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Bleach Chapters 535 & 536

Chapter 535: Everything but the Rain Op.8 ‘Defenders’
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Time for a two parter after I missed the last one. So. Chapter 535 is first on my list. And Masaki soul’s is slowly pulled in by the darkness. She seems surprinsingly calm as the hollow as about to swallow her soul.

The odd couple has followed Urahara to his little shop. He isn’t unknown to Ishinn, but that shouldnt be a surprise. Urahara must be branded as quite the heretic.

As Ryuuken starts throwing a fit again, Urahara launches into an explanation. It’s best to divert to the chapter as it is quite lengthy. In short: In order to save Masaki from the Hollow. The hollow’s power must be balanced out by something of equal & opposite strength.

It needs the soul of a shinigami.

Urahara turn to Ishinn and pops the question. Is he willing to sacrifice his power to save Masaki’s soul from the hollow. If his agrees his soul will be eternally linked to hers. He will lose all his powers.

Ryuuken quickly settles that Ishinn would never do this, the sacrifice too great.

Right… or that. I don’t think Ishinn understands the science involves, but he doesn’t seem to care. The answer was simple to begin with for him. He wouldn’t have been able to look himself in the mirror if he didn’t save the person that saved his life.

So… with that Ishinn takes form inside Masaki’s soul.

Chapter 536: Everything but the Rain Op.9 ‘June Truth’
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With that Ishinn is now facing the Hollow, holding on to Masaki. He quickly strikes down the hollow breaking its mask. At that same moment, Masaki recognizes him and starts asking his ears off.

Soon after though, Ishinn is back in his new body.

The procedure was a succes, he soul was saved. Masaki is alot like Inoue. Maybe less shy. Good humor in that little bit.

Before Ishinn continues to talk about his relationship with Masaki, the chapter turns to Ryuuken. His maid, Katagiri has followed him. To me, the scene that follows here is the start of a closer relationship between these two, no doubt ending up with the birth of Uryuu.

It seems Katagiri had developed feelings for Ryuuken a long time ago, but due to her status within the household, she was never able to do anything with it. Until all the recent events, watching Ryuuken suffer became too much to bear making her give voice to her feelings.

It seems, maybe evena little at this point. Her feelings have reached him.

So, after that things settle down in the real world. After High School, Masaki leaves the Ishida household. Ishinn starts a medical clinic with some tutoring from Urahara.

Slowly over time they grew closer and closer together. Ishinn having fallen completely in love with her. And thus eventually Ichigo was born.

The only noteworthy moment after that is that the hollow seemed to have transferred into Ichigo. Eventually when it came out it broke the link it had with Ishinn. With that link broken Ichigo’s powers started to return to him.

But, the kicker for this week is. The truth about the death of Masaki.

From the story’s pov exactly 9 years ago. June 17th.

Ishinn will reveal what really killed his wife.


4 Responses

  1. The Easter bunny?

    No seriously, perhaps Aizen sent a new version of Hollowfication (Grand Fisher) into the world by chance it found Masaki but instead went for Ichigo sensing the Hollow within him, but in doing so Masaki got in its way and got impaled in the process.


    Uruhara realised that the shell was breaking down and perhaps tried placing Hogyoku within the shell with neither Masaki or Isshin realising. However, with Ichigo’s birth the hollow transferred over to him, over time it was not much of a problem but then Ichigo started exhibiting Hollow like abilities, this in turn attracted the Grand Fisher before Isshin, Kisuke and Ryuken could seal the hollow powers back into Ichigo, Grand fisher went for Ichigo and Masaki instinctively got impaled.


  2. I think the hollow violently came out of ichigo as Grand Fisher tried to stike him. The imminent danger was enough to awaken it. It wouldn`t be too far off how it has manifested itself in the past (Think about the sewers during the SS invasion) It just took out Masaki as she got in the way. Basicly, Ichigo will now blame himself, an other psychological blow to him, as if he needed anymore of that.

  3. I think it was Juha Bach

  4. I wonder if kiske was trying to balance ichi’s powers with rukia by giving her a gigai that slowly locked out her shinigami powers and turning her more into a human,if i remember the soul society arc well..??! Bt then again i dont get why ichi nids balancing, i mean he’s alredy a human/holow/quincy/shinigami so hez the Perfect hybrid! Interesting how both uryu and ichi both lost their quincy moms though, l wonder!!!!!

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