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Naruto Chapter 632 – Left Behind

Well hello their boys and girls, Jdogg is here with another review on Naruto’s recent chapter. Unfortunately Cesc cannot make it this week and will most likely won’t be returning to us soon. So once again Jdogg will be doing the Naruto and One Piece reviews. I won’t lie to you and tell you that doing these reviews is a walk in the park, it takes lots of work to do these reviews and unlike Bray Wyatt, time is not on my side. So I will do my best to make time to these reviews and if any one can help me out, is more than welcome to email me at: sanjisallblue@yahoo.com

On with the Chapter

I think that most of you already know now that I am not too happy or excited about the chapter, in fact, it put me in a mood that I am rarely and I mean RARELY, ‘pissy mood.’ But I will not rant on about this chapter and will do mainly my opinion and analysis young_konoha_11_by_kurouixkagami-d3jklexof the chapter. One thing I noticed this chapter is that each of the Rookies in the first Chunin exam, never changed, literally none of them change whether physically or characteristically. For example, Naruto is still that loud ninja, Sasuke still has that cool I don’t give a @##$ attitude, Sakura is always just there, Kiba thinks its a drag, Ino is still a second version of Sakura, Hinata still is that cute shy girl, Kiba is still a second Naruto with dog teeth, Shino is Shino and oh that Fat guy that I cannot seem to remember his name. What I am getting at is that all of our heroes and secondary heroes are still the same as we were introduced to. Now this could hurt the realism and the character development but can have its benifits. For instance, I would be lying if I didn’t say it was some what exciting seeing the team all back together. Though, there is still an inconsistent in characters, for example, Naruto and Sasuke are way out of the others league that the others being there might actually hurt them more than help them. But we still do not know what the Rookies we all feel in love have to do in the up coming chapters, I am for one am optimistic about them doing cools stuff, but I am also a realistic.

Sakura = Useless

Believe it or not I am a Sakura fan and always cheer for her to be successful but unfortunitly for her Kishi is horrible when it comes 3q59jlto his female characters. Every Naruto fan knows this and it is one of those things that we just have to live with and get over it. For instance, I will compare Naruto female characters to One Piece and Bleach female characters. Bleach and One Piece are notorious for having huge chested female characters. I.E Robin, Nami, Inoue Matsumoto, and etc are perfect example of a character that starts out as a fan service character (with the exception of Nami) and turns into this epic character. I am not saying that Naruto does not have strong Female characters, its just that One Piece and Bleach females are relevant to the plot and can hold their ground without the help of the lead character. Sakura unfortunitly is not a strong character and is constantly put into a position where she is supposed to shine but turns out to show that she just puts herself in a bad position forcing Naruto and Sasuke to save her. Also, her sudden importance into the story makes no sense to the plot, she has not had a lead role in the plot in over a 100 chapters and is all of a sudden put into the spot light not only makes her seem useless and ignorant to think that she is equal to Naruto and Sasuke, but shows the bad writing on Kishi’s part. Like how Sasuke was missed for awhile but than slowly he was showing to us and than his plot is shown, but Sakura had no previous hints to her role or anything of that sort. In my opinion Sakura could of been a very strong and important character in the story, instead just about every one hates on her and even I get irritated with her sometimes.

Side Notes:

  • When Sakura thanked Sasuke and totally over looked Naruto, PISSED me off so much. The guy tried to KILL YOU, you stupid woman, he  T R I E D to K I L L you. I am come on you guys didn’t find that hard to believe?
  • Each time I see the Hokages, I fall in love all over again. Hashirama is so cool and has humor as well. The way he almost let the “All the useless people get out” was so funny. Maybe Sakura should of listened to him.
  • Madara still the badazz as always. Just chilling and watching the fight, seriously this guy gives nothing at all what happens to the world.




47 Responses

  1. First!!! Immortality is MINE!!! Gehahaha. (I will post a comment later good job by the way Jdogg.)

  2. Really?! This first thing is still happening?! Ugh.

  3. Sakura is the only Sannin successors that didn’t surpass their mentor. Tsunadi has been a huge contribution to the plot from her first appearance. Sakura continues to fall well behind in surpassing Tsunadi. Tsunadi was an equal to Oro and Jiraiya. Sadly, the same can’t be said to Sakura. She’s not close to be Naruto or Sasuke’s equal.

    “Ino is still a second version of Sakura…” I would have to disagree with you on this one. Ino has contribute to her team and to fighting this war more than Sakura has. She has gotten closer to her teammates and build a stronger formation around them. She healed and fought throughout the 4th ninja war. One thing that she doesn’t lack that Sakura does is confidence. Ino has never in a long while question her usefulness. Sakura has, time after time. Blossom girl is acually the one that has been falling behind her rival Ino. In fact, she has been falling behind almost every single female character in the series in terms of confidence. Hinata has made her look like a complete joke. Even a character like Ten ten who is always underdeveloped still goes about her business with a ton of confidence. Remember when she attack the white Zetsus with SOSP weapon? And she did not need any saving from her teammates to bail her out either. Sakura needs her team mates to bail her out all the time. She’s so useless.

  4. That’s the only thing that I don’t like about Naruto is there is rarely improvements from characters to techniques. Things sometimes just get overshadowed by other stuff.

    For example the EMS. Remember when the Eternal mangkeyou sharingan was all the buzz? Sasuke eventually got it but didn’t show any new techniques whatsoever. The other person who had them Madara just had his eyes changes to the Rinnegan. The hype of the EMS just kinda faded out.

    Remember Tobi…nuff said.

    What happen to the toads? Gamabunta anyone?

    Where the heck is Sai? Anybody remembers Sai?

    There are some characters that did grow due to experience. Shikamaru, Gaara, to name a few. Their experience taught them lessons that you actually see in them. While others just remain the same. Naruto, Sakura….oh well….on to the next chapter?

    @Jdogg: Sakura overlooking Naruto DESPITE how many times he rescued her over the two year period. Sasuke rescues her one time in two years (after he tried to kill her) is so beyond annoying. What’s even worst is that Naruto has Hinata, a beautiful young woman who wants him and he still wants Sakura. Why?

    @ZepWolfX: Sorry….I was just trying to keep up with the tradition on the site.

    @nss7: Do you think Sasuke and Naruto are successors to the Sannin? I do agree they have surpassed them in strength but the only reason I ask is it would seem neither Sasuke or Naruto seem to use there summons anymore.

  5. ppl seem to forget sakura is the reason many of these characters are still alive and she aint no damsel in distress, if anything her character apears ‘uselss’ simply because kishi seems more interested in boys than girls…

  6. @madara uchiha medical skill-wise the only thing we’ve seen her done that seperated herself from the other medical ninjas was curing gaaras brother from sasori’s poison. Yet more evidence she left her usefulness back at that arc.

  7. @Immortal
    Naruto and Sasuke beast at summoning animals. Sakura has not summon any animals. It adds more to her failure as a successor to Tsunadi.

  8. Or a Sannin

  9. @nss7: Forgive me for my question nss7 but you misunderstood me. What I was really asking was do you think that Naruto and Sasuke can really be considered “successors” of Jiraiya and Orochimaru since they don’t really rely on their respective summoning techniques. Naruto hasn’t summoned the toads since the Pein invasion. Sasuke hasn’t (or can’t) summon the snakes since Itachi seal Orochimaru away with Susanno.

    As far as Sakura goes. She hasn’t changed mentally since the very beginning. To me a story makes characters not the other way around. When I read the manga I wanted to see how the “ninja world” had a effect on character development. With Sakura, it basically had no effect whatsoever. In my opinion that’s bad because it not only questions the worth of a character, but also it makes it unrealistic. Think about it: in two years time Sakura still loves Sasuke and treats Naruto like a immature kid despite all that she went through? Seriously; that’s Obito level crazy to me.

  10. @ madara_uchiha, yes, Sakura saved several people with her medical skills. So? All that did was make sure those characters could appear in later arcs, meaning she is basically the Naruto equivalent to the Dragon Balls. Congratulations, Sakura, you’ve been demotivated from “character” to “plot device.”

  11. @Imorrtal
    What does summoning jutus have to do about successing the sannins?

  12. @ seda
    One of the main abilities they have in common is they’re masters of the summoning technique.

  13. @seda: I was just thinking that a successor kind of take the place of another. For example Sakura is trying to succeed sweet Tsunadi by becoming a medical ninja like her predecessor. Naruto may have learn from the Jiraiya but he doesn’t rely on the summons that Jiraiya (Toad sage) relied on. The same goes for Sasuke. Personally the person who succeed Orochimaru was Kabuto. Naruto is kind of up in the air since he still relies on Sage mode.

    Maybe I’m just splitting hairs here. I just don’t see Naruto and Sasuke succeeding the Sannin simply because they don’t use their signature abilities.

  14. Naruto and Sasuke both have mastered their summonings in the past. They have already succeeded their mentors before. Sakura has not. Then if we remove their Sannin status out of the way, Sakura has contribute less than other female characters. What has Sakura contribute to the plot? Sakura healing minor characters that plays no role in the storyline doesn’t contribute to much. If she disappear after the Sasori arc, the plot line wouldn’t have changed much. That’s how useless her character is. When the most important situation arises, she always cowards and comes up short, even to the people that matters most. One of those is when She fails to save Sasuke and Naruto from darkness. She’s a failure as a teammate. Almost everything she has done is waste panel space.

  15. @nss7: I completely agree with you nss7. I’m not saying that Naruto and Sasuke didn’t master the summoning techniques but rather they don’t rely on them as their masters do/did; hence why I don’t see them as “successors.”

    I used Kabuto for example. Kabuto mastered the snake theme of Orochimaru more so than Sasuke himself. He followed in the footsteps of Oro which is why I considered him a successor. Sasuke learned some things from Orochimaru but he didn’t follow down the path of mastering the snake theme. The same can be said for Naruto.

    Again its the “successor” part that I don’t agree with. Are they stronger than Jiraiya and Orochimaru respectfully? Indeed. So they did “surpass” them, but they did not succeed them.

    Here’s another way of looking at it. I would consider Naruto as on the road of succeeding Minato and Sasuke on the road as succeeding Itachi. Because both have inherited something from them. Naruto has the whole Hokage, super speed, Nine tails cloak thing, Sasuke literally has Itachi’s eye’s and dream of protecting the village. I don’t want to be a pest with this but I hope this explains it.

  16. @ immortal I like how you described Naruto and Sasuke more as Minato’s and Itachi’s successors than Jiraiya’s or Orochimaru’s.
    Now, let me think, if it’s not Tsunade, then who’s successor is Sakura? Hmm.
    *cue Jeopordy music*
    . . .
    Maybe Chiyo, no wait, she didn’t really have much effect on Sakura.
    . . .
    . . .
    I’ve got it! She’s the successor to that herbal medicine Hinata gave to Naruto and Kiba in the Chuunin Exams! No, wait, that would imply Sakura does kind things out of selflessness.
    . . .
    . . .
    . . .
    Well, I’ve got nothing.

  17. wow.its been a while since I posted on this site,but I felt compelled to do so today after reading yet another whining chapter review.I for one actually liked this chapter and for once thought it gave u what u wanted.just last week you were hoping that Sakura didn’t disappoint once again,and she didn’t.She surprised me this week. Yet here u are bitching about the job Kishi has done,even thought he gave u what u asked for.You are like a bunch of spoiled kids,And if i didn’t know better,i’d swear since Bob left,u use this opportunity to just vent your frustrations.But I know doing a chapter review isn’t easy,so I give u props for stepping up to the plate.But I swear,a little bit less complaining would be appreciated………O.k. I’m ready for the backlash now,hit me.

  18. Sakura!!! please do something next chapter to get these horny men off your back…LITERALLY!

  19. @NemoPrime: LMAO……yeah it’s kinda hard to determine who Sakura predecessor is. She has learned a few of Tsuande’s techniques but…..she still hasn’t shown that “maturity” that can really set her apart from the females in the manga.

  20. @bj quick question…. What did Sakura show us that we didn’t see before? She’s always had super strength cept now she hits harder….. Yay!

  21. Tsunade would still shit on sakura, especially having seen the old lady’s recent abilities. I highly doubt sakura can survive being torn in half.

  22. @bj316, I second Immortal’s question: She used a technique that she supposedly was storing for three years? Now I wonder why she didn’t use or hint at using this Slog Sage mode thing when she fought Sasori? hmmm… Yes, she did show that she can go hyper superman style but than reverts back to her childish unprepared personality leaving herself wide open to the enemy. Turning Naruto and Sasuke to save her. By the way, since Bob’s time Naruto was the stuff, the best manga out there, keep in mind I am One Piece at heart and will say Naruto was beating OP back at Bob’s time. So he did not have to complain, and yes we are spoiled Kids because Kishimoto spoiled us with a master-piece of a manga, but now is giving us half-azzed stuff with oblivious plot-holes, very thin characters and bad guys that do not live to the hype, with the exception of Madara. So tell me my friend what was so satisfy about this chapter other than Hashi and Madara’s three paneled talk?

  23. Tsunade = Queen Mommy!

  24. @token
    you do know what that little spot on sakura’s head mean don’t you?

  25. @jdogg
    two reasons blogkage-sama,in my opinion there were two reasons sakura didn’t use her powers
    #1:it probably wasn’t ready yet,you have to save an awful ammount of chakra.
    #2:this is the most reasonable and most important.it would have hopelessly messed up the power scales of the story.her powers would have far exceeded naruto and sasuke before their development.she would have been way out of any konoha11 league and completed her development just at the begining of the story.that wouldn’t be good for the storyline at all

  26. @sannin yea u know what it means…. Do u?
    http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Strength_of_a_Hundred_Seal it literally increases her speed and strength that’s it. No new tech, no new Justus, just more of what se already could do so yea u didn’t really make sense with ur response of do I know what It did… Clearly u didn’t. And btw if she’s a medic ninja y not use chakra scalpels like kabuto used or something… Being able to punch and kick hard is all she has shows offense wise

  27. There’s nothing new to Sakura. Same attack with a little stronger power strike. http://narutobase.net/manga/Naruto/246/10
    Naruto reaction to Sakura is nostalgic. Nothing new. Almost the same stunt she pulled off back then.

  28. @token She showed us her resolve.She had just finished replenishing naruto’s chakra,and coulda been fine with taking the backseat once again,especially since Saskue just showed up fresh and at full strength,but no, not only did she just help out naruto and the kyubi,she was still honing her chakra at the same time,and believe they(naruto and saskue took notice). @jdogg for one let me say I love your argument,great points as usual,but when I said whining and spoiled,I only said so based of what u asked for last week.She didn’t get lost in the fray,or caught up in the “Oh my love saskue has returned” awe.She hasn’t even shown us what she can do yet,and your disappointed.What she has done is peak my interest to see exactly what happens now that she has saved so much chakra,she might have some super healing technique,we don’t know.And another thing,I see people saying same old thing,but how long have u been reading/watching manga?Goku,naruto,Ichigo,spike,yuske ruroni kenshin,yurimeshi,vash the stampede,hero gundamn wing,etc they use the same moves too.Its what they were taught.Its who they are,their signature moves.Sakura’s is her strength,get used to it. so to answer your final question,it was satisfying to see her hold her own with the big boys.

  29. @bj u clearly didn’t read This chapter…. Did y not see her get rescued by naruto and sasuke from two of the clones? Ironic she says she has caught up to them when she got her butt saved by them fighting clones…… So she is gonna compare herself to naruto who is literally the reason the whole army on te field is alive an SASUKE who has Susanno and all his jutsu variety while she can only do one thing and that’s use melee attacks? I mean not even chakra scalpels but only kicks and punchs. Yea ppl have their signature stuff but their signature stuff is actually powerful and extremely efficient/effective. Narutos rasenshurikan is one of the most potent Justus being used, sasukes Susanno combined with Amaterasu is a offensive/defensive hybrid and Sakura… She punches harder than before. Yea she’s their equal… And her resolve is to be considered their equal but frankly can anyone say that she is even if she thinks it?

  30. And Sakura helping naruto isn’t exactly awe inspiring due to the fact she is a medic that’s her job…. We have seen ino do the same and in fact up to this point her and Hinata have actually been more effective on the battlefield: ino was instrumental in dealing with the twins who had the kyuubi chakra and she healed ppl on the battlefield as well. Hinata was the reason naruto was able to lift himself up after neji was killed. She pulled naruto out of that place that could have been disastrous to his psyche. Yea Sakura healed him and can hit hard but IMO she’s been the third most impressive girl shinobi of the eleven….

  31. @token yea i read the chapter,but you obviously misread my response.I didn’t say her doing her job was awe inspiring,but the fact that she has been healing more than just naruto,coupled with the fact that all we saw was the mark on her head,we still haven’t seen its full affect,or what she can do,and the fact that shizune even acknowledged she couldn’t master it,shows there is more to it than just a boost in power and speed.And you prove my spoiled point by steady asking for chakra knives,or scalpels….really?Just steal kabuto’s technique.I get it,u want something new right?I should ask you have u really read this manga?Do you really not see what’s coming?The whole theme so far has been the new generation outdoing the last,and you don’t think sakura will be the next to do so?All I am saying is wait and see,then if nothing happens,hell I’ll be right with you.But you want it all every week,if nothing else again this chapter moves along the story.And Ino really didn’t do much,never has really in my opinion.If i’m picking a team,and its sakura and ino left,im taking sakura IJS……..

  32. @bj please read the link I put. It explains that mark does and frankly it’s not impressive when Sakura uses it… When tsunade sea it shed managing that and keeping herself young while Sakura doesn’t have to worry about that restriction… And with the scalpels I wasn’t saying steal it but honestly do something different it doesn’t have to be scalpels but it should be different but nope she hasn’t brought out any new jutsu or attack. If I’m wrong prove it. And te resolve crap is crap cause everyone knows she doesn’t compare to her team but she thinks she does and that’s a lot of y I have a problem with her. If u wanna talk big go in hard…. She hasn’t shown much growth as a fighter sides that seal which ups her strength and speed… Uninpressive and linear to her. U can say ino hasn’t done much but than again that meant u weren’t reading the manga…. She has fought in battles and treated the injured and Hinata has been fighting her tail off as well.

  33. And yea I’m looking for some substance cause as a whole this war frankly has been horrible….. If not for itachi and the hokages and madara I might have stopped reading the manga in all honesty. Kishi has been lacking consistent good stories for a long time and I’m not the only one that thinks that.

  34. @token sorry im watching the heat lose 2 the pacers,i’ll b back 2 respond later,and believe i read the manga. we’re in the same building,but we’re looking outta different windows.

  35. Things that made Immortal laugh hard out loud:

    “she did show that she can go hyper superman style but than reverts back to her childish unprepared personality leaving herself wide open to the enemy.” -Jdogg

    “What did Sakura show us that we didn’t see before? She’s always had super strength cept now she hits harder….. Yay” -Token

    I laugh hard reading this because it is sooo true.

    Sakura hasn’t changed since chapter 3 (Her debut) Which is crazy considering we are now on chapter 632. After all the stuff that has happen in her life, she remains the same. Seriously? I remember when Kakashi said that Sakura had a knack for genjutsu.(This was back when she broke Naruto out of that Temple of Nirvana genjutsu that Kabuto put on everyone at the chunin exam. Good times people!!) I thought she would learn some which would make her cooler in my book but nope. So far punching people is her signature technique. However my main issue with Sakura is her mentality. She is the same “person” she was when she made her debut.

    Speaking of genjutsu, what happen to Kurenai? Do anyone remember her?

  36. @immortal Not much time has passed(I’d say maybe a month or two) since the pain invasion so I assume she’s either still pregnant or just had her kid an taking care of him. If this series military is anything like u.s. military she has to take leave maternity leave up til a year at most, so no ninja duties. She’s probably where all the civilians are, or maybe shes using genjutsu to hide herself an her kid.

  37. @bj316
    Ino is not useless. She’s much more helpful than Sakura. She help defeat the twin gold and silver brother and Asuma edo summoning, help stop the Juubi’s attack (saved a lot of alliance life from It’s strike), healed wounded soldiers, and transmitted signals between the battlefield and headquarter. All that alone is far more than what Sakura has done.

  38. One thing that puzzles me though is does the alliance know that their leaders are knocking on deaths door right now? Did they even send someone there to help them out? Someone had to suspect they’d be in trouble since madara made his appearance to naruto. Surely a few medical ninjas leaving wouldn’t made any difference, hell the majority of the alliance were a burden, naruto/kurama focusing on keeping them alive rather than kicking ass.

  39. @token
    ooh my dear token you really do love scalar arguements.don’t get me wrong,i mean all you said was correct except saying it(the mark) increases melee attacks only.i think the first thing we learnt about that mark was it activates the rebirth jutsu so basically she can’t die(as long the mark remains).
    If you could go dig up the strength of a hundred blah blah blah..which is an advanced form of the seal don’t tell me you missed this token-chan

  40. doesnt the mark just store chakra? and then you use that chakra for diffent justus? so if you dpnt know the reabitrh jutsu it dont matter if you have that mark?? or am i wrong there

  41. @seda
    nope..not wrong there just needs to be edited a little,its impossible(for most) unreasonable and rather stupid to store chakra for years for just any jutsu,your normal chakra can take care of that the only jutsus that need that much chakra are like the rebirth jutsu and so on
    secondly the yin seal is not just storing chakra, its a parent jutsu, just like childori and rasengan before you get childori this and rasengan that.same with the yin seal.
    Third, since she learnt yin seal from tsunade i am kinda safe to assume she knows the rebirth

  42. @seda
    You’re acually right. That’s what the rebirth jutsu is. It’s a seperate jutsu from the mark Sakura and Tsunadi has on their forehead. Tsunadi able to use rebirth (her own jutsu) because of storing high level of chakra in her yin seal. Yin seal only purpose is to store chakra. Grants them a larger chakra supply to work with during battle. Hashirama use a similar jutsu to rebirth, but didn’t have the yin seal due to him already having high level of chakra.

  43. @Sannins
    Yin seal is a sealing jutsu. Seals away chakra to be use later on. Chidori and rasengan is different becacuse it releases and uses up chakra.

  44. Rebirth is like Chidori and rasengan to. It releases chakra and squeeze the living hell out of the person’s chakra reserve.

  45. @nss7
    yeah you’re right, my example was quite poor.but the point i was trying to make was just as you cant use the rasenshuriken without rasengan,you can’t use rebirth without the yin seal.the rebirth is done by releasing the stored chakra in the seal at once which stimulates cell division(healing) at an incredibly fast rate.

    There are different type of healing jutsu,the healing technique hashirama uses may not even be by cell division and probably(stress on the probably) doesn’t require that much chakra.

  46. As far as rebirth is concerned it is srictly and directly related to the yin seal.you can’t perform the jutsu with just having a high chakra level.

    Since sakura has enough chakra control to seal her chakra it.i guess its easier to release it

  47. new chapter is out

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