’t talk just to talk. And kishi isn’t very consistent I have to say… The second sounds like he invented half the Justus being use and yet was downed by cloud nin when he had sarurobi, danzo etc in a group with him. Make a couple clones and flash kill their ass

  9. I don’t think the second was killed by normal cloud ninja. They were high level ninja in a huge group, and also had those ginkaku kinkaku brothers in it while they were using the SOSP weapons.

  10. Its strange that the 2nd could be deffeted by a Group och cloud ninja like that… and Yes I know that Ginkaku and Kinkaku was there to.. but they cant be such a big threat beacuse Darui took them down by him self, or is Darui more badass then the 2nd?

  11. Yea there were at least twenty of the em, highly skilled(so the cloud ninjas say) and the second took em on by himself.

    Darui only had to worry about the brothers, he already knew about all about their techniques and used their weapons against them, and darui had plenty of help.

    Also, its fourth ninja war. Any time I see a inconsistency in the story now, I just point out: “its fourth ninja war” \_(-_-)_/

  12. Does one have any word on Bleach? It has been at least six weeks, when what was said was a five week break. Does the Jump mag give any clues?

  13. @ aleriecorbray

    September 9th I believe.

    Kubo has been doing research and working on the manga’s last fight.

  14. @unkown91. Thanks. This is truely the first manga that I have followed. I knew that I would be busy with personal stuff for the last month & I was looking forward to seeing stuff rolling again. Ho hum. Not yet you say. Unreal the way that he keeps his fans waiting.

  15. @Token

    It’ll never happen but i wanna see the cloud ninja that took out the 2nd hokage, it just doesnt sit well with me – say for example it was a 20 cloud ninja darui’s level……i’d still expect Tobirama to come out on top considering the level of jutsu he knows – water style, that infinite darkness jutsu he used against 3rd hokage back in the day, clones an flying thunder god techs + im sure he knew a few forbidden techs too!

    As for Bleach…………kubo better come with that good shit!!! When Kubo gets serious he does a good job but that 6 week break left a sour taste in my mouth an he has A LOT of ground to cover, dare i say Kubo’s Blood war has the potential to be better than Kishi’s Fourth Ninja war or even Oda’s Marineford war??!

  16. I dont Think that the 20 cloud ninjas was on Daruis level.. Beacuse 2nd said thath there where 20 of them,, and that inckude the Gold and silver Brothers.. so then theres 18unkonw that we dont know anything about… But all the info we have its pretty clear that the Gold and silver Brothers was the most Heavy players of thoose 20.. so the other 18 wasnt at the same level ass the Gold and silver Brothers (I Think) And Darui took Them down, so the Gold and silver isnt on the same level as Dauri, so then the other 18 shoudlnt be on the same as Dauri either..

    So that Group of 7 leaf with 2nd sarutobi and Danzou should been able to take them down if you ask me

  17. well in anycase, shadow clone jutsu was forbidden. maybe the second wasnt as fit for it as naruto was, there could also be more to the jutsu that we dont know yet

  18. and we dont know if any of the cloud ninja had any jutsu/bloodline limit/etc that could render the shadow clone jutsu, useless

  19. The way naruto has been using it in this war, you can easily see why the shadow clone technique is forbidden. I mean naruto has bested kage level opponents with just one clone, and he had plenty others out there handling buisness. Just a few characteristics of the technique:

    1. The clones possesses ALL the techniques, fighting style etc.
    As the original, an that includes making more clones. We have seen naruto use this against 3rd raikage and pain with sage mode while the other clones were in kyuubi mode.

    2. Clones has a physical presence, it can hurt, and be hurt. The clone only goes away if it runs out of chakra it was given, Suffered enough damage, or if the User decides to dispel it. The clone itself can dispel on its own as well. Again naruto takes full advantage of this in this war because of his huge chakra reserves furled by kurama.

    3. When the clone dissappear it has no negative effect on the original outside of losing the amount of chakra put into making it. We seen the awesome potential of this during the third hokages fight with orochimaru. He used clones to seal the first and second away with the reaper death seal, which kills the User.

    4. when the clone disappears, its experiences is passed on the the original. Extremely useful for infiltration and information gathering.
    If a clone gets captured it can simply disappear and pass on its knowledge. Its near pointless to interrogate or torture a clone, and it can even disguise itself if the User is proficent in such things. Also useful for training as we seen in naruto’s case.

    5.this hasn’t been seen to its potential yet but from what has been shown so far in this war, there is no limit to amount of distance clones can cover. Naruto could send clones to different countries and handle various buisnesses while he sits in the comfort of his own home.

    From what we learner from various characters, the shadow clone technique is hard to master, and not everyone has the chakra reserves to use it to its protential. Someone who’s lacking in that chakra, this technique could hurt more than help in a fight since they wouldn’t be able to pull off powerful techniques from themselves or the clones that require a lot of chakra.

    So it doesn’t make much sense of how the second hokage would fall so easily with the jutsus he knows. Then again we never found out how the first hokage died either. It certainly wasn’t old age.

  20. To put my two cents into the topic.i think you guys are mixing up “invent” and “master”.
    For example,the second invented edo tensei and the snake dudes mastered it.but even orochimaru improved version(at that time) was sloppy making the senju bros’ power level just at the level of elite jounins,meaning the 2nd jutsu isn’t even close to kabuto’s.at the very best the 2nd summoning a strong jounin/or maybe kage would have the power level of a chunnin(useless right?)and that’s excluding manipulating the zombie aspect

    i think the same principle would apply to the “shadow clone jutsu” despite the second knowledge of the jutsu. he shouldn’t be at the same level with naruto whose signature move is the kage bushin

  21. Speaking of bleach,did i miss the panel where the one who rescued urahara in hueco mundo was revealed?no-one seems to talk about it anymore

  22. While i think the second should have been victorious but fighting 18 (darui/kakashi/gai) caliber ninjas+kin and gin with sage weapons with two 6 tailed beast all at once.i think the second met his match,i may be mistaken but he killed them right.

  23. Where does it say that the Gold and silver was among them 20 at the time when the 2nd died by the way? The attack they did was against the Raikkage and the 2nd http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/527/4

    And they was considerd as criminal and probably rouge ninjas.. so if Cloud elite bpunty hunter ninjas was hunting the 2nd who could the gold and silver be among them when they them self where outlaws?

  24. And on the thing that the 4th has coppied many of the 2nd jutsus… can it be that he is the father och Minato?? 😛

  25. ooo no he cant be.. beacuse when all the kages where edoed the 2nd asked who Minato was

  26. lmao you know the second is such a pimp maybe he just knocked a random konoha girl up

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