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Its Out!!!

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12 Responses

  1. Will be flying to Europe tomorrow. Expect Naruto Chapter 637 Review on Friday.

  2. Just wtf, this chapter made no freaking sense.

  3. WTF! Some of us knew that a big twist was expected but the 10 tails Jin? really?

    Is Obito in the Bijuu mode already? Confused! o_0

  4. I know one thing BIG MAGNUM is about to molly wop Obito for stealing his shine. Let me be the first to call the BIG/MEGA MAGNUM tag team reunion to battle Obito. When that happens, I may be done with the series, lol.

  5. @Uchihatheinfamous, if that happens I would seriously just completely drop the Naruto series to the point that I will not post it on the ‘its out’ posts. That idea will seriously be so bad that it is something Kishi might be thinking. But you mentioning that idea just gave me nightmares. Makes the whole story meaningless. But your onto something, since Obito knows that Madara tried to kill him, will madara team up with our heroes or will he just be sitting there like he has been doing. Which pisses me off beyond anything I have seen in this manga, I mean you have clearly the most powerful villain, and you just leave him on the sideline. Good job kishi putting Madara aka the best villain you have since Pain on the side line, just like your putting this manga on the side line.

  6. @Jdogg

    You have to look at it like this…with the way this war has been going and with all the flip flopping of sides. This is a very plausible idea. Plus you know BIG & MEGA have this everlasting bromance. Just like all Senju/Uzumaki & Uchiha relationships.

  7. @UchihaTheInfamous,

    I know what you mean, and the situation makes perfect sense, because now Madara is obsolete. Meaning that there is nothing for him to do. He has failed his goal, he is no longer capable of being revived. Either way I just want him to stay a bad guy, there is to many villains turning to the good side. We already have Sasuke, Madara needs to stay the Madara we all love. That cunning lazy badazz bastard. Who can easily wipe the floor with anyone.

  8. @Jdogg

    Hopefully that will stay true, but I have this sneaking suspicion it won’t.

  9. For those who have read this naruto’s chapter……..

    p.s Make sure you use a sticky note to remind yourself to thank me afterwards….

  10. i think madara is smart enough to know that nobody, whether nagato or obito was gonna work so hard to achieve all that power, just so they can resurect him and hand it over. He’s already dead, maybe he doesn’t care much who achieves the moon’s eye plan, as long as its achieved

  11. I still feel that Madara is not yet done. The way he reacts to the situation does not confirm that his defeated. It looks like losing a toy and he does not care at all.

  12. Well done Obito u did good in terms of an ace in the whole! Notice he had his hand sign ready from last chapter an for a moment it was like the return of tobi. As for Maddi, he’s still chillin! Dude aint even phased – it’s like watching someone get a promotion at work that u wanted but ur smiling coz u know u’ve got a better job offer an u start next monday.

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