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They’re Out!!!

Naruto Chapter 633

the-legendary-sanninOne Piece Chapter 710

Naruto_vs_One_Piece_by_AnyarrBleach Chapter 540



10 Responses

  1. Yess, One Piece is back. So happy, Oda is back in a healthy state. Now my niceness should return to me so I wont be so harsh in the review. Expect the review either today, tomorrow or on Friday.

    One Piece and Naruto made me happy and will say more in the review.

    Bleach: Holy Tite, you troll badazz author, I did not see that coming I saw the the resembles between Zangutsu and The Quincy king, but what a good chapter that was. The way that was revealed was perfectly done. I tip my hat to Tite this week, he has been dominating with each chapter.

  2. I think you have to give it to Bleach this week for best chapter, it was just too awesome of a reveal. This sort of reveal makes me wonder if Tite knew this is how we was going to end the series and has been planning it since day one?

  3. First thngz first,WELCOME BAACK ODA,this site was gettin a bit lonely with only 2 mangas week in week out,nw U 3 great authors cn get back to ur threesome…no homo!!!
    Woooooooh, that was crzy rite,that was ril crazy!! Knowin U tho I smell a few plotholes on the way so brace yourself for some heavy criticism for the coming chapters!!! Still, this chapters plot twist was a touch of gold,epic! now jdogg could you please review Naruto soon cause um so far behind with the manga every chapter only ever makes sense to me afta U write the review!

  4. Naruto) standard chapter i think, last page where they did the summoning reminded me of the sannins. I guess the ideals of the sannin’s have been passed on to them.

    Bleach) wicked chapter. so zangetsu was a phony after all. sad :(. what about the bank form of zangetsu is he the real deal of another version of juha? the way he wanted to protect ichigo suggests otherwise.

    one piece) glad it’s back.don’t know what else to say, typical wicked oda piece of work 🙂

  5. To be honest, Bleach really confused the hell out of me. I had to read it a few times to understand what was going on. This is what I came up with:

    White Zangetsu and Black Zangetsu. The White Zangestu is the manifestation of Ichigo’s hollow powers. Black Zangetsu, aka Bach from a thousand years ago, is the manifestation of Ichigo’s quincy powers. It probably looks like Bach because Bach made quincies and he has control over all quincy powers. Final Getsuga Tenshou = letzt stil(lose all power for one final power-up), Swastika on Ichigo’s bankai, Bach and Black Zangetsu both trying to protect Ichigo, Bach and Black Zangetsu’s resemblance.

  6. Bleach – Zangetsu = reitsu shadow clone of Juha Bach to turn Ichigo into his heir to the throne perhaps?! I wanna know WAT DA FUCK DOES THE REAL ZANGETSU LOOK LIKE?? IS HE EVEN CALLED ZANGETSU?! Let’s exam ichigo…. when he got shikai he had help from Quincy Zangetsu (before kenpachi fight), when he got Bankai he had to fight Quincy Zangetsu (before Byukuya fight), when he got hollow mask he had to fight inner hollow (before Grimmjow/Ulquiora fight) when he got Mugetsu he had to fight Hollow an Quincy Zangetsu fused into 1 being (before Aizen fight)……We have yet to see his Shinigami manifestation!!!!
    This is what makes tite a good author- yes he fucked up with a couple arcs an ichigo’s move set list but he is now taking his time an using his old material an turning it into new material, kinda like making some good old pussy an turning it into new pussy! Right now he is on brilliant form an i dont see him stopping tbh, now all we need is the anime to return. Did anyone else notice that one of those chibi’s looked like a mini mugetsu ichigo lol

    Naruto – WHERE DA FUCK WAS ROCK LEE AND TENTEN??!! Im thinkin rocklee is gonna try an take on Madara while he waits for that Senju harisharma booty! Lmao at Shino getting his “big moment!” It was hardly worth the wait! Also did anyone notice that Sasuke summoned a snake…………against danzo he summoned a hawk…..either this kid has multiple animal summoning contract tattoos all over himself or it may be a possible hint at him getting his rinnegan power up……….(remember nagato could summon cats, dogs, spiders oh my!)

    One piece – Ceaser clown for new strawhat!!!!!! Look how well he fits in lol law thinkin he can go toe to toe with doflamingo lolololol i like law but if he fucks around an fights him one on one before luffy gets there then the man in pink is gonna carve out a chunk of him bigger than that tattoo on his chest! Glad Oda is back an well tho, missed his work. And robin lookin sexy as fuck as always.

  7. Honestly, I felt everything in this latest Naruto chapter was more impressive than what Sakura did in the previous one. I even thought it was cool when Sakura summoned the slug, I still hate her, but at least she can do something new now. I really liked Team 8’s and 10’s moves, even if Hinata’s was something we’ve seen before and InoShikaCho’s was weird, I still enjoyed seeing them actually improve. Hell, maybe now they’ll get new moves for the next Storm game. Maybe. Probably not, actually, CC2 seems to now hate working on old characters.
    Bleach, I thought it was kinda hard to follow at the beginning, but it picked up towards the end. Honestly I never noticed the similarities between Zangetsu and Juuha. I guess it’s just that I’m used to animes reusing faces, so it never occurred to me.

  8. Lol Nice one piece pic. Wonder who would win in a fight between them?

  9. bleach is the sexy cake topper at my wedding, cant wait to see ichigos new zanpakto, i wonder what form it will take, and as tenza said, i love new pussy!!!

  10. Great chapters all around. With Oda back, I guess Kish and Tite had to step their game up.

    Naruto- First I would like to say nss7 that now I see team 7 as the successors of the Sannin. Kish has put them in that spotlight and it’s not a bad transition. I’m glad Kish didn’t forget about Sai even though he left out Guy’s team. Shikamaru still show casing his maturity,
    (chopped liver hehehe) Ino is just getting better and Choji….. Hinata is confidently standing by her man, Shino is the undercover cool person and Kiba is still wild as ever. Over all not bad.

    Bleach- That was crazy. (In a good way.)

    One piece- Law must have a good plan if he plans on taking on the Last Don himself.

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