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Bleach Chapter 540: The Sword Five

Chapter 540: The Sword Five
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Captain show-off is making one little dance to call out his five Asauchi helpers. They all hate his show-boating as the pretty all stomp him somewhere on his body as they descent onto the workplace.

I love Ichigo’s Asauchi’s expression here. Even he is like ‘wUt?’. Oetstu plays it cool calling out Ichigo go Asauchi over to the party. The Asauchi quickly loses its humanoid form and transports itself into the water.

I guess the first one heats we see heats up the place. What all the others ones are doing is a bit hard to see. The last one…

right, the one who pulls out one of her teeth. And she seems to turn into a giant hammer for Oetstu to start forging Ichigo’s Zanpaktou with.

For the first time since we met him he took off his sunglasses and starts getting to work. It seems forging a Zanpaktou requires quite a bit of work.

I love the dialog between Oetsu and Ichigo here. Being a true craftsman he looks with protective gear to keep an eye on his work. Then the interesting part begins.

“The reason why this Asauchi, turned whiter than snow on your touch.”

Ichigo is as dense as ever. Not really noticing or wondering about why his Zanpaktou is the way that it is. ‘it just like the hollow within me’ Oetsu finishes Ichigo’s thoughts for him. The hollow is Ichigo’s true Zanpaktou.

Ichigo doesn’t know how to respond as Oetsu continues his explanation. The Hollow ‘white’ entered Ichigo when he was growing inside Masaki’s belly. So, oddly enough, the hollow is the true source of his shinigami powers.

Which means. That all this time. The old man inside his soul was not his Zanpaktou. Never has been, never was. It just has been pretending he was. With the info we received from Ishinn’s tale it all makes sense.

Ichigo’s goes into his inner world to find the old man we have not seen in a long time. Not having seen him for this long I failed(I gues everybody else aswell) to see a resemblance with what the old man truly represents in Ichigo’s soul.

His inner Quincy… THe old man has the face of the young Yuha Bach. It makes sense because Ishinn explained that Juha Bach is where the Quicy began and his blood flows through all Quincy (so, yes. Even within Ichigo). I don’t think the old man carries order from Juha bach, but simply moved to keep Ichigo true shinigami powers from destroying his Quincy self. So, I believe the old man Zangetsu did want Ichigo to get stronger, but he did not want to die.

Will Ichigo finally get a white blade as the hollow carried. Because somehow that thing looked awesome. I also wonder if the shape will evolve once more.


11 Responses

  1. Hey everyone, LOOOOONG time reader, first time posting. Decided to finally get involved with my favorite anime communities 🙂 hope to have some good convos with everyone.

    Man… Way back when Juha was first introduced, I somehow saw a picture of “Zangetsu” right after and I kept thinking “why does nobody else seem to think this guy looks exactly like Ichigo’s zanpakuto?”

  2. Welcome, nice to see more people posting.

    Right to way to think. But yeah, I didnt looks at ‘old man zangetsu’ since he was last shown. So, it wasnt on my mind in the least. 🙂

  3. Thanks pretend3r for bringing a little clarity to the chapter. Even though I read through it, I still had a little trouble trying to understand what I read.

    Now I’m wondering what will happen to the quincy part of Ichigo? Will his shinigami powers interfere with his quincy abilities? I can’t wait to see his hollow/shinigami abilities.

    Here’s a thought: remember Ginjo? Remember how he stole some of Ichigo’s power and how he transformed getting that skeleton body armor. I wonder if that was a result of Ichigo’s shinigami/hollow powers? If so then Ichigo may end up doing the same thing. Just a thought.

  4. @Immortal
    If i remember corectly Gimjo stole from Ichigo his fulbring powers (that ichigo uses his powers to dress himself). So he kinda lost the fullbring part.
    So Ochigi was in fact the zapacto (and the horse) and Zangetsu just the projection oh hes dormant quinchi powers. But i still think that old man Zangetsu is on Ichigo’s part. he alwasy protected him.
    Quiestin: is Juba Bach capable to steal ichigo’s quinchi powers, or not?

  5. @impaler: I think Ginjo uses Getsuga Tensho I believe. I guess for some reason the hollow sword for some reason cause me to think about the fullbring arc.

    Thanks for the response impaler. I believe you are right about Zangetsu. Now Ichigo should be able to put his power in the proper place so to speak and use it to his full potential. Ichigo did use Blut Vene which means Zangetsu was still protecting him.

    So Tensa Zangetsu must be a even younger version of Juha huh? Interesting.

    As far as your question goes. Right now I am doubting it. If Juha and company couldn’t steal his banki due to it being a hybrid part of his quincy abilities then he shouldn’t be able to take the quincy part for himself. However this is only a theory.

  6. Come to think of it, back in the fullbring arc, Ichigo created his own sword using his shiningami badge.

  7. @ pretend3r. Good Job! I’ve been away from the Board for several months and I was sooooo wrong on many things. I apologize if I offended you or anyone else. About the only guess I had right was the time interval, my face is red. My only excuse is that I was new to being a follower of a manga. On the other hand, I love the way that the manga is heading now and all that has been revealed.

    @ ceyne7. I knew that we hadn’t seen Zangetsu for quite a while. There was even a discussion about whether Zangetsu was still there. Obviously not showing him helped the surprise for some of us, who never saw the resemblance, which now seems so obvious.

    @ pretend3r. Tite Kubo was using the disappearance of the old man to add to the suspense of the story. If he was always so available, it had all of us readers wanting to know why he hadn’t made an appearance since the Final Getsuga Tensho, when he had appeared as the young man Tensa Zanagetsu.

    @ Immortal. http://www.mangahit.com/bleach/460/12 In the middle panel, Rukia explains that Ginjo only stole a small portion of Ichigo’s powers that had fused to the Fullbring powers. You should note that the premise of that arc was that the folks called fullbring had all had a parent exposed to a hollow, which gave them all hollow powers. Ginjo also had Soul Reaper powers of his own. Aside from Ichigo’s fullbring powers and extra power, the main quality that Ginjo seemed to acquire was the ability to defend and also use Ichigo’s techniques.

    @ impaler. I agree with you. Old man Zangetsu has seemed to have Ichigo’s best interest at heart. While the hollow inside seemed happiest when it could create total madness.
    Now that you have talked about Juba Bach, I wonder that as well. Why he didn’t swipe Ichigo’s powers. Maybe because they were encased and unavailable until the shell opened up. After that, Ichigo was very strong and perhaps by that point, Bach was curious how strong he would get.

  8. the reason i ask why Juba didn’t steal the quinchi powers, is because we found out that Juba’s blood flows throuth every quinchi. So it’s true in ichigo’s case. And Juba is able to steal the powers of every quinci he wants (he stole the powers from the impure quinchi’s). So there could be 2 scenarios:

    first, he wants to see what Ichigo’s able to do with those powers (but that would jeopardise the plan to destroy the king (i can’t see the reason)
    second, he is not able to do so, because the inside of ichigo’s soul is little overpacked (shinigami/hollow/fulbring/quinchi) and they combined into something new.

    just one thing i don’t understand, when Ichigo learned FGT, Zangetsu fused with Ochigi, then they delivered all their power to Ichigo. So then, why didn’t ichigo develop Quinci powers, considering the fact that Old/JUnior Zangetsu transfered everyting to Ichigo? He couldn’t use blood wene….

    I don’t kinda like the explanation Juba gave on this topic, that Ichigo absorbed the reiatsu form Oby, when he was imprisoned, and that awakend the latent powers…

  9. @impaler
    Didnt ichigo gain the ability Blut Vene(think thats how its spelled). Could also be that ability woke up during his brief engagment against Juha.

  10. @ impaler. It is a little confusing attempting to pull it all together. So, I am going to attempt to break it down. Juba Bach’s direct bloodline runs through every Quincy. With Ichigo Kurosaki and his sisters being half-breeds, they certainly fall into the category of non-pure Quincies, from which the Quincy King was stealing powers. Perhaps by taking Masaki Kurosaki’s powers when Ichigo was nine, he thought that the boy child would also have been killed by Grand Fisher.
    The thing that I do not get about the Quincy King is that apparently he lives in another dimension. How long has he been there and why do his aides quickly try to push him back? Are there limits to how long that he can stay in Ichigo’s dimension?

    If old man Zangetsu, was Ichigo’s bankai, was that really a soul reaper bankai or merely a Quincy substitute. In fact, did he even have a shikai? Everything from the point that Kisuke Urahara started training him after the shattered shaft was tied up in the Old Man calling himself Zangetsu. I am trying to remember, did he even communicate with the hollow inside of him before his second battle with Byakuya. I mean, we saw the hollow that Ichigo formed, and several masks sowed up, but I don’t remember that he actually talked to the hollow before it tried to take over when Ichigo was losing to Byakuya.

    By the way, I do not believe that Ichigo has any fullbring powers left. Didn’t Ginjo take them all and shared them with his crew. As far as Ichigo using any Quincy powers, it would be difficult for him to use a technique that he had not been trained to use, or practiced. In most cases, the body slips into older patterns as long as they work. It is only when they fail, that a young man would start grasping at other methods, whether or not he knew what he was doing.

    Explanation of three main Quincy abilities
    second is Blut, which makes reishi flow into blood vessels increasing attack and defense ability (as explained by Urahara). That they have a flaw. The Blut for attack and defense work on two different systems and cannot be used together.

    http://www.mangahit.com/bleach/514/8 Bach’s explanation about Ichigo’s escape from the cage.
    http://www.mangahit.com/bleach/514/12 Bach appears to assume that Ichigo used Blut Vene previously.

  11. It makes sense that zangetsu is his quincy powers, heres why: We know that quincies attack by manipulating the reshi surrounding them and their own and then manipulating it into arrows/blades. Getsuga tensho is an attack that consentrates the users reatsu into the blade and releases it all at once. I see quite a bit of similarities between the two. Basicly Ichigos signature attack would only be a basic quincy ability. Obviously, Ichigo inherited his mothers strong blut vene as we saw previously.

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