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One Piece Chapter 713 – Flower Fields



Another day with another awesome chapter Oda brings to us. This chapter progressed the plot to a whole new level, it sets the pace and the future setting to what is to become a war between the Strawhats and their allies against the Doflamingo Family Pirates. This chapter lets us know who are the major players in this war that is about to happen, which consists of two sides; On one side we have the Strawhats, Law, allied with a toy and dwarves while on the other side it is the Doflamingo family and all their resources and power. Which is something not to underestimate. So without further ado lets get on with this epic chapter.

Shichibukai VS Shichibukai VS Admiral

This chapter started out with a big bang and ended with a teaser of what is to come in future chapters. So lets start out with the tumblr_mpd4ffux1p1snp9bno1_500big bang…

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