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Bleach Chapter 542: The Blade is Me

Chapter 542: The Blade is me
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Ichigo floats in his inner world as he reflects on every interaction between himself, his Quincy and the hollow inside him.


The old Man Zangetsu has always helped him. As far as Ichigo is concerned, and I share this with him. The old man and his hollow are both Zangetsu… his power. Ichigo won’t give up on the old man as he deserves more.

Oetsu is carefully watching progress on the forging as Ichigo suddenly jumps in placing his hands inside the flames. One of the assistants are asking what the F* he is doing. But Oetsu immediately says it’s all right.

Like Ichigo himself knew, Oetsu also figured it was about time Ichigo poured a bit of his soul into the blade. With that the forging is done and Ichigo can pull his Zanpaktou from the fire.

As Ichigo pulls out his blade, a huge blast of heat and reaistu blasts around the cave vaporizing instantly. Ichigo’s enormous strengths causing all the water in and outside the cave to dissipate. None of the ‘Sword Five’ have ever seen that happy. Oetsu looks very pleased at the result seeing something quite unique.


That’s right… Two blades. That makes Ichigo the third person in ss history to have a pair of blades. The main blade(his hollow) is pitch black, like his bankai and it’s a sleeker form of his first shikai form with a proper hilt. it also has an opening that goes from just above the hilt to around the middle. The smaller blade is his ‘Quincy’ power. A small blade with no hilt, but with a handle. It will be very interesting to see Ichigo and combat with this, and I already cannot wait to see he true Bankai form.

Goddamn…only thinking about it… damn…

Ichigo clearly see his Hollow and the old man power irradiating from the blades. I havent see Ichigo this relaxed in a long time as he says he speaks to Zangetsu ending with;
‘From here on out.. I fight alone. For you… are me…’

The last two pages move toward the Quincy Void. All the Quincy’s had gathered in the palace as Juha Bach walks in along with the Sternritter(which we don’t see here though).

Juha prepares to speak to his troops.


7 Responses

  1. Good job Pretend3r. You are so clear in interpeting the slightest brushstroke, to help see what actual happened in the artist’s view. Thanks for being there.

  2. Your clarification on the chapter has been the best one I’ve read. Wonder if Ichigo new blades is as strong or stronger than his final Getsuga Tensho.

  3. Actually if this is ichigos swords in their sealed state, he would be the second with dual zanpaktos. If this is his shikai, he’d be the fourth.

    All in manga canon of course.

  4. Ukitake and hisagi gain dual weapons when they enter shikai. However, kyoraku is the only one that has two zanpaktos to begin with.

  5. Once again gud job prentendr! Hav to say ichis been acting prety badass ever since he found his resolve,that’s a nice new look you’ve given him tite…I riiiiiiiily hope juha z abounding that they’ve sited kiske And the others in hueco,I mean his what the f are They stil doing ther???

  6. Pretend3r, I always said you had a poetic flare to your reviews. Nice read.

    The one thing that I was thinking about when I read this chapter was the final battle between Yhwach and Ichigo. I bet the power they will display will be astronomical.

  7. Bleach hasnt go too far on the nutty side of power yet. I hope they dont go DBZ-like beserk.

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