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Bleach Chapter 537: Everything but the Rain Op.10

Chapter 537: Everything but the Rain Op.10 ‘Prinz von Licht’
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Rightly so, knowing the fact that Masaki is a powerful Quincy it makes the conditions around her deaths a bit suspicious. Ishinn draws back to the ‘Blut vene’ ability. The armor ability. Ichigo displayed that ability when struck by Juha Bach.

Before he does onwards, he pretty much admits how he feels. He says: “It wasnt that I couldn’t save. It was I didn’t save her.” Even without his power he felt Masaki and Grand Fisher. He didn’t bother going because he knew Grand Fisher would be no problem for Masaki.

But, instead of beating him, she died on that encounter with the hollow.

Ishinn then ask Ichigo if he ever heard Uryuu say anything about his mother. Ishinn confirms that Uryuu’s mother is in fact Katagiri like I guess last time out. She collapsed on the same day as Masaki, nine years ago. She died three months later.

Ichigo asks the most prudent question. What the hell happened on that day.


I am not sure what it translates too in English, but is a ritual. A ‘Holy Selection’ of Quincy carried out by Yuha Bach I guess. As Ishinn explained it there was a legend of a sealed king(yuha bach). In the tales of that it took the King 900 years to regain his hearbeat. 90 years to regain his reason and 9 more to regain his power.

In order to get his power back Yuha Bach picked what he deemed as ‘impure’ quincies. and took their power for his own. So Katagiri was only a half-blood and her powers were pulled away from her. Apperently her body was already weak and thus the process was too much body to handle and she passed away. Masaki would have deemed to be impure because she was tainted by the hollow.

Yuha Bach absorbed her powers when she was in combat with Grand Fisher quickly turning the table around in her disadvantage. Without her powers she couldn’t possibly hope to do anything. In the end she sacrificed her life to save the life of her son.

Yuhabach is the father of All Quincy. In a sense he is to the quincy what the soul-king is to the Shinigami. His blood flows within all quincy, so even Ichigo has his blood flowing through him.

With that Ishinn has told his son everything he should know about his past, his bloodline. He is surprised and I guess proud to see Ichigo find his resolve returned.

I’m sure Ichigo wants to get back to Soul Society. He goes outside to find Ikumi-san waiting outside his house. She seems a bit nervous to me as she hands back his old badge. He gives her his thanks and heads out.

The scene switches to the unknown realm where thevandereich reside. And to my surprise. Uryuu is all dressed up and seemed to have joined their ranks much to Yuha Bach’s delight.

Now, I know that Ishida isnt stupid. I also wouldn’t be surprised that Ryuuken has told Uryuu about how his mother died. Even if he didn’t. I don’t think Ryuuken would allow his son to join the man who basicly is resposible for his wife’s death.

The plot thickens indeed.


7 Responses

  1. Sounds like uryuu is planning on handling shit on his own.

    I still don’t understand why ishinn said he didn’t save masaki instead of couldn’t. Wouldn’t he’ve just been in the way if tried to participate?
    Unless he already had access to some of his powers because of the contract weakening due to ichigo being born…..

  2. Btw great review!

  3. Ichigo’s dad couldn’t get his powers back until Ichigo hollow fully awaken. During the time Masaki was attacked by the hollow Grand Fisher, Ichigo hollow was still sealed. Thus, his dad seal was still intact and his powers were still restricted.

  4. Y does uryu always have to make dumb moves, yuha Bach will kill him for sure if he plans on double crossin him. Still I remember Opie saying something about how uryu was much stronger than ichigo described so it will be a blast seeing his power upgrade!! I really hope the next stop for ichi wil be the soul kings palace….so much to look fowrd to:D

  5. Power ranking in Bleach is tough. A lot of characters been said to be stronger than others.

  6. Opie didnt say Uryuu was stronger than Ichigo. Opie said he Uryuu was stronger then himself. to which Ichigo went something ‘w0t?’

  7. Actually i think opie implied that uryuu should be stronger then him, not neccessarly that he is stronger then him. It makes me wonder if maybe the average sternrhitter quincy believes uryuu to be a pure blood and not the 3/4 he actually is. After all he comes from a pure blooded family, that is implied to be very strong.

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