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Its Out!!!

The chapter are all out on Mangastream.com, check’em out while you still can. I am short on time so when I get off work I’ll make this page pretty. Enjoy these amazing refreshing chapters.


32 Responses

  1. Uno! Arriba…..

  2. The next chapter I can see the FOUR showing up because let’s face it, the only reason the Army is still standing is because of Naruto and since he’s no longer in that mode.

    ::Two What’s Up::

    1) On page 7, why is Naruto showing powers of the 1 tail when he wasn’t amount the others bijuus that gave naruto some of their chakra ~ the eyes resembling the sage of six – but coming from the Juubi what does this signify to Naruto

    2) Kakashi pierced Obito in the heart and he’s still standing, like really?! The First cell in him surely have gave him some major advantage over the others. If you really look at what is at his disposal. The two strongest eyes, 1st cell, zetsu and (wonder if the juubi is still under his control due to disconnection of their link & current stage the Juubi is at as far as evolving/maturing)

  3. Looks like the juubi is about to play exodia……Naruto has no chance of countering that, smh.

  4. After another week hiatus naruto was average at best. Wish kishi would stop dragging this stuff out. The panels with naruto and the beasts and the rinnengan (signifying perhaps the sage?) were interesting but other than that the first half showed zero progress whatsoever. Now with the obito/Kakashi stand off I gotta say my respect for Kakashi has been lessened ever since he met obito. And each time after Kakashi just looks more and more pathetic for not being able to deal a critical blow…. Hell obito himself is tired of it and does the work himself lol. And obito while it was interesting that rin was a jinchiriki and such and obito found out, it’s still bs that he says its beyond rin when it comes to y he is doing all this…. I mean come on really? Obito goes batshit crazy when rin dies and at that time he couldn’t possibly have known an yet he wants us to think that all of this wasn’t for rin? Such a cop out and kishi better step it up cause after the epicness that was te return of IMO the four most badass ninja in shinobi history (of course itachi, oro and madara r included as well) the story outside of that had been slow, pointless and just plain dragged out

  5. And add the sage to that badass list as well of course lol

  6. Andddddddddddd we are back with the BIG 3!

    Bleach – im liking the backstory…………but what im liking even more are Ichigo’s momma’s titties. Yep titties FTMFW!!!!!!

    Naruto – sooooooooooo we finally find out why rin died, bitch was a host to the three tailed and Obito is pissed off at the system and i can relate, im pissed off at the system too….im pissed off that we have to work 5 days a week an rest for 2, im pissed off that racism is alive an well, im pissed off that bush was ever president, hell im even pissed off we never saw prince an michael jackson do a song together but what the fuck can u do eh, OBITO U CAN NOT BEAT THE SYSTEM SO SHUT DA FUCK UP! Oh an kakashi man up FFS, kill the bitch already jheeez, bring on the kage an sasuke man – even Maddi is waiting patiently.

    One piece – Bartolemeo taking the piss, literally!! I like this guy he doesnt give a fuck an we need more guys like that around. Im assuming that him vs bellamy will be the last 2 from that round an it could seriously go either way (not like floyd mayweather vs robert guerrero pahaha), bellamy did his thing this chapter too. So bald old giant guy, don doritos or whatever his name is…..if he once cracked a island with a headbutt an garp beat this big bitch exactly how strong is garp?! Those will of D people are aliens im callin it now! Also Cavenish got some strength in those arms an he’s got one of the legendary swords too, wonder how good his swordsmanship is! I really wanna see whats poppin with everyone else tho, where have is CP-0 an who is their target.

  7. Ugh what a boring chapter, don’t even want to do a review for it.

  8. Good thing ichigo can’t see flashbacks……

  9. i thot if a jinchuriki dies, then the tailed beast dies with them. so how the sanbi got free if when obito reached rin, she was dead? or can that be explained by the three tails being wild, as the raikage had said a dead beast will be reborn years later and i guess its been years since rin died

  10. Not bad on Kishi part to clear up on Obito lack of character. He’s like a robot. No feeling or guilt for his actions. Still doesn’t give a clear explanation for Obito’s ridiculous fast developement and some of the obvious time line conflict with his transition from good guy to bad guy. Other than that, the chapter was okay.

    The Juubi still proves to be disappointingly dull. It’s the most powerful tailed beast and creature in the whole Narutoverse. Juubi chakra was use to create all living things by Converting it’s chakra to build the foundation of elements and energy use to perform jutsus and give life it’s entity to survive. The ten-tailed beast whip of a tail should’ve easily taken down the alliance army. It should be that powerful! Hard to fathom how the strongest “thing” is struggling against shinobis ranked far below it’s capacity? A one tailed beast chakra shielding individual alliance shinobis shouldn’t be able to withstand a blow from a beast that is beyond their comprehension. One tail! Ten tail (1-9 tails combine!) >>>> one tail. It’s too unbelievable.

  11. @Madara_Uchiha
    After the host and the tailed beast dies, the tailed beast would be resurrected some place else. It wouldn’t reside back into the host to be reborn.

  12. Because the host is dead!

  13. Its been a min since i wrote on here but a lot of people dont seem to get it or notice that during the Obito/Kakashi talk no jutsu session that Obito seemingly activates his Sharingan and Kakashi does seem to feel affected by it. I think that Obito put Kakashi into a genjutsu. Come on the whole time he was Tobi he was avoiding attack after attack and taking damage when he was hit but then he walks into a Raikiri and stands there with no ill effects from it not to mention a quick showing of Rin being stab by Kakashi. So in my opinion Kakashi is in a genjutsu.

    Next as nss7 said and to verify that. A Bijuu will resurrect itself if the host dies without it being extracted. It just takes time before it comes back. Possibly years from how Kurama always help Naruto when he was near death in the past if he wasnt trying to take him over. Now to verify it I wont go searching for the chapter but it was when Kushina was talking about resealing Kurama back into her right before her and Minato death. Just look it up and you see what nss7 was talking about. It also explains why the 3 tails (Isobu) was on its own when he was captured by Deidara and “Tobi”.

  14. Meh, it may not be the case but I actually prefer if obito didn’t put kakashii in a genjutsu. That would look much cooler. Besides, kakashi looking wimpier an wimpier by the chapter an for him be caught in a genjutsu by obito an not break out, seems dumb to me.

  15. @nss7 sadly u will never see the juubi at that strength cause if u can remember the juubi isn’t fully evolved and it was helped along by fragments of the eight and nine tails, fragments not their full essences. When u r missing two of the most powerful tailed beasts full power the juubi won’t be as powerful as its legend. The fact it’s this powerful even at what 60% power is pretty decent IMO. And yea when a jinchiriki dies the tailed beast is brought back later somewhere else supposedly.

  16. @unknown91
    Obito “supposingly” mastered genjutsu casting abilities. He put the nine tailed fox into a genjutsu without breaking a sweat. Something neither Itachi could ever do or Madara could do in the short time span that Obito have done it. His rapid growth is BS on kishi’s writing. Obito was never hinted to be a fast learner nor did he show potential to using a sharingan to cast something of this magnitude. How can any of his fans suppose to be convince that Obito’s eyes is more unique than Itachi and Sasuke? No one.

    Kakashi got caught up in the genjutsu because he is weak against any form of genjutsu. But it’s not that bad. The genjutsu only lasted momentarily before Kakashi saw his lightning jutsu pierce through Obito’s non-existing heart. Obito genjutsu did not fool Kakashi or manipulate him, to freeze him in his tracks. In a way, it’s not that bad when it was only a seemingly weak genjutsu that wore out after a few seconds of usage.

    That doesn’t defuse the fact that the Juubi is still made up of 1-7 tails + fragments of 8-9 tails. A one tail shield still shouldn’t be able to withstand this freak of nature (Juubi)!

  17. @nss7 fragments include ONE tail of the eight tails and remnant chakra from the bros eating the nine tails flesh… not exactly strong components. Not only that but we saw naruto himself face off against 4-5 of the tailed beast by himself and handily stand toe to toe and in some cases overpower them. And it wasnt a one tail shield like u keep saying it was the kyuubis chakra cloak so u have quite possibly the most powerful tailed beast combined with naturos full tailed beast mode sending off protection in mass (idiotic but i digress) so i mean u act like the juubi should be more powerful when not only is it sumoning tornadoes and decimating the terrain wihtout so much as trying but its also not fully evolved yet so wha twe have seen thus far is its skeleton if u will of its power. Like i said though i doubt we will ever see what it could do at 100% power but for a depowered skeleton tailed beast to be able to do what it has done without so much as trying is decent given what its power level is at and what its made of

  18. @nss7 I do agree with your points on obito… part of the reason i didnt like him being tobi is the fact that somehow we have to believe that he went from a weak shinobi to powerful enough to be able to control the nine tails with eye tech which from what we know only madara was able to do before him. Thats just stupid and I still hate kishis choice of obito for tobi.

  19. The way I see it, Obito underwent “Matrix” type training in Madara’s tsukyomi. Madara warped time like Itachi did and showed Obito the entire Encyclopedia Britanica in two seconds in the real world. Once a sharingan has seen a technique they just need the chakra to do it so long as it isn’t a kekkei genkai.

  20. If it was that simple than any uchiha could have done the tech to control the nine tails and yet from what was said madara was the only one able to control the nine tails using his sharingan. Im not sure sharingan tech r able to be copied.

  21. http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Sharingan in here it states that besides kekkei genkai the sharingan cannot reproduce tech dependent on other factors, such as summons that the user has not signed a contract with. Given this explanation how the hell did obito obtain a signed contract with the nine tails if the nine tails was in konohas possession? and how did he learn the tech involved to keep it under his control with the sharingan?

  22. yeah Im wondering why the 1 tail was in that panel with all the beasts

    the only time Naruto met the 1 tail was when he kicked its ass in part 1…the good old days of Naruto. The 1 tail was far from putting his faith in Naruto like the rest of the tailed beasts did

    Naruto “becoming the sage” wont happen until the 1 tail puts his faith in Naruto, like the other beasts did earlier

    maybe Gaara could be a replacement for the 1 tail since he was its jinchuriki. if the gold/silver bros could be physically transformed by eating the 9 tails flesh, then gaara should be tinged with the essence of the 1 tail even after it was taken from him – the reason why he could still manipulate sand

    also sand manipulation is a power of the 1 tail, not a result of gaara’s mom’s love like his father thought. if you remember, the 3rd kazekage’s iron sand was a emulation of the power of the jinchuriki of shukaku’s ability, which he observed sduring his own time. if 2 jinchurikis of shukaku have, the same ability, I think it can be related to the tailed

    oh well these are 2 am ramblings

  23. Good chapters this week:

    One Piece – is Bart the Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four) of the New World?! If that’s the case I wonder what he can do with his force-fields

    Bleach – mark my words true believers; Juha Bach (aka Ryuuken’s MIA daddy during the flashback arc) is somehow responsible for Masaki’s death. And it’s gonna drive the Strawberry beserk! I think we need a Ken-chan cameo lol 🙂

    Naruto – the Juubi saw the essence of the Sage in Naruto and it drove him nuts! Obito cast a genjutsu; he’s done it before and he will do it again; deal with it or stop reading the manga before you scratch your eyes out…

  24. @ripcord
    Can copy Jutsus if the user have the element, capacity or if it’s not a kekkei genkai. Kakashi seen Itachi super high level speed in action but never been able to copy it. Obito should be in the same boat. How can an under achiever and lack of skill level Obito was able to do a 180 and become one of the strongest Uchiha genjutsu user of all time is rediculously outrageous. Sharingan can’t copy skill level and Obito crazy transition somehow cause him to go from a character similar to Naruto (hard worker that takes time to train and master techniques) to a more skillful and talented super ninja superior to Itachi (fast learner, bright, over achiever, honoral, smart, skillful, talented, etc). Obito is like a whole different character from his former self. He never shown to have potential to be as strong as someone like Madara. He wasn’t a fast learner like Sasuke or Itachi. Why do you think many fans have abandoned the idea that Tobi was Obito a long time ago? He didn’t fit into the time line and there was not enough hints or clues that would lean towards justifying Obito as a manipulating chess playing genius to be believable.

    Naruto and Killer Bee did not use one tail beast mode to fend off against the 2-7 tail beast. If they did, they would’ve gotten their asses kicked. The fact of the matter is the Juubi is still made of the full powers of the 1-7 tails which is more than enought to trump a one tail shield. All tailed beast except the Shukaku (one tail) can use one tail chakra beast mode. It’s not that indestructible when the alliance is going up against a “thing” that consist a lot more than one tail. It shouldn’t be holding up against the Juubi. Only Naruto and Killer Bee beast mode can be able to hold up but a ONE TAILED shield!? Not possible.

  25. @nss7 – with the whole Sharingan thing; is the strength and casting of genjutsu not just a matter of the potency of the users chakra and after the accident Tobi got a super boost. I don’t see how any “rules” have been broken…

    On the Juubi; it was beaten singlehandedly by the Sage right and it was just an incredibly powerful demon (according to some wiki thing I read). Please send link on Juubi if you have one. I think it’s operating at a fraction of its true power right now after having gotten its link with Big Magnum and Tobi broken.

  26. Hello everybody..
    From this chapter, i kinda have the impresiion that the Juubi is not fighting at full strengh. It feels like it tests Naruto to see if he is the real incarnation of the SOTSP. He kinda looked at naruto, and he saw the eyes of the former master (at least that’s what i felt from those panels). I didn’t understand why the first tail was behind Naruto, because he didn’t give anything to naruto (the others did, sry if i’m not too explicit about this, i can’t explain it to well). The juubi just want some love from the Sage, that’s all. (all we need is love, just like the song)

    About Tobi and Kakashi, it’s nice to see that they finally went to Hueco Mundo, and that Tobi is about to unleash the inner hollow.. but wait, this isn’t Bleach, so what is going on. Maybe Kishi saw the holes in Bleach and said to himself that he can make better ones so now we have shinobi with holes (maybe they can even use resurection). Ok either Kakashi is being Genjutsued or the cells are strong like hell.

    Titties. So Hollow Ichigo is the Jr. Hollow. RIP father hollow. The black haired quinshi girl stopped being friendzoned and got what she desired. Now we see why the mother died (but what about Grand FIsher?).

  27. @Tawuya
    The upgrades change Obito physically, not mentally. Getting upgrades physically does not change someone mentally or their IQ level. Itachi, Sasuke, and Kakashi all got MS upgrades an it didn’t alter them mentally. One thing those three due have in common is that they were already smart and fast learner to begin with. Obito isn’t in that group. He’s more like Naruto who needs to work hard to become better. There is no way that the upgrades can change someone like Obito mentally and make him one of the brightest shinobis.

    Now on to the Juubi. The sage of the Six Paths is already above Hashirama. They both can control and capture all 1-9 tailed beast with their own two hands. They can’t be compared to the lights of weak one tailed shield shinobis. One tailed shield of an individual shinobi alliance is far below the ranks of the Sage and Hashirama. It’s not physically possible for the shield to hold up against even an incomplete Juubi. Juubi is still consist of 1-7 tails at full power, which should be more than enough to crush the one tail shield without a problem.

  28. It shouldn’t be this much of a struggle for the Juubi. Kinda pathetic that a wimpy one tail can block against fully charging power 1-7 tails along with fraction of 8-9 tails.

  29. @nss7 – not really sure what you’re getting at… is (potent) chakra a physical or mental attribute? Is ones Sharingan not made stronger by the level of loss or pain they feel on each activation (1st or 2nd explanation)?

    The Shinobi were not protected by one tail they were protected by combo of 9-tail and Naruto chakra (maybe even bits of all the other chakra he was given as a ‘gift’); that could even put those various chakra cloaks on level of Sage hence Juubi feeling the Sages presence in that panel.

    The Juubi as has been made blatantly clear is STILL DEVELOPING and all this is without it’s body (the moon).

  30. Another thing, the jubbi hasn’t directly attacked anyone. The biju cloak has been protecting the alliance from lightning and winds. So unless it stops a jubbi dama, I wouldn’t call foul. Naruto’s chakra is more than capable of protecting against the weather.

  31. Yes the one tails being there was most likely the Juubi just seeing Naruto as the Sage and with all the beasts with him. My guess the Juubi remembers the Sage and what he did to it, and is either a) pissed and wants to crush Naruto, or b) grew fond of the Sage due to how it treated all of its individual pieces (tailed beasts) and wants to test Naruto to see if he’s worthy. It all really hinges on how intelligent the Juubi really is, I think. Is it a mindless killing machine or an ancient being who has learned some cool shit over the years?

  32. @Tawuya_sama
    Emotions can influence the sharingan but it does not change someone’s IQ level. Take a look at Sasuke. His eyes has gotten stronger with hatred but his intellect and capabilities did not change. Obito learned how to use his power to its full potential the moment he got his MS, without any training. The work affort that Madara (train with his brother and fought in multiple wars), Sasuke (train with Oro Kakashi and face multiple elite shinobis before mastering his MS and develope his hatred) and Itachi (hatred develope over long periods of time of observing: Uchiha’s resentment and war). Obito IQ, skill level, and hatred developed and increase tremendously in less than a day. Before that, he didn’t show a bit of hatred for the world or society. It only took one event before his hatred developed as much as Madara. An event that had nothing to due with the world or society. It all revolved around a little crush on a girl he had that died. A girl he barely knew. Seriously!? A stranger that he barely knew dies and then he hates the world over someone he never had a real relationship with? But even this anti-climatic event still shouldn’t be able to make someone more intelligent. Life crises doesn’t work that way. Otherwise, people would’ve seeked out therapy a long time ago like hot cakes under the summer sun to become smarter. It makes no sense. A complete horrible lack buster turn of events. Worst plot twist ever.

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