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Its Out!!!

Naruto Chapter

Uchiha_Madara_by_lGSG_9Sniper01One Piece Chapter



105 Responses

  1. I still don’t understand conquerors haki, I hope this fight is enlightening. It just seems like ur haki quantity is of such a level that it can affect other ppl somehow

  2. I dont know if its just me but it really feels like this forum has died. I have been actively following this blog since the Narutohurricane days and it has definitely had its ups and downs but I dunno…….it seems like the handle has been pushed and it’s just swirling around the edge waiting to go down the hole……..


  3. Sadly Battousai, I agree.

  4. Wasn’t expecting a Hashirama vs Madara to happen too soon. Very anti-climatic. Putting two of the best players in the middle of an all out brawl against Obito is disastrous. It’s too much of a distraction to pay attention to their rivalry. Everyone will be heavily focusing on Obito, not to Hashirama and Madara. In fact, all eyes will be on stopping Obito from executing his eternal Tsukuyomi. Hashirama and Madara have became unimportant in this situation. What’s worst is that they have already pulled out their best Jutsus (Madara perfect Susanoo and Hashirama semi giant statue). There’s no build up. Therefore, very anti-climatic after a lot of hype for their rematch. Can’t expect much anymore since that’s how boringly senseless the plot has been in this arc.

    Sasuke and Naruto
    These two are probably the only two relevant characters in the whole part two. The whole fiasco with Tobi’s identity and the hype plot line leading to disappointments has been a big waste of years reading the shippuden series. It’s such a big waste when all the build up to this point didn’t mean anything. Everything Kishi has put together in the second part of Naruto is all a bunch of contradictions and flaw logic. Kakashi chakra reserve is one of those examples. Kishi got it into our heads for more than 10 YEARS that Kakashi has low chakra reserve. At the last given moment, Kakashi chakra reserve suddenly tripled!? Does that make any sense? When he uses too much chakra, he usually ends up in a hospital bed for days or weeks. If he pushes himself even further, he would die. The time frame from Kakashi low chakra reserve in fighting Pein to this arc is not too far of a gap. How his chakra tripled is beyond reason. Also, in Naruto part one, Kakashi Chidori and sharingan usage only last him for a good 10 minutes. Then in this arc, he can spam Chidori and his sharingan for a WHOLE day. Could point out more but there are too many to count. If I had to recommend the Naruto series to anyone, I would tell this to read the whole part 1. And for part 2, only pay attention to the relationship between Naruro and Sasuke. Everythig else is flaw logic and a waste of time.

  5. Thoughts on the chapter
    Naruto and Sasuke takes the giant lobster home this week. There’s not much dialogue between the two, but it’s clear that Sasuke is the more dominant out of the two. He’s better suited in dealing with the situation. His superiority shows from his authority over Naruto. Naruto is a bit unrealistic about his approach as of late (Not entirely his fault, more on the fault of the writer). Sasuke is in charge with their tag team and focuses on the most logical combination of attacks to take Obito out. Even the fourth hokage has been taking note. Naruto has gotten his ways for being childish throughout the whole war, but Itachi and Sasuke logical sense of judgement has put him
    Into his place. Not even the brightest shinobi Shukaku before his death could put a better well executed plan together. Oh wait, Shukaku wasn’t acually so bright and made emotional irrational decision for Naruto to deplete his chakra, by giving it all away to shinobi that aren’t contributing in battle. That will definetly help (Not his fault either, also bad writing from the writer). Sasuke, the second and fourth hokage are the most reasonable shinobi’s on the battlefield as of now. While everyone else on the battlefield have been getting away with fooling around doing nothing, Sasuke, the second and fourth hokage seems to be the only logical ones that take the battle seriously. Acually, them along with Itachi have been the most mature out of the bunch. Seeing a bit of more strategy when those ninjas are fighting.

    Sasuke and Naruto Rasengan Ameraterasu sheriken combination with duel instant transportation has brought nostalgia back to the manga (of coarse this alone isn’t enough to repair the damage that has already been done by the writer, but still feels like Kishi has a little bit of brilliance left). All and all, the chapter wasn’t too bad. Before I end my rant and opinion, have to say that Sasuke is more mature and better developed than Naruto. How Naruto handled the war and this current battle against Obito proves that he’s not smart enough or mature to become hokage. It’s not on the fault of Naruto, I would blame Kishi for his poor storytelling and his horrendous writing of not maturing and developing his character after the Pein arc ( with exception to Sasuke). It’s like Goku from DBZ, he never learned how to drive a car or hold a job in civilization. Trunks, goten, and Gohan have all gotten a job in business and prove that they are smarter than the main character Goku. Naruto seems to have the same inability to reach that mobility of professionalism with leadership. Naruto may be more liked but so far Sasuke trumps him with brain power.

  6. I wish Oro would Edo Tensi Bob back to life……….

  7. I personally feel like this story is well planned… The reason I Say this is because I’ve re-read from chapter 500 all the way to the current chapter and the story falls into place as it’s well written and planned out. With the events leading to current state that Naruto’s world is currently facing.

    Alot of you guys are giving into a great story. I am eager to find out what is going to come next. We’ve complained saying that the edo’s was a spoil to this war because of the speed battles. But remember everyone that’s been brought back still was able to redeem their glory as to why they were used in this war without damaging their names. Hanzo is a prefect example, his goal was to take over the five great nations to unite the world – even though his approach failed, him committing suicide helps him to live up to the person who he was and his goal by helping the alliance fight for real ‘peace.’

    A lot of people are complaining about chakra levels in this war. Have you witness a war in Naruto before. The tales says that it was a war-state with endless fighting. During wars, there’s medicine pills, chakra boost and healing ninjutsu. Chouji even used a similar pill with his fight with the Sound 4.

    What makes Kakashi so good, is that when he fight he uses his abilities so good that make him a smart fighter. Using the right amount of chakra and making precise decisions to overcome his opponent. Look from when he had the Mangekyou Sharingan, Rin’s death. He’s not a Uchiha so the strain and chakra drain is more on him, however. Making precise decision and using the right amount of chakra like he showed when he went to take off the humanoid head before it started to transform into the Juubi. Not wasting, allow him to conserve his chakra level to endure long.

    The current battlefield; I am entertained. Like how the 2nd sense of humor came out about the 4th techniques naming. With Madara trying to stop the First from joining the battle against Obitio, he have to bring out the ultimate Susano’o because we saw what the 1st wood release dragon did to the fox coated with regular Susano’o. But looking at Obitio getting hit by Naruto and Sasuke combo justu, he looks more disgust that he’s been tricked. To see how he overcame his own attack but this one isn’t his; so next week is going to be interesting 🙂

  8. For the longest time the second was the least known hokage in the manga. The only thing we knew was that he was the first hokage’s brother, the third’s mentor, and he specializes in edo tensi and water jutsus. The more I’m learning about the seconds personality and skills the more I’m liking this dude. I’m starting to prefer him over the first in best hokage.

  9. @unknown I agree. The first is far superior in power and strength as we have seen but the second is no slouch an his ideals while tough actually made alot of sense. Of the two I think the second was the more rational of the two and would have been better. However in terms of all the kages Im not sure i would put him first. Honestly I would probably put Minato as 1 and the second as 1a if only cause minato was a mix of the first and second; he was rational and highly intelligent but when it came down to doing something he didn’t hesitate and put too much emotion into his decisions he just acted on what he thought was the best option and didn’t discriminate

  10. @Naruto101
    (Fourth Ninja War)
    This arc is unplanned. It was a big mess and most of the sequence of events were sloppy. Tobi said he planned this war years in advance. That theory doesn’t make sense when Tobi was overwhelmingly stronger than Naruto and his team. Tobi didn’t use his strongest jutsu in his arsenal, wood jutsu until the flashback that reveals that fact at the last given moment. His wood jutsu from the flashback has indicated that it was strong enough to take down 20+ anbu ninjas. That’s unheard of! Those are Kakashi/Itachi caliber ninjas. That would put Tobi in a league a little below Madara and Hashirama. If Tobi has the wood jutsu that is second to Hashirama, he could’ve avoided forcing a 4th war and capture Naruto a long time ago BEFORE Naruto have MASTERED HIS NINE TAIL’S POWER. Instead Kishi hid that fact from us until the last given moment when Tobi identity was revealed. Why!? The wood jutsu is considered to be one of the strongest jutsu in the history of the Narutouniverse. Tobi could’ve easily taken down Team 7 and Naruto out with his superior genjutsu to Madara and wood jutsu. That brings us to the next flaw logic. How did Obito master his control over a tailed beast? No one in the history of ninjas can control a tailed beast with their sharingan except Madara. Obito seemingly did it without training or history to back it up. There was no explanation on how his sharingan became equavelent to Madara’s (once again, this is all done at the last minute by the writer).

    Basically the war is meaningless and filler. There was no reason for Tobi to start this war. Also, the events on turtle island were as filler as the war arc. Tobi sent Kisame to steal information from private hokage meetings. However, once discovered, Tobi did not bother to continue stealing information from the alliance when the war started nor did he even discuss about the information he retrieved? Then Tobi teamed up with Kabuto and neither of them plotted out a strategy and what their attack plans were. It was so vague and unorganized. Only Shukaku from the good guys rearranged a plan on the battlefield but the bad guys just threw troops out their randomly without any formation, ambush, or sneak attack.

    This war was all one sided. Everyone jumped on the good side bandwagon. Seriously?? No one debated about going to war or authority? No one other than Tobi and Madara are truly evil? No traitors amongst the ranks? come on, why wasn’t their any of the Danzou/Kabuto/Oro type of ninjas on the good side, trying to plot a plan secretly for their own benefit or to join the dark side? There was no second opinion. Previous war, there was Negato and his peace group, protesting agains the war. Danzou secretly joined with the bad guys to kill good people for the benefit of his village. At home, Sasori was traumatized from the lost of his parents from war and he started shedding blood by killing people to make human puppets. Later on would be known as the red sand from the blood of his victims. Kabuto and Oro faked their identity to gather intel and draw a sneak attack or mini war against the leaf village. Deidara, betrayed his own village by blowing them up with clay bombs. Where are are these ninjas in the war arc? Suddenly these sort of ninjas are non existing amongst the good guys? It shows that it’s unplanned.

    (Previous war: 1-3)
    These war were more war like than the Fourth ninja war will ever be. Plus, better writing by the author from the previous ones🎂 Ninjas like Tsunadi was traumatized from a glorifying scene where she cries over her beloved lover. She was all covered in blood and failed to heal him back to life. All we saw were terror in her eyes. Lost and confusion. Then their was kidnapping and abduction from the Kakashi gaiden arc (3rd ninja war), where ninjas like Rin was snatch and force to give information by using any means neccessary. Another example to this is the Pein arc (one of the most war-like arc) Pein force information out of villagers and soldiers. He started killing them one by one if they refuse to give information. Everyone from that arc was sacrificing their lives to gather information that would help them defend against Pein and they all tried to decipher Jiraiya’s hidden message. It was a scramble and much more complex, which is how a real war is viewed. Lastly, there were more kunai’s and paper bombs being thrown around along with ambush attacks and hidden traps. More out maneuvering of opponents with the sneak attack attack and trickery. The fourth war doesn’t compare, because everythig was straight forward and no planned ambush, stealing of information or hidden traps.

    (Kakashi chakra reserve)
    Kakashi chakra reserve is flaw in the fourth war. You claimed he uses precise chakra to avoid using it all up. Problem with that logic is that Kakashi doesn’t have enough chakra to spam his MS and lightning jutsu. Even if he have gotten healed by a medic ninja, he was still shouldn’t be able to spam his jutsu 3 times the amount he could even hold. Then there is the logic that when Kakashi fell in the hospital bed in the past. The world greatest medical ninja Tsunadi couldn’t heal him up to stand until after A WEEK. Also, Kakashi did not suffer any blindness or side effects for using his MS. Madara, Itachi and Sasuke dealt with major side effects for using their MS too much. Kakashi uses just as much but didn’t have any of these increasing side effects. It’s as if Kishi has forgotten this detail completely and boost Kakashi chakra reserve and avoided having his be strained by the MS to have him cheat to win (clearly last decision move).

    The 1st Hokage got all his ideas from Madara and the 2nd Hokage. He was more open minded. Second Hokage seems to favor authority and a sense of justice by making logical judgement that protects the future generation to come. First hokage seems to base more on emotional and Caring towards everyone, even if they are evil. Both are strong in their own right.

  11. But I do agree with the second hokage ideals being better than the first hokage. There is a more stable and organized system under the second hokage as he came up with how the village will be run and that democratic establishment for having people vote for next hokage was all te second hokage ideals. All the first hokage did was admire everyone and went a long with what he was told.

  12. @naruto 101
    i tip my hat to you sir,well said.
    Although i do agree with NSS7 on somethings but a lot of what he complained about just screams,”i don’t understand the manga”.instead of “the manga is inconsistent”.Especially with the kakashi chakra reserve thingy,i guess he forgot about the ninja pills,or the meds kakashi must have recieved before coming over to reinforce naruto, not to mention the constant kyuubi hot chocolate chakra refill,and guess what after all those hax, he is still having chakra problems,probably the reason he’s stuck in that dimension an hour or less after obito came out.
    Moreover this is a war unlike a 1 vs 1 fight(like most fights we’ve experienced up until now)where you go all out to defeat one enemy.you actually have to conserve chakra and keep your big guns so you could take on the next.
    Lastly,mastering or getting used to a technique doesn’t just mean able to execute perfectly it also means being able to execute it with the least of effort/chakra.start by comparing the way kakashi used his MS in deidara’s fight to hidan’s and then to pein

  13. @Sannin
    Itachi use his chakra precisely when he was alive. He uses his MS so much that his blindness and side effects takes the best out of him for even using a few MS Jutsus. Both Sasuke and Itachi have cough up blood and suffer from exhaustion from using their MS. Kakashi, a non Uchiha uses his MS just as much but somehow voided side effects and blindness. Plus, Kakashi always had low chakra reserve. His chakra boost doesn’t add up. He didn’t take any medical pills during his fight against Tobi and he uses 3x the amount of chakra he can hold even before recieving Kyuub’s chakra and after possibly being healed by a medic. His chakra jumped up to outrageous amount despite him having a history of passing out and dying from over use of his chakra and him claiming that he had low chakra to work with that limits him to a few jutsu per battle. Kakashi in this war, expended chakra beyond his amount as if he was an Uzumaki or Senju. Seriously? He’s not even an Uchiha either. How Kakashi even voided chakra/eye strain is lazy writing on Kishi’s part. Itachi is just as efficient as Kakashi but suffered heavy on going symptoms of blindness. Where’s the logic in that?

  14. Can’t convince us that Kakashi chakra and eye is more superior to one of the most efficient Uchiha, Itachi, that Kakashi can somehow avoid eye strain and chakra strain. Terrible writing from Kishi.

  15. @nss7
    “naruto may be more liked but so far sasuke trumps him with brainpower”

    Duh!thats so begining of the manga ago,why cite it as a plothole now. people don’t just change,naruto can’t just transform from a head-on fighter to a strategist like shikamaru.that’s what we call “character” it stays with you.sasuke is the brains while naruto the brawl, that’s what made them a perfect combination from the begining.if you expect naruto to reach sasuke’s level of intelligence then you should expect sasuke to reach shikamaru’s or higher cuz he was almost on par with shikamaru either way sasuke ends up more intelligent than naruto.

    Shukaku’s decision didn’t kinda live up to the hype of being his last plan but i expected that, since it was against the juubi.but saying it was irrational shows you clearly don’t understand anything about wars.if it hadn’t been the plan the casualties in the battlefield would have been double.it gave them a fighting chance as everyone was pretty helpless against the juubi and the most important part, the juubi turned into a missle launcher for a minute there and madara was hitting villages and helpless people.and the plan managed to disconnect them from the juubi.where you expecting the plan to kill the juubi,that’s funny since most people are insisting the juubi isn’t living up to the hype.

  16. @Sannin
    I never stated Sasuke having more brain power than Naruto to be a plot hole. I stated that because we know that it’s a fact and Sasuke character has mature more than Naruto. Naruto hasn’t shown any maturity to be hokage. Take Jiraiya’s genin team for example. Out of Tsunadi, Oro and Jiraiya, Jiraiya is the only one that didn’t mature enough to be a leader. Tsunadi became a Hokage. Orochimaru created his own village, lead in scientific studies and built his own individual team, sound 5. Jiraiya however, was the most immature and didn’t develope leadership skills to become leader. Naruto is on the same boat. He hasn’t yet developed a level of maturity to be a leader yet. Sasuke trumps naruto in brain power because of his intellect like you mentioned and his maturity.

  17. @nss7
    i guess you didn’t read the chapters where kakashi had constant eye strain and even slumped with a bleeding eye.
    itachi has been using his eyes 7 years minimum before kakashi.so yeah its about time he went blind and he didn’t
    sasuke just got his and took on killerbee and five bloddy kage probably within a week. using the amaterasu susano ang genjutsu.yeah served him right to have blurry vision for a moment
    kakashi only uses one MS ability which obviously don’t put same strain in the eye as much as amaterasu and co does.and uses it as the very last resort and before the war, the time inbetween he uses them are like a month or less….time for him to go blind. i think not.

    And for someone who has a thousand jutsus the only thing kakashi has done is childori(which he’s mastered) and MS.meaning the MS is the only jutsu eating into his reserve now.as for the pills he must have taken them before the war.

  18. @Sannin
    Both Kakashi and Itachi have use their MS for years. What you point out about Kakashi having eye strain in the past should exempt him for not having it now? How is that he pass out from exhaustion and dealt with crazy eye strain from the past suddenly disappear without symptoms now? The rules for using MS doesn’t apply anymore? Spontaneously, the rules for his MS has changed because he’s a non Uchiha? Basically, what you’re saying is that Kakashi gets less eye strain and less blind as time goes on?

    The medical pill your pointing out is too pointless to argue. You’re stating assumptions that aren’t even facts. no where in the manga that shows Kakashi taking a drug to enhance his ability. Besides, a pill like you mention would have side effects which Kakashi didn’t suffer from. Point is, you can’t bring facts that has never been mention about that character. If Kakashi did take a pill, then The author should’ve pointed it out or else it’s null and flaw. Like DBZ, the author makes it known that characters take a Sensor bean (medical pill) and show it directly to the readers so it’s not a plot hole. In Naruto’s case, there is no indication, so it’s just eye candy rumor for fans to even bring that up.

  19. @sannin ur no understanding the problem with Kakashi having great reserves all the sudden; Kakashi has had the sharingan since he was what about 9,10? Since than it is constantly activated and he covers it to retain chakra. However never have we seem him able to spam chidori or its variants until recently. Did he get a power up we didn’t know about? Fact is the pills don’t fix what ails Kakashi as its merely chakra reserves. We have seen him in battles like against Tobi where he has his sharingan u covered, is spammin chidori/it’s variants, uses kamui and does this for a extended period of time. After doing this for a long time he gets it replenished by naruto and its back to spamming his Justus far more than he could e able to. Also seein as how he is not a uchiha how can he still see? Sasuke didn’t get ms till a bit into part 2 and yet he started having issues with blindness after using the Justus alot. Kakashi without a uchiha body and low reserves has used kamui quite a bit and remember in order to perfect it he had o train how to use it. Throw in training it and using in battle and not beind a uchiha how come he isn’t having eye problems? And if he is maybe kishi should show this instead of letting Kakashi seem like he has triple what his reserve used to be

  20. Well its called “soldier” pill and this is a war but as you said its quite weak so i won’t stand on it.
    What am trying to say about the MS is……

    The side effect of the MS is blindness but you get there faster when you strain the eye,now kamui doesn’t strain the eye as much as amaterasu does,which means the strain the uchiha bros were going through is more than the one kakashi is going through.but it doesn’t really matter since kakashi is non-uchiha.now while blindness comes slowly and surely,the pain however comes from prolonged use of the MS and depleting your chakra.so if you give the eye a rest and replenish your chakra,the pain goes(but the blindness is still on its way) when your chakra is replenished you can use it again without having to feel any pain till you deplete your chakra and strain the eye.this is what am trying to say

  21. Where does it say it doesn’t strain the eye as much? Kamui is a ms tech just like Amaterasu and Susanno. As a ms tech it should hold te same drawback as the other two. And as a non uchiha the strain should be greater on kkakashi than the uchiha bros. and as for the rest part that’s the problem Kakashi hasn’t had much time to rest. If we saw him resting than sure i could see that but we have not seen him Rest and against obito he has had Zero time to rest at all and there in lies the problem: Kakashi has been going pretty much non stop and his sharingan is activated the whole time so how can he do all he has done with the sharingan constantly sapping his chakra and his spamming techs on top of kamui?

  22. @token&nss7
    let me explain kakashi’s chakra reserve.first of all, aren’t you guys overstating kakashi’s low reserve,i mean he only said he had low reserve when comparing himself to naruto who is a monster.he slumped in zabuza fight because he used that huge water jutsu he had never used before,and in pein because he used a lightening clone with a lot of volts.kakashi’s reserve should be a little more or less than that of an average ninja.

    Ok that aside,lets say kakashi has a chakra capacity of 50%.and childori takes 8% while kamui takes 15%.i don’t know but it seems you guys totally forgot that kyubi chakra has more quality, kakashi remarked this himself. so childori would take like 4% and kamui may take 10%.so stop comparing kakashi’s chakra to an uzumaki.cuz the uzumaki is right here throwing s-rank jutsu everywhere and kakashi is exhausted and out of chakra stuck in that dimension
    its obvious, amaterasu susano and tsukuyomi puts a lot of strain on the eye than kamui or anyother MS ability,they don’t have to say everything out loud,sometimes you just have to look and see the answer.At the first release of amaterasu the eye starts to bleed.but kamui doesn’t make the eye bleed unless you use it for an extended period.
    i agree with on this war not having any traps trickery or anything to it.i think i said it on here before.the war is just like a royal rumble and completely lost its adventure part.thats one of the few things worth complaining about

  23. @Jdogg: I am glad that you are back with “Its Out!”. It was missed. 🙂

  24. @sannin u can’t make any assumption kamui does less dmg and strain than Amaterasu an the like. Also Kakashi himself said that even without the tailed beast naruto has 6 times his chakra reserve which means that kakashis I low even compared to a nine tails less naruto. And this whole thing about kyuubi chakra being better doesn’t increase kakashis capacity. At best it would make his attacks better or stronger by again its never stated. Every comment u made has been an assumption which is the problem alot of us have with kishi…. He isn’t clear with alot of these holes and therefore it’s kind of a plot hole cause Kakashi miraculously can do more than he did before out of no where without rest or anything.

  25. Quick question: can an edo zombie use and control edo tensi?

  26. Naruto- Naruto wasn’t that bad this week; once you put aside the war stuff that is. Tobirama is a BEAST! Between him and Minato, they should be able to take anything down. I guess one advantage they have is their edo tensai bodies. If Juubito is smart (yeaahh) he should seal them up. With his power his kumai should be stronger now. Let’s see if he plays that card. Last chapter I was gonna rant about the rest of the ninja alliance not being apart of the war. At least Kish did mention them this chapter. However I do wish he would give them a bigger role to play. Each village should have somebody who possess enough power to join the fray. The leaf village shouldn’t be the only ones that are strong enough to deal with the situation. Even though technically the main antagonist of the story do hail from the leaf.

    One piece- Awesome!! I wish I would have read all the chapters up until this point. The story is looking good.

    @Jdogg- I agree wholeheartedly with aleriecorbray, thanks for doing a “It’s Out.”

  27. @unknown- That’s a good question. Personally I don’t see why not. That would be cool if Tobirama summons the ninja that killed him. Then again he would need the DNA of those ninja. Well if Madara could come up with a way to break the hold of edo, I’m sure the CREATOR of the jutsu could come up with a way to summon without bodies, DNA and a clever explanation of how he did it.

    @Token, nss7. Saninns- I read your comments (good stuff for real), I do have a question, what do you think about Obito’s MS usage? He used his MS longer than Itachi, Sasuke, and Kakashi and hasn’t experience any eye difficulties. Although I’m pretty sure the logical answer would be he had all those extra eyes in that secret place so he just replaced it whenever he was about to go blind.

    Where the heck is the 3rd hokage? Is there another name for the 2nd hokage? There is MEGA MAGNUM, BIG MAGNUM,…..but what about Tobirama? Super Magnum??? I mean he is just getting cooler by the chapter…he needs a good nickname. LOL!!

  28. Everyone have made some really good points

  29. I just realized if you spell out tobi’s name starting at ‘o’ instead of ‘t’ than after ‘i’ start back at ‘t’ then end a ‘o’, you would’ve spelled ‘obito’.

    An is it a coincidence that in one piece blackbeards devil fruit is the only logia that isn’t immune to physical attacks, and in pokemon, dark types are weak against fighting types?

  30. no matter how many people dwindle on here, im still forever faithful!

  31. Kakashi and Tobis MS are the “same” and how much have Tobi spammed it and never got blind?? why is it that thoose MS eyes dont have as mush strain to the body as the rest of the ms family..

  32. @nss7
    – 4th War –

    The planning of the war took years as Tobi stated because who are his main pawns in the war. Zetsu. In order for him to create 100,000 of them took time because he had to use some of the power from the tailed beasts. His ability to create more increased per beast captured. We all have seen Tobi in battle, pretty much a shell of Madara in performance. But the Tobi we have been introduced to before the war isn’t the same Tobi that Naruto’s team fought during the war. His only success at capturing naruto earlier was with his other dimension but don’t forget Tobi couldn’t capture the nine tails and seal it before capturing the other beast because it would off set the balance within the statue. At all time Naruto was protected in Team 7, so it wouldn’t have been easy for Tobi single-handly put up a fight with Naruto and team. If Naruto was to be put under a genjutsu then Kurama would break it. Kurama knows the condition the world is facing so when Naruto’s in a pinch he’s going to be obedient.

    The 1st cell is not easy to control as we have seen on several counts where the body overreact or from failed experiments. The two time we haven seen Obito use wood releases are: Rin death and 4th War. The point I want to come across is that when Obito awaken his MS, he was alrdy powered up by Zetsu body, 1st cell ~ he want on a rage and that is common whenever something is awaken. Obito using it now: he has the Sage’s Eye, MS, 1st cell – that alone can unlock some serious powers ability. So for him to black out and take out 20+ anbu with a wood release on par with the 1st is possible and doesn’t sounds like a plot hole to me.

    At this point, Tobi had no choice but rage war to capture Killer Bee & Naruto. The five villages no longer can turn a blind eye toward Tobi/Alatsuki. With the intentions of gathering the beast to place the world under an illusion where humanity no longer matters. There’s no reason anyone who can think would oppose the alliance and join the villains. Even Sasuke sees this, I’m still not buying ‘I’m a good boy now’ but time will tell. Anyway, and if all of the Kages felt like they need to join together and take on Tobi after he just captured the sand’s tailed beast would be been crazy. So villages that had their tailed beast captured kept everything on hush towards other villages in fear that they would be attacked, except Sand. The tailed beast are set in place to create balance in power, so reaching out for other villages for aide is pretty much a meal ticket to come invade me. So yes; Tobi had to rage war, bring out zetsu and team up with Kabuto to stand a chance to capture the remaining beasts.

    Even though we don’t see everything single detail that every character go through when their off scene, it still apply to all in most cases. Like how Bee was able to gain control over his Beast – ‘Have something special in your heart to help fill the void, empty hole’ ~ that’s what, who Rin is to Obito. So it’s doable, because his whole plan and everything he’s been doing is to build a dreamworld where she is living. The way of a ninja is different then the ways of us humans where we have video games, etc… But in Naruto coming from a bloody war- lust past, they’re trained to continue training. Every time we get flash back of Naruto in his room, he’s working out/training,etc… As we see with any of the konoha 9 always training ESP Lee. So do you not expect Kakashi not to keep improving with time, from Zabuza to modern time is bananas. By using a technique more, he learned how to use it better and by using it better he can do it with less effect to himself and chakra level. He mastered his lightening jutsu and for sample at ‘first it had a 25% damage/chakra on him to a mastery level of only 5% damage/chakra.’

    It won’t add up to you if you are still looking at Tobi without considering all the different images Obito underwent. The power up from the Sages Eye alone separates the Obito before and during the war. Obito always been seen as a support fighter meaning that he needs another star there to be main gun while he’s pulling the strings i.e Nagato. Like how he went about catching the beasts in a tacky way, a weird go about. Using outlaws, dreamed them up with a promise dream to get them to hunt beast for him. So I must say that this is the most We’ve ever seen Obito do in a single battle to even a possible mastery over the juubi. When you look at Obito and who he is, you’ve take it for what it is: Young Obito (), New Guy (), Tobi (), Uchiha Madara (), No One (), Obito () = Obito Jinchuuriki.

    The meaning of the 4th war is the same reason as to prevent the casting of the genjutsu on the moon. With the Raikage, being who he is; calling of the summit to gather the Kages to discuss the matters of Alatsuki. He didn’t act when Yugito was captured but leaving only Konoha with their tailed beast, he possible felt threaten when you look back to tailed beast balance of power. With Naruto and Bee pretty much stupid, sending them off on a living animal who is not trace-able by map was a good idea & help keep Naruto out of the battle scene; however that was a downfall but it was an attempt in keep them two as far from the battlefield. Kisame roll was fulfilled as to gather info on the Kages meeting/plan and strategy but that came to an end once Naruto powered up led him to commit suicide. With that being said, who else is left in Alatsuki now? Obito didn’t have anyone else to leak info to him. BlknWht Zetsu can transfer info through roots. As said/ninjas are standing together to fight as one. This war is completely different then past wars, where everyone fought for their own greeds and protections. So of course there was a lot more hatred, traumatized and betrayal that took place during those previous wars. So you can’t compare the purpose b/c the reason for fighting and outcome is completely different. Even the war-lust kage, Muu asked his pupil if he remember to backstab the alliance afterward and Oonoki response was not this time.
    Now when it comes to battleground and tilt of war – yes in the beginning it was one sided. But look what the alliance have and what the enemies have. Lets break it down: the enemies brought back unknown amount edo’s and with 100,000 Zetsu. And for starters, with out their recent power-up from Yamato the Zetsu would have been even weaker. The mastermind behind this Kabuto and Obito. Even Kabuto was still trying to get a grasp of using all the edo’s and leaving them on counter attack or with their personality and so forth back fire on him. Kabuto couldn’t successful execute his pawns / which in turn gave the alliance advantage on the battlefield. Obito even used six edo’s to control them by chakra stick, even that failed him when the five tails tried to attack him. Yes he took his time to plan an attack ( war) but he’s rushing to his dreamworld, even Madara comment about starting the plan without fully capturing eight or nine tails. Now when you look at the Alliance which is much more organized. Set up the battlefield in a position that it can support others when needed, example of breaking off from Mifune line acting as reinforcement. Also the sensor globe, communication link. Placing ninjas like Darui on the oceanfront because of his black lighten. As Shukaku called out iron clad war, changing it by the minute to put the best people in the right place to fight the enemy with the least damage to the alliance. Examples Ino-Shika-Chou vs Asume, Misfune vs Hanzo, retreating Gaara’s group to split up group to buy time. Because the alliance was able to put years of grudge aside and work together unlike the relationship between Obito and Kabuto where’s there’s not a lot of trust.

    You are saying it like Madara and Obito are the only evil people ever existed, no each villages had their own history of criminals i.e gold n silver brothers (clouds), Zabuza (Blood Mist), Gaara part 1 (Sand), Pein (Rain) and the list continues as other villages history become known to us. It’s the ability that the Uchiha have to cast genjutsu and to be able to put it on a scale where you can impact the whole world & it’s their pursuit that cause them to be consider villains. To obtain that power and execute it will doom man kind. With that being said. Who in the alliance will turn against fighting for their own freedom, their own living and society itself. So when you fight to keep man kind going and realizing that you can fight along people you have hate for so many years, generation after generations. To see that if victory is won here then they will be able to create a brighter future where their ninja system won’t cause another monster like they are facing now. Now let’s look at history during Hashirama youth days, he thought of village systems to prevent children from dying, After previous wars the 5th was able to create medic ninjutsu, the fourth was able to take out a entire battalion by himself leading to a period of peace. During that time of disarmament, reducing troops to lower cost on ninja villages ~ the clouds still engaged in power i.e kidnap of Kushina, possible out break over the Byakugan. Cause the funds to support Alatsuki growth, leading along to where we are now. We can’t see what growth this war has done until its finish and Kishi can backstory that in future development.

    Obito main advantage in the war got shut down which he couldn’t take into after account prior to go into war against the Five Villages was Naruto sensing ability. Without Naruto, he would have wiped the floor with Zetsu copy clone jutsu on the alliance. Him teaming up with Kabuto went in his favor even more because he was able to get the Kurama chakra to start the moon eye plans, if he couldn’t capture the remaining beast. He needs no more than what Kisame provided in intel. By that alone he knew that at some point Naruto will be forced to come out or complete annihilation on the battleground by the Zetsu. With the Pein arc capturing of intel Human Realm is considering old time tactic, like with Kisame secret mission to kill his own comrades. You can’t expect to see that in this war, because their not fighting another human being, just weak cells of 1st and brought back zombies. To say that they were pointless. No – it caused damage all right. But characters like Sai ‘brother ,’ Sasori, Hanzo were beaten with words / as words can be golden because it allow the person to be complete with themselves.

    In the Pein arc with Kakashi vs Pein. Kakashi did the dog wall, raikiri 4x, rai-shadow clone (taking half his chakra) , lighten dog and use his MS ability two time upon inflecting damage from pein gravity attack that brings him to his deathbed. Now we haven’t seen Kakashi using major jutsu during the 4th war up until he met up with Naruto. 2 raikiri (day 1) & sharingan movement to detect enemy to strike with the beheader sword. So fighting with Naruto he used lightning slash, lightening chain, 4x kamui sending kanui, Naruto’s attack n clone & attack humanoid neck; dog defense wall, and himself back from dimension to be knocking on deaths door. So I don’t see how or where this enormous chakra reserve came from because he seems to be at a same level then (Pein arc) to now plus Kakashi is not the frontline attacker, mainly there to be the brain for Naruto.

    On side note.

    Shukaku plan save the alliance from complete annihilation from when the juubi transformed and did tenpen justu. So his plan served some justice.

    /Readers/ Kishi isn’t going to go into every little detail everything the same thing is done. As a reader it’s up to us to see how the author is making sense out of his work (i.e) He’s not going to say let me use the sharingan to track their movement because we should alrdy know that the sharingan is able to see the persons movement

  33. @token
    i’m not making assumptions,amaterasu tsukuyomi and susano puts more strain in the eye than kamui,you can tell by the bleeding.that’s why sasuke bleeds at the first release of amaterasu but obito doesn’t bleed and kakashi despite being a non-uchiha doesn’t bleed at the first shot of kamui
    Let’s say there are 3 ninjas ninja(A)ninja(B) and ninja(C)…….now ninja(A) punches ninja(C)but ninja(C) doesn’t cough up blood till it reaches ten punches, on the other hand ninja(C) coughs off blood at the first punch of ninja(B),
    now qiuck question:which ninja’s punch exacts more strain on ninja(C) guts?
    Do you really need the author or wikipedia to answer that question for you?

    the fact that he hasn’t gone blind yet will be the due to two things in my opinion. But it wouldn’t be because his changing the eye,cuz am pretty sure the eye posseses the ability not the person.so if he changes the eye he loses kamui.so i think it would have to be because
    1)he doesn’t strain his eye as much as the bros excluding the non-uchiha.kamui doesn’t strain the eye so much and untop that he only uses it for transport and deactivates as soon as he lands.he hasn’t really being in fights except with the 4th, maybe mizukage and the war recently
    2)in three words-senju cell hax

    oh! and 2nd hokage SUPER MAGNUM! no way.”super” that would make him surpass BIG and MEGA MAGNUM.and no matter how cool he is.he’ll pretty much get the white smacked off his hair by madara

  34. @naruto101
    nailed it man.
    But i do agree with Nss7 about somethings he said about the war.I mean there’s no adventure in the war,no sneaking into the enemy territory,no mission to rescue a damsel,no rin-ish booby traps.just an all out war,not very entertaining.
    But i expected that. seeing its only being a four/five days war unlike the other wars which lasted years, months at least,plenty of time for people to go back home recuperate and plan their next move.and unlike the rest which were actually world(naruverse) wars.fire country vs earth country vs the lightening country vs water country not to mention the civil wars and coup de etat occuring within the country’s villages that were mainly territorial or to show power.but the 4th war is against a single enemy(plus the snake girlfriend) vs just five villages.
    About no bad guys or villagers joining obito,that was just noisy..for one i can’t think of a villian who will want to be controlled in some kind of genjutsu.i mean am still trying to figure out kabuto’s deal in joining obito and also what the akatsuki members knew was that they were going to dominate with a powerful jutsu that would make people fear them.they didn’t know anything about the moon eye plan(excluding kisame)
    and another i think Nss7was being noisy about was capturing naruto before the war.when exactly is that actually?
    -could it be during his funny tobi charade, when itachi was alive and he considered him an eyesore
    -or was it when itachi died and nagato was sent to capture him
    -or at the land of iron in the kage summit with sage mode naruto,kakashi and yamato and the five kages close by

  35. If i should really,i mean like really sum up the failings of this war.it should be
    1)lack of adventure
    2)crappy and rushed 1 vs 1.so many great ninja’s fight rushed and he’s doing it with BIG and MEGA MAGNUM now
    3)CHEESY(kishi’s specialty)-so many things lost their touch because of this,but the main ones were.tobi vs kakashi at the dimension making kakashi take down obito same way when they were kids and sakura keeping her byakogou seal till now just for the cheesy pose of the new sannins
    4)low participation of other villages(recently that is)probably that’s why the kages are coming over.

    the rest are pretty confused, biased and noisy self-opinions

    i woild have mentioned obito surviving that injury,but coming from people who read bleach and seen matsumoto,aizen,ichigo,hinamori and that bookmark fullbringer tsukishima injuries.it becomes biased

  36. @naruto blood doesn’t mean more strain lol, of those ninjas u mentioned what if one was a byakugan user using gentle fist to shut down all of the chakra systems like neji would do? That technique would cause more strain to the body than the punches u mentioned and yet there would be no blood as it was the chakra systems being disrupted and renders the user unable to use chakra based Justus. Your logic doesn’t necessarily apply in narutoverse as it does in reality but good try

  37. http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Kamui#cite_note-15 also states that there would be drawbacks

  38. also in chapter 598 page 12 kakashi has blood coming out of his eye like sasuke…. so same strain by ur logic

  39. wow giant wall of text

    All I will say is about Kamui chakra reserves on Kakashi

    Naruto gave Kakashi chakra not once, but twice. Firstly, when the Kyuubi took over and threw kakashi towards Obito. And secondly, when the whole alliance got chakra from Naruto, we can assume Kakashi wouldn’t be excluded.

    I can see what you guys mean about Kakashi’s chakra levels, but you’re about 40 chapters late with you’re complaints. For all intended purposes Kakashi should be at normal now, or below normal after fighting with Obito in Kamui-Land

  40. we cant complain right when it happens cause hopefully kishi fixes it. sadly he never explains this kind of stuff and not only is this about chakra reserves but the fact that using the kamui so much should definently mess with kakashis eye sight but from his accuracy with kamui it would appear that is not the point at all

  41. @token
    Who said anything about a byakugan user?the 3 ninjas i mentioned were normal average ninjas.and incase you didn’t figure it out i wasn’t really talking about “punches”.they were just illustrations.ninjaA punch(kamui)ninjaB punch(amaterasu)ninjaC(user).
    For you to bring a rare byakugan user out of nowhere just shows you are desperate for a talkback, how cute! But bad try

    And the links, super! you saved me the trouble of finding them myself.cause the source of this arguement was:

    token&nss7 were like:”kakashi doesn’t suffer any drawbacks from using the MS.plothole!”

    I, sannins was like:”yes he does,but kamui is not as intense as the rest,so he only suffers the drawbacks and bleeding after using it extendedly.”

    Which is exactly what the links proved.

  42. Wow! Looks like things are starting to become lively again.i thought shannaro was going down the drain there.
    Lets face it you guys ain’t the best at comments and feedbacks(or should i say ain’t the worst).but the reviews,freedom and maturity on here are classic.shannaro hasn’t always being my best naruto blog, but guys, please keep it going.

    So what sparked up the fire! The war,Kakashi, obito and kamui,oh the regulars.
    In my opinion,kishi should have never started a large scale war,i knew he wouldn’t be too good at it.because his story is about ninjas,ninjas are assasins,who take out enemies in the shadow, they ain’t s’pose to fight an all-out war.

    Obito=is it just me or has anyone notices if obito does something lame,the comment goes like this=

    “this lazy laugh of a villian,how can he even be the main antagonist?how can he not do this or that”

    But when he does something remotely badass.it goes like this,what way did mister sensei describe him in the last review again?ah that’s right

    a 29or 30 years old pedophile who masturbate to a flat chested chick.how can he do something amazing as that?

    Obito HATERS*shakes head*

  43. @unknown
    you just learned about the name anagram now?Old news dude,that was one of the leading theories in the tobi=? Times

  44. @sannin rofl a bleeding eye means he is suffering drawbacks? Where have we seen Kakashi struggle with eye sight? When battiling against SASUKE itachi started experiencing major lapses in accuracy due to his blindness and SASUKE do as well after his fight with danzo. Yet Kakashi with all his spams and non uchiha body he has not had one incident of his eyesight being a hindrance.if blood every now and than is the only drawback for Kakashi well damn his body is better than a uchiha body lol. But whatever ur entitled to ur own opinion even if it means ur stuck on kishis tit when he’s clearly showing holes on terms o Kakashi being able to hold out better than uchihas
    @gentle ahhh a obito lover. I didn’t know kids like u still existed! Haven’t heard much obito love in a while since the whole I’m a crappy ninja but somehow ill control the juubi

  45. If u are enjoying obito as this super powered op villain who up until now has been horrible since his unmasking I would love some of what ur smoking

  46. When you compare his backstory to those like pain, kisame, zabuza, itachi, hell, even sasuke, you have to admit, obitos reasons for his actions seem puny in comparison. Like one of those dudes who was kept on a leash as a kid, now he mad at the world.

  47. @token
    Emm yaaah…about that, i’m not good at getting horny over a manga and arguing non-stop.so i’m gonna just say this if you think obito is crappy, when he does something crappy like getting beat up by kakashi,shut your piehole.
    And if you hate him because he’s a crappy loser when he does something badass to change that,still shut your piehole.simple!

  48. @token
    P.S-Not a obito lover or hater.didn’t make any bets on tobi=? That would upset me.i’m just an unbiased naruto manga fan

  49. Lol glad to see ur not arguing about it. Didn’t mean to offend ya guess I hit a nerve or is it the wrong week of the month?

  50. If you see a Ninja it ain´t Ninja

  51. F.Y.I

    On Kakashi drawback when he uses MS / example when he fought Sasake when you saw his speed drop dramatically. He commented that he’s leavin his body to Sakura

  52. I meant *Sasuke

    glad to see the board back to life again 🙂

  53. @Saninns; Interesting. So do you think Kumai just causes eye strain but no blindness? This MS stuff is weird. Which is why Kakashi should just ditch his sharingan for a byakugan. Or better yet pluck out Obito’s rinnegan (which is technically Madara’s) and screw all those MS complications.

  54. @immortal&token
    i didn’t say that kamui doesn’t cause blindness.sorry if i sounded like that.so i’ll break down my point.
    -The major drawback of using any MS ability is blindness.
    -But blindness doesn’t come suddenly after using the ability a few couple of times(it took itachi 7 years to get there, what sasuke experienced was a momentary blurry vision from straining not blindness)
    -you get to the blindness faster when you strain the eye(like what went on with sasuke and probably the reason why shusui never got blind, there’s a space of 10 years inbetween his ability)also
    kisame wouldn’t warn itachi if straining the eye doesn’t lead to blindness faster.
    -now like lots of panels and even wiki has proved
    http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Amaterasu :
    “Use of the technique puts a great deal of strain on the user, usually causing his eyes” to bleed.
    -kamui however doesn’t strain the eye to bleeding point not until you spam it a couple of times.and that less effect even applies to a non-uchiha much less a full-blood uchiha with senju cells.all but proves that amaterasu put a lot of strain than kamui.
    -now getting back to my 3rd point on how you get to blindness faster if you strain the eye…now sasuke&itachi doesn’t just use amaterasu,but tsukuyomi and susano’o all at the same time.now common sense should say that the way the bros strain their eye isn’t in the same league as obito and kakashi so why get blind before them?

    Oh and incase you still think kakashi is at level of an uchiha and kakashi’s dying, limited use, constant collapsing from using just one MS ability aren’t enough drawbacks for you.here kakashi does hint to his eyesight bluntly

  55. @Saninns: Awesome. I see your point now. However I still think Kakashi should ditch that eye for the Rinnegan. He doesn’t have to worry about all those MS side effects which included blurred vision, headaches, bleeding of the eye, exhaustion, and in some cases, blindness! So Kakashi should really talk to a medical ninja about upgrading his eye.

  56. Someone needs to talk about THIS!.. awesome

  57. That shit is hilarious!

    But seriously, gangdam style under a shadow possession?

    Not even sasori would be that cruel!

  58. lol loved that trailer. btw new chapter is out and i gotta say it wasnt too bad… i think this may be the battle we see the full on kyuubi/sage mode that was hinted at against pein. about time. btw yin kyuubi seems to be pretty awesome lol. naruto is gonna get a massive power up soon i think

  59. Naruto – Sooooooooo Sage mode works against a demi god huh…getting tired of that damn rasengan i swear we’ve seen it a million times!!

    One piece – In regards to Don Chinyo an what garp did to him….he seems quite familar with haki an it made me think…what if King’s Haki can do more than just knock out fodder….what if mastery of it can completely break a person’s mind, total mind rape an make them forgot their memories, how to use their abilities and mentally cripple a person to the point of them being unable to move….I guessing that’s what Garp did to him, as the “strongest marine in history” u know his haki game is ridiculously strong!

  60. @ Tensa Gizzla,

    I think you should not argue to the fact that naruto always uses rasengan. Why many people dont just stick to the fact that naruto will always use what he knows to do. Why do people react when Sasuke is pulling techniques after techniques when he is fighting someone?

    Maybe the fact that even though Naruto knows just a single rasengan move but that move can hurt or damage the enemy is more important than Sasuke’s eyes and amaterasu based techniques but is futile.

  61. I guess it is just right that Nature Chakra will work (senjutsu) because all techniques are drawn from physical power of the ninja (ninjutsu) and SOTP created ninjutsus. Nature existed first before the SOTP.

  62. It’s official. The second hokage is the beastest kage ever. Power, speed, superior intellect, quick witted, calm, expert analyzer, no nonsense taker, strong leader, and a streak of ruthlessness.

    @ tensa
    you’ll enjoy this as well. As good of one liners as BIG MAGNUM. He has it all. Best one was when he called the fourth and naruto dumb, that was great.

    I’m definitely on #TeamSecondHokage

  63. Does anybody see the fourth Hokage giving the 2nd half of the Kubi to Naruto

  64. @UTI

    YES! Another person who have seen the light!

  65. 2nd Hokage been a beast for a while tbh….first off letting Naruto know his pappy copied his shit, he’s the godfather flying thunder god – next callin 4th hokage an his son dumbasses! Go Tobirama go, talk that smack son!!!!!! Props to him tho, he’s puttin in work, Hashi to busy fighting Maddi an 3rd hokage taking a dirt nap! Now forget giving the 2nd half of 9 tailed tequila to Naruto – give that to Sasuke an see what he does with it lol Kyuubi Susanno FTMTW!!!!!

    One piece- In addition to my early haki comment, if the factory is under the stadium then 10 bucks an a bucket of KFC predicts that this tournament will not go the distance without either Luffy breaking down the floor or Zoro breaking up the ceiling exposing the whole thing! Oh an there are 500 dwarves working as slaves an 300 in green bit = Usopp’s 800 followers lol

  66. @unknown & tensa

    He has my vote.

  67. The Second has always been mysterious but he is the best thing through Edo. A lot of us wondered what kind of character He was. I’m glad we finally get to see what he’s capable of and see how he makes his decision in heats of times. His performance by far has caught a lot of attention. Him beasting on the Fourth and Naruto is just too funny. From cracking on the Fourth technique naming to calling ‘like father like son.’ His version of the edo tensi is wicked, how scraps from the edo summons explosion tags ~ that’s similar to Konan jutsu. He’s quick on his feet to always strike at his opponent from the explosion, sending Obito back his own attack, body flicking with the fourth and sending Naruto instantly to land the blow that seems to change the tide on the battlefield. But it also shows how inexperience Obito is in action. How many time has the Second appeared behind Obito?

  68. @ Naruto101

    I think Obito doesn’t mind that the 2nd hokage might always appear at his back because he thinks highly of himself now that no attacks will incur damage to him. But let’s see what will happen in the next chapter if he will put his guard up or still the same.

  69. @Kantutantayo, Aizen thought he was also too strong to even attempt to block or dodge…look how that turned out for him. Obito will do the villain thing and let the fight drag out for too long and be beaten. A shame too, a merciless villain who goes straight for the kill is too rare a sight.

  70. sooo i guess naruto was right to worry abt the third…obito took off his head with that ninjustsu nullifier thingy o_O and i guess madara was tryn to keek hashi from discovering obito’s senjutsu weakness??? y would he do that tho btw if he has the first’s cells, why cant he also do senjutsu? dark kyubi o_o oh evil lookn kurama, how i missed you ^_^

  71. I think Sasuke can damage Obito with his one and only technique capable of doing that. That is, KIRIN.

    based on manga, KIRIN is not chakra produced. It is a lightning coming from the SKY (nature) and Sasuke is just directing the KIRIN where to hit.

  72. With everything going on. Im guessing that it will be SENJUTSU users versus Obito.

    The number of Senjutsu Users will be below:
    1. hashirama
    2. naruto
    3. Jiraiya (i think he will be EDOed )
    4. Juugo (this man is a walking nature-chakra absorber)
    Juugo certainly will help if Sasuke shows his ass to him.
    5. Kabuto
    – this man is a sage. he will accept his mistakes thus escaping the izanami and turned a new leaf and help the leaf village war.
    6. Oro – if Kabuto is a sage, so is he.
    7. Sasuke (KIRIN technique)

    I did not include the snakes/frogs and slugs as Sage users even though they really are.

  73. So sage chakra can hurt Obito!! so does that means that Sasuske is going to pull new stuff from his ass and become a snake sage just like that?

  74. @kantutantayo
    a¨bout Sasukes Kirin.. Lighingt isn´t a nature chakra.. its just nature… its like saying that all the people should pick up pebbles from the ground and calling that nature stone and it would hurt Obito

  75. Yeah Sasuke’s Kirin isn’t a true Sage Technique…but it is derived from natural lightning though.

    I wanna see Jiraiya come back into the picture, and I wanna see my nigga JUUGO through it down

  76. How did the 2nd Hokage used the FTG technique on Obito?? Isn’t that move ninjustsu?!? He’s jumping back and forth behind Obito b/c he marked him but wouldn’t Obito’s ninjustsu nullification tech erase that? Btw, Naruto should get the 2nd half of the Kubi b/c the series is called Naruto.

  77. ftg is instantanious movement. obito is godly, not god, he probably isnt fast enough and maybe doesnt see rubbing the mark off his back as important

  78. As Minato said, the marking doesn’t ever erase ~ so the user will always be able to instantly teleport to the marking.

  79. @ seda,
    yeah I think you are right. With the Senjutsu, I am not seeing any offensive attacks from Sasuke. Maybe a diversion but if Obito choose to neglect it, then its no use.

  80. What is Madara’s angle now? Does he only want to fight Hashi or does he actually want to be revived? He wanted to pull off the moon’s eye plan to control the world, but without a means to revival what is he interested in now?

    Obits has memory loss in his new form which is a great way of maneuvering around all the inconsistencies with his motivation for anything. He wants to become super-powerful- mission accomplished. Now off to destroying every living being for no reason?

    Edo tensei- the only people not edo’d are the sage of the 6 paths & jiraiya. J’s got hermit mode so he should be revived, but why not revive the Sage to undo this O-bi-to monster?

    Naruto talking with the tailed beasts- Remember when Naruto learned the names of the tailed beasts? What was that all about as will it come up again?

    Shikamaru & Ino’s dads’ final message- ….

    I come back each week to Naruto because I honestly have no idea where it is going. As for this site, thanks to you guys for posting great comments. I was going to give up on it because no one even bothers posting “It’s out” anymore, let alone posting a Naruto or One Piece blog entry.

  81. Don’t give up ~ we need everyone’s comments and insight about Naruto, Bleach and One Piece to keep it going here…

  82. @Naruto101: Great attitude. I will do my part for Bleach, and Naruto after I have a chance to read the whole manga. No promises as far as one piece. 🙂

  83. Yey, Shannaro is not quite dead yet. You almost had me fooled, i really thought that this site is dead. So there is still hope.
    About these latest Naruto chapters, I don’t know what to say, last chapter Naruto was almost useless, this chapter he owns (or almost owns). Kishi should make his mind, we’re almost in the last part of the manga, so Naruto should start to be more consistent in his actions. I didn’t like in the previous chapter that Shikamaru became a hokage wannabe, c’mon now everyone is hokage material, what now every weak shinobe can hope to become Hokage.
    The second is a beast, he has the power and the brain, and he even has the balls to do what it has to be done.
    Good to see that the second half of Kurama starts to like Naruto, but I don’t understand/know why this half of Kurama is free, we clearly see it without any restraints. So why is it free? That’s the only thing in this chapter that made me think. Did the 4’th convince 50% Kurama to help him, thus letting it free? What do you think about this, fellow Narutards ?

    Long live Shannaro 🙂

  84. @impaler

    There’s two way to look at the Kurama in the 4th: either Minato was only able to store the chakra from the nine tails and with that part of his will was attached to it before he could sealed the beast inside his son. The other way is that Minato was able to beat/control the nine tailes after sealing half of it inside of him so that’s why it’s seems to be free. My guess is that next chapter is going to be somewhat a back story of the 4th and the other half / I hope he convince the 4th to release the remaining of the chakra to Naruto as to give hope in beating Naruto. I think we might get to see Naruto eyes with Kurama and Sage again 🙂 looking forward to that. It’s been awhile since we saw it, back when Nagato tried to control Naruto’s body.

  85. I meant in giving hope to beat Obito.

    Someone needs a power up at this point to change the course of the battlefield.

    With Shikamaru on the side line watching the fight will be good, he will be able to think of some strategy to beat Obito. The only reason he was kage candidate is because of the simple fact that he was able to changed the hearts of those that are scared to give them the will to fight and be useful. So that is a characteristic that Kages need to be able to rule over a village.

  86. @ Seda,

    ¨bout Sasukes Kirin.. Lighingt isn´t a nature chakra.. its just nature… its like saying that all the people should pick up pebbles from the ground and calling that nature stone and it would hurt Obito

    Do you think CHAKRA means ENERGY?? If so, can we call Lightning Energy as Lightning Chakra?

    Also comparing Lightning and Pebble is quite questionable for the fact that they do not share common property. Lightning is generated from the + and negative ions in the sky. Pebble is not.

    Also, I think you dont have to be a sage to use the nature technique. Just look at Juugo, he is not sage but he can use nature’s energy at will. He’s family is just built for it like a bloodline limit. Kirin I think can hurt obito for it is not a ninjutsu.

  87. @kantutantayo
    Never said that you have to be a sage to use Senjutsu.. But Sasukes Kirin is still classified as a Lightning Release jutsu . Senjutsu is a technique where you take the Energy from the nature and make it to chakra, so senjutsu isnt the nature it self.. Lighting is just lighting, its not moldded to chakra.

  88. and kudos to Naruto beeing as fast as the second on figuring out that senjutsu can hurt him..

  89. @seda

    After fighting Nagato twice, he should be the all time great at figuring out ninjutsu cancellation.

  90. @UchihaTheInfamous
    Yeah perhaps.. but still thinks its extremly good of him beacuse 2fights with Nagato isnt that much of life experience…

  91. @Seda

    What????? Nagato was the 5th beastest person overall in the manga, and 3rd most powerful. And in two fights against him you say that’s not much life experience. I’m going to have to disagree with you on that one. Naruto wouldn’t be who he is today without Nagato. He took a WHOLE lot of nativity out of Naruto, and he gained a lot of battle experience from him. I think that first battle was Naruto’s most influential battle in the Manga.

  92. @UchihaTheInfamous
    Its still not a BIG EXPERINCE for he long run for a 16year old shinobi..And I´m talking about battle experince.. Who do you think got the most battle experince of Minato and Naruto? And minato a genius who knew about senjutsu like he said on the chapter. didnt seem to figured it out as fast as Tobirama and Naruto.. so it still verry verry impressiv of Naruto at that age allready posses that abilty to calcuate that Senjutsu was dangorus to Tobi.. Experince isnt just about how “big” the enemy is, so you just if you take down one of the biggest you don´t aoutmaticly now every thing about all and can do every thing beacuse his experince have become omnipotent, thats just being arrogant , and arrogance comes before tha fall

  93. @Seda

    I’m not saying Naruto has “know all” battle exp, because even Sasuke has more than Naruto. I’m just saying it’s not that impressive for him to recognize it as fast as he did. It’s something I would expect of him after battling Nagato twice, and BIG MAGNUM. Both who have used the ninjutsu absorbtion technique, but I do think that battling Nagato win or lose gives you a pretty big boost in the exp department. Also, I’m not sure that the fourth even can do sage mode. It’s never been shown that he could. He just signed the summoning pact with the frogs. That’s it. This would be a pretty good reason why didn’t recognize til later, because he wasn’t familiar with using the technique, only seeing Jiraiya use it, and I’m sure he didn’t use it often.

  94. @UchihaTheInfamous
    don´t think that Minato can go to sage mode either, but he knew about it and that is experince.. and of course its fighting Nagato is a big experince, but its not just becuse of thoose fights he saw the weaknes..but its a part of why he saw that weaknes, he learnd something about the fights, even if he didn´t show it the second fight when he did ddnt rember mucgh of his techniques.. but he have an anusal skill so be tactical analytically even if he is rather stupid

  95. I agree he’s a great deal more tactically sound than he used to be.

  96. And no Naruto this week huh?? so what now?? Rock papper sissor? On three! One.. two.. three… I made a Rock..

  97. @seda

    In the tradition of Naruto you need to play using snake, frog, slug.

  98. ah okej…So try again, One.. Two.. Three.. I made a Snake

  99. From Yahoo Answers:

    Release date of Naruto Manga 643?

    Is Naruto Manga 643 postponed ?

    This week there is Obon festival in Japan, so I think it is postponed!!!
    11 hours ago

  100. NEW NARUTO CHAPTER 643 OUT EARLY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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