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Top Failings of the War Arc 2

Post Author: Kisuzachi

A little over a year ago I made a post about the most important failings of this current arc, and over the course of merely a year Kishimoto has topped every gripe I had. Essentially, in comparison to the current failings, last year’s list may actually be winnings, but only in comparison of course. Now, a thing like fails is somewhat subjective, but I think we can all be in agreement when I say some things are objectively bad. I’ll be posting this on my phone, so forgive the lack of colors, I ask.

1. The Villains are too powerful.

It is a common storytelling tool, especially in Shonen, that the next bad guy is typically stronger than the one before. However, it is important for one to not go overboard with this. when you’re careful, you go from a villain like Orochimaru to the Akatsuki. When not careful you end up with Madara, Obito and Kabuto. These three villains are so absurdly powerful that there is no convincing way to beat them without making them pants-on-head retarded. Then there’s the Jubi, whose menace is non-existant at this point since it continues to fail and have no real impact on anything. All tension dies the moment you remember Madara could drop a meteor on the battlefield and kill everyone there or that Tobi could just trap Naruto and Bee in his pocket dimension like he did with Fuu and Torune.

2. The Villains are bad.

Why is Madara evil? Because Tobirama rightfully said they should keep an eye on the Uchiha and because he wasn’t made Hokage. Hashirama is one o the worst characters I’ve ever ha the displeasure of knowing about. He was willing to sacrifice his life for an evil, selfish bastard in Madara that he had already defeated. He got upset at Tobirama for making the people vote for their leader instead of going along with him appointing Madara as leader. His entire character was devoted to appeasing Madara’s ego, and all this did was make Madara come off as a stupid, self-entitled brat with an incomprehensibly large mancrush on Hashirama.

What is Kabuto’s goal? He wants to follow in Naruto’s footsteps and overcome Orochimaeu like  Naruto overcame the Kyubi like he said all those hundreds of chapters ago? Wrong! Okay, he wants to learn as many jutsus ad he can like Orochimaru did? No! Okay, i give up. Tell me what he wants. He wants to be Sasuke’s older brother. What. No, really, what? That is Kabuto’s nonsensical goal that in no way meshes well with him helping Tobi.

Tobi… oh Tobi. I don’t even know where to begin with this guy. When his mask came off two characters got kicked in the nuts by Kishimoto: Obito and The Masked Man (TMM). TMM was the nihilistic guy who spent most of his time onscreen getting to the point and avoiding lengthy talking. Obito was the one unambiguously good Uchiha that gave his beliefs to Kakashi, who in turn gave it to Naruto. After the mask came off, Tobi became incessantly whiny, the things he says no longer makes any sense and he contradicts himself every time he opens his mouth. “Don’t think this is about you and Rin, Kakashi.” then he says “You let Rin die, you’re trash.” and he continually thinks of her while onscreen.

3. The Uchiha

Remember how we were supposed to think the Uchiha massacre was a bad thing? In fact, we’re still supposed to think that. But why should we? This Arc revealed that every Ichiha is born with evil brain chakra… LOL. This is no joke, you read that right, evil brain chakra. What this means is every Uchiha, more than anyone else in the world, is predisposed to evil. This, in essence, means Tobirama would’ve been downright NEGLIGENT to not watch them, and a leader would be downright inept if the Uchiha were not massacred before they threw the world into chaos. No, Kishimoto, evil brain chakra does not Bsolve the Uchiha of their crimes, it just means they should’ve been dealt with faster.

4. Character Derailment

I’m gonna keep this section short, sweet and to the point.

A) Sasuke: suddenly becoming sane and joining the good guys, conpletely negating hundreds and hundreds of chapters of buildup. I swear you cannot handle someone switching sides worse than Sasuke the two times he did it.

b) Itachi: he moved from a tragic character to becoming Christ. Suddenly his parents were happy to be killed by him, lessening the paun associated with their deaths. He’s somehow good enough to be giving Naruto and Killerbee instructions in the fight with Nagato as if they were Genin. He tells Labuto he is lying to himself… but who or what makes Itachi good enough to tell Kabuto he is lying to himself. Kabuto busted his ass to get to where he was and WAS trying to find his true self through his biological knowledge, but Itachi goes “lolnope, I somehow know you better than yoh know yourself.” He’s a self-righteous asshole, but Kishi portrays his self-righteousness as noble. Disgusting.

C) Sakura: think about recent developments. Now think about what’s happened over the past 400 chapters. Let it sink in. Sakura has been storing up chakra all this time and refused to use that stored up chakra against Sasori even though he was gonna kill her and Chiyo. She didn’t use it when Naruto went 4tails against Orochimaru to help him. She didn’t use it against Hidan and Kakuzu. She didn’t use it during Pain’s invasion. She didn’t use it to beat Sasuke, even going so far as to say she’s useless and that she’ll just leave things in Naruto’s hands. She didn’t use it to heal Neji before he died. What this tells us is that she’s either a heartless monster or Kishimoto NEVER planned this and just did it to have shitty Sanin symbolism.

There are others, but if I went through them all we’d be here all night.

5) Broken Aesops.

Old generation being surprised by the new. Lol, right. Given what we saw in the Madara vs Hashirama battle, no ninja has surpassed those two. Madara easily beats all 5 Kages. When things looked their worst against the Jubi, the previous 4 generations of Kages come to save the day. The old generation kicks ass and the current one IS ass.

Unity is Stronger than all the Biju and kekkei genkai in the world. Bullshi-. Naruto and Bee are wasting time and chakra protecting the 50000 or so Ninja there. The “alliance” has literally contributed nothing to this that Naruto and Bee couldn’t by just throwing Bijudama after Bijudama at the Jubi. In fact, they’d likely have done more damage since Kurama wouldn’t have the need to be giving out his chakra like that.

Be your own person. Itachi vs Kabuto was basically one big PSA about being yourself because you’re the only you. The message exists in Naruto and Sasuke too. Before Kishi tried making Sakura ‘useful’, Naruto hadn’t used Jiraiya’s techniques and teachings for a hell of a long time because right now he’s forging his own legend. Sasuke abandoned Orochimaru and the Snake motif when he changed his team’s name to Hawk, and stopped using Snakes, instead summoning a hawk against Danzo. In a ploy to make Sakura seem like she has grown, he reverts Naruto and Sasuke’s character development to maintain Sanin Symlolism.

A happy world of lies is worse than a terrible world of truths.

Tobi: “Rin didn’t deserve to die. If this wold allows someone as good as her to die, it simply cannot be real.”

Kakashi: “I’ll kill the present you to maintain the past you.”

See the similarity?

My main problems with this arc fall into being very subjective, so I will end it here. I do hope yoi enjoyed this read, because I sure as hell enjoyed writing it more than I’ve enjoyed Naruto in the past 2 years. This post doesn’t come from a place of hate; I hate Twilight but you don’t see me devoting entire posts to it. No, thismpost is born from feelings of betrayal coming from someone that once loved this series. I hope this manga is coming to an end, but I also hope Kishimoto actually pits effort into this, or far more than he has been. This series, despite its many many many flaws deserves a strong ending. G’night Shannaro!

27 Responses

  1. Have fun.

  2. Honestly I agree with the whole post cept for the itachi/kabuto argument. Kabuto tried to find himself and yet he augmented himself with oros cells….. That’s counter productive to finding your true self if u ask me…. Itachi obviously did know kabuto better cause kabuto himself didn’t know who he was at all

  3. That’s not what happened, and something Kishi himself forgot. The whole point of Kabuto putting Oro’s cells inside him was so he could overcome Orochimaru and prove his existence. Itachi telling him he’s nothing but a copy is self-righteous bullshit and he’s talking out of his ass. Kabuto only became that powerful because of his own hard work and scientific knowledge.

    Tl;dr: Oro was a snake, but Kabuto was a dragon.

  4. Yea his own hard work and knowledge…. Edo tensei was oros work, te snake tech was

  5. Oros work, I mean kabuto tried to surpass oro but he couldn’t get past his own limitations so he added on to himself. Nothing but a SASUKE wanna be

  6. I whole-heartedly agree with this entire post. The war arc so far has been hell to sit through, and I only continue reading the manga because I want to know how it ends. I don’t even care about NaruHina anymore because of how much of an ass Naruto has been to her (seriously dude, the girl who’s willing to sacrifice her life for you just lost her cousin, it’s not the best time to throw her under the bus for some heartless bitch)

  7. Appreciate the read, though you’re striking a little close to home by criticizing Itachi.

    That said, I have gotten annoyed that the stream of reveals that seem to contradict what knowledge we had before. I especially hate how thing played out between Madara, Hashirama and Tobirama. Hashirama may be the closest thing in this story to a god, but he’s just a little mentally slow when it comes to relationships. All Madara did was make me hate the Uchiha even more. And all the stuff people said about Danzo in his defense before he was killed, is how I felt about Tobirama’s actions. Except I found his action more understandable and beneficial to the Leaf overall.

    When I first started this series, I had no idea that Naruto wouldn’t even be in the running for most annoying character.

  8. Token, what? By your logic Naruto is bad because the Rasengan is Minato’s, and Sasuke because the Chidori is Kakashi’s. Kabuto took the Edo Tensei, created by Tobirama, and mastered it to a degree far surpassing Orochimaru AND Tobirama. He even improved upon it.

    Kabuto added more skills to his arsenal because he wanted to be even more perfect. He had already achieved his goal of overcoming Oro’s cells by the time he reappears in the manga. Remember that all the modifications he did to his body were only possible because of HIS extensive knowledge of medical jutsu. HE mastered Sage Mode, HE collected the parts he needed and HE mastered the techniques he used.

    But Sharingans trump hardwork, and have been doing so since Part 1… I’m gonna go away for a year now.

  9. I have endured relentless nonsense during this entire arc, but to me when Ino & Shikamaru’s dads died while sending everyone on the battlefield a plan to defeat the juubi, then the plan never manifests, I understood that this series is written one chapter at a time.

    I no longer believe the series is building towards something. Any particular chapter can disregard hundreds of prior chapters, as explained several times by Kisuzachi, & essentially branch into some bizarre new direction. When will the Sage of six paths himself be resurrected, high-five Naruto, & seal the Ten tails? I actually accepted when all the dead characters were resurrected by Pain, because at least there was a storyline to support it, but now edo tensei is played-out and dull.

    I only have myself to blame for reading this manga each week. To compare this chapter with One Piece’s chapter this week is entirely unfair, but for some reason I read them both each week. Maybe it’s because Naruto has become so bad that it inspires me to create my own comic. All the themes of sacrifice one’s self for (essentially) the government in Naruto are moronic. I much prefer the world nobles from One Piece that wear spacesuits so as not to breathe the same air as commoners. What a metaphor. Much better than Itachi’s ‘kill your parents and clansmen on behalf of the state’.

  10. As for Sasuke, I have to disagree. I know it’s weird, I’m actually going to defend kishi for what he has done with Sasuke. Did it ever happen to you guys that you got so mad that you just couldn’t lash out anymore, or just didn’t care enough to? Well I do, and I think that this is what is happening to Sasuke. He used to want to kill everyone because he actually still cared. Back then he still cared about what people thought, that they were having the good life etc. Now he doesn’t give a flying fuck anymore. All his feelings have imploded, leaving him truly cold and heartless. He must have realized that it was all futile, and that if he really wants to do something about it, he has to go through the roots (Lol danzo). He will never be cool like orochimaru, but I don’t expect him to be all flowers and cake.

  11. I let your first point slide because I see it far too often in other stories to let it bother me now. But I wholeheartedly agree with the rest especially #5. Good post.

    On a side note I never used to like tobirama, he seemed like a filler hokage who was just good with water jutsu. The talks with sasuke and the flashbacks completely changed my mind, I actually prefer him over the others, he seems like the most well rounded an practical one out the bunch.

  12. Very very good read Kisu, great to have you back. I fully agree with point 4 but at this point I dont think Kishi cares too much about his manga anymore that he’d want it to make proper sense – this was made clear to me in the kakashi vs obito fight an even back in the itachi an sasuke vs kabuto fight but we’ll see this through to the end an have to suffer the plotholes or whatever ass pull comes next with a smile on our face an tub of cookie dough ben an jerrys!

  13. To be honest the whole war was a bad idea from the start. Obito himself, the gedo statue, and a whole bunch of zetsu’s vs the 5 nations n the samurai. That was never going to work out. kabuto ended up being more prepared and stronger w/o him this war lasts about 2 hrs

  14. and the fact obito still doesn’t fit the stories timeline and the 4th died because he was scared of someone kakashi defeated

  15. Kisu, I would have to disagree with your Itachi section of your rant. Itachi did knew more about Kabuto than Kabuto knew about himself. Kabuto self doubt was the reason he didn’t knew himself. Kabuto also openly admitted that he was still searching for his true self. All Itachi did was take advantage of Kabuto’s insecurities to get under his skin. It’s one of the reason why Izanami worked perfectly on Kabuto. You don’t see Naruto (current one), Sasuke or Orochimaru having self doubts. They question their decisions and orher’s opinions but currently, never doubted their own individualism. Kabuto has and his decisions of switching between wanting to be like Naruto and his desire to copy every bodies else’s personality and jutsu shows he is mentally conflicted with his own identity. Itachi doesn’t have this problem. He can lecture Kabuto all he wants. At least he knows who he is as a person. He questions his past experience, but never doubted his own character.

  16. @kisu

    Another great post from you man. Honestly, all was very true. Great viewpoint of Itachi. I never viewed him in the light that you portrayed him. Itachi is one of my favs, but it’s good to hear an opposing view that is well thought out like yours.

  17. @cas24 Minato was hardly scared of Tobi lol. In fact he bested him Ina fight and Tobi left. Minato died putting the nine tails into his son

  18. @token minato confirmed 2 things at his little battle with obito/tobi…. Tobi was the evil that would being chaos to the world n that his son naruto would be the one to challenge it. even though we know he didn’t have a real problem with tobi he himself felt no one can stop him remember he did break through a high level barrier defeat “top class” anbu and the 3rds wife, captured and controlled the 9 tails, who only madara n the 1st could, and fought “on par” with one of the 5 best ninja’s ever.

  19. The point is being missed. It’s not about Kabuto. The point is Itachi is perfect, infallible and a paragon of nobility. He is the very definition of a Mary Sue. Mary Sues, when the writer does not realize they’re Sues, are ALWAYS terrible. This war arc assassinated whatever smidgeon of character Itachi had left. The Naruto war arc is where logic goes to die.

    Okay, im really gonna go now. See you all next June if Naruto is still going on by then.

  20. @cas24 yea he said those things but that hardly means he was scared of Tobi lol. He just knew that the only way to make sure konoha had a chance in case something chaotic happened. Putting kurama in his son was o make sure they had a chance seeing as how he and his wife were not going to be around as he knew he was gonna have to give up his life for naruto. Minato wasn’t scared he was cautious. For a man capable of controlling the nine tails (which btw doesn’t that mean obito should have been skilled? From what we have seen he’s rather pathetic in battle and yet can control the nine tails? But I digress) he didn’t put up much of a fight so I’m not sure where u r getting that Minato was afraid of him… He was suspicious about what he could do but Minato always wanted to make sure.

  21. Very interesting read. I really appreciate your post on this subject.

    To be honest though, the things that you listed have very little to do with why I don’t like the war arc. The reason I don’t like this arc is because it seems to have no purpose whatsoever. It appears that there is little to no character development despite all of the chaos that is happening. With Kish constantly recycling his characters, the story itself doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere. They’re moments in the current arc where I either enjoyed or hated what was happening but as I looked at the overall story plot I was like “what’s the whole point of this?” So that’s where I pretty much stand right now. “What’s the point of this whole story?”

  22. @ kisuzachi, I’m glad someone else said it before me: Itachi turned into a total Mary Sue (or Marty or Gary Stu). I’ve been scared to mention it because of how huge his fandom is, but it’s been bothering me ever since he escaped Kabuto’s control. Hell, it’s been bothering me ever since it was revealed that he’s supposed to be sympathetic even after committing genocide against his own kind.

  23. One thing I don’t get is everyone saying how Mary Sue like itachi is or how noble e became…. Itachi had always been this way from the start I don’t get where ppl r surprised. When facing off against Kakashi, jiryia etc itachi always shows honor and respect no matter who he faced and he always showed a intellect unlike most other shinobi. His story is by far the best told story in naruto and just because he was a undercover agent if u will doesn’t mean what he has always been should be diminished, why exactly has he done o be shown to be a sissy or whatever ppl r claiming him to be? His character hasn’t changed, his personality hasn’t changed in fact I would argue the only thing that changed was ppl didn’t like him turnin out to be a good guy when in fact that twist is one of the things I enjoyed about the manga

  24. Itachi has always been a talker and willing to have advice even to his “enemies” or SASUKE or naruto. This has been shown over and over again since he first was introduced. Like I said I think ppl don’t like that he turned out good when I’m not sure why that’s a problem.

  25. What I mean by Itachi is a Mary Sue is the fact that everyone thinks everything he did is right and that he’s perfect in every way. Oh sure, he denies his perfection, but that doesn’t mean shit when the god of shinobi called Itachi a better shinobi than himself. It’s nothing but shameless character shilling that detracts from the things that once made him interesting: the emotional conflict.

  26. @token yea in hindsight tobi isn’t much of anything but I remember in the pain arc when minato first revealed how tobi “saw through” everything he did n everyone in the comments section was wondering just how strong he was. At the end of the day minato gave his life cause he feared tobi couldn’t be stopped. that’s the main reason he sacrificed himself to put the 9 tails in naruto like it or not. Which is weird because itachi prevented tobi from even considering doing anything to konoha

  27. @nemo who said everything he did was right? Fact is itachi was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. He was in constant no win situations but he took the routes he thought was best and let’s be real how many of his decisions were dumb?( besides killing SASUKE…. He should have killed that prick a long time ago). Itachi making tough decisions was what made his character tragic… No matter what he did someone he cared about was gonna et hurt whether it was the village or his family/clan.
    @cas4 u keep on saying feared when Im pretty sure that wasn’t what it was. Minato put te kyuubi in naruto as both a a bomb detourent and as a fail safe in case Tobi ever came back. Being cautious about someone who controls the nine tails isn’t exactly fear; Minato said he saw thru everything but apparently not a rasengan to his back. Minato didn’t have the info itachi had either

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