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Bleach Chapter 541 : The Blade and Me 2

Chapter 541: The Blade and me 2
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Hey there everybody. I was kinda hoping for something like this in bleach this week, and Kubo did exactly that. Ichigo travels to his inner world to have a chat with the old man.

Before he arrives there Ichigo reflects on events where he ‘knew’ how to find Juha without anybody helping him. Why he assumed Juha was his primary target. why he was reminded of someone else when he looked into Juha Bach’s eyes.


As soon as Ichigo enters. The old man ‘Zangetsu’ is there waiting for him. As usual when Ichigo is in distress it’s starts to rain. Ichigo already knows that the old man ‘Zangetsu’ has been listening in, as he always has.

He straightout admits, what Oetsu told is true. His name is not Zangetsu. Within the instant he spoke the buildings begin to crumble, making them fall into the water amassing below.

The old man speaks up. Explaining himself to be the manifestation of the Quincy power dwelling inside Ichigo. He is and is not Juha Bach.

Ichigo is angry and confused and just yelling at this point.

The old man remains calm, he has seen Ichigo like this many times before. He calmly points out the obvious that even Ichigo should have noticed. Everytime he try teaching Ichigo about his zanpaktou he always called out the hollow.

Everytime Ichigo’s life was in mortal danger… The hollow saved him again.

The old man apperently never wanted Ichigo to become a shinigami, he did everything to block Ichigo from accessing his true shinigami powers. Going as far as becoming his main source of power whilst suppressing the hollow.

He wanted te keeps Ichigo out of harms way. Keep him away from the risk, pain and suffering. And in order to avoid him having to kill Ichigo(probably by Juha’s will).


The old man calls out a blade on fire. I think for the first time we see underneath his black cloak. It seems that slowly over time, as Ichigo grew and faced every challenge and overcame it, he wanted to help him succeed instead.

In a way he is going against Juha’s Will. Being proud of Ichigo. The only thing he can do now is let Ichigo go free and let him grab hold of his true source of his shinigami powers. The hollow.

With a few final words he finally hands all of Zangetsu to Ichigo. A blade engorged in flames.

I can’t wait to see it.