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cecsBY: CESC!

Hello again Narutards, hope you are all having a good week. And for all my fellow Boston residents, I hope you are recovering from the tragedy well. Moving on, I was disappointed we did not get a chapter last week, but I was even more disappointed to see we only got one this week. I thought “double issue” meant 2 chapters, but obviously that isn’t the case. “Double Issue” means that the recent weeks issue or chapter will count for this week and the fallowing week, hence double issue. So basically we get one chapter for two weeks.


You can hardly call the current events “calm” but knowing what’s ahead, this all seems boring and filler-ish. Everyone has been naruto-and-alliance-shinobi-force-attacklooking forward to seeing the four Kages make their entrance into the battlefield, and we all thought we would get to see that this week, especially since we were made to wait 2 weeks for this. So understandably, a lot of you may have been disappointed with this chapter, at least I was. That being said, this was a necessary chapter; we have not been at the battlefield for months now and it was important refresh our memories on what is going on. Now did Kishi need to take an entire chapter (after making us wait 2 weeks) to remind us that Naruto is wasting massive amounts of chakra to save a bunch of fodder ninja? NO! While I do agree with CESC, I think that this chapter did have its purpose. For instance it shows that what Naruto is doing is causing a huge strain on him. Now did Kishi need to use the whole chapter, NO. But it does play its part in showing how difficult it is what Naruto is doing.

Now, if we forget all the epicness we witnessed in Hashirama’s flashback, this chapter was actually epic. I say this because the 10-tails is cutting loose, Sakura gets a panel, and we see two massive Uchiha fire balls.


20121130024923!Naruto_AllianceKishi is not doing Shikaku any justice at all. The guy died to devise the ultimate plan, yet all we’ve seen is Naruto desperately try to delay everyone’s inevitable death. Was this Shikaku’s plan, protect everyone and hope the bad guys give up? If it is then horrible plan to die for mate. The alliance has been utterly useless, it has caused more harm than good this entire war. The only thing they have contributed was saving Naruto and Bee from the beast bomb way back when they first showed up. They should all just go home now because they are just going to get even more useless when the Kages show up.


I recall as recently as when Tobi and Naruto first engaged in combat, Tobi was a scary mother-f*cker! One touch from him and youdamn-you-kishi were history, I feared for Naruto when they fought, and the suspense we felt whenever Tobi got close to touching Naruto was awesome. But then he became Obito, and all that made me fear him disappeared with his mask. Now being teleported doesn’t carry the same death sentence it not so long did. If he zaps someone I think meh Kakashi can get em back. He is not the same character anymore; and when he does come back with Kakashi, he will be a changed man once again. He will be defeated by Kakashi in there, if not physically, then with words. I am a 100% with CESC on this. When Obito was first introduced, I put all my effort to try to make people see how Obito went from the most potential evilistic villain to pure worthless as a villain.

Next week we’ll probably be in the other dimension with Obito and Kakashi, and they’ll come out just in time to welcome the Kages. I look forward to seeing Obito’s reaction to Minato, hope it’ll be as good as Madara’s “rape-face” when he realizes his best bud is back (I thought he would’ve been scared shitless, but he seems as excited as a rapist at a . . . where would a rapist get that excited? Help me)! SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!!

TobiNow THATS a Villain!!!!


15 Responses

  1. thats how it is with manga villains i guess, even sosuke aizen’s character went downhill when it came close to his defeat

  2. The chapter was not a waste also because it showed us that Hashirama hasn’t even started talking. He just spiked his chakra levels to scare Tobirama which is why Madara felt it. It will be a little while before our Hokage and Team Hawk make it to the battlefield.

  3. I think I’ve said this before on here…

    I HATE how the Naruto fandom has to have a villain be purely evil in every way shape or form before they can be respected as a character or villain. Real, human interaction isn’t like that at all. Why would you expect the same for Obito?

    Let Kishi do his thing. Obito doesn’t need to kick puppies to fulfill your villanistic hopes and dreams. “Good guys” going dark vs good guys staying good has always been a theme in this manga…even fucking Madara was somewhat good during the flashback

  4. Not sure why you think it but I don’t recall calling this chapter a waste, and nor am I displeased with Obito’s lack of evilness. All I’ve said is that he doesn’t strike the same fear anymore that he used to when he had the mask, not about him turning good.

  5. @jdogg and cesc;
    Glad to see that others then me see this chapter this way, it was lame, and maybe kakashi should trasport the shinobi aliance to the other dimension, to see the the big boys fight

  6. @??? R u kiddin me? The best villain is always te person that does what he does because he just doesn’t care about anyone. Look back at all the great villains in comics, manga, movies etc. the best villain is one who just loves to see chaos and destruction and has no moral issues (like the joker). Villains are supposed to be the polar opposites of the hero, so if a hero had morals and feelings and rules its only expected that the villain to the hero be void of any kind of morals or rules. U may want a hero that’s not all evil but honestly where is the fun in that?

  7. Villain*not hero

  8. First time commenter and big fan of this manga. Just have to say that kishi is a good writer. Sure he doesn’t expand on some characters but damn what do you expect with such a long list. Even main characters are given a back seat (sakura!…. you can make a long branch from each character) You can tell he is inspired from certain works where chapters such as these are supposed to show how everyone realizes ” damn naruto really gives a damn” which is something that is rare in this world. Aside for giving a flying f&^* about your village that is. Sometimes you have to make a residing shore before a big tsunami rocks you off your feet. There is a reason why this guys works are so good we read on. Some things are cliche but others are out standing and at this point in the art of writing its hard to not over lap other works and expect/know things. If any work of art has you waiting a week, thinking about the days till it come out, then it is worth reading and should be respected no matter what route the maker takes because it is his world and he knows where to lead. unless you are George lucas where the given sales of a toy decides where your story goes.

  9. Hey shannaro peeps…y’all can watch the ufc fights for free on mma-core.com; the fights are only up there for a short while.

  10. @Madara_Uchiha – agree but Aizen’s epicness has sort of been resurrected of late #JuhaBachSpecialPotential

  11. I wonder if kakashi is related to the senju, perhaps on his mother’s side? Now that I think about it, kakashi doesn’t display the same side effects of using the MS as the others do, the only exception being those who have senju dna(obito, madara). Kakashi certainly doesn’t suffer from eye bleeds and it doesn’t look like he’s going blind in that eye either(although that would be hard to prove, since he hardly uses that eye outside of battle anyway and he’s used to using only one eye to see.) Not compelling evidence, true, but that possibility exists……

  12. http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/629

    New Naruto is OUTTTT

    also I am like 99.99999% sure that Obito just put Kakashi under genjutsu with that giant hole in his chest to get into his head

    I dont care how much senju dna you have nobody is surviving that shit

    also they showed a close-up on obito’s sharingan they only do those for 1 reason

  13. @?????? – yeah agree with you on that one; Kakashi just got Sharingucked!

  14. its definetly not a genjutsu,obito has always being an artificial human,the only problem is, wasn’t it only the right side that got crushed and was replaced with white zetsu goo.so why is the left side showing a wind hole..PLOTHOLE FOUND BITCHES!!!

  15. Lol thats so cool!

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