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Naruto 636 Discussion: When You Sell Your Soul to the Devil

Hi, folks! It’s been a while… Graduate chem studies are such a killer. I apologize for remaining distant from reading and trying to write reviews, but given the lackluster chapters we’ve had over the last months, I wanted to say a few things. Since I’m so busy, please bear with me. I won’t be as exquisite as I’ve been before. I will be using a lot of bullet-point headings and focusing on ideas sort of stream-of-consciousness. But this time, I will actually be writing more consistently, but again, with minimized, bordering on shitty, quality. I think that because we authors happen to be so busy, having several not-so-comprehensive reviews with different perspectives would be more beneficial and entertaining for discussion. This would make Shannaro!!! adopt more of a sports website format, having different analyses of a football match.

-Kakashi fatally impales Obito

This outcome was quite unexpected. There was the slight feeling that with Kishi’s recent shitty writing, especially with Sasuke’s and Oro’s and maybe Kabuto’s change for good, Obito was going to turn into a “good boy” like Tobi would say of himself and somehow go against Madara and join the Shinobi Alliance. However, the most unexpected outcome resulted. Kakashi, who can be considered outclassed by Obito in chakra, Hashimara cells, and eye prowess, beat his former childhood friend using taijutsu and sparring. It makes you wonder why Obito didn’t use any of his special techniques to kill a more limited yet smarter Kakashi. Since most of Kishi’s writing today is bullshit, we can only rationalize what happened:
-Obito was too chakra drained from controlling the Tailed Beasts and the Juubi, using his MS and Rinnegan techniques, fighting Naruto, Killer Bee, Might Guy, and Kakashi.
-Obito couldn’t use his time-space warp technique in the alternate dimension because it would expose the warped part of his body to the real world where it could be prone to attack. You could say that he would then send part of his body to where the Juubi is, but it makes you wonder if he could have just sent that part of the body elsewhere he knew it would be safe. Not enough is known about the technique and its use in the alternate dimension.
-Obito is not very smart and tactical, which we already knew. He was used to avoid hand-to-hand combat, and Kakashi cornered him at the one thing the latter was currently superior at.
-Obito was distracted by emotional drama, the pending Moon’s Eye Plan, scared by how Madara would deal with him eventually, and just shocked that he had been cornered like that by his childhood rival.

-Obito must be dead for sure

Obito will not make it out of this. If he does, Kishi will just keep shitting loads on his once-upon-a-time masterpiece. There was no genjutsu in this instance. The blow by Kakashi’s Raikiri-infused kunai strike was clearly fatal. Kakashi pierced straight through his heart. Damn, more like he totally obliterated his heart and part of his lungs and shit. Why the fuck is Obito still able to talk and teleport, I’ll never know. He teleported right on top of the Juubi (I think, in that area at least), but he couldn’t move at all from the blow… in his last minutes already.

Madara’s plan all along…

Madara is bored out of his fucking mind ’cause Hashirama ain’t coming around to fight him, and then, notices that Obito is about to die and has to use him to get revived with the Rinnegan. What I wonder is why he needs a living person to revive him when he has the Rinnegan in his current Edo Tensei state. Again, Kishi doesn’t explain that kinda shit (actually, see comment #3 by nss7). Like we saw with Nagato, this would kill Obito especially in his condition. The interesting thing here to note is the well-thought-out fail-safe that Madara planned since he commissioned young Obito with his Moon’s Eye Plan and revival. He had left Obito not only with a Black Zetsu that carried his personality and life force with him, but Madara had also left a part of himself in Obito’s half Zetsu body. Ignoring the Edo Tensei for a moment, this would eventually force Obito to revive Madara if things looked like they would fall through. And that’s what happened. As far as how exactly this would have been activated without Madara’s being present, we will never know. Madara was cold-blooded. Of course, if you sell your soul to the devil for power or for whatever cause, he will come around one day to ask for his share. We’ve all sensed this would happen eventually. Especially in light of how much this Obito kid has fucked it up for Madara. Kudos to Madara for taking out that whiny motherfucker the way he deserves. So fucking annoying.

-Kakashi’s fate

I find it hard to believe that Kakashi was impaled fatally by Obito’s “Pain” rod. He was impaled on the side, and as long as he can get treated, he will be fine. And that’s the question… How the hell is he gonna get back to the real world? Does he have enough chakra to warp himself back? Will his sensei Minato somehow teleport himself into that dimension and get him out? Reverse Kuchiyose with his dogs? Will Obito think of him in his very last breath and bring him back to get back at Madara? I have not a fucking clue.

I did like Kakashi’s monologue. And I think it applies to all relationships and, say, death of loved ones, even those who have hurt us. He have to treasure and remember these people for all of the good times we had with them and their special positive attributes, and not let them be tarnished by all bad and nasty in their lives. I think it also shows maturity to let go of these people, when their current selves are different, evil, unchangeable. Kakashi did what Naruto is not willing to do with Sasuke: kill his best friend. Sometimes you wish you could get back with your old girlfriend you loved so much, but you really can’t go back with someone who has cheated on you, changed, and affected the people closest to you. You have to let go, and do what you must. Hashirama is the prime example of someone who couldn’t take out his friend soon enough to prevent the grotesque aftermath of the Uchiha clan.

-Last week’s pet peeve: making sense of Sasuke’s decision to burn down the Juubi and most of the Tailed Beasts

I know a lot of people were completely pissed at Sasuke for acting like an Emo kid again by uttering that he wanted to burn down the Juubi and all the beasts therein contained. Naruto is opposed to this for obvious reasons. The thing we are ignoring, though, is that Naruto and Killer Bee are the only ones that understand what the bond between a Bijuu and a Jinchuuriki is like and actually got to know the Tailed Beasts as the “gentle” souls that they actually are. Everybody else, Sasuke included, know the Tailed Beasts as the worst tragedies that their villages have had over the centuries, because of their destruction and fight between villages over the possession of these beasts. Many shinobi (fathers and mothers of children), Jinchuuriki, and civilians suffered because of the Tailed Beasts’ rage for not being treated as something other than weapons of war. Thus, it should be far more reasonable to side with Sasuke in this matter because, ignoring what Naruto and Killer Bee know, he is aware of the history of the beasts and knows that most of the shinobi in the Alliance would like those fucking monsters dead. It’s perfectly reasonable to want such a potential danger permanently destroyed. I think Sasuke is trying to be like Tobirama, trying to be the bad cop for the greater good. Naruto is just trying to be friends with everyone and make one big, happy family.

As far as what Sasuke’s actual plan might be, I’m gonna make a wild guess and say he will exterminate all shinobi from the face of the earth in order to get rid of the system that has caused so much hatred and pain. There ain’t no better moment to do it than now when he has practically all of them in one place within Amaterasu’s reach. Just saying. With Kishi the way he has been lately, anything is possible.

Take it easy, folks.



17 Responses

  1. *chukkles* ‘pain’ rod *troll face* LOL!!!

  2. Good shit Mistersensei, and welcome back!!

  3. “Obito is not smart…” That was always an issue with him being Tobi. Tobi is smart, Obito is not. Don’t know how the two were acually the same person, when there is nothing slightly similar about their Personality and intellect.

    Obito and rinnegan comment. Ability to bring someone or people requires the RINNEGAN USERS to be the sacrificial pawn in order to make the revival jutsu work. Obito explained this to madara a couple chapters back. One of the reason Obito refuse to bring Madara back. He wasn’t willing to throw his life away for the same of Madara’s. Then again, it was Obito’s inability to execute Madara’s plan of using Nageto as the sacrificial puppet.

    Nothing was more exciting in this chapter than Obito deteriorating into ashes. My reaction of the scene were similar to Sasuke burning the Juubi. “Unacceptable. Let it burn” Yes, let Obito burn.

  4. NICE REVIEW, been a while welcome back.

  5. I thought this review was better than usual so I scrolled up to see who write it. Thanks mister sensei. You and bob writing skills remind me of mardara and hasirama. One question though, which one of you is mardara? Lol

  6. I miss bob

  7. First, good review mistersensei.
    Bob just come back before the series ends

  8. Soooo glad I’m not the only one who thinks Sasuke is justified in wanting to destroy the Tailed Beasts

    here are my thoughts from when I read 635 on that topic

    Look back on everything that the presence of the 10 Tailed Beasts has done in the ninja world. The 10 Tails in the time of the Sage of 6 Paths was a primordial demon who destroyed the world as it wished, and necessitated the existence of the Sage of 6 Paths. The Sage became a God because he defeated it and spread his knowledge of the ninja arts to fulfill his dream of world peace.

    I love the Sage because he is bar none the most powerful ninja in Naruto (plz I need Edo Tensei So6P) , but the existence of ninjutsu has been the biggest detriment to the world of Naruto. Now, because of the Sage’s Shinobi sect and teachings, the arts of ninjutsu has been used in the Era of Warring clans before the villages, in 3 World Wars, and countless other conflicts, instead of the Sage’s original intentions of being a religion that would leading to world peace. I don’t think its a stretch to say that without the power of the 10 tails behind him, or status as a world-saving hero, his Shinobi Sect teachings wouldn’t have been as influential, and he wouldn’t be the hero he is known as today in the Naruto world.

    Now, look at the 9 Tails and its history with Konoha. If you remember, after the 9 Tails attacked Konoha, the elders blamed the Uchiha clan because they have the ability to control the 9 Tails with the Sharingan, which was at least partially right because Obito was behind it all. Naruto’s birth and the drama surrounding it fanned the flames that were nearly extinguished with the formation of Konoha, and then were thrust to the forefront leading to the death of the entire Uchiha clan save Itachi, Sasuke, and Obito.

    The only 3 Bijuu we have a pretty good history of are the 8 Tails, 9 Tails, and the 10 Tails. I’m sure the other 7 have had their fare share of destruction in the villages that abused them, and not to talk about the history of all the Bijuu in other villages and how they have been constantly dehumanized and used as tools of war – Rin, for example. Who’s to say the other beasts haven’t been Trojan Horses before too?
    Now look at Sasuke. He know all of this from Hashirama’s and Obito’s story, and realizes that the Bijuu are one of the reasons why there has been constant war and strife in the Naruto world – from the apocalyptic destruction of the 10 Tails, to the power struggles between the ninja villages, and the constant sacrifices it takes to keep those beasts under control – namely his clan. He wants to establish a world where war-mongering ninja powers and ninja like Madara can’t abuse the heavy artillery that are the 9 tailed beasts.

    That doesn’t make Sasuke any different than he was a few chapters ago. While his intentions may be shaky, he is looking to establish peace, just like Naruto is. Just in the wrong way, as the other 7 beasts (maybe not the One Tail, he got his butt handed to him in Part 1 by Naruto) are Naruto’s comrades. The other beasts but their faith in Naruto as the heir of the Sage, in fulfillment of his final prophesy before his death (Naruto 572).

    Really, the only two people that should be up in arms about destroying the 10 tails completely are Naruto & Kurama and Killer Bee & Gyuki, because, you know, they are tailed beasts themselves, and don’t want to see their brothers die.

  9. Well said @ ??????

  10. @??????
    So if Sasuke kills the beast,, and then what?? sooner or later they revive in an uncontroled area and bring havoc yet again.. so isn´t it better to have them where you know.. better to know where the danger is than fearing it will show upp at anytime

  11. new naruto series announced

  12. @lovemeb
    And that just away for you to trying to promote you writting… so thats a fake.. and the story there sucked totaly, so don´t have writing as a future dream





    OBITO U SNEEKY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    URYU DAMN FOUR EYES!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. BIG MAGNUM: Well fuck………. -.-


  15. I love how madara actually doesnt give a fuck…..this guy has got something cooking, im tellin u he has a plan! Now (queue the rock voice)….”FINALLY…..AN UCHIHA….HAS BECOME….A JINJURIKI!!!!”
    For a few freakin panels it felt like Obito turnt back into Tobi for a moment (yes they are 2 different characters) and i quote “Are u sure that’ll be enough to end this war, my fellow judas!” I actually rate Obito he remembered that he wasnt Madara’s bitch!

  16. When I finally thought Obito is going to be gone for good, I had a sign of relief. Now I’m going to have to give my hopes up again. His character is rediculously boring. How long is Obito nonsense going to continue on? The more panel spaces he gets, the more dull the storyline becomes. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-YMB3WDbre90/URt0IUx28HI/AAAAAAAABwM/fMkF4uEHLGc/s1600/ImpliedFacepalm.jpg

  17. Will be flying to Europe tomorrow. Expect Naruto Chapter 637 Review on Friday.

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