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Naruto Chapter 633 – The Comeback

Well, a much better chapter than last week or the week before. Finally a chapter that is not focused on just one person, rather it is focused on the surrounding of the war. Even the no named characters got a spot light, and Sai finally shows up, but still no word from Lee, Guy or any of the other Junin or upper classed ninja from the Villages. Nonetheless, it is a chapter that I can honestly say that I enjoyed, while not as revealing as the last two chapters, it has its moments that make it an A graded chapter for me.

The Weight-In

Before I get to Naruto and Sasuke, there’s still Sakura to talk about: I, for one was expecting this chapter to be all about Sakura, sakura_haruno_coloring_by_slavory-d45is5gsince it is her time to shine, and I really want her to be successful as a character. So far she has been over shadowed by more successful secondary female characters, Hinata for instances stood out as possibly one of the best female characters for what she feels and does towards Naruto. Even in this chapter she stood out better than Sakura (until the end) even though she did not have a whole chapter dedicated to her. Nonetheless, this chapter should of been Sakura’s, but there is still more opportunities for her to shine, I just hope she does not disappoint like last week. I think that her character is almost forced and forgotten by us. Sakura in the beginning of Naruto Shippuuden was such a successful character. She was able to go head on with an Akatsuki member and showed such improvement, but ever since then she had no time to shine or be liked by the fans. Her confession of love to Naruto did most of the damage, that even Naruto basically called her stupid for that. But in my opinion I think that Sakura still has time to redeem herself and become such an epic character, and it is the small things that count now, stuff like her summoning that Slug just made her character jump the rank ladder. It is funny because last week there was a discussion on about how Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura did not inherit their mentors techniques specifically the summoning jutsu. But now I think that discussion is over, since they all can summon their respective Mentor’s summoning. Now unto Naruto and Sasuke’s weight-in each other.

Sasuke_betrays_Naruto_by_jonWILEYLadies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, welcome to this weighing of Naruto and Sasuke. In the red corner, we have the most bizarre, obnoxious, loud, inherent of being the “Choosen One” we have Uzimaka Naruto, in the blue corner, we have the most smooth, ladies magnet, emo-I-wanna-kill-everyone, inherent of the “Uchiha Curse” Uchiha Sasuke. I really enjoyed this interaction between Naruto and Sasuke, it brings back memories when they were kids and compete on who is the better one. This is a very good question because it seems that they are evenly match with Naruto slightly taking the lead, for the simple fact that he is the main character. For instance, they both measured their techniques and power, Naruto’s Rasanga is a one hit K.O but has to hit dead on the target. Sasuke’s Amaterasu is the same as the Rasanga, meaning that it has to hit the target. The Rasanga Shurkin on the other hand has a bigger field to cover, while Amaterasu can never be block or avoided once it is on the target. So yes, this discussion can go on forever on who is the superior of the two. For the fans it is all about who you prefer Naruto or Sasuke. Either way sometime in the near future we will see their final showdown commence and when it does it is going to be epic.


This chapter was all about team work and the evolution of Team 8 and 10. I still feel that Lee and Tenten should of been in this ino_shika_cho_by_igodsrealmi-d3i1yoeline up. It would of been exciting to see Neji fight as well and I am still hurt for the fact that he was killed off for practically no reason at all and felt that he could still be alive. Well I will stop there before I go on a tantrum on why Neji could still be alive. But the teamwork we saw this week was well coordinated by team 8 and 10 and I think that Kishi did a marvelous job this week to show that they are no push overs, they are in some what in league with team 7, but still behind. The teamwork between ino-shika-cho was superbly done. Choji is the muscles, Shikamaru is the brains of operation and Ino is the eyes and ears of the formation. Had they been faced against another Village Junin or higher up Ninja, the ino-shika-cho formation would of given them a run for their money. Unfortunately they are facing the most powerful being, so their power is not as effective.

Welcome_back__Team_8_by_Lee_nusTeam 8 on the other hand had individual performances, and I really liked Shino out of all of the group. It is just that he is so quiet yet so deadly, did you see what he did with a single bug to mini-Juubi, the bug ate it from the inside out. If that don’t scare the noodles out of you than I do not know what will. There is a lot of spin off that can be done for individual characters ike the Hokages, Orochi, Jiraiya (when alive), and etc and I think that there could be a story done just for Shino because as a character he is so interesting and has that dark aroma around him, not Sasuke dark, but more like creepy yet cool dark. Kiba was and still is one of my favorite characters for the simple fact that he has a dog that rips enemy apart with his fangs and a three head dog was epically done. Hinata, you all know what I think about her and believe that she did a splendid job this chapter than Sakura did in the last and she only had a page. Overall, the chapters pacing, dialog and action was well done that this chapter deserves to be called one of the Top Three Manga.

Side Notes:

  • The less Sakura talks and the more she does, the more likable she gets.
  • Funny, how Minato called Naruto a ‘bastard’ when referring to making the Rasanga better.
  • So far it has been a one sided match the Juubi has not shown any comeback. Leaving me to believe that in the next few chapters it is going to go bananas and leave bodies everywhere, it has been doing a good job of that so far.
  • Hinata is still the best.
  • According to the Databook, Sasuke has Naruto beat in stats.



22 Responses

  1. @Jdogg great job on the review as always,and I love that you weren’t whining this week I Kid I Kid lol no seriously great job on the review,and I honestly agree with you on just about everything(especially neji and hinata is my favorite too).Im sure i’ll find something 2 debate with u about.I actually like you and token’s point of views and thought last week,even though i disagreed.Thanks for such a great review!!!!

  2. @bj316, no problemo. Thats what this website is for, to discuss our favorite manga/mangas out there and keeping it at a friendly argument. Hey, if everyone agreed with everyone else, it would be pretty boring, right?

  3. Still don’t have tsunade’s boobs though…..

  4. Another thing, I thought minato already knew that naruto has evolved his rasengan using chakra nature, or is he talking about the kyuubi form ones?

  5. Not sure if I’m gonna explain this properly. Minato that was inside naruto seal was aware of everything about naruto but minato summoned by orochimaru doesn’t know stuff about naruto cause he was in a different place?

  6. @Kaikozu
    you’re on point

  7. Nice review,great chapter.this chapter is what we’ve been waiting for.infact i was beginning to lose hope of this chapter ever coming.
    -may i say the baddest ass was shino.i mean WOW!that was a one-touch kill technique the enemy will never see it coming.he doesn’t get much screen time but when he does he manages strikes us with a WOW!(or gross!).thats why he’s one of the top ten characters in my book
    -i was a bit dissapointed at hinata=kishi,for not showing us the real ability of the twin lion fist.oh well, could be saving it for a rainy day.
    -kiba,never gets tired of fangs.same old stuff.except this three headed transformation reminds me of Hades giant three-headed dog pet that guards the the gate to the underworld in the greek mythology
    ino-slightly dissapointed,i think its just because i got my hopes up When i saw the white guy i thought she used dan’s ghost transformation jutsu.overall ino-shika-chou was something else
    sai-meh!you can go back to the anbu now.you didn’t think kishi would have time for you when sasuke’s here did you?
    Naruto and sasuke-gave me a bit of hope.looking at thier facial expression, it wasn’t all cheese they weren’t praising each other,JELOUSY! Was written all over, naruto vs sasuke GO!
    And then the great dissapointment while everyone was having quality screen time and making damn good use of it.i was just so itchy and impatient to see what pissed of rock lee would do and At the end nothing.i

  8. Seeing Sakura summoning the slug does make me take back what I said about her being useless in battle. She’s still leagues behind Naruto and Sasuke, but at least she can finally do something other than punch people and miss. I still see her character as useless though, as she hasn’t had much of a personality besides “punches Naruto” and “angsts about Sasuke” since the Chuunin Exams, IMO, thus anything she did could just be replaced with someone else and it either wouldn’t affect the story in the slightest or it would improve the story. In other words, she’s a more powerful Tenten.

  9. Where do you those pics… Looks mad nice.

    Most impress with the Ino-Shika-Cho formation and the Sannin summons. Looks like a miniature version of the animal summoning. Notice how the snake does not have horns? Or the frog does not have a cig? For the Ino-Shika -Cho formation, Ino is the most impressive. Her mind transfer jutsu has mature to the point that she can now use it as a 360 field of vision, like the byakugan.

  10. @ nss7
    But the frog does have a cig………..

  11. But they do look more youthful than the previous summons.

  12. Did everyone miss this!? If katsuyu is here, what’s up with the kages?i think we are about to find out.except the slug turns out to be katsuyu’s sister or daughter or whatever

  13. The kages too busy eating dirt and knocking on death’s door…………..

    Or maybe orochimaru’s paying them a visit?

  14. @nss7
    what ino did wasn’t a 360 vision.it was her sensory skills.i’ve had doubts if she was a sensor type before,this chapter cleared that up

  15. @kaizoku ou: When Minato died he left a piece of himself inside Naruto. It was that piece that knew everything about Naruto because he witnessed it. The Minato that Orochimaru brought back was the other part of him that died. Hope that helps.

  16. … Also, I might be wrong by what I’m about to say but… Why are people judging team 7’s growth by summons? Just because they summoned in this chapter doesn’t mean they surpassed their masters. If I recall right, Susuke summoned snakes before, and a hawk once. Hell he summoned Manda!! And Naruto’s been summoning since part one. He summoned Gamabunta more than once!! Hell, he summoned three frogs at once on one point. And that was on Sage Mode. In his current form, he can probably summon the whole Gama family. lol. Sakura however I don’t recall ever summoning, so yeah, that does show her growing. Anyway, those are my opinions about the whole ‘they surpassed their sensei, because they can summon’ thing.

  17. @zep we(at least I was) were talking about about sakura. It’s obvious that the other two surpassed their mentors a long time ago. With sakura, that remains to be seen, but things are going her way so far.

  18. gamakichi has grown and smokes now although a pipe looks better

  19. Would rather see Sasuke sumon a bigger Hawk than he did last time.. The hole snake thingy should have been gone when his mark dissapered

  20. The summon is a contract. Has nothing to do with the curse mark. Though a hawk would be better.

  21. yeah i know its a contract and has nothing about the curse mark.. but Sasukes speech about snake and hawk to Oro when he killed him should also made him to make him not to choose snake anymore and have the Hawks…

  22. its out!!


    Serious chapter. Almost lost it when Minato named the jutsu… you’ll find out

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