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cecsBy: CESC!

Hello again, and welcome back. With shonen being on break last week, we had to wait 2 weeks to see what would come out of Kakashi and Obito’s battle, and also the 10 tails of course.



I am not sure exactly what the ten tails did with the storms, if he tried to kill the alliance with lightning ten_tails__juubi__by_ac_e-d5l54kror ferocious winds, either way it did not work as Naruto was there to protect them. And it seems that Naruto had control over the chakra that he gave to the shinobi alliance, I had thought that he had no control over it at all. Another thing confirmed is that Shikaku died for nothing. He died smiling, believing (and leading us to believe) that he had conjured up the ultimate plan to defeat the jubbi, now it is clear that he only succeeded in prolonging their deaths and suffering. While CESC might be right about Shikaku sacrificing himself for now, I (Jdogg) on the other hand disagree because we still have not seen that plan come into play. It is either Kishi already forgot about it or he is still waiting to reveal the fruit of this plan to take down the Jubbi.

It is interesting to note that the ten tails is more of a humanoid than an animal, all the other tailed beasts have been animals, but the jubbi stands on two legs and has the physique of a man, it can even form hand signs. This can lead to some very interesting outcomes, for starters, if the jubbi can form hand signs it means it can also think; if it can think, then surely it will seek to rule the world with its limitless power (and the fact that the SoSP is no longer here), there will be nothing stopping it.

ten_tails_by_zhangding-d5pbbrkThat brings me to my next point, does the jubbi see Naruto as the SoSP? It certainly seemed that way, it is definitely Kishi foreshadowing something to come, I believe Naruto will get to the level of the SoSP by the end of the Manga, the only way he will defeat this beast that just keeps getting stronger. What also is interesting is that the Jubbi react to Naruto how Kurama reacts to Madara. When Kurama ever mentions or hears the name Madara he gets angry in fact it is one of the reasons he is working with Naruto so he wont be manipulated by Madara or the Jubbi. Nonetheless, cesc and I both agree that the Jubbi defiantly sees Naruto as a threat.

Naruto runs out of gas and can no longer protect himself or the alliance, and just as Madara is preparing to deal the final blow, the alliance come to his aid, they plan to protect him as he has been protecting them. So after the first day of the “war” 40k remained in the alliance, even if half of those remaining died on the second day, there should still be thousands left yet I only see a handful around. Where will this leave the shinobi world when all of this is over? Is the idea of ninjas going to be scrapped? I hope not, Naruto would be boring without ninjas.

I don’t know what to make of Obito now, according to him Rin and Kashi were not the reason he turned evil, it was the whole 628___obito__katon_bakufuu_ranbu__by_idaisan-d639lnssystem of shinobi that truly broke his hope in humanity. For me, Obito would have been better off sticking with the story that he is evil because his best friend let the love of his life die. He claims Rin’s death had nothing to do with it, but in fact it had everything to do it. Before Rin died, Obito had no issues with the system, then the moment Rin dies he realizes there is something wrong; does that mean she is the first shinobi to have ever lost her life protecting peace? I believe Kishi is trying to make Obito seem like less of a bitch, but to me he is just the same. Both his reasons are equally as pathetic, because in truth they are the same. I was expecting something new and exciting when Obito said Kakashi should stop flattering himself if he believed he cause Obito’s break down, but instead I was left disappointed by the “real” cause Obito gives. Smh Kishi, smh!

Kakashi_by_GuennolKakashi has been disappointing though, failing to “pull the trigger” on multiple occasions, but I don’t really blame him too much. That being said, I am annoyed by it, and it seems Obito is as well as he purposely walks right into Raikiri. First I thought Obito used Kamui to teleport that area to the real world, then Kakashi removed his hand and revealed the giant gaping hole. My next thought after that, and especially after Obito’s words, was that Obito has replaced his entire body with zetsu, and not just the right side. Another possible explaining, and this could be more likely, is that Obito used a genjutsu. I am not sure, let me know what you guys think.

We have not been discussing the chapters much at all in the comments lately, perhaps they have been boring, or more likely my reviews have been boring. If it is the latter then please I am all ears, any tips on how to make my reviews more interesting would be very welcomed. And if it was the former, then discuss some theories, or post your opinions. I’d hate to see this page die, the only way to keep it alive is by active participation. I’ll see you guys in the comments. As for my (Jdogg) last comments on the latest chapter, I found it a refreshing chapters while we will still bit@# and moan about how we still have not seen the four hokages make their epic entrance. Because lets be honest the most exciting thing that we are waiting for right now is just that. As for me I think that seeing Naruto finally feeling the pressure and stress of being the savor of everyone just elevates his character higher.


I know this is not Naruto related, but it is just an epic picture.

(Dragonball Z fans)



38 Responses

  1. Naruto will lose, of that I have little doubt.

  2. Naruto won’t win or lose cause the hokage will come and save his and the alliances ass. Having those badasses joining him can only help narutos chances. Btw that pic is dragon ball gt…. U brought up bad memories with that pic sigh 😛

  3. Omega Shenron nice.

  4. Oh and great job cesc as always. I think the chapters have been pretty eventless. The reviews are great. You and jdogg do an excellent job. Once the action and story pick back up then so will the comments. If not, tawuya, me, and tensa will start our own manga with comments here, lol. That will definitely pick the comments up. And you and jdogg can do the reviews, :-).

  5. Everything is falling into place to prove my
    Theory. Naruto is going to end up sealing the Juubi within himself and become the embodiment of the Sage of the Six Path’s physical body and Sasuke will end up acquiring the rinnengan for his eyes. Naruto (ultimate Sage body) vs Sasuke ( ultimate Sage eyes).

  6. BTW Naruto Road to Ninja is finally out online. Everyone can now access the movie.

  7. Ultimate Sage Eyes v Ultimate Sage Body… I like it!

    Agree, that not much happening hence not so much convo on banter board.

  8. Good review

  9. Kakashi/gai = last legit rival/friends.

    Everyone else falls into crushes, bromances, or plot devices used to fuel them.

  10. I don’t understand, When it was revealed that obito turned evil because of rin.some people screamed their heads out and called it lazy writing.and now he reveals that is not because of rin alone.they call it more lazy.i thought everyone liked a villian with a mental case(joker).and now kishi gives you one crazy enough to call the real world fake and the fake world real.yet you still bitch.if i was in kishi’s shoes i’d be frustrated screaming

  11. @Sannins – Lol, I’ve stopped trying to understand it… smh #justReadShurrupAndEnjoy

  12. @Sannins&tawuya
    As my bro, tensa always say=”everyone loves a good bitch”

  13. I always catch myself smiling when naruto runs out of gas.cuz i know shit’s about to get real and naruto always seem to shut his cocky cheesy pie-hole when out of chakra.

  14. @GentlePunch – haha, for real, a chakra depleted Naruto is evidence of sparkful things to come. There will be lots of panting and panels of eye close-ups!

  15. @sannin people are mad cause this new “reason” is basically a more sugar coated version of what he’s said already. Not only that but he’s nothing like “the joker” like u claim. His agenda and reasoning is childish, not reckless, without reason but childish. Not only that but hes a weak ninja thats basically a science experiment and yet kishi is trying to pass him off as a legit villain. It’s time he stop bitching and moaning about the ninja system and such. He complains about it ironically only after rin dies and yet it has nothing to do with rin? That’s what people are annoyed at. Before u complain bout other people read up on the reason and make a logical comment. Yours just makes u look like u don’t know the real reason most people t complaining

  16. @token
    he’s reasoning is far from childish,what’s childish about a villian wanting to watch this world burn and build a world that favours him.couldn’t get more evil than that.
    As for obito being weak.thats just a lie,no-one can beat obito else kakashi’s eye,which is originally his so no-one can beat him.not even hashirama(yeah,i said it)i mean he would just phase through everything and if shit get real,he’ll runaway, he wouldn’t win yet he wouldn’t lose.

    And i know exactly why people are complaining.come on, do the math, everyone who has a problem now wanted tobi to be someone else but things didn’t go their way:pand since, they have such hard time shoving tobi=obito down their throat.and nothing seem to make them want to swallow it, perharps a karate chop to the face would do the trick

  17. @sannin obito is a good ninja? Hmm last I checked when he went one v one vs Minato he got owned and ran away lol…. And how many top ninja did he beat? His best opponent was Konan and if it wasn’t for the hack izanagi he lost that fight easy. Fact is he isn’t that strong a ninja as his best technique is phasing and not being hit not to mention the rinnengan he got was put into one eye and even than he sucked at using it. And to say no ninja could beat him 1v1 is stupid. To say the first hokage has no chance shows just how little you make sense lol. O and u mentioned him running away if he couldn’t win… How much more pathetic can u get? Yea he phases but that’s it and sucks ppl in…. That works well against idiots but smarter ninja get around that quick. Hell danzos guard hit him. Madara wouldn’t run from a fight, pein wouldn’t run, hell oro with no arms stayed to battle the jiryia and tsunami at the same time. If obito got hit once he would flee like a bitch.
    As for the villain part he doesn’t want to watch the world burn he wants a world that is “good” and without all the violence and junk. Sounds to me like something from Barney or something not very chaotic or psychotic goal just a childish one. Tired of him moanin and complaining; grow up obito life is hard deal. At least madara is flat out honest with what he wants. Obito did all this for rin and him saying that is wasn’t her was funy since her dying was when he realized how “messed up” the world is.

  18. People hate obito as Tobi cause a ninja who wasn’t anything special as a kid grew up into an adult ninja who still can’t fight for s*** except phasing and warping ppl in. Him being revealed as obito and not some legend or even pseudo legend ninja or even decent like izuna is just horrible in terms of viewing him as a threat. U telling me obito is a bigger name threat than izuna would have been?

  19. @token Obito sucks at using the rinnegan? Until I read your comment I wasn’t even aware he still had it. Such a gimmick….

  20. @unknown only time he used was to control the tailed beasts like pein did lol. Yea like I said he’s weak lol

  21. Lmao I think Obito only has the rinnigan for show, he is completely wasting it, and all this after nearly getting killed by Konan to get them. Worst of all is that this idiot killed KONAN just to get them and never use them. I hate Obito.

    anyway my point is, Kishi tried go make Obito’s character a lil better by changing the story, making it so that he is evil cuz of the system, and not rin’s death. My beef with that is not that I can’t accept his reasons, its that his second reason is no different from the first. He has not become a better villain because he is evil due to the system, to me he is just the same as when it was because rin died. I am disappointed cuz kishi got my hopes up for a couple of panels then just completely let me down.

  22. i get the feeling kishi will never be able to impress naruto fans again…Li Shenlong FTMFW!!!!

  23. @Tawuya_sama & Sanin
    Obito is like another Rock Lee and Choji. They’re the most innocent people in the world! They show no evil as teens. There is a reason why Naruto fans hate Obito being Tobi. Just imagen if Tobi was Choji or Rock Lee? It would suck just as much as Obito being Tobi right now. And for anyone who brought up Joker to compare to Obito is flat out rediculous. The Joker acually had a REAL relationship with a woman and he married her. Not only that, but he also showed glimpses of hate and distorted thoughts before he became the Joker. In Obito’s case, he had zero hatred for the world or society and never had a real relationship with Rin. He went out of his way to help out old ladies before meeting up with his teammates. Zero evil.

    Obito is even more innocent than Naruto as a kid. Naruto was a troubled kid that played pranks and he had hatred towards people who resented him. Obito didn’t have hatred. He’s one of the few villains who turn evil over a crush. Rin was like a stranger to him. He barely knew her. Kakashi suffered similar losses and maybe even more people in his lifetime but he still have not acted irrational and idiotic to start hating society. Kakashi witness Obito dying. Obito was nothing more than a stranger to him. Did Kakashi go mad with hatred and started hating civilization? No. Then Kakashi who probably developed more a relationship with Rin, failed to protect her and watch her get killed by his own jutsu. Did that make Kakashi turn evil? No. Obito reason for turning evil is too artificial and Thoughtless.

    Obito possibly the most lamest villain. He’s beyond idiotic and dumb and it makes anyone wonder how the hell he became twisted in the first place. Oh wait, he did it over a crush and a person who he barely knew. He’s so dumb that he spent years planning for a war to fail miserably. This whole 4th war could’ve been avoided if Obito had use his Senju wood jutsu to capture Naruto BEFORE he mastered his nine tail fox powers. But nope. Instead he waited until Naruto fully master his tailed beast power, just so Naruto can spoiled his plans and kick his ass in a fight. That’s what makes Obito’s character a sad excuse as a villain. Planning a war that wasn’t necessary and his stupidity for not seeing the obvious solution in capturing Naruto.

  24. When obito is put In that light, no wonder kakashi’s so confused and can’t bring himself to believe this is what obito is all about.

  25. Randomly what would happen if naruto merged with black zetsu? N why haven’t we heard from black zetsu in forever? If I recall the mizu n crew never fully captured/defeated him and for that them n the Kings haven’t been shown in a while either weren’t the Kings the most important chess pieces in this war?

  26. ” Kishi tried go make Obito’s character a lil better by changing the story, making it so that he is evil cuz of the system, and not rin’s death.” do Western (free online) reader gripes even show up on Kishi’s radar?

    I doubt he’s chopping and changing his story as he goes along; Obito was LONG in the planning; Kakashi Gaiden and foreshadowing were all proof.

  27. @cas24
    Black Zetsu already got defeated by Chochuro (new seven swordsmen). He got slice in half.

  28. I Like ★★★★



    go INO GOOOOO!

  30. Kishi actually made ino useful!!! was kind of cool to see her use her technique on that large a scale without any of those machines like what the others were using at hq. Also i gota say how freaking sad is it that the whole shinobi alliance cant do a damn thing against one bomb… and can u say space/time jutsu is beastly?! y did other ppl not try to learn it lol. The war can finally begin for real

  31. kakashis talk no jutsu was decent just wish there was less talk and more of what was goin on outside on the battlefield.

  32. great end to this chapter

  33. THE FOURTH!!!!!!

    Now THAT’S how to end a chapter!

    @Token – lol, dude you are never happy 🙂 What’s the real issue with Kishi, tell us so we can mediate hehehe

  34. Daddy’s homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
    U guys read the one piece an bleach chapters yet – both Oda an Kubo went Peanut Butter Bagel crazy this week lovin there work!

  35. @Tensa – PBB craaaayyyy!!!!!

    Bleach – Gonna sneak in a “called it” on Juha being responsible for Masaki’s death 🙂 So now Ichi’s resolve has returned and Uryuu has gone undercover (Prinz von Licht!). Who ends up fighting who though??? I would have wanted Kenpachi to take on Bach but now it’s personal with The Strawberry…

    One Piece – for the first time in a long time got tipped! Good chapter nonetheless 🙂 He ended this blocks fight in just the right chapter and gave us a nice tidbit at the end with the toy soldier.

    Naruto – DADDY is indeed home! The Fourth is the baddest man to grace these pages in a long time and nails the entrance everytime!

  36. oh also called Bartolomeo’s Invisible Woman stees #giggle

  37. @tawuya lol what did i even complain about? All I said was I wish there was less talk more action. I didn’t even say kishi sucked it up or anything. The slightest critic on kishi gets u riled up huh

  38. he definitely nailed the entrance, i tought hashirama was going to take the spot light,he being the baddest ass around and all.well nobody would have done that save any cooler than the fourth.

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