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Bleach Chapters 538 & 539

Last weeks chapter wasnt too interesting for me, that is why i skipped on doing a piece then and do a double this week.

Chapter 538: Standing on the edge
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So, last week. Ichigo decided to head out but in all his coolness he forgot he has no way to get to the Soul King’s place. Luckily for him. Oetsu has been watching from above and sends one of his asauchi to go and pick him up. I love the lack of interest on her face when she pops in to fetch Ichigo.

Oetsu has sent Ichigo straight into the pit again. Ichigo knows this. Ichigo finally seems at peace with himself and his history/heritage. This is felt by the Asauchi in the pit as they all bow for Ichigo. Oetstu seems quite surpised by the asauchi’s behavior.

Without any doubt he walks to one of them. Calling out to him. The dark shade is thrown away from the Asauchi. Ichigo doesn’t seem surprised at all that the Asauchi has a hollow’s mask knowing full well, that part of him exists.

Back down in SS the other are trying to prepare for the inevitable fight against the VandeReich. Toshiro realizes he’s been focussing too much on his bankai and must go back to the basic art of swordfighting.

Kensei takes Hisagi for some Bankai training. He uses the super-duper vice captain Mashiro to ‘help’ Kensei train. With a few words later he manages to piss of Hisagi by talking shit about Tousen. The lt. still has some respect for his former captain.

Komamura has decided to go visit his elder. One giant ass beast.

Chapter 539: Prob-less, Progress
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Clean-up efforts continue. A still wounder Agon returns to the 12th squad baracks to return to duty.

After hearing that the Captain has locked himself away he shows a bit of his devious side and turns on a hidden camera he’d hidden in the captain’s private quarters.

The sight is apperently quite disturbing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Captain is trying to jumpstart whatever corpse he took from Hueco Mundo and turn it into a combat tool. Or maybe its something new altogether. I reckon it will be quite a sight when it gets revieled.

meanwhile our chubby vice captain to Soi-fon is relaxing in his family mansion. His little sister wants to play but Omeada thoughts are elsewhere. A bit disappointed perhaps that the Soi-fon left him alone. Soi-Fon is undertaking some serious training ontop of a mountain.

We go back to Komamura in the cave as he bows down to his master. He drops to his knees, asking to be taught the secret technique of the clan.(to replace the loss of his bankai no doubt).

The elder laughs in his face. he doesn’t think too highly of Komamura and the choices the younger man has made. The elder creature doesnt care about anything that is going on outside.

He simply will remain hidden as they always have done(except for Komarura). In the end they seems to will have a nice little battle to fight out their differences.

Finally, we end up back in the Soul King’s domain. Oetsu has taken Ichigo and his Asauchi even lower.

Water seems to be the key to fixing his bankai he says first. Then he says to say goodbye to Zangetsu.

So, is he going to create something completely new? If so, I hope Ichigo take a trip to his inner world. I would love to see how that his changed over time.


4 Responses

  1. Good review pretend3r.

    Ichigo had no problem letting go of Zangetsu the first time so this should be easy for him. Now that I think about it though, I doubt Zangetsu will just vanish but I think he will go through a sort of transformation. Also I wonder if Byakuya will undergo the same training as get another Zanpaktou.

    Anyway my interest in this arc really lies with Juha bach. I’m really curious on how this all plays out. I’m wondering to if SS will use Aizen to help. Honestly I doubt it but at the same time you never really know.

  2. @Immortal – agree on the Zangetsu transformation point… Captains need to now finish all the this training and engage in some battle!

    I’m also keen to see the Zero Squad in action…

  3. @Tawuya-sama: You’re right, it’s time for some action!!

  4. I doubt zero squad wil featre in the big fight, they apear 2 strong to fyt the sternritta who half of thm wer taken out by kenpachi nd yamaji,unless ofcoz yuha bach composes a nw batch ruthless quincies hu can atleast mak kenchan break a sweat!!! I hv 2 say kubo put some thougt into the curent zero squad guy,e zanpakto maker,hz the one guy um always lukin fowad to see every tusday!!

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