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44 Responses

  1. Bleach – Uryu number 1 contender for the Quincy WWE title?! Waaaaaat! When was the last time four eyes had a fight an put in work? Im guessing Ryuuken gave him some sort of deception plan an maybe all or a portion of his power coz Uryu aint whoop some serious ass since Mayuri!

    Naruto – Kakashi vs Obito battle………..fuckin terrible!! This fight might aswell been filler coz it was trash! Obito had a sharingan and rinnegan and wood style an Kishi makes him lose to Kakashi…..who has done his fair share of fighting this war whereas Obito was fresh, also Kakashi should have died from Chakra loss ages ago yet still has enough juice to do Genjutsu an his 20th fuckin chidori since this war started…….Kishi it’s bullshit like this which is making attack on titan an magi kick ur noodle ass in manga sales!

    One piece – epic as always, Violet an them titties, erm sorry i meant devil fruit! That’s quite a nice little fruit power she got there, used the right way she could be robbing banks all day! Now flamingo……this happy motherfucker is not only related to a celestal dragon but also is rollin wit CP-0! Dude showed up today like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CfNarCjSHM

  2. At first I wanted Jiraiya to come back, but I just can’t take them making him look lame. They even got to my man BIG PIMPIN Oro. Like I said on the other post, this Uchiha fanboism is turning this manga into something very mediocre at best.

  3. Im really hoping Snake boy is just waiting for the big boys an juubi to finish with their little tea party before he decides to fuck shit up. We need some madness asap – this is feelin more an more rushed an pitiful

  4. @tensa


  5. @tensa
    *failed to come up with a clever comment*

    I tried, motherfucker!!!

    I miss Sergent doakes

  6. *Sergent doakes reads latest Naruto chapter*
    *Throws it back to kishi*

    Revise, motherfucker!!!!

    ok, I’ll stop now.

  7. Lmao!!! *Sergent doakes reads Shannaro comments about Obito*

    Dont cry, motherfucker!!!!!

    Sorry, couldnt help it.

  8. Sergent Doakes, who is your favorite Naruto character?

    Might Guy, motherfucker!!!!!!

    Couldn’t resist šŸ™‚

  9. If i ever met Kishi he’d probably mind fuck all the rage out of me….kinda like rush hour 3, example:

  10. Abbot and Costello approves that video…

  11. Abbot and Costello would be perfect to battle Hashi and Maddi!

  12. @Tensa. So, I am not the only one who has a rough time accepting Uryu as the sole surviving Quincy Champion. It must be some trick that his father rigged up. There is no way that he could survive against a soul reaper captain class or what ever powers that Ichigo has now. It would be good if the fathers got involved. This King killed both Uryu’s and Ichigo’s mothers nine years ago by stealing their powers.

  13. No alerie you are not alone!! There’s a few arguements goin on in anime groups on facebook an youtube about this Uryu madness right now, kubo has sparked outrage again lol I wanna see Ryuuken fight so bad, i know he’s a beast! I’ll just leave this here:

  14. @ tensa

    Obito was not fresh.

    He used the Outer Path to directly control 6 Jinchuriki and the Tailed Beasts inside them. He controlled and protected the Gedo Mazo and used Kamui countless times. He engaged both Naruto and Killer Bee in combat, who both essentially have infinite chakra. His Kamui abilities are perfectly countered by Kakashi’s use of Kamui. Not to mention controlling the 10 tails for a short time with Madara. Obito should’ve been spent after he used the 6 Paths Technique on the previous Jinchuriki.

    Meanwhile, Kakashi was recharged by the Kyuubi Cloak he was given to by Naruto twice – once when Kurama himself threw him towards Obito, and when Naruto spread his chakra around the alliance. Kakashi having chakra makes sense.

  15. @???? For one kb and naruto do not have endless chakra. For two Kakashi being recharge means nothing cause his reserves r so low due to the sharing an that even if recharged his battle capabilities r bursts at best. Meanwhile obito has the firsts DNA in him an as we know that’s steroids in naruto universe. Kakashi being able to do this much fighting since he met up with zabuza is a bit much specially when he fought one pain he was basically dead after what two or three kamuis?

  16. @ Tensa. I would find it very interesting to see Ryuuken fight, but who would he be against??

    Thanks for sharing the youtube view point. The only way that I see Ichigo and Uryu fighting is if Uryu is under some kind of spell. The crazy King has time limits, I wonder if that is because he is so old. Will Uryu also have time limits?

  17. (2ChakraDebate) The limits of chakra adds up because you have to remember that before Kakashi met up with Naruto and Bee he replenish his chakra, believe he did even though the manga didn’t show it; but what kind of master would he be if he shows up half charged. I wasn’t to excited over this chapter but can’t wait to see Madara controls Tobi and reveal himself. He would have to act quick in sealing the ten tails in him up against: the past kages, current kages once they arrive, and Naruto with the army backing him. Did I for get to mention that he will up against the 3 fastest to ever walk the naruiverse and one of them is the master of seals. Without Madara sealing the juubi inside of him, he don’t stand a chance if he’s back in human form.

  18. In regards to this battle I think my biggest problem is that Kakashi killed “the leader” of akatsuki….I mean kkakashi has had problems handling one of peins paths, was pawned by itachi in seconds and yet against the leader f akatsuki he won. Kishi did a poor job with obito being Tobi and anyone defending that choice needs to be evaluated for mental instability…..

  19. This chapter never ceased to bore me along with the other chapters before. Obito being beaten with his set of eyes + First Hokage Cells was very cheap. Kishi just better end this manga right away like Madara becoming good and they lived happily ever after or he fix the mess he has created.

  20. i agree with token, i always figure pain wz just biding his time with tobi and never truly respected him but seriously wth obito. even in a weakened state he should have no problem with kakashi. i mean pain wiped the floor with kakaski and so many other top tier ninja and almost created a new FUCKING MOON in a weaken state!!!

  21. Iā€™m pretty sure Pain > Obito anyday. Pain could have killed Obito, but lacked enough intel on him to carry it out IMO. I still think the only people stronger than pain are the first, madara, and naruto with kyuubi form in that order. In any case, the fact Kakashi knows Obito so well from sparring with him as kids (I know this is a long shot) as to why he can stand his own against him. Otherwise Iā€™m glad to see Obito will go to where he deserves to be, dead.

  22. @ Tensa, i thought naruto gave back everyones chakra when he gave everyone kyubi cloaks?

    the only reason Kakashi can beat Obito is because he knows him personally. Kakashi was given Kyubi cloak, in the mean time that allowed him to heal and regain chakra. Kakashi is faster and more battle smart then Obito is. Obito seems rather fecked in the head right now with his thoughts of the past the fact he has been using the juubi plus created his own versions of the paths of pein.

  23. The main thing with Obito was the mystery around his character. No one knew who he was and what he was capable of, his teleportation and phasing through stuff abilities only added to the mystery. As soon as the mask came off, all that mystery disappeared. he became a ninja with mediocre skill, limited ninjutsu, and a slightly unique sharingan ability.

  24. Token said it all tbh but ill add my 2 cents….Kakashi is medium tier with his power set – Obito aka Akatsuki leader with both those eyes + wood style should be top tier….I dont care how much Chakra he got from Kyuubi or a freakin mushroom off screen or if he knew him 10+ years ago, on paper he shouldnt have won imo. He could have used Izanagi, Izanami, warped diversion, fire style counter, Genjutsu within a genjutsu, summoning, one of the paths to suck the ninjutsu away, substition etc… he had an arsenal of ways to win especially with wood steriods in his body an kishi fucked it up. Kakashi lost to pain easily, could barely handle a MS sasuke and worked his ass of during the war – master or no master, Obito was out of his league at this point an him knowing him years ago shouldnt effect how he fights today with all them power ups he had, just my opinion.

    @Alerie, Uryu has gone emo on us! Him vs Ichigo on a serious note would be like Naruto vs Sasuke with a lot of “You dont understand my feelings!!!” screaming going on lol Hmmmmm Ryuuken vs Hashwalt would be sweeeeet!

  25. In kakashi defense obito pretty much lost against konan too. danzo planned on taking him on only with shisui’s eye and depleted chakra.obito is pretty much just a puppet himself who used madara’s name

  26. Oh btw if any of u guys watch “Attack on titan”, the OST is out an its fuckin sick!!

  27. I think Naruto is parodying itself. Each week Kishimoto tries to do a worse job than he did the previous. At this point even Mashima is a better writer.

    How do you all feel about me making a post about all that is wrong with this arc, continuing from my previous post about all that is wrong with this arc?

  28. I’m kidding, by all means kisu. Its been a while anyone blotted outside chapter reviews.

  29. Ha ha, “blotted”

    Gotta love this kindle.

  30. Reading the chapter again,i noticed kishi missed the touch of obito’s defeat by wanting to make a cheese out of everything.Making kakashi defeat obito the exact same way he did when they were kids,and bringing it to a bromantic end.sheesh!

    Well a little optism wouldn’t hurt,if it makes anyone feel any better,kakashi vs obito has been on since kakashi got that “X” by the shuriken on his torso.so this was like a conclusion.And obito could have pretty much been bitchslapped by anyone he’s come across if it wasn’t for his MS phasing(since he can’t do it in the dimension).taking his phasing away,will be like taking pain’s shinra tensei, minato’s FTG,raikage’s lightening armour,sasuke’s susano or tsunade’s strength.they’d come down to the level where kakashi can defeat them just as easy.

  31. @kisu

    I’m down for that.


    Can we do a manga character switch, and swap Obito for Grimmjow…….no……maybe…….ok.

  32. @token
    tobi didn’t become obito,tobi is obito, has always been.till you accept that single fact you’re gonna have major problems with everything that comes after.

  33. Those ninjas you named, especially minato and pain, are beastly without those jutsu. As for obito, what else could he do without kamui? He was nothing without it. If minato had the firsts cells, a sharingan, an a rinnegan, you think kakashi would’ve beaten him just as easily as obito if he never used FTG?

  34. Actually i meant pain as in deva path pain not nagato.annd i expected minato lovers to lash out:D.
    Anyway minato is debatable.ya he would definitely win with a sharingan rinnegan but not when in these shoes and VS kakashi

    1)Obito is out of chakra,he didn’t recieve his share of kyubi hot chocolate rememeber,unlike kakashi.
    2)naruto and kyubi monstrous chakra reserve has depleted twice,yet obito is still fighting.so i think hashi cells has done its hax besides doesn’t wood jutsu has something to do with nature blah blah…and they are in a barren dimension
    3)obito rinnegan has been dormat,i have been waiting on an explanation as to why but it seems we ain’t getting it.had 2 theories though either, his putting all the rinnegan juice into controlling the juubi or you need both eyes
    4)like i said before the sharingan is useless in this dimension

  35. @sannin the rinnengan is not dormant…. Obito used the paths of pein which is done with the rinnengan. Obito is just weak. And yea ill forever have a problem with Tobi being obito cause we have seen that obito is laughably weak with the two strongest eyes in the sharingan/rinnengan, hashirAma steroids and he lost to Kakashi? Come on that’s just pathetic. Yea I have a problem with the Tobi/obito thing and for the reason shown in this fight…. He’s laughably weak and not even worthy to have been Tobi

  36. And btw narutos chakra is depleted cause he is using clones and distributing chakra to a WHOLE SHINOBI ALLIANCE ARMY. Naruto is doing more than obito could ever hope to do and his chakra is massive. Obito is laughably under skilled and weak given what he has access to

  37. @ Tensa. I agree that Uryu has gone very emo on us. Do you think that his brain has gone south as well? I guess being recognized as the Quincy King’s heir and champion might be his heart’s wish, but he has always been the smart one in the group. Maybe Ryuuken never told him why his mother died. Doesn’t he realize that he is just canon food?

    I kinda understand the Naruto vs Sasuke reference because I have been watching the anime on cartoon network for about a month. I hope in a while to start on the manga with chapter one. All of you fans have given the story an excellent recomendation. It might be the end of summer before I start.

    I did not remember, who is Hashwalt? Is he one of the Quincies?

  38. @alerie,

    It’s hard to say what Uryu is thinking because he hasnt said a simple word since he joined juha so ill just being assuming but i definately think his father is involved somehow, it just fits so well! Uryu is a very proud guy an I’d think that he’d want to avenge his mother but then again he could be totally brainwashed an want to live the life of a pure blood quincy an want to destroy their natural enemies – the shinigami but Ichigo being a fusion of both would be the perfect counter for him. Hashwalt is the guy in the latest chapter with long white hair – Juha’s right hand man.
    As for you reading Naruto soon – i do recommend it, it is a good story but there are plotholes lol, imo i would suggest you read One piece first though, it is a much better story but it is long 700 plus chapters lol

  39. Naruto- Poor, poor Obito. I kinda felt sorry for him this chapter. I never thought his character could get any worst.

    Bleach- It’s strange that Yhwach would have so much faith in Uyru to make him his successor. I hope Uyru knows what he is getting himself into.

    One piece- Sanji….the manwhore. LOL.

  40. @Tensa. I hope that the third time is the charm, since my previous two messages have disappeared in thin air. This time, I am making a copy before I send it off.

    I agree. Uryu has been very uncharacteristically silent. Normally I would be expecting him to be bragging right and left about his new role as Quincy king heir and champion. I figure that maybe his pride took a blow, when he came up against Ginjo this last year. He had been the top hollow killer in town for the almost two years that Ichigo had no powers and yet, he was easily beaten soundly by Ginjo, who like Ichigo is part hollow and part Shinigami. Maybe that made him more likely to fall for what ever line the king threw at him. It is also possible the Ryuuken did not tell him about why his mother died. I already figured out that his grandfather did not pass on the name of the “last Quincy” to him because his mother was a half-breed and the king would have taken his powers for his own.

    I remember Hashwalt. That is the pretty looking boy, with the long white hair, who is always at the king’s side. I seem to remember that he was surprised by Uryu’s reveal.

    Thanks for your recommendation, but everytime that I have looked at One piece, it is trying to be funny. I am just not into humor at the moment. Anyway, until I have had my eye surgery, reading anything will be difficult. After it is done, then hopeful, I will be myself again and the length of the manga will not matter. šŸ™‚

  41. Been thinkin about One piece Gorosei…what if one of them is a D.? what if Doflamingo is a D.? and his real name is Donquixote D. Oflamingo (kinda like a name rearrangement like Gol D. Roger)…Oda needs to touch on this deep shit more often

    Also @Jdogg, have the one piece reviews stopped for good?????

    The Ginjo beat down could have been the reason why he got led astray or maybe once the war started in S.S this was juha’s chance to go see him an maybe Ryuuken aswell an have a little Quincy family chat (as the fake juha was fighting old man yama at the time). Im looking forward to wat he has to say an even more interested in seeing his new holy form plus Hisagi’s bankai an Byakuya’s return! Good luck with ur eye surgery im sure it’ll be a success šŸ™‚

  42. @Sannin
    Obito is weak. Kakashi surpass him with his signature jutsu. Obito with a combination of Senju cells/ rinnegan/ MS should’ve bested Kakashi. He had all the access to the most powerful kekkei genkai, especially the rinnegan. He hasn’t use more than one rinnegan ability. Either he sucks or he sucks. There is no other reasonable explanation. He could’ve at least use one other rinnegan jutsu than the one he use to control the jinchurriki edo bodies. Obito could’ve rejuvenated his chakra by absorbing ninjutsu with his rinnegan. Problem solved. Could’ve been that simple, but Obito is too dumb and combat weak that he got bested by other’s who has the same physical and spiritual attributes that he has. ZzzZZZ Obito can go to sleep now under Madara’s feet.

  43. @ Tensa. I am definitely enjoying this arc. It had a slow start, but now it is speeding along. We are learning so much more about many folks hidden secrets. There is one thing that I am courious about – do the Japanese tend to tease people as hard as shown in Bleach for wearing glasses? In the states, we would see that in fiction written in the twenties and thirties, but no one was called four eyes in the last seventy years, as far as I can tell. I knew plenty of folks, who hated their glasses and would never wear them. walking around blind in their youth, but no one was using that term four eyes to insult them. That we would hear it so often referring to Uryu surprised me.

    With all of the strengh building going on, as well as the restorations given by squad Zero, we are in for an interesting summer. There will hopefully be battles abounding.

    Thanks for the good wish about my pending surgeries. I should know next week what they plan on doing and when. šŸ™‚

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