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Bleach Chapter 543 : A, B, C, D, E, F…. Quincy!

Chapter 543: Letters
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A, A, B, D, H, I, K, S, That is the Quincy alfabet…

Or something like that anyway.

So, this weeks starts with a bombshell. Juha has called all the Sternritter in(and everybody else) and is ready to make an important announcement.

He calls forth, Ishida Uryuu onto the stage. He looks sleek and kind of grumpy in the white VanDerReich uniform.


The sternritter have no idea who he is. Juha, however does, but not quite… he announces Uryuu as the lone Quincy Survivor in this world. So, Ishida’s father manages to keep himself hidden from Juha. This gives some sort of confirmation that Ishida has a motive to be there. Maybe Ryuuken has told Ishida the same story as Ishinn told Ichigo. which could mean. Ishida could want revenge, since Juha sort of killed Uryuu’s mother.

Without as giving his subordinates any extra information regarding this new man. Juha annouces Ishida as the new successor. Everybody there goes nuts so much so, that ‘mohawk man’ yells out to Juha. He is stopped by the blond man. Juha’s second in command.

Juha doesn’t say much of anything about Ishida, not even his name to the other Sternritter. Other than the fact they will ‘know’ his power soon enough. After that he leaves again leaving the sternritter behind. Confused and angry.

The rest of the chapter isn’t too interesting. It seems to serve mostly to introduce the Sternritter and their ‘rank’. Some we have seen in SS invasion and a couple of new ones. The earlier the letter in the alphabet, the bigger their strength.

There doesn’t seem to be a clear 2nd in command with this system it seems. Multiple people can have the same letter.

I think this because Ishida is still hanging around Juha, having completed some sort of ritual that will unlock his power. So like Ichigo it seems Ishida has a bigger pool of strength the pull from. More importantly. Ishida get the same letter as Juha…


Interesting that Juha so casually keeps his subordinates in the dark. Very different from Aizen who shared alot.


14 Responses

  1. another Sasugay and Naruto parody..

  2. @Than Santana

  3. This is like the whole Aizen and Gin again. Speaking of Gin, where the hell has he been? Ishida must be taking notes from Gin and plotting to stick an arrow through Juha’s head like Gin has back stabbed Aizen.

    @Than Santana
    This is no where close to be a bromantic relationship. How did Sasuke and Naruto even got brought into this?

  4. @nss7

    Aizen killed the shit out of him. I really hope ishida doesn’t meet the same fate.

  5. @pretend3r. Excellent job as usual.

  6. r @nss7 and unknown91. Gin was given a fatal wound by the evolved Aizen as he lies hidden watching the results of his should have been fatal attack on the helpless Aizen without the Hogyoku, which now lies in Gin’s hand. After Gin’s attack, he sees Ichigo now arrive with a steally strong intent in his eyes and knows that the young man is now ready to battle Aizen. He dies in Matsumuto’s arms. Later we see her morning him. Why did he go away without leaving her a token to remember him by? I suppose as we did not see him disolving, there is the tinyest chance that he survived, but I believe that he is gone.

  7. @nss7 open your eyes… try to read out of the box.. and you’ll understand what am i trying to imply here…

  8. @aleriecorbray
    Gin may or may not be dead. Tite Kubo has a reputation for keeping his readers in the dark about character’s death. In most cases, good guys don’t die in the Bleach series. Can’t remember a time when a good guy ever pass away for good in Bleach. Unless they were a minor character that doesn’t have any real value to the storyline. But if they committed any act of kindness or done good deeds, their actions becomes unpunished and they will not be killed off. Take a glimpse at when the quinces invaded soul society. The ster ritter killed Rukia, Renji, and Byakuya. They were suppose to be dead. Byakuya even went as far as to shaming himself by begging for Ichigo’s help. He was willing to throw his pride away. Something that a shiningami of his class would never do. Yet their deaths were voided by dipping their bodies into holy water (That’s what I like to call it) to bath their wounds away.

    There’s a good number of characters that never recieve the death penalty by the author. We can assume that Kubo plays favorites with all his characters. He still keeps even the most loved and hated villain in Aizen alive. Very rare for him to kill off a major character. Even if he does, he does not waste chapter space having a funeral for them.

    @Than Santana
    Open my eyes? Naruto and Sasuke comparison is only for characters extravertingly being rivals or bromance. Juha and Uryu doesn’t fit into that category. They have more of a father to son relationship. Maybe you should open your eyes. Take a look at unkown91 post for reference.

  9. @ nss7
    i think Than Santana is referring to uryu and ichigo not Juha and Uryu if that’s what he meant i see some similarities to sasuke and naruto but there alot of differences too.

    im sure that uryu does have a plan and he’s just playing along with juha especially after we’ve seen how his mother died and i think uryu and ichigo will fight each other but i think it will happen before his plan is finished so he will be forced to fight ichigo.

    i actually like what kubo is doing with uryu now cuz from the get go he was saying that he’s not helping ichigo he’s only doing what he think’s is the right thing to do and im sure he’s doing that now but in a different way from ichigo and it will make his character better cuz before he seemed just another fellow of ichigo group but now he’s doing it his way not ichigo’s way and that IMO is the difference between him and sasuke sasuke is just doing whatever he wants while uryu is doing the right thing (ploting against juha) but in his own way not just following ichigo and there is noway that ichigo is gonna chase uryu like naruto is chasing sasuke.

    what if ishida only want’s to kill juha to fulfill his revenge and then lead the Quincy himself to stop their assault on SS then form their own kingdom with him as king cuz as we know he’s a proud Quincy and there is noway that he wants to eliminate all the Quincy race.

  10. Bleach has been unstoppably good these past weeks. As a fan I am really satisfied with the plot, characters and so for. Makes you appreciate the author even though we had to go thru that dreadful Super human arc.

  11. @albati
    The chapter was dedicated to Juha and Uryu, but I do see your point.

    Fullbring arc wasn’t that bad. There was a lot of suspense and twist.

  12. @ nss7: Thanks for getting back. As has been obvious in past months, I do not have a clue as to where Kubo is headed. I found Gin a very distrubind character, who in the past wiuld do mean and hurtful things. It was difficult getting a handle on where he stood

  13. Aparently this site now submits my coments whether I submit them or not.
    @ nss7 – continued. I hope that you are right and Gin is not dead. Of course, I guess that means that Aizen will be back as well. 🙂

  14. @albati. Okay. Uryu becomes a stronger character and the Quincy King, but what is he King of? Are these super strong Quincy warriors alive, or are they ghosts from a thousand years ago, who need to live in a protected environment. Last I heard, Uryu was still human, does he need to give that up to be King?
    @Jdogg: I liked the the Fullbring arc as well. One of the nicest things was Kubo let the characters get older and we got to see Ichigo have a chance for normal life. Even Rukia matured, having conquered some of her past issues.

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