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Its Out!!!!

Naruto Chapter 631


Bleach Chapter 538


The rumor is that Oda-sama has become so sick that he had to be hospitalized, so do have him in your prayers, or whatever is it you do. So no One Piece most likely for two weeks.


54 Responses

  1. So all four hokage and Sasuke are on the battlefield. I didn’t see Orochimaru or the rest of Team Taka. I wonder if they went to help the other kage recover. Suigetsu did not appear to keen to enter a fight against Madara or the Juubi, anyway. Besides, if no one went to help the other kage, does that mean one or all of them are gone?

  2. I totally forgot about the other kage, but they shouldn’t be neccesary. Big magnum is just one guy, wouldn’t that be overkill?

  3. That naruto picture’s hilarious! Good find Jdogg!

    Hancock pulls that outfit off WAY better than sasuke!

  4. Kishi this is how u write a mother effin chapter! Minato+bijuu mode equals one badass mother****** (now this whole bijuu mode thing can only happen when somoen has the nine tails chakra… so i guess while in the body of the reaper minato was still able to train ala vegeta when he was in hell?) Anyways this chapter was by far the best chapter from kishi we have read in a long time. Not only that but we find out that the seconds speed/shinsun is behind minatos in terms of power or speed (was minato possibly the second strongest hokage behind the first? its def starting to look that way lol). Now the whole sasuke hokage thing is a little forced i feel but in the end i guess like someone had mentioned before if gaara could become kage after kiling tons of people and being considered a psychopath than sasuke can as well (although im not a fan of that). These four kages by themselves have aready shown to be far superior to anyone on the battlefield not named sasuke or naruto. How they plan on defeating the juubi with op madara lurking in the background remains to be seen but its clear that these four are the key to stopping the juubi. It def helps naruto that there r 5 more ninja on par or even surpassing him in power.

  5. I do hope kishi knows what he’s doing with sasuke else we are heading for a crash course and hopefully we wont get burnt.

    Personally i didn’t like naruto mastering the bijuu mode it has had uts moment but i dont like it i preferred naruto with the whole “dont mess with me when am angry HULK! attitude”i miss that.
    And now minato too, in bijuu mode doesn’t do it for me.i mean i respected minato as the perfect ninja because he had no off the charts power up,no belong to this clan hax,no huge energy blast instead he turns yours on you.but MAN! was he the baddest ass still.

  6. Hmm… I think all the kages + team taka + team 7 + Orochimaru + the rest = unstoppable force. All of them vs the 10 tails and that probably wont be enought. This has been only set up to show how strong the 10 tails is.

    By the way, this chapter seems to be a fan made. All our dreams came true in this chapter.

  7. Okay, so I just saw Juugo appear alongside Sasuke. I guess we are supposed to assume that Tsunade has taken care of the other kage. It just seems like a waste that the hokage wouldn’t visit with them before coming to save the day, but I understand your point, @ kaizoku ou. With nine kage on the battle field , one of which is a sannin, along with another one in Orochimaru, it would be too much for readers to believe Madara could eke out a win.

  8. Minato mastering the bijuu mode makes sense.
    Why because the kyubi chakra he sealed in him doesn’t have any consciousness. so he doesn’t have to undergo the whole “erase your hate and drag out the chakra”intense training naruto went through,the kyubi chakra just became one with his(much like naruto first bijuu mode).

    But then again why the flashlight cloak,and not the evil redhot cloak like kin and gin.i guess minato doesn’t have a dark side

  9. I am shocked to see that Minato has mastered bijuu mode. I wonder how this bijuu mode might work differently from Naruto’s transformation.

  10. Nice chapter!!!so the juubi has indeed caused a tsunami.and was that what Bee was trying to repel with his tentacles?he’s lucky the 4th came else we would have had roasted octopus-turkey for wednesday breakfast.

    Sasuke!!hokage!? When i heard that i actually joined kiba and the rest of ’em to exclaim with that white eye thingy.jeez! sasuke is going in too deep,come on kishi that what this manga’s all about naruto VS sasuke death match we wouldn’t have it anyother way

  11. I dont really like Sauske.. But how can they complain so much about what he did to them?? What did he do to them and Konohoa?? Only really evil thing I can Think of is killig Danzou, and Danzou was just bad for the village either way.. have he done any damage to the leaf??

  12. Did you guys see Hinata’s face after Minato said he thought Sakura was Naruto’s girlfriend instead of her? She looked so worried! I do not not think she has anything to be concerned about, though. As soon as she shows what she can do, Minato will change his tune, and welcome her into the family.

  13. @Gentlepunch and Sannins

    I REALLY hope Kishi doesnt fuck this up! I had a crap afternoon in work an a crap gym session coz of this ludacris chapter. Sasuke wanting to be hokage is sooooo cheesy, where is the danger there, where is madman sasuke, the whole build up to Naruto vs Sasuke deathmatch was exciting – this winner gets to be hokage sounds so anti-climax already.

    As for Minato using bijuu mode…….meh! Might aswell make the whole alliance use it to at this point. And Sakura u stupid bitch! U remember a little while back Sasuke was gonna shove a kunai up ur ass in front of kakashi an now u wanna suck his dick again after 2 seconds, talkin shit “Tsunade prepares her disciples….” Yeah thats why her juicy ass got cut in half an hour ago!


  15. In regards to One Piece, it is official http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2013/05/21/eiichiro-oda-hospitalized-one-piece-manga-goes-on-2-week-hiatus, putting simply he is going to feel like crap for a couple of weeks not to mention not being able to speak, so it would not surprise me if it is extended to 4 weeks.

    Turning to Naruto, brilliant episode, liked the bit where Naruto fumbled over the question over Sakura being his girlfriend, Naruto and Sakura’s reaction and Minato’s. Interesting but not surprising that Minato can now do the cloak thing, perhaps he foresaw this as well, meanwhile if the kages are out of the death reaper seal where is the other half of Kurama’s chakra because it was separated, anyone know or have any ideas.

    Sasuke stating he wanted to become Kage is interesting and I quite like it, it means there will be a legitimate reason for Sasuke v Naruto assuming one does not get killed in defending Konoha. Would like an update on the other Kages and especially Obito v Kakashi at some point.

    Although one does have to wonder where Orochimaru and Taka (Is it still?) are?

    Meanwhile, I liked Madara’s reaction, at least I think it was Madara lol.

    Overall, good chapter, I still think there is something to come out of Naruto knowing the other beasts names perhaps a failsafe by SOTP in case the Juubi got loose?

    Turning to Bleach, nice to see Hitsugaya having a bit of humility and the other captains realising that desperate times call or desperate measures perhaps we will see Urahara’s doll come back, you know the one which Ichigo later Renji trained on to regain their bankai?

    Interesting developments with the other captains and the VIce Captain who is reminding me of the masked rider. Who the heck is that large dog and I don’t mean Sajin Komamura lol?

    Ichigo being brought back seemed a little convenient for me and the fact that he has found his sword with a hollow face on it, does that mean he will now regain his hollow/Vizard/Arrancar/Espada abilities back? Whatever happened to his Fullbring are those still around?


  16. @Phantom Since Minato can use the Tailed Beast shroud, it seems obvious that he is using Kurama’s yin chakra for himself. After all if you ignore the reaper death seal aspect, one could say that Minato sealed one half of Kurama’s chakra in side his own body after sealing the other half inside of Naruto.
    Look ,though: Ino, Shikamaru and Choji! Hinata,Shino, Kiba! and Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto!!! The Rookie Nine is all together again! The Konoha 11 still is not the same without Neji, but hopefully, this new development will be worthwhile. I’m thinking that the Rookie Nine could pull off least one coordinated attack without a hitch, and all without their senseis.

  17. @Naruto Tutor, I have thought about that and I was not 100% sure, so I think that clears that up, assuming of course KIshi does not pull an ace out of the bag or something.

    Would like the Rookie nine to do something to show that the new generation can look after the next generation.

  18. Some time ago I was arguing with some people whether or not Minato sealed the other half of the nine tailed inside him or not. This just confirmed my theory that Minato sealed it inside him only that way Minato can have access to the bijuu chakra.

  19. There’s no consciousness in kuramas chakra in naruto, minatory is a/master at using seals, and hes dead. No surprise he did bijuu mode so easily( but there no way it can reach narutos level, he doesn’t have kurama)

    The thing I’m confused about is if minato really sealed the chakra inside himself, why did kishi have him using two different seals to do the exact same thing he did with naruto? Is it because ones living an the other is just chakra? Did orochimaru had something to do it? Or is it an oversight on kishi’s part?

    I recall the third sealing the first, second, and orochimaru’s arms along with his jutsus inside himself, but not anymore because of orochimaru and the zetsus. It seems likely to me that minatory was simply allowed to maintain possession of kuramas other chakra.

  20. I swear to God if sakura goes sage mode, I’ll quit……..

  21. In my opinion, Naruto has bigger chakra reserves but Minato is still stronger. With this bijuu mode, with his superior speed, superior tactical skills and his seals ability and his ability to redirect attacks like the bijuu dama there´s not much where Naruto can outperform his father

  22. Probably…token or the other guys who disagreed with me in the past, still disagree….but I still believe that Minato sealed the other half of Kurama in himself…..before he died he didn´t go bijuu mode but now all of sudden he did….what his the difference….. the sealing

  23. I wasn´t crazy about this chapter, all this action….Minato and the other Hokage were awesome but Sasuke totally destroyed this chapter. I don´t critisize the change of heart but as soon as he sayed he want to become Hokage…..seriously Kishi….first I thought it was a joke but he meant it and that is soooooo unrealistic

  24. And now we got another danzo in the making……

  25. i think that Hinata will have a big role soon. The panels that shows her face…. It’s not the face of a happy woman. I think first she was worried when Naruto sort of admit that Sakura’s his girl.
    Seems to me that Hinata will either sacrifice herself… or she will go to the dark side.
    She doesn’t look happy. First she lost Neji and now she’s gonna lose her love….

  26. I don’t like it if Naruto did not end up with Hinata.. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
    GTH Sakura!!

  27. HOTDAMN this chapter was by far the best if not one of the top 5 best Naruto chapters out this year.. hell in years.

    Now on to a couple of topics i want to address and to put it forth now. this in my options, speculations, and/or theories. I am not trying to push my ideals on anyone so I’m not going to argue with anyone on what I write.

    Bijuu Minato…. Damn that sh** was hot… I had to reread the chapter because i got thrown off at it at first. I was like damn Naruto is back in Bijuu mode already but when Guy said that statement about only Hokage level can perform this type of jutsu and seeing Naruto still being healed by Sakura I had to reread the chapter again.. I was like “you gotta be f-ing kidding me” Now to my speculation. And many my be on the same wavelength as me but when Minato extracted half of Kurama’s chakra from him he did not take any of Kurama’s conscience into him only his chakra. With Minato being on of the top geniuses ever to come out of Konaha, he would figure out how to manipulate the chakra to his will. hell the man in the inventor of the now overused Rasengan. A move most ninjas couldn’t even come close to doing and its a basic move if you think about it.But still hard to do and master. So him manipulating Kurama’s other half is like child’s play to him. Plus he would have to fight to control it like Naruto had to with Kurama’s full mind within Naruto

    Sasuke as Hokage……. All I gotta say is, though it has been theorized by many to include some on this blog… i never even thought it possible. So to those that figured it out or said it i applauded you.

    Naruto’s love triangle……. not much to say on that but NOOOOO don’t do it Naruto. Go with the girl that will die for you in a heartbeat… Hell she nearly died twice trying to protect you. One to where your “girlfriend” had to heal her from near death and the other her cousin “older brother” took the hit for her so she could be with you. So Naruto do not do it. Hinata is your girl not Sakura. Yes Sakura fans i know she die for Naruto too but Sakura is reactive, HInata is proactive. Means Sakura waits til the last min to help out. Hinata will jump into the fray before or during the fight to help out even when people tells her no wait. But remember that’s my opinon.

    Last Orochimaru missing in action. I am starting to think that the original main villain of the serious my be the last boss hog as we all (well most of us) would love him to be. I honestly think that Snakeman my want to take the Juubi into himself and become the Jinchuriki of the Juubi. He may not be interested in the war but he is still interested in Sasuke…which means the Sharingan and as the Sharigan is connected to the Juubi, I think Oro may be planning something along the lines of taking the Juubi himself as there is no one except Obito (alive) even remotely interested in taking the Juubi into themselves.

  28. one last thing does anyone notice how nonchalant Hinata is? She is not showing any emotions or reactions to anything going on right now… any thoughts?

  29. @tensa
    LMAO…! Hilarious you’re crazy man,LOL….not to mention sakura has probably not learnt anything from tsunade. see naruto learns to be a bit of a pervert like jiraiya,sasuke learnt to be snake-like in his ways and sakura well….where are the boobs and the soft spots???i mean look at the panel where she stood up and raised her ass in DOGGY STYLE{for sasuke…..see! Flat as a chopping board

    don’t worry about hinata guys, naruto just needs to mature a little more. then he’ll realize who’s got the soft spots,and come running home to mama

  30. here is my thought, would Minato now have the Yang Chakra, wouldnt his clothes be black and white instead of white and black or am i just reading to much into that? lol

    good opinion here:


  31. Its a setup for there to be 2 Hokages like the 1st and Madara were suppose to be before Madara turned ‘evil’.

    Yeah but that would suck if Sasuke dies and Naruto, “ill avenge you and become Hokage for the both of us scenerio.”

  32. Long time no see people…it seams like kish is having a change of heart again and agreeing with me Minato was the strongest ninja. He already demonstrated how superior his speed is to all others. He set up a strategy before they could even get to the battle field and have the 2nd and 3rd direction to follow him. Dats a bad ass… Did I mention he also has bcm…..just wow….

  33. @gentlepunch

    Sakura is only good for one thing at this point in time……a spit roast!
    Think about it Naruto’s tired as hell fighting, a little head would relax the guy an help him unwind, Sasuke is an emotional wreck right now an probably has a headache, some sweet sugar walls is just what he needs to take a load off! Sakura has been preparing herself for this moment mentally since she put on that headband, she’s ready – next chapter begin the spit roast jutsu!!

  34. @team most badass Minato and itachi r tops for me. Strongest however I think they r still fourth/fifth behind sosp, hashirAma and madara

  35. @token , I didn’t count sosp because he never been seen. No record of his battle to go off. Don’t get me wrong , I to assume he is number one but have nothing to base it off.

    I just don’t see how mardara can beat Minato in a fight. What could he use to combat the 4th flash step. And I think it’s safe to same that Minato is far superior to mardara in the genius department.

    Last , you yourself said the forth is stronger than the second just now, and the first asked the second not to kill mardara. So naruto math says the 4th could beat mardara.

  36. @team there is no debate about sosp bring strongest….. He took on and sealed the juubi himself. The whole shinobi w

  37. The whole shinobi alliance is having trouble with an imperfect form juubi. Sosp is clearly one with hashirAma two. What chapter did hashirAma tell the second not to kill madara? And even if he did than wouldn’t the second be third on the list? Tobirama stated minatos shinfu jutsu was better but that doesn’t mean Minato us stronger. And the only reason Minato told the second and third to follow him is cause he had set up the kunai and knew where to take them

  38. And btw in my list Minato was higher than tobirama but if ur saying the second could beat madara than the second would be third strongest wouldn’t he?

  39. And real quick madara took on the 5 Kage which included the raikage who is considered the third fastest ninja ever behind Minato and I guess naruto who’s speed is compared to minatos

  40. I doubt minatos bijuu mode is anything but a Gimped version of narutos. Still believe naruto is superior, especially when he goes into stage 2.

  41. Minato was able to access Kyuubi chakra mode because he obviously has the Kyuubi’s Yin Chakra sealed inside him. It isn’t asspull and makes perfect sense.

    Unlike Naruto, who has both the Kyuubi’s Yang chakra and its consciousness, Minato only has the kyuubi’s chakra. If you remember, when Minato used the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to separate the Kyuubi’s chakra, he did not take the Kyuubi’s consciousness, the Kyuubi could still act on its own. What he did is kinda like what Naruto did training with Killer Bee – accessing the Kyuubi’s chakra without its permission.

    Because Minato doesn’t have the actual soul of the Kyuubi sealed inside him, he doesn’t have to contend with what Naruto did – the constant risk of succumbing to hate from Kurama’s influence. He doesn’t need to fight the Kyuubi in his subconscious and wrestle his chakra from him because there isn’t any other entity that’s controlling the chakra – its just him.

    What I don’t understand is why Minato’s cloak looks exactly like Naruto’s – if anything it should be inverted because of the different types of chakra – but nonetheless, its still awesome.

  42. @unkown91 – Naruto’s Kyuubi Chakra Mode is superior because he actually has the spirit of the 9 tails there to collaborate with, rather than Minato who just has the chakra. Naruto can actually enter Bijuu Mode – the complete collaboration between tailed beast and jinchuriki, whilst Minato probably can’t.

  43. @?????

    Minato’s outfit kinda throws you off, but if you look at the tomoes and the symbol on his chest, his bijuu mode is actually more similar to naruto’s first stage of bijuu mode back when he was training with killer bee, which I refer as stage 1.


    Naruto bijuu mode stage 1

    Naruto bijuu mode stage 2

    see the differences?

  44. Naruto didn’t achive that second form until him the kyuubi started working together.

  45. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something but this chapter has perked my interest. At least a little bit.

    Naruto-I like the ideal that Sasuke wants to become hokage. I’m just hoping this ideal doesn’t fall apart like with that swirly face Obito.

    Bleach-One thing I really like about bleach is when Ichigo gets his resolve. It didn’t take him no time this time to get his asauchi.

  46. @ IMMORTAL,

    yes, and the cool thing is, it’s a HOLLOW.

  47. Minato’s Kyuubi form is the same as Naruto’s when he first awakened it, it just looks like his second form because he’s already wearing a long jacket. The chakra form just seems to augment around whatever you’re wearing.

  48. YOu guys think its possible for Minato to give Naruto the other half of the Kyuubi’s chakra?

    That would be epic.

  49. @william I think it’s likely that Minato will give him the other half. I mean he knows once Edo is done its gone again so y not give it to his son

  50. Naruto will get the other half of the chakra, that was Minato’s plan all along (since he was resurrected that is).

  51. Where is orochimaru? I got a bad feeling…..

  52. whatever Orochimaru is planning, it won’t come into effect until Madara is defeated. So for now, I expect him to play nice.

  53. orochimaru will hide to the extent he cant be sensed by the enemy… killing the one who summon the 4 kages, wud mean releasing edo tensei….but i still believe, this orochimaru will be the greatest villain, i cant see this guy to be protagonist… he will probably get obito’s body and eventually become the jinjuruki of the 10 tails…

  54. Killing the Edo tensei summoner does not get rid of the summons. Only way is to use the right hand seals and they must be done by the summoner. Oro being th final villain would be nice and it has to be important to note that he has hasiramas cells now. That will probably come up later

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