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Naruto Chapter 631 – TEAM 7

cecsBy: Cesc

Hello again shannaro, hope you are all having a good week so far. Sad news of Oda being sick, I wish him a speedy recovery. He needs a much deserved and needed rest. This is Jdogg here and I would like to apologize for missing out on last weeks chapter. Cesc has been doing a great job writing these reviews and all the credit goes to him. But unfortunately last weeks chapter was not as great as this weeks chapter, the only thing we got from last week is that epic entrance by the Fourth. This the jest of Cesc review last week(I tried to shorten it to the least as possible because he was pretty pissed of and did an all out rant on Kishi. I don’t blame him, it was only about a year or two that we Naruto fans thought that the Naruto series could end up being the best out there, but now…)

” Kishi is really running out of ideas it seems, I do not know what Kishi hoped to accomplish with Shikamaru’s plan but just like his father’s before him, it proved to be a complete waste of panels. Their plan was never going to work and everyone knew this, really was annoying to see so many panels dedicated to it. But I suppose that had to be done in order for kishi to end the chapter on a cliffhanger.”

Despite missing one of the big 3, fans of shonen will be pretty pleased with this week’s release. The reason for that is both bleach and Naruto came up big, they did not disappoint. You may have noticed (if jdogg puts up my review for last week) that I was pretty harsh on Kishi last week; after this chapter, I still stand behind those words, but I am a lot more pleased. I agree with Cesc that last weeks chapter was not as well done or as thought out as this weeks and I think that it be the best to just discuss this weeks because we bash Kishi enough that it has become normal for a Naruto fan to talk about Naruto and be harsh on Kishi.

SSJ Yellow Flash!

We pick up right where we left off last week, Minato comes in at the nick of time to save the alliance’s bacon. Everyone is shocked Minato-Namikaze-minato-namikaze-17688441-741-1024to see the 4th hokage except Naruto, as we all thought, he was able to sense all their chakra when they were all the way back in Konaha. I felt this was a nice touch by Kishi, if Madara could sense Hashirama then it would have been a huge let down if Naruto weren’t able to do the same thing. Anyway, Minato saves the day and waits for the other Kages to arrive. He truly is the fastest man in the world.

At this point, I wasn’t really putting too much thought towards it, but I was expecting Minato to hand over the other half of the kyubi to his son; yet to my surprise, he goes super saiyan. My immediate thought was, “well that was fast!” Then he tells the other 3 Kages to follow his lead, at this I thought “wth kishi, why the f@#k are you having Naruto take the lead again, has he not learned anything??!” Then Sakura says, whoa! He looks just like Naruto, then I see Naruto still sitting at her feet and I go 😀 YEAH!

Hashirama and Madara!

Look at their faces! LOOK!!


Just Epic!

Poor Hinata!

Untitled2Let me just say that I am a NaruHina fan, and what Naruto and Minato did here just broke my heart. That poor girl, I don’t think she heard much of the exchange there, I certainly hope she did not hear what that fool Naruto said, but the poor girl did not deserve that. She has been the only character in the entire series that has shown true compassion and care for Naruto since day one. Everyone else has gone through as phase of loving/hating Naruto. Hinata has loved and cared for him I’m guessing since the first day she laid her eyes on him, she has not let those feelings go despite all that has happened. If it were her life or Naruto, she would not waste a second trying to decide, she will put her life on the line for him. NaruSaku fans will argue that Sakuru would do the same now, but that is only one. Go back to before Sasuke left and Sakuru would choose Sasuke’s left nut’s pubic hair over Naruto’s life. Hinata has and will always love Naruto, Kishi knows this, and that is why NaruHina will win. He only did this here to give the NaruSaku fans false hope. I also think that it was done as a moment for humor. I think that the love Naruto has for Hinata and Sakura is different: I think that Naruto loves Hinata as a Lover, but I think that his love for Sakura has evolved as a love of a sister. I am with Cesc it is all about NaruHina.


Right on Kiba. Apparently Sasuke wants to be Hokage now, I must admit I did not see that coming. Sasuke saying that just did not 179655_v0_460xsound right at all in my head, sounded rehearsed (I like to say the text out in my head in the character’s voices, bit me!). So I was already struggling to come to terms with Sasuke wanting to protect the leaf, and now not only that, he also wants to be Hokage. Fat chance of that happening, it does not matter how much good Sasuke does now, the fact of the matter is Naruto is way ahead of him, choosing Sasuke over Naruto would be like if they had chosen Madara over Hashirama way back then. It’s just not going to happen, people have been saying that this is a way for Kishi to make the death match happen, but I don’t think the decision of Hokage would come down to that. The people would want Naruto, Sasuke getting it a battle for it let alone the title itself would be extremely unfair to Naruto. Kishi needs to find another way of making this match happen, fighting for the right to be hokage is not the way. I agree with you Cesc.  And on the other hand Naruto is looked at as a Hero, not only by the Leaf Village but by the whole Ninja world since he kept on saving them numerous of times. And this does not include the time he saved the Leaf from Pain. So like you said the idea of Sasuke becoming Hokage is not only absurd but does not make sense what so ever.  But I think that after this war is over, Sasuke will see that Naruto is the better, it will be just like when Vegeta finally acknowledge Goku as the better fighter.

Team 7!

Naruto__Young_Team_7_by_HazuraSinnerIt was great to see team seven back together again after so many years. It is amazing how much they have changed, and not changed since the last time they stood together like that. Both Naruto and Sasuke have grown overwhelmingly powerful, Sakura has definitely improved as well. I do agree with what she says, she too was trained by one of the Sanin, a fact that is often forgotten; so I would not be surprised to see her kick some serious ass. I just hope she does not disappoint.

Great chapter overall, a definite improvement from last week’s. The highlight of this review is: “Sakuru would choose Sasuke’s left nut’s pubic hair over Naruto’s life.” – The Great Cesc

naruto shippuden hyuuga hinata naruto uzumaki 1600x960 wallpaper_www.animemay.com_76


57 Responses

  1. Haha thnx jdogg. And obviously I meant Sakura not Sakuru. Forgive my spelling/grammatical errors, was done in a rush.

  2. Great review as always. Loved the chapter as well, except for Sakura and the last page.

    “You didn’t really think I’d sit back and play the damsel in distress?” – Sakura

    Naruto’s response should have been, “yes actually, you haven’t done jack since your fight with Sasori”.

    Go Hinata!

  3. I don’t normally comment, but I just have to say it. This has to have been one of the worst chapters ever because of the whole Sasuke good guy BS. It’s the most unrealistic idea ever. Naruto and Sakura forgive him far too easily. I mean he only tried to kill them multiple times. No biggie? Wtf…such a disappointing chapter. The hokages were epic but this just killed it big time for me. I’ve lost all hope for this series now.

  4. @Bones,
    I feel your frustration and it is 100% accurate, but what I learned as a Naruto fan, we have to live with the fact that Sasuke is Kishi’s favorite character and he would give him everything. i.e how many attries has Sasuke had in the past? How many moves and impossible wins Sasuke had? It is just the fact man that we gotta live with that Sasuke is the true main character of the series that Kishi totally forgets about all the other characters.

  5. As crazy as sasukes wish is its not entirely without precedent…. Gaara himself was psychotic, even more so than sasuke has shown to be and get now he is a calm, well respected Kage among the shinobi world. Is it silly and dumb that SASUKE makes this suggestion? Sure. But it has been done before but because its sasuke an we all r sick and tired of him our tolerance for stuff like this is thin.

  6. Great chapter all around. There isn’t anything else to add as the chapter was a match made in heaven. Everything a person could ask for. Madara insanity, the Hokage four, team 7, and no Obito (finally, the nobody gets no screen time).

    Sasuke wanting the title hokage is a rational decision. It was a bit surprising but in the end it is a better decision than attempting to destroy Konoha. A conclusion that his brother Itachi should have made for himself instead of playing the double agent. However, Itachi teachings has not cease to exist as Sasuke now carries the will of fire that Itachi has pass down to him.

    Sasuke hasn’t done any injustice to Konoha besides killing Danzou, who has committed fraudulent for manipulating the host of the Five Kage Meeting to his whim, with his sharingan. Then he ran away as his little scam failed. Making himself look worst. Sasuke killing Danzou wouldn’t be charge against him to harshly as Danzou is a criminal for that little act of his. It won’t be impossible for Sasuke to become hokage. Only obstacle he will have is campaigning against Naruto for that position.

  7. Even though I’ve been a NaruHina fan since the beginning, I’m starting to question if I should be: Hinata was pretty much the first person who loved Naruto for who he was (his parents don’t count since parents are supposed to love you regardless of who you are), showed herself willing to stand against not one, but two seperate physical gods (Pain and Juubi) to prove that love, and on the same day her cousin/sorta half brother DIED to save both their lives, Naruto pretty much disowns her in favor of some bitch who acts like she’s permanently on her period. Fuck it, Naruto’s an asshole, so maybe he and Sakura WOULD make a good couple. Naruto the asshole, Sakura the cu** and Sasuke the homicidal maniac, team 7 is back in business. . . hooray -_-

  8. I’m for one see Sasuke as Hokage more so than Naruto. Even though this manga is name “Naruto”, personally he doesn’t really live up to the hype of the title Hokage anymore. Sasuke had his pitfalls as a character, but he has shown a degree of maturity and intelligence that Naruto lacks from time to time. I would have thought that Naruto would have grown up a little more throughout the series but sometimes his behavior can be frustrating. The one time I thought Naruto was truly on the road to become Hokage was when he fought Pein. That was a time when he really showed the maturity and intellect to make him a sure candidate. Don’t get me wrong, everything Naruto did for the war was great but he still just doesn’t have that Hokage vibe to me.
    From a story telling perspective, Kish has spent so much time developing Sasuke with his ups and downs that you actually see his change and how he arrive to this conclusion. Naruto although he had his up and downs as well, he still is the same number one knuckle headed ninja from back in the day.

    Anyway enough of that. Great to be back, I thought this chapter was okay if not slightly cheesy and the review was cool. (I like how you pointed out Madara and Hashirama faces).

    Oh yeah, as far as Hinata and Naruto, I agree with NemoPrime 100%.

    “Naruto the asshole, Sakura the cu** and Sasuke the homicidal maniac, team 7 is back in business. . . hooray -_- ” -NemoPrime.

    That was funny.

  9. You don’t suppose they plan on sealing the juubi inside Sasuke? It’s not like they can kill the 7 that are inside the juubi now. Talk about crazy power up for whomever the juubi is sealed inside of.

    It’s already been stated that the juubi can’t be sealed inside an edo tensei.

    I’ll stop reading this if Sasuke gets that power up.

  10. @ Akamaru, I imagine they’re going to split the Juubi into its component parts, and all the Bijuu will help beat the shit out of Madara. Either that or Naruto is going to use Talk-no-jutsu to get the Juubi itself to join the alliance. If the latter happens, I’m going to rage quit this manga.

  11. We all know talk no jutsu is the most powerful move in this manga. That idiot sasuke got it from the two most epic ninja ever,itachi followed by hashirama, he didn’t stand a chance.

  12. How is he, sasuke, planning to treat those elders when he sees them?

  13. sasuke doesnt have the body to hold the juubi. so i think he’s out of the question. but if he ended up being juubi’s host. then i think kishi had to rename this manga to Sasuke instead of Naruto.

  14. if sasuke does turn good, i think he’ll be naruto’s (as hokage) right hand man. just like how madara was, before he turned to the dark side.

  15. Nice review!,nice hokage sasuke pics(you had to put the hat on his head at his moment didn’t you LOL…..)but i gotta comment on one thing.
    i think you are mistaking the story and kishi’s intentions, the fact that shikamaru and his father’s(the two smartest persons) plans failed.doesn’t mean kishi’s running out of ideas,instead he’s trying to add to the juubi’s scary LEGEND!,which most people still think he(the juubi) hasn’t lived up to.if shikamaru and his father’s plans had suceeded perfectly.how would you view the almighty juubi?

    I know shikamaru and his father has a legend to uphold but the juubi has a much more bigger legend to uphold=this is kishi’s point in letting the plans fail

  16. Remind me again what was shikamaru’s father’s plan?

  17. @sanins I didn’t have an issue with his plan failing, my issue is that I didn’t see what the plan was at all. I obviously expect any plan to fail but the list I expect is to see what that plan was.

  18. Hello everybody, long time no see
    About this chapter, i have mixed feelings. Naruto was an ass, Sasuke wants to be a hokage, and Sakura… was Sasuke-kun take me, take me (it was kinda pathetic). Poor Hindata, from being the first shinobi kyubed (she received the shild) to hearing Naruto say that Sakura is kinda his girlfriend (ouch).
    I can’t see Sasuke becoming the new Hokage, even this chapter sais it (you can’t become hokage by wanting the title, you become by being elected by others, ) Hey, even the other countries have a word to say. Now Naruto is like a foreign minister that is known/respected by every president, he is the hero of the village, and if they would pick Sasuke instead of Naruto, there would be a lot of political issues (nobody wants new players).
    I really don’t understand Naruto. I thought that after Neji’s death, that he will finally see Hinata how she is ( i wansn’t a NaruHina fan but after seeing how fast Hinata jumps to save Naruto, i had to admit that she is the one). How can you still love the girl that dreams at another man/boy/teenager/shinobi. What is he, a masochist? So Sakura has to fight the Uzumaki girl to decide which one has Sasuke.

    Damm the bromance between the First and Madara is really strong.

  19. Oh one thing I did forget to touch upon in the review is that it seems Madara is just going to chill and wait while the kages defeat the 10 tails. To be honest that is the only way they can succeed, unless Hashirama entertains Madara while the other kages defeat the monster. Point is, I’ll be very much baffled if Madara elects to just sit back and do nothing.

  20. I wish to ask everyone; what do you think is the ultimate fate of the 10 tails? IMO Kish has a few choices:

    1) Seal it inside a human host: which is more than likely Naruto. The only problem I see with that is that I don’t think Naruto can contain such a beast but we shall see.

    2) A unknown jutsu: This is also another scenario. Come up with a weird jutsu to seal it in another dimension.

    3) The worst of all would be is to seal it inside a reformed Obito. After Kakashi uses the talk no jutsu, Obito uses a unknown jutsu to seal the 10 tails within himself and scarifices his life for the whole world. Then everyone celebrates him as a hero. (Even though he cause the death of thousands upon thousands of people.)

    Right now I’m just waiting to see how Kish will end this whole war.

  21. If the 10-tailed Beast will be sealed inside naruto, then that’s just too good to be true. He will be the reincarnation of the SOSP but again even the great SOSP can’t hold the Ten tails.

    I just wonder if Minato can spam the ShkiFuuin NO Jutsu now that he is a zombie. He can seal everyone he wants inside the Shinigami’s belly.

  22. http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Sage_of_the_Six_Paths
    The sage was the very first jinchiriki and with the ten tails at that…. The sage was the only known person who could. Naruto right now is the only logical choice because him knowing the names of the beasts may be the key to sealing the juubi inside himself (although IMO the juubi will be defeated once and for all).

  23. And supposedly the sage told them they would be one entity again some day. Maybe they will be absorbed into the juubi and than their combined influences will destroy it or make it able to be absorbed by naruto. Eh I have no idea lol just a thought.

  24. I don’t like the idea of hating on Sasuke becoming hokage…its a logical choice for him

    Obviously if you guys read this manga there’s been a parallel drawn between Naruto/Sasuke and Hashirama/Madara. Pretty much we have the same situation right now…Sasuke has turned away from his hatred and joined the ninja alliance, just like Madara joined the alliance of the Leaf Village.

    One question I drew from Hashirama’s flashback was “What if the villagers chose Madara to become Hokage?” I believe that caring for the village and having people but their faith in him definitely would’ve curbed Madara’s Curse of Hatred for the better.

    Same with Sasuke. Its the theme of Naruto’s life – with friends by your side, you overcome hatred. Naruto literally held a malevolent mass of hate all his life and the stigma attached with it, Sasuke has held the weight of the genocide of his clan on his shoulders. If Naruto can overcome his hatred, why not Sasuke? Being the Hokage would be the perfect cleansing.

    Lest we find ourselves in the same position again – wherein Naruto becomes hokage and the villagers reject Sasuke and he becomes another Madara, driven by the Curse of Hatred. I can see that happening too – maybe this is where they both die, like Naruto said would happen if they fought, and the Great Sage Toad’s prediction comes true.

  25. Would you elect an international terrorist as your leader? People can dress up sasukes’s actions all they want but back then the ninja life was different and madara wasn’t any more of a bad guy than hashirama, until afterwards. Gaara was viewed as a weapon by his own village, nothing more, and any bad views made against gaara outside the village were the same against the village as a whole. Sasuke still assassinated a higher up, who had big influences in the leaf village. What ever bad things danzo has done, either isn’t publicly known or is supported by the higher ups, an he did it for the village. The raikage would’ve probably considered entered into a war with the leaf village because of sasuke attacking killer bee in the name of a known terrorist group. The fact that he even willingly affiliated himself with akatsuki is bad enough without the summit where he attacked every leader in the world. Did I mention that he is a missing nin, reason being he sided with orochimaru who is an international criminal since he attacked the leaf village several times, kidnapped an experimented with various people around the world, and have a few Kage deaths attached around his belt?

    After everything that happened they have every right to view sasuke the way they do, and sasukes pretty stupid to think he’ll be ready for hokage any time soon. Sasuke needs a powerful, juubi/first hokage cells/ssj4 gogeta fueled talk no jutsu to convince anyone otherwise.

  26. @unknown SASUKE saying he wants to be hokage is silly I do agree with that; but this culture/world is different than ours so just cause SASUKE killed danzo doesn’t mean much tbh; hell raikage looked like he was going to kill danzo when he found out what he did lol. And gaara was viewed as a weapon and was feared and hated by his own villagers and even his siblings feared him and help a little contempt for him early on. Gaara grew past that and showed that he was Kage material and his own village who most despised him like ppl did against naruto elected him to be Kage so there is a small precedent for someone who was hated Etc and still become hokage. And being a part of akatsuki wouldn’t exactly be too big a problem… Other villages affiliate themselves with akatsuki and used them to help with their missions so that isn’t a big deal apparently either. Sasuke was a missing nin however his own village even when they knew he went rogue wanted to try an bring him back. Sasuke has only killed danzo but let’s be real a lot of konohas upper ppl didn’t agree with him and the two elders r just as sketch since they agree with him on things. Sasuke shouldn’t e hokage I agree but to say its never been done or isn’t a at least 1% logical step is a little unfair. After all madara himself was considered by a few ppl at least ( his clan and hashirAma) to be hokage material

  27. @unknown
    am with you on that man,maybe the juubi we get sealed in sasuke afterall to get a juubi-fueled talk no jutsu..LOL.anyway am also with token,the highest evil sasuke has done was
    capturing bee-which he didn’t succeed
    slaughtering samurias-hope they only got injuries else…but i guess samuria aren’t part of the ninja world.so hopefully they don’t get a say
    killing danzou-i guess the villagers might change their mind knowing the truth about the uchiha massacre and that danzou associated with two terrorist orochimaru for the arm and madara(obito) for the massacre.

    I know,i know what you are gonna say “But HELL! this doesn’t justify him for hokage maybe to be welcome as a citizen,but seriously hokage??”
    Am with you on that

  28. @token

    “And gaara was viewed as a weapon and was feared and hated by his own villagers and even his siblings feared him and help a little contempt for him early on. Gaara grew past that and showed that he was Kage material and his own village who most despised him like ppl did against naruto elected him to be Kage so there is a small precedent for someone who was hated Etc and still become hokage.”

    But why was Gaara hated and feared by his own village? Is the same reason Sasuke is hated by mostly everyone in the ninja world? Gaara had little choice to be and behave like he did until he had thoughts of being the kazekage, just like Naruto. Sasuke had plently of choices, plenty of opportunities as everyone else, and he still chose wrong. Whatever Gaara has done, doesn’t even compare to Sasuke’s actions.

    “And being a part of akatsuki wouldn’t exactly be too big a problem… Other villages affiliate themselves with akatsuki and used them to help with their missions so that isn’t a big deal apparently either.”

    Would this war even be happening if this was all true? Don’t forget the reasons why the Akatsuki was even founded, and the reactions when some of their secret plans and dealings behind the guise as a Mercenary group wasn’t so secret anymore, and the fact that Sasuke was linked to this group when they became public enemies to all.

    “Sasuke was a missing nin however his own village even when they knew he went rogue wanted to try an bring him back”

    This is true, Although some wanted to kill off sasuke becuase a missing nin means possible secrets/jutsus being in the hands of enemies. Hell, even tsunade understood Danzo’s plot to have sasuke killed, even though she didn’t like it, as well as the fact he went behind her back(That was until she discovered what he used to get sai inside orochimaru’s organization). Some believed he was just being controlled by orochimaru, or that sasuke is only using him to get to itachi, which would save everyone the trouble of dealing with him. But did everyone still felt the same way when Sasuke attacked killerbee, or allied with Obito, or attacking the summit?

    “Sasuke shouldn’t e hokage I agree but to say its never been done or isn’t a at least 1% logical step is a little unfair. After all madara himself was considered by a few ppl at least ( his clan and hashirAma) to be hokage material”

    Pissing off every Kage, Attempted to kill past friends/mentors , allied with a group bent on world domination, Made his village look bad, then later becomes leader of said village and being loved and respected by all…….

    Yea, so far, that hasn’t been done yet.

    An like I said, before the establishment of the system that exist in the ninja world today and before his frequent attacks to the village(that he helped created btw) Madara wasn’t anymore of a bad guy than Hashirama.

    I’m not saying it’s impossible, but based on how everyone views Naruto and how everyone at the present time views Sasuke, the only unfairness I see is Sasuke is expecting to become Hokage and people would be okay with this. He has a lot of work to do.

  29. @unknown: That’s exactly why I would like to see Sasuke in the seat. Like token said it is silly for Sasuke to be Hokage. But it’s the “twist” that I like in the manga: even if it is a minor twist.

    Like I said before, Naruto just don’t have that Hokage vibe to me. He possess the power and the heart but he is still a idiot. This chapter showed that and previous chapters has showed that. Despite all that’s he been through he is still the same kid he was since the beginning. Kish doesn’t make it any better. Sasuke showed up this chapter and although a few people had some choice words for him, they accepted his help like he was back in the fold despite the fact that he nearly killed both Naruto and Sakura. (And pretty much declared war on the village.)

    Now that I’m thinking about this, maybe it’s a Konohagakure thing. Kakashi is having trouble with the swirly face man. The third had trouble with snake man. Maybe becoming a missing ninja is the only way for the people of Konoha to recognize you. Hmm….maybe Hinata should become a missing ninja in order gain Naruto’s affection. Gahahaha!!

  30. @unknown i never said it was the same reason but gaara was hated just like naruto was even though it wasnt narutos fault either; like it or not the village hated both individuals and yet over time both are considered to be kage material (naruto after beating pein). gaara wasnt the same as sasuke but they both did things that were definently questionable and gaara still became kage which meant the village who hated him now one hundred percent supported him, quite the turnaround so not unprecedented.
    This war has nothing to do with akatsuki now does it unknown…. this war was because tobi or “madara” told them about the moons eye plan. They only had a problem with akatsuki once they started taking all of their tailed beasts (their nuclear weapons if u will). Different villages were known to use akatsuki for their missions and plans… its a fact. did any of the villages have a problem and try to get them before? nope in fact most of the group was killed by the leaf or people who they were attacking.. the other villages themselves didnt seem to care at all about akatsuki enough to do something about it and konoha only did when they were threatened by members of it.
    Against killerbee only the raikage really cared.. who else mentioned their anger at that? the villages only cared if it directly affected them and the cloud/leaf were really the only villages that seemed to have a problem with sasuke. WHich other kage mentioned sasuke being a priority to be eliminated?
    Pissed off the other kages? outside the raikage which age was pissed? hell the other lade kage was basically flirting with sasuke (http://www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/v50/c465/16.html) and the old man kage literalyl says he has nothing against sasuke lol (http://www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/v50/c466/14.html) so half the kages literalyl have nothing against sasuke so whats the big deal? they fought cause they were attacked thats all there was to it no grudge or vendetta against sasuke sides raikage.
    I personally dont see what the big deal is with sasuke claiming he wants ot be kage. in this ninja world tings r run differntly and frankly the only person sasuke has literally killed was itachi (by many he was a enemy of konoha and a missing nin as well) and danzo.

  31. @Immortal I’m not surprised they accepted his help. It was either that, which increased their chances of victory against Madara and the juubi, no not, and be in the exact same/worse position then they were before him and the hokages showed up: Getting their ass handed to them.

  32. @Token

    “This war has nothing to do with akatsuki now does it unknown”

    The entire events of the summit says otherwise. That is pure crap.
    The attack, the declaration of war, no matter who did this, it was all under the name of akatsuki.

    As for everything else said in that paragraph I already mentioned Sasuke was affiliated with akatsuki when it was now public knowledge to everyone that they(under ‘madara’) was bent on conquering all. Was sasuke a member, or at least allied, with akatsuki when they were used as a Mercenary group? NO.

    “Pissed off the other kages? outside the raikage which age was pissed? hell the other lade kage was basically flirting with sasuke (http://www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/v50/c465/16.html) and the old man kage literalyl says he has nothing against sasuke lol (http://www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/v50/c466/14.html) so half the kages literalyl have nothing against sasuke so whats the big deal? they fought cause they were attacked thats all there was to it no grudge or vendetta against sasuke sides raikage.”

    Those links also proved that the Kages(who had no vendetta towards sasuke) still saw Sasuke as a serious threat and was all too ready to eliminate him, and that was without knowing the true plans of akatsuki and the declaration of war. “I have nothing against you, but the ninja world wants you dead– see ya”

    I don’t see the big deal of Sasuke wanting to be hokage either, I see it a big deal for him to be accepted so easily after everything that happened. Last time Sasuke was seen he had every intent on destroying the the very village he’s trying to be leader of now. I expect his climb to hokage(if he ever gets it) to be a lot harder than Gaara’s.

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  35. @cesc&unknown
    i missed this before,shikamaru father’s plan is the kyubi-powered alliance(which suceeded in disconnecting madara&obito from the juubi).it wasn’t said directly it was transferred to their minds but i am a bit tied down so i can’t dig up the links now. but go back and read the chapters.

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  38. Sasuke hasn’t done much evil as he has done for contributing to justice. He has help eradicate protential threat and enemies for Konoha and the ninja world. Let’s take a look at the good deeds that he has done by killing off villains.
    Itachi- he killed off the entire Uchiha clan and threaten Konoha’s security. Itachi is a criminal to the majority of citizens reside in Konoha. Only a selected few knows that Itachi is innocent like Naruto and Sasuke, which only accounts for 1% of the population. This will help boost sasuke status for killing Itachi to the majority.

    Danzou- Not many people know of Danzou whereabouts as he does his work privately. Only people who knows about his activities are Konoha’s higher ups and many of them disagree with his tactics. This is a new generation of ninjas and they do not accept Danzou methods. Danzou also worked with criminals in the past and his evil deeds has led to future wars. Sasuke killing Danzou will promote justice in the political system of Konoha for getting rid of corruption.

    Orochimaru- Oro was later resurrected but Sasuke did kill Orochimaru once and was deemed as a hero for a brief moment, but it still counts as a win against evil.

    Kabuto- This may be Sasuke’s best win. Sasuke helped beat Kabuto and save the world. This does as much justice as Naruto has by contributing to saving the world. Sasuke getting rid of the edo Tensei bodies while Naruto took down the white Zetsus. This makes Sasuke as much of a savior. He also has witnesses. Juugo and Suigetsu saw Kabuto defeated and unconscious as they arrive to Sasuke. Orochimaru witness the whole thing from Kabuto’s curse mark. Sasuke defeating Kabuto will definitely rank as high as saving the world like Naruto has done on the battle field.

    Sasuke may or not have a shot at Hokage, but his body of work has suggest Otherwise. He has a chance at running for the position. Hokage title can go either way. One thing that is clear is that Sasuke has as much of an equal opportunity as Naruto to win the title of Hokage. Only arguement is whether the fight between the two is going to live up to the hype.

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  46. @nemoprime
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    you guys really hate the bitch don’t you

  47. @Profess
    I was thinking that too, Juugo definately knows alot – maybe sent sent Orochimaru an Suigetsu an Karin to kill those 2 elders from Danzo’s era back in the village!

    She pisses me off coz she could have been so badass after the sasori fight and hypes up tsunade as a teacher when she is shit too! Only good thing tsuande is for is a titty wank, blowjob an every other sexual thing u can do to a woman. Those pages could have been used to show us A NEW jutsu from Sakura, some strategy developed from Sakura, hell even a medical forbidden jutsu from Sakura – something, anything fuckin useful from the bitch! Put Ino in team 7 FFS!

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    Hashirama and madara hasn’t even started fighting yet an BIG MAGNUM already started started talking shit. Can the atmopshere even handle the carnage that’s about to go down? The most powerful entity that ever existed an 5 OP ninjas(who are dead btw) are about to throw down. Why even bother to participate at this point? The shinobi alliance is already defeated the moment the hoisted came cause they all but useless now.

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