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Its out…

Naruto Chapter 632


Bleach Chapter 539




41 Responses

  1. Lacklustre chapters this week… 😦

    Oda come baaaaack!!!

  2. Love the Picture where Maddara sit down like a sulky Little Children, and reffusing to fight a clone

  3. Warning this comment contains graphic imaginary your discretion is advised.

    I can’t believe that I am saying this. But I found more joy in reading bleach than Naruto. It is unfortunate but I think I have giving up on Naruto now. Bleach is redeeming itself right now because Tite is actually telling a story and making a comeback from that awful Super Human Arc. So This is my rant than I will stick with analyzing: Sakura is still useless and needs both Naruto and Sasuke to save her. Sasuke is still an unrealistic character who should of died a long time ago. His revenge sage was more enjoyable but now we are expected to believe that he is good and we should all forgive him for all the bad things he has done. For god sake he tried to kill Sakura, Naruto, Garaa, Kakashi, every Kage, killed Danzu, bitch slapped Karin, and for the love of strawberries, Naruto and Sakura still want to blow him. How is this supposed to be believable? How are we to disgust this? I just gave up on Sasuke, I guess Kishi will never do what he should do to Sasuke, which is make him the bad guy. If Sasuke turns bad like how Orochi did I would applaud and bow to Kishi. But Kishi is a Sasuke dick sucker, so no ladies and gentlemen we will never see Sasuke die or turned evil. Instead he would most likely will become Hokage and sit his throne while Sakura is blowing him, has Naruto shine his balls, and Karin licking his ass, oh and Orochi will be licking his nipples too. I mean seriously everyone in this manga wants a piece of Sasuke. And the only realistic likable characters are either killed off or are left in the dark. Like J-man aka Jiraiya, and cool-eyes aka Itachi were the most well done character but had to die for our stupid childish heroes i.e Naruto and Sasuke. Sorry ladies and gentlemen for the bad words and that graphic imaging but I am feed up with bull that we are being feed, it is an inconstant story, and I for one am sad to see it go like this, I can picture the ending being not as good as we think it will be. Even if Kishi does redeem himself and make an epic ending, there will still be so many faults with this manga. Okay end of my rant for the rest of this manga from now on I will be strictly be an analyzer. And if you disagree with me on Sasuke and the whole direction this manga has been going thru than well your just like Sakura, Naruto, and Karin who can’t see the obvious that Sasuke does not give two s@#t about them and will still blow, shine his balls and lick his ass.

  4. Oh and I haven’t gotten my dose of One Piece chapter in two weeks so I am in a pissy mood. And I do not know what happened to 7warlord who was doing a great job with the One Piece reviews so since we did not get One Piece chapters I will be doing the review for the two weeks we missed out on.

  5. 8-year old reads jdogg’s comment *SREAAAAAAAAMS!!! and faints*

    that comment is definitely R-rated and i thought tensa was dirty,seems noble jdogg is even dirtier and pissed.oda better get well soon


  6. Well as the saying goes “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings”
    i think you all should trust in your author.especially you JDOGG,i know you have rights as a fan to bash as you like but you are also “the analyst” and you are supposed to make us see sense in stuff,if even if it makes no sense.if you lost hope first what happens to the rest.

  7. @Sannins, every author on this blog has given up on this manga for one reason or the other, and this is not something new. When this blog first started there were about 20 or so authors who loved writing about his manga. But as you can see there is only me, and I started as a One Piece author, but I still love Naruto but I have giving up on trying to make sense of the recent events. I am a optimist at heart and was always positive on Kishi, a true believer in Kishi and always saying that he will pull it off, but that was about a year ago. Now where the manga only has about 50 chapters left if that. I guess what I am trying to say is that while I am optimist about this manga, I still want some thing to back up my feelings and like you said “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings” I can cry and sob and list to you a long list of whats wrong with this manga. But I will say that before Naruto Shippuden, Naruto was the best manga and I would rate it higher than One Piece and as you might know One Piece is my favorite, thats how much I liked the original Naruto, but these recent chapters do not compare with the old chapter. But again “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings” and I am hoping that Kishi will prove me wrong because I am not encouraging the fact that this manga has and is going down the scale, but I just am striving to get what I want which is the epic story that I feel in love with in the beginning.

  8. Honestly i am confused about the sasuke character.we knew one way or another sasuke was going to be forgiven and accepted by the villagers in the end.but this was supposed to be AFTER!!!SO FUCKIN AFTER! naruto and sasuke must have broken each other bones and destroy the valley of the end beyond recognition.

    But i guess kishi likes suprises and doesn’t want everything to go just as we predicted.

    Now all we need is sasuke to change sides again, even if its just for two lines of talk no jutsu.but i don’t see this happening,sasuke’s in too deep more than wanting to protect the village, he wants to right all wrongs by becoming hokage.if he changes his mind from this he’ll just look more stupid than he already does.if he had taken an Antihero side(like oro)then it would have being easier to go dark…so sasuke isn’t falling for talk no jutsu anymore

    i only see two ways for sasuke to go dark and fix this mess
    1)after all this,the whole madara and hashirama hokage incident repeat itself,with naruto and sasuke this time
    2)shusui is ressurected and manipulates sasuke perfectly into fighting

    apart from these i don’t see anyother logical reason.they fighting for hokage position is so stupid,it isn’t worth thinking about

  9. @jdogg
    welll said,i guess that should be our new naruto theme “it aint over until the fat lady sing”.LOL

    i think kishi knows what he’s doing with sasuke,there will be a naruto vs sasuke death match kishi knows that.my guess is he doesn’t want it to go as obviously predicted but in doing that he’s blowing us off.

  10. Sasuke in a nutshell – wants to kill his brother for killing their clan – leaves village to go to Orochimaru – kills Orochimaru and said brother -learns the truth that his brother killed their clan to protect their village – wants revenge on the village for using his brother to kill their clan – goes bat shit crazy an attacks everyone, kills a few samurai an danzo -brother gets brought back to life – learns that his brother still loves him – Orochimaru gets brought back to life and takes him back to the village an brings back more dead people – dead kage tells story an reveals that Uchiha werent all bad just loved a little too hard and that Maddi, Hashi an his brother just wanted peace in the village but they fucked up wit the politics- Sasuke forgets revenge an honours his brother an wants peace too and will take charge of future politics by running the village himself…

    That was basically his character from years back until today…..NOW who can make this bi polar 16 kid go bat shit crazy one more time before the final fight ****drum roll**** BIG MAGNUM!!!! Wait until Madara starts his epic uchiha pimp talk on the kid – that rape face is gonna come back 10 times worse – all hope is not lost yet!!!

  11. p.s fat bitch is warming up in her dress room while dancing to ludacris “move bitch get out the way”

  12. That sakura picture is false advertising as I ever seen it. Her breasts are no where near that size.

  13. Good lord yall nigguhs are some crybabies. Stfu or go read Dr. Suess. Real talk.

  14. Speaking of crybaby…..
    Real talk.

  15. Honestly. I think theres gonna be another time skip in natuto… bleach is comming to an end soon… only manga left is the best one outta the big 3..ONE PIECE BITCHESSSS

  16. you forgot orochimaru…he planned all of it from the beginning…and sasuke will be his final weapon…all those who change hearts, dont be tricked… everything will be revealed in the end….that snake boy is the ultimate villain…you forgot kabuto? orochi returned at the location to fetch the dragon boy…

  17. Orochimaru is gonna take over sasukes body and force the two to fight…. there probably gonna be more deaths… and what ever happened yamato??

  18. I’m certain he’s still a part of that Hashirama clone statue that kabuto put him in. I’m also certain that orochimaru didn’t forget about him and have plans to use it.

  19. Orochimaru is smart he said when Sasuke released him that he had no interest in the war so he’ll wait til that shit is over an then once the big wigs are done an sealed away through some talk no jutsu THE RETURN OF SNAKE BOY WILL BEGIN an this time he’s been sipping on Zetsu/Gedo Mazo juice so he’s fully pumped up….wouldnt be surprised if he went to Obito hideout an stole some sharingan!

  20. Before I say my two cents on the chapters, I want to talk about some comments first.

    @Jdogg: The only thing I didn’t like about your comment is that among the cool ninjas that are in the pure world you named Jiraiya and Itachi which is true. But you failed to mention my main man NEJI HYUGA!

    @seda: I agree

    @unknown91: I agree. (Your first comment).

    If I missed anyone else forgive me. I’m not doing it on purpose but I just realize this will take a little to long.

    Naruto- The chapter was as cheesy as ever. But to be honest it was necessary IMO. The war arc is loooong over due since it would appear that the war itself served no real purpose. So they really need some way of defeating this “final threat”. Even if it is cheesy.

    Bleach- Not bad. If Ichigo can get rid of Zangetsu, then Byakuya can also get rid of Senbonzakura and get another Zanpakuto.

  21. Whoa! Never seen J this upset in a while. (granted I haven’t been here in a while.) But I strongly agree with him. Kishi seems to favor Sasuke more in my opinion. Which makes no sense since the manga is called Naruto. Like J said, alot of authors have just given up on the manga. Hell, only reason I still read it is because I’ve invested alot of my time to it. But I really don’t care what happens anymore: Favorite character is dead, and the way he died was dissapointing; To many side stories and flashbacks; and in the words of Shikamaru, this manga is such a ‘drag’.

    In the other hand. It is Kishi’s work/world, and he can fuck it up as much as he likes. I guess.

  22. @Immortal
    Neji aint been cool since part 1!! He has practically done fuck all in part 2 – team guy as a whole have practically been fodder apart from Guy himself. Such a shame tho coz a team 7 vs team guy post timeskip could have been epic

    Naruto vs Rock Lee – Sage mode vs 8 gates
    Sasuke vs Neji – Sharingan 3 tomoe vs Byakugan

  23. #sigh… this weeks chapters left me uninspired

  24. To say this week’s chapter left me uninspired would be a huge understatement. That is the reason I haven’t done a review yet, not because I haven’t had the time but because whenever I’ve sat down to do it, I find something much more interesting to do. The sad thing is none of you will even miss my review.

    anyway, I’ve been watching attack on titan. Awesome show. I will try and do a review today, hopefully jdogg wont have too much on his plate to post it.

  25. I was playing pokemon silver on my handheld an I found it weird that blackbeard isn’t immune to physical attacks unlike other logia, an dark type pokemon are weak against fighting types o_0

  26. @Tensa Gizzla. Oh come on Tensa it’s not Neji’s fault that part 2 of the manga was wasted on Naruto trying to bring his precious Sasuke home. At least Neji grew as a character and he grew quite well. So despite the fact that the Uchiha basically took over the manga and Neji didn’t get much time, and he died for a plan that never happen, he still is the cool genius in my book.

    But you are right, Guy’s team seem to always end up at the bottom of the list. In fact where the heck is Lee and Ten ten now?

  27. Where the heck was Tenten, ever? Lol.

  28. im actually interested to read comments here than reading the manga…to kishi, finish the war soon, let snake boy and dragon boy own the stage, we want kabuto to make real deal, a badass fight…i will praise kishi if he will make sasuke leak dragon boys ass ahaha…i want a rematch! as in a deathmatch between sasuke and kabuto…when sasukes weak, its then a snake boy time, my ultimate villain….

  29. Either Madara or Orochinaru should be the final villain. They’re the two most riveting bad guys in the series.

  30. @Jdogg
    Sasuke is the only character that could go through that developement of going behind the scenes to discover the good in the world. Kishi needed a character that could re-invent themselves into a villain to rediscover their innocents as a good guy again. Sasuke is the only character that fits that budget. Naruto can’t because he’s a good guy, so he can’t go undercover and find the truth through darkness. Naruto and Sasuke has gotten equal spotlight and developement with Jutsus. I see Kishi favoring them both to build up their rivalry. It’s not as one sided as you made it out to be.





  32. NEW ONE PIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ODA IS BACK IN THE BUILDING!!!!!!!


  33. Ole man Zangetsu is fraud!?

    Damn so many questions opened up… So Ichigo has not really gone Bankai (let alone Shikai!)? Final Getsuga was a massive release of power with Quincy bankai sealing afterwards??? We know Juha Bach has intimate knowledge of Shinigami so this is very interesting…

    Naruto… meh. Enjoyed new Sannins but besides that

  34. ONE PIIIEEECCCEEEEE!!!!! YEEEESSSSS!!!!! aaaahhhhhhhh…. #snore

  35. Tite pulled an Obito in your face all these chapters move. I mean it’s plain to see the resemblance now. But even so his was 500 times more well done than the Obito thing for Kishimoto.

  36. Bleach – Zangetsu = reitsu shadow clone of Juha Bach to turn Ichigo into his heir to the throne perhaps?! I wanna know WAT DA FUCK DOES THE REAL ZANGETSU LOOK LIKE?? IS HE EVEN CALLED ZANGETSU?! Let’s exam ichigo…. when he got shikai he had help from Quincy Zangetsu (before kenpachi fight), when he got Bankai he had to fight Quincy Zangetsu (before Byukuya fight), when he got hollow mask he had to fight inner hollow (before Grimmjow/Ulquiora fight) when he got Mugetsu he had to fight Hollow an Quincy Zangetsu fused into 1 being (before Aizen fight)……We have yet to see his Shinigami manifestation!!!!

    Naruto – WHERE DA FUCK WAS ROCK LEE AND TENTEN??!! Im thinkin rocklee is gonna try an take on Madara while he waits for that Senju harisharma booty! Lmao at Shino getting his “big moment!” It was hardly worth the wait! Also did anyone notice that Sasuke summoned a snake…………against danzo he summoned a hawk…..either this kid has multiple animal summoning contract tattoos all over himself or it may be a possible hint at him getting his rinnegan power up……….(remember nagato could summon cats, dogs, spiders oh my!)

    One piece – Ceaser clown for new strawhat!!!!!! Look how well he fits in lol law thinkin he can go toe to toe with doflamingo lolololol i like law but if he fucks around an fights him one on one before luffy gets there then the man in pink is gonna carve out a chunk of him bigger than that tattoo on his chest! Glad Oda is back an well tho, missed his work. And robin lookin sexy as fuck as always.

  37. @UTI – 100% agree


    Attack on titan coming for that bleach title kids!!


  39. Thought I was reading pokemon manga again, with ekans, politoad, and caterpie……

    Btw which snake sasuke summoned? Doesn’t look like manda II to me, but just as large.

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