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Bleach Chapter 544: Walking With Watchers

Chapter 544: Walking With Watchers
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After being silent in the last chapter Ishida actually opens his mouth for a change.

His first question to the king is to why he annouced Uryuu to be his successor, also questioning the way he announced it.

Juha stands up only needs to say a few words to explain his reasoning. He immidiatly asks Uryuu the question; “Why are you alive right now?” That is enough for Ishida to know what he is talking about.


Ishinn explained this to ichigo a while back so no need for me to go into that event again. But in order to regain himself, 9 years ago, he drew power away from all the half-blood Quincy(killing his mother and Ichigo’s mother). Ishida also, is not a pure-blood. So, what did he leave. The only Quincy that survived that ritual.(this makes me think Juha is probably might know that Ryuuken is alive, but he is just playing Ishida atm.)

For Ishida to survive that makes Juha believe that the young man has something special that can surpass the king.

The scene changes to a sternritter who apparently enjoys killing a random subordinate when she is pissed off(we’ve never seen that before…) And it introduces a group of girly girl characters who are probably lower tier Sternritter and acting as her direct subordinates.

Haschwalth arrives as his own quarters, greeted by a worried assistant. The man knows more than the others and explains the reasoning of Juha.


Juha probably doesn’t trust Ishida just yet so he created a situation where basically every Sternritter will be closely watching him, judging him, measuring him. Meaning if he walks around on his own his life could be ended quite swiftly forcing him to the only man the Sternritter wouldn’t want to face. The king himself.

We switch location again to Hueco Mundo. Apparently Inoue and Sado are being kept busy by Urahara Kisuku. Also the mystery Arrancar is still part of the group. I think the most likely person to be that is Grimmmjaw. But we will not be shown that for a little while longer it seems.

Kisuke as usual is not sitting still and seems to be working hard to figuring out the secret behind the Bankai stealing device, by the looks of it.


Hopefully we will see a bit more details of their activities next time out.


4 Responses

  1. It would be cool if Urahara could unseal the BanKais, since I want to see the Vandereich get fucked up as badly as they fucked up Soul Society. That would be fun to watch.
    Yeah, the mystery Arrancar is definitely Grimmjow, between him being a “Draco in Leather Pants” (TV Tropes term) and not being confirmed dead, I’m sure it’s him.

  2. @pretend3r. Good job as ususal. It was nice to finally hear something from Uryu.

  3. This is a smart move on Juha part. He knows that Uryuu is stronger than the rest of the ster riter. The announcement will pressure Uryuu to succeed in being the next heir to the king. Also, this will prevent Uryuu from betraying the king as all the other ster riter will be watching him closely. This will keep Uryuu in check and prevent him from acting on his own.

  4. @ nss7
    yeah kubo seems to like making his main antagonists not only strong but very smart too first with aizen and now with juha but i dont think anyone can be smarter than aizen the man was untouchable.

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