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Naruto Chapter 632 – Left Behind

Well hello their boys and girls, Jdogg is here with another review on Naruto’s recent chapter. Unfortunately Cesc cannot make it this week and will most likely won’t be returning to us soon. So once again Jdogg will be doing the Naruto and One Piece reviews. I won’t lie to you and tell you that doing these reviews is a walk in the park, it takes lots of work to do these reviews and unlike Bray Wyatt, time is not on my side. So I will do my best to make time to these reviews and if any one can help me out, is more than welcome to email me at: sanjisallblue@yahoo.com

On with the Chapter

I think that most of you already know now that I am not too happy or excited about the chapter, in fact, it put me in a mood that I am rarely and I mean RARELY, ‘pissy mood.’ But I will not rant on about this chapter and will do mainly my opinion and analysis young_konoha_11_by_kurouixkagami-d3jklexof the chapter. One thing I noticed this chapter is that each of the Rookies in the first Chunin exam, never changed, literally none of them change whether physically or characteristically. For example, Naruto is still that loud ninja, Sasuke still has that cool I don’t give a @##$ attitude, Sakura is always just there, Kiba thinks its a drag, Ino is still a second version of Sakura, Hinata still is that cute shy girl, Kiba is still a second Naruto with dog teeth, Shino is Shino and oh that Fat guy that I cannot seem to remember his name. What I am getting at is that all of our heroes and secondary heroes are still the same as we were introduced to. Now this could hurt the realism and the character development but can have its benifits. For instance, I would be lying if I didn’t say it was some what exciting seeing the team all back together. Though, there is still an inconsistent in characters, for example, Naruto and Sasuke are way out of the others league that the others being there might actually hurt them more than help them. But we still do not know what the Rookies we all feel in love have to do in the up coming chapters, I am for one am optimistic about them doing cools stuff, but I am also a realistic.

Sakura = Useless

Believe it or not I am a Sakura fan and always cheer for her to be successful but unfortunitly for her Kishi is horrible when it comes 3q59jlto his female characters. Every Naruto fan knows this and it is one of those things that we just have to live with and get over it. For instance, I will compare Naruto female characters to One Piece and Bleach female characters. Bleach and One Piece are notorious for having huge chested female characters. I.E Robin, Nami, Inoue Matsumoto, and etc are perfect example of a character that starts out as a fan service character (with the exception of Nami) and turns into this epic character. I am not saying that Naruto does not have strong Female characters, its just that One Piece and Bleach females are relevant to the plot and can hold their ground without the help of the lead character. Sakura unfortunitly is not a strong character and is constantly put into a position where she is supposed to shine but turns out to show that she just puts herself in a bad position forcing Naruto and Sasuke to save her. Also, her sudden importance into the story makes no sense to the plot, she has not had a lead role in the plot in over a 100 chapters and is all of a sudden put into the spot light not only makes her seem useless and ignorant to think that she is equal to Naruto and Sasuke, but shows the bad writing on Kishi’s part. Like how Sasuke was missed for awhile but than slowly he was showing to us and than his plot is shown, but Sakura had no previous hints to her role or anything of that sort. In my opinion Sakura could of been a very strong and important character in the story, instead just about every one hates on her and even I get irritated with her sometimes.

Side Notes:

  • When Sakura thanked Sasuke and totally over looked Naruto, PISSED me off so much. The guy tried to KILL YOU, you stupid woman, he  T R I E D to K I L L you. I am come on you guys didn’t find that hard to believe?
  • Each time I see the Hokages, I fall in love all over again. Hashirama is so cool and has humor as well. The way he almost let the “All the useless people get out” was so funny. Maybe Sakura should of listened to him.
  • Madara still the badazz as always. Just chilling and watching the fight, seriously this guy gives nothing at all what happens to the world.




Its out…

Naruto Chapter 632


Bleach Chapter 539



Naruto Chapter 631 – TEAM 7

cecsBy: Cesc

Hello again shannaro, hope you are all having a good week so far. Sad news of Oda being sick, I wish him a speedy recovery. He needs a much deserved and needed rest. This is Jdogg here and I would like to apologize for missing out on last weeks chapter. Cesc has been doing a great job writing these reviews and all the credit goes to him. But unfortunately last weeks chapter was not as great as this weeks chapter, the only thing we got from last week is that epic entrance by the Fourth. This the jest of Cesc review last week(I tried to shorten it to the least as possible because he was pretty pissed of and did an all out rant on Kishi. I don’t blame him, it was only about a year or two that we Naruto fans thought that the Naruto series could end up being the best out there, but now…)

” Kishi is really running out of ideas it seems, I do not know what Kishi hoped to accomplish with Shikamaru’s plan but just like his father’s before him, it proved to be a complete waste of panels. Their plan was never going to work and everyone knew this, really was annoying to see so many panels dedicated to it. But I suppose that had to be done in order for kishi to end the chapter on a cliffhanger.”

Despite missing one of the big 3, fans of shonen will be pretty pleased with this week’s release. The reason for that is both bleach and Naruto came up big, they did not disappoint. You may have noticed (if jdogg puts up my review for last week) that I was pretty harsh on Kishi last week; after this chapter, I still stand behind those words, but I am a lot more pleased. I agree with Cesc that last weeks chapter was not as well done or as thought out as this weeks and I think that it be the best to just discuss this weeks because we bash Kishi enough that it has become normal for a Naruto fan to talk about Naruto and be harsh on Kishi.

SSJ Yellow Flash!

We pick up right where we left off last week, Minato comes in at the nick of time to save the alliance’s bacon. Everyone is shocked Minato-Namikaze-minato-namikaze-17688441-741-1024to see the 4th hokage except Naruto, as we all thought, he was able to sense all their chakra when they were all the way back in Konaha. I felt this was a nice touch by Kishi, if Madara could sense Hashirama then it would have been a huge let down if Naruto weren’t able to do the same thing. Anyway, Minato saves the day and waits for the other Kages to arrive. He truly is the fastest man in the world.

At this point, I wasn’t really putting too much thought towards it, but I was expecting Minato to hand over the other half of the kyubi to his son; yet to my surprise, he goes super saiyan. My immediate thought was, “well that was fast!” Then he tells the other 3 Kages to follow his lead, at this I thought “wth kishi, why the f@#k are you having Naruto take the lead again, has he not learned anything??!” Then Sakura says, whoa! He looks just like Naruto, then I see Naruto still sitting at her feet and I go 😀 YEAH!

Hashirama and Madara!

Look at their faces! LOOK!!


Just Epic!

Poor Hinata!

Untitled2Let me just say that I am a NaruHina fan, and what Naruto and Minato did here just broke my heart. That poor girl, I don’t think she heard much of the exchange there, I certainly hope she did not hear what that fool Naruto said, but the poor girl did not deserve that. She has been the only character in the entire series that has shown true compassion and care for Naruto since day one. Everyone else has gone through as phase of loving/hating Naruto. Hinata has loved and cared for him I’m guessing since the first day she laid her eyes on him, she has not let those feelings go despite all that has happened. If it were her life or Naruto, she would not waste a second trying to decide, she will put her life on the line for him. NaruSaku fans will argue that Sakuru would do the same now, but that is only one. Go back to before Sasuke left and Sakuru would choose Sasuke’s left nut’s pubic hair over Naruto’s life. Hinata has and will always love Naruto, Kishi knows this, and that is why NaruHina will win. He only did this here to give the NaruSaku fans false hope. I also think that it was done as a moment for humor. I think that the love Naruto has for Hinata and Sakura is different: I think that Naruto loves Hinata as a Lover, but I think that his love for Sakura has evolved as a love of a sister. I am with Cesc it is all about NaruHina.


Right on Kiba. Apparently Sasuke wants to be Hokage now, I must admit I did not see that coming. Sasuke saying that just did not 179655_v0_460xsound right at all in my head, sounded rehearsed (I like to say the text out in my head in the character’s voices, bit me!). So I was already struggling to come to terms with Sasuke wanting to protect the leaf, and now not only that, he also wants to be Hokage. Fat chance of that happening, it does not matter how much good Sasuke does now, the fact of the matter is Naruto is way ahead of him, choosing Sasuke over Naruto would be like if they had chosen Madara over Hashirama way back then. It’s just not going to happen, people have been saying that this is a way for Kishi to make the death match happen, but I don’t think the decision of Hokage would come down to that. The people would want Naruto, Sasuke getting it a battle for it let alone the title itself would be extremely unfair to Naruto. Kishi needs to find another way of making this match happen, fighting for the right to be hokage is not the way. I agree with you Cesc.  And on the other hand Naruto is looked at as a Hero, not only by the Leaf Village but by the whole Ninja world since he kept on saving them numerous of times. And this does not include the time he saved the Leaf from Pain. So like you said the idea of Sasuke becoming Hokage is not only absurd but does not make sense what so ever.  But I think that after this war is over, Sasuke will see that Naruto is the better, it will be just like when Vegeta finally acknowledge Goku as the better fighter.

Team 7!

Naruto__Young_Team_7_by_HazuraSinnerIt was great to see team seven back together again after so many years. It is amazing how much they have changed, and not changed since the last time they stood together like that. Both Naruto and Sasuke have grown overwhelmingly powerful, Sakura has definitely improved as well. I do agree with what she says, she too was trained by one of the Sanin, a fact that is often forgotten; so I would not be surprised to see her kick some serious ass. I just hope she does not disappoint.

Great chapter overall, a definite improvement from last week’s. The highlight of this review is: “Sakuru would choose Sasuke’s left nut’s pubic hair over Naruto’s life.” – The Great Cesc

naruto shippuden hyuuga hinata naruto uzumaki 1600x960 wallpaper_www.animemay.com_76

Its Out!!!!

Naruto Chapter 631


Bleach Chapter 538


The rumor is that Oda-sama has become so sick that he had to be hospitalized, so do have him in your prayers, or whatever is it you do. So no One Piece most likely for two weeks.

Bleach Chapter 537: Everything but the Rain Op.10

Chapter 537: Everything but the Rain Op.10 ‘Prinz von Licht’
Read Chapter

Rightly so, knowing the fact that Masaki is a powerful Quincy it makes the conditions around her deaths a bit suspicious. Ishinn draws back to the ‘Blut vene’ ability. The armor ability. Ichigo displayed that ability when struck by Juha Bach.

Before he does onwards, he pretty much admits how he feels. He says: “It wasnt that I couldn’t save. It was I didn’t save her.” Even without his power he felt Masaki and Grand Fisher. He didn’t bother going because he knew Grand Fisher would be no problem for Masaki.

But, instead of beating him, she died on that encounter with the hollow.

Ishinn then ask Ichigo if he ever heard Uryuu say anything about his mother. Ishinn confirms that Uryuu’s mother is in fact Katagiri like I guess last time out. She collapsed on the same day as Masaki, nine years ago. She died three months later.

Ichigo asks the most prudent question. What the hell happened on that day.


I am not sure what it translates too in English, but is a ritual. A ‘Holy Selection’ of Quincy carried out by Yuha Bach I guess. As Ishinn explained it there was a legend of a sealed king(yuha bach). In the tales of that it took the King 900 years to regain his hearbeat. 90 years to regain his reason and 9 more to regain his power.

In order to get his power back Yuha Bach picked what he deemed as ‘impure’ quincies. and took their power for his own. So Katagiri was only a half-blood and her powers were pulled away from her. Apperently her body was already weak and thus the process was too much body to handle and she passed away. Masaki would have deemed to be impure because she was tainted by the hollow.

Yuha Bach absorbed her powers when she was in combat with Grand Fisher quickly turning the table around in her disadvantage. Without her powers she couldn’t possibly hope to do anything. In the end she sacrificed her life to save the life of her son.

Yuhabach is the father of All Quincy. In a sense he is to the quincy what the soul-king is to the Shinigami. His blood flows within all quincy, so even Ichigo has his blood flowing through him.

With that Ishinn has told his son everything he should know about his past, his bloodline. He is surprised and I guess proud to see Ichigo find his resolve returned.

I’m sure Ichigo wants to get back to Soul Society. He goes outside to find Ikumi-san waiting outside his house. She seems a bit nervous to me as she hands back his old badge. He gives her his thanks and heads out.

The scene switches to the unknown realm where thevandereich reside. And to my surprise. Uryuu is all dressed up and seemed to have joined their ranks much to Yuha Bach’s delight.

Now, I know that Ishida isnt stupid. I also wouldn’t be surprised that Ryuuken has told Uryuu about how his mother died. Even if he didn’t. I don’t think Ryuuken would allow his son to join the man who basicly is resposible for his wife’s death.

The plot thickens indeed.

Its Out!!!

Naruto Chapter 630


One Piece Chapter 709


Bleach Chapter 537



cecsBy: CESC!

Hello again, and welcome back. With shonen being on break last week, we had to wait 2 weeks to see what would come out of Kakashi and Obito’s battle, and also the 10 tails of course.



I am not sure exactly what the ten tails did with the storms, if he tried to kill the alliance with lightning ten_tails__juubi__by_ac_e-d5l54kror ferocious winds, either way it did not work as Naruto was there to protect them. And it seems that Naruto had control over the chakra that he gave to the shinobi alliance, I had thought that he had no control over it at all. Another thing confirmed is that Shikaku died for nothing. He died smiling, believing (and leading us to believe) that he had conjured up the ultimate plan to defeat the jubbi, now it is clear that he only succeeded in prolonging their deaths and suffering. While CESC might be right about Shikaku sacrificing himself for now, I (Jdogg) on the other hand disagree because we still have not seen that plan come into play. It is either Kishi already forgot about it or he is still waiting to reveal the fruit of this plan to take down the Jubbi.

It is interesting to note that the ten tails is more of a humanoid than an animal, all the other tailed beasts have been animals, but the jubbi stands on two legs and has the physique of a man, it can even form hand signs. This can lead to some very interesting outcomes, for starters, if the jubbi can form hand signs it means it can also think; if it can think, then surely it will seek to rule the world with its limitless power (and the fact that the SoSP is no longer here), there will be nothing stopping it.

ten_tails_by_zhangding-d5pbbrkThat brings me to my next point, does the jubbi see Naruto as the SoSP? It certainly seemed that way, it is definitely Kishi foreshadowing something to come, I believe Naruto will get to the level of the SoSP by the end of the Manga, the only way he will defeat this beast that just keeps getting stronger. What also is interesting is that the Jubbi react to Naruto how Kurama reacts to Madara. When Kurama ever mentions or hears the name Madara he gets angry in fact it is one of the reasons he is working with Naruto so he wont be manipulated by Madara or the Jubbi. Nonetheless, cesc and I both agree that the Jubbi defiantly sees Naruto as a threat.

Naruto runs out of gas and can no longer protect himself or the alliance, and just as Madara is preparing to deal the final blow, the alliance come to his aid, they plan to protect him as he has been protecting them. So after the first day of the “war” 40k remained in the alliance, even if half of those remaining died on the second day, there should still be thousands left yet I only see a handful around. Where will this leave the shinobi world when all of this is over? Is the idea of ninjas going to be scrapped? I hope not, Naruto would be boring without ninjas.

I don’t know what to make of Obito now, according to him Rin and Kashi were not the reason he turned evil, it was the whole 628___obito__katon_bakufuu_ranbu__by_idaisan-d639lnssystem of shinobi that truly broke his hope in humanity. For me, Obito would have been better off sticking with the story that he is evil because his best friend let the love of his life die. He claims Rin’s death had nothing to do with it, but in fact it had everything to do it. Before Rin died, Obito had no issues with the system, then the moment Rin dies he realizes there is something wrong; does that mean she is the first shinobi to have ever lost her life protecting peace? I believe Kishi is trying to make Obito seem like less of a bitch, but to me he is just the same. Both his reasons are equally as pathetic, because in truth they are the same. I was expecting something new and exciting when Obito said Kakashi should stop flattering himself if he believed he cause Obito’s break down, but instead I was left disappointed by the “real” cause Obito gives. Smh Kishi, smh!

Kakashi_by_GuennolKakashi has been disappointing though, failing to “pull the trigger” on multiple occasions, but I don’t really blame him too much. That being said, I am annoyed by it, and it seems Obito is as well as he purposely walks right into Raikiri. First I thought Obito used Kamui to teleport that area to the real world, then Kakashi removed his hand and revealed the giant gaping hole. My next thought after that, and especially after Obito’s words, was that Obito has replaced his entire body with zetsu, and not just the right side. Another possible explaining, and this could be more likely, is that Obito used a genjutsu. I am not sure, let me know what you guys think.

We have not been discussing the chapters much at all in the comments lately, perhaps they have been boring, or more likely my reviews have been boring. If it is the latter then please I am all ears, any tips on how to make my reviews more interesting would be very welcomed. And if it was the former, then discuss some theories, or post your opinions. I’d hate to see this page die, the only way to keep it alive is by active participation. I’ll see you guys in the comments. As for my (Jdogg) last comments on the latest chapter, I found it a refreshing chapters while we will still bit@# and moan about how we still have not seen the four hokages make their epic entrance. Because lets be honest the most exciting thing that we are waiting for right now is just that. As for me I think that seeing Naruto finally feeling the pressure and stress of being the savor of everyone just elevates his character higher.


I know this is not Naruto related, but it is just an epic picture.

(Dragonball Z fans)