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Naruto Chapter 628


One Piece Chapter 707

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Bleach Chapter 535



29 Responses

  1. All I can say is “WEAK”. A week off and this is all he could come up with. I’ve lost interest in this manga and I think so have others.

  2. Reposting here:

    I think BIG MAGNUM somehow knew MEGA MAGNUM would return, and he had all this planned out so he could have another upgrade to assure him winning the fight. Well really two. He’s upgraded everytime in each of their major battles. From sharingan to ems, now he has two since he found out doing it one at a time won’t help. The rinnegan and he wants to become the host of the juubi. So essentially he would become ULTRA MAGNUM aka sosp. Who would be the only person having power capable of beating MEGA MAGNUM.

  3. Reposting response to token’s comment on what I said here also:

    @token it’s really starting too look like that.That or he was going to use the infinite genjutsu to create a world he and MEGA could live in and construct how they dreamed as kids. This would also be viable because he could have easily tricked Obito into using the rinnegan to bring MEGA back or through the edo technique

  4. in terms of epicness:

    1) Naruto(wow did you see the scene with the whirlwinds at the end?!)
    2) one piece( luffy gives away his indentity too too quick lol)
    3) bleach -meh allright i guess, he becomes the eternal protector of mrs kurosaki blah de blah

  5. Its golden week next week so no chapters next week 😦
    Also where thee heck is everyone? comments are seriously lacking around here lately!

    Naruto – maddi’s EPIC RAPE FACE TOPS ALL!!!!!

    Obito vs Kakashi one on one – looking forward to this one, kakashi better show that tactical brilliance, aint seen that since he fought hidan an kakazu (ah the good ol’ days lol). Naruto’s speeches are damn annoying, my friends this, my friends that – shut up bitch an make some rasengans!!!! I wonder when the kages (tsunade’s group) are gonna show up an complete the ninja world cheesecake reunion!

    Bleach – OMG NAKED MASAKI!!! Ichigo’s mama is a nudest! Kubo u perv!!! Seriously tho what an info heavy chapter!! Did anyone else clock how pissed ryuuken got when he found out he was useless in tryna save masaki?! Quincies, tut tut tut always 1 step behind the Shinigami! Now urahara – everytime i see Mr hat an clogs he always knows some deep shit – he saved the original shinigami vizards an now is gonna help out masaki, how smart is this dude seriously an better yet WHAT IF HE TURNS OUT TO BE A VILLAIN!!

    One Piece – That one punch king……..he’s krusty!!! Belammy – step ur game up im expecting more from him an what is that fishy vampire bartomeo doing? dude is chillin like he’s at home on the sofa watching the simpsons!! And this is the second time someone has noticed luffy beneath his DBZ Mr Roshi beard!!

  6. i guess the ten tails just made its own valley of the end…

  7. Madara sensed hashirama but naruto didn’t? Does maddi has senju GPS stored in his eyes? Or maybe naruto did sense him an thought that was the juubis power?

    Yea that makes more sense.

    @ teamevolution there are no more flashbacks, madara’s ‘jizzing out his wood style magic stick jutsu’ face, hashirama an gang are about to enter the fray, obito, realizing how useless he is an did us a solid by leaving, an the juubi is finally starting to show off his true power……

    What more do you want?

  8. Here’s two questions:

    A) when did Big realize that Mega has been brought back…?

    B) the ending panel, is it the 2nd justu and the arrival of the kages or is it the juubi release of power?

  9. @naruto101 thats the jubi going super saiyan lol i swear kishi just copy and pasted the super saiyan transformation on planet namek

  10. Ooh shiiiiiittt
    Naruto bout to bust a nut when his boyfriend show up,
    Kakashi better use 1000 different jutsus and merc dat ho
    Big mag foaming at the mouth from the scent of Mega mag
    N the rest of the slap them Hokages is gonna rape the ten T and put his bish ass back in the moon.

    Just saying I’ve been reading naruto and comments off this site for a couple years now. Never put in my two cents til now, lot of y’all nigguhs complain bout how kishi suck lately, and all I want to say is haters can go suck a fat dick. You try writing some shit bout ninjas and have a billion mofukas go crazy for it. Then talk shit.

    Sincerely a fan. Shippuden4life.

  11. Last chapter said there would be a double chapter this week. Does that mean we should expect another release within a couple days?

  12. In order of epicness:

    One Piece (of course) – hopefully the arena gets cleared soon and we can see some one on one fights between the heavies! I’m guessing that the king is being kept active so that he can unleash his punch that someone will take head-on to show how powerful they are (any guesses who?). Comedic moment: Luffy/Lucy screaming in reaction to Cavendish/Cabbage screaming at the Don’s reveal hahaha!

    Bleach – great info filled chapter which made “spider-bite” transference acceptable 🙂 So when Isshin first showed up in Shinigami threads against new improved Grand Fisher the bond to the hollow had just broken??? Where is Alerie Corbray she usually has answers to these sorts of questions?! Great last page of Isshin saving Masaki 🙂 Hopefully this is end of flashback arc and we can return to Soul Palace!

    Naruto – a bit too much love and cotton candy for my liking… At least Juubi is finally complete. Madara rape face toooo muuuurch!!!

  13. Nice chapter,lots of new things.i mean
    yippy……..Tobi spammed another jutsu
    and sakura appeared after a long time and then she had to appreciate being SAVED!!! by naruto’s chakra jee.. what a suprise.where the hell is the girl that was trained by a legendary sannin

  14. @tensa
    couldn’t interprete madara’s face, was he quaking in his boot or having an orgasm

  15. @tensa
    couldn’t interprete madara’s face, was he quaking in his boot or having an orgasm?

  16. Naruto:
    Sorry but this chapter made me realize that Kishi doesn’t know anything about tactics.So, they (the alliance army) is fighting agains one of the strongest shinobi ever (Madara) and against Juubi (70% math problems). what do they do, they let Naruto use his chacka to protect them. Question why? What could they do, scrach Maddi and Juby? Insult them to death? or better to say bore them to death. Almost the entire army is useless, they being more of a liability, then an asset. They should have ran away, letting Naruto and KIllerbee let loose. But no, they stay, putting pressure on Naruto, just to show the lenghts Naruto is willing to go in order to save them. Where is the tactic? it’s like sending babies fight in a war. there is no point, they can’t do shit.
    As I said, Kishi doesn’t know shit about tactics. What is naruto doing right now? using his chacka to keep his useless army alive. another question, why? He doesn’t know that back up is on the way, so why is he stallling? We all know, that this manga is all about convenient coincidents (we know that the 4th will upgrade Naruto, that Sasuke, will pull from his ass, a brand new set of rinnengans). But come on, am I asking to much to have a decent story. For instance, in DBZ, the Z fighters were extremely powerfull (despide Krilling dying several times). But in this manga, there are a couple caracters that are STRONG, but the rest are pitifull (what’s Chouji gonna do? starve to death, hoping that he will be able to pinch the Juubi?). Naruto now has only several caracters that are worth mentioning, the rest being cannon fodder. So what are they still doing on the battle field?

    So Whitey was a vampire, and Ishin from a captain shinigami became a simple anchor. Quiestion, but with no answer: when masaki gave birth to Ichigo, did she transfer the sould of the hollow to him, or did she just pass the “desease” to him. Pretty clever, from Kubo, that by being a shinigami, Ichigo doesn’t need his father to be an anchor for him too. but another question, if the desease can be transmited, then what about the 2 sisters?

    sorry for the long post, but this Naruto chapter was lame 😦

  17. sorry for the grammar but i didn’t have the nerve to read it again

  18. i thought naruto was suppose to be a double chapter, but instead we got 20 pages with a few double pages

  19. Madara knew Hashirama was there when he flexed his chakra muscle to scare Tobirama. This would be WayWayWay over any other Hashirama chakra going around. This is to show us Sasuke hasn’t heard the story yet so they are a little ways away from rescuing the Alliance.

    Naruto never felt it before so that’s why he doesn’t know.

  20. Obito…..Re-read the chapter an the back to back with naruto is painfully obvious that he is gonna come back to the good side via talk no jutsu from either:

    A. Kakashi
    B. Minato
    C. Naruto

    Which one u guys reckon is gonna turn this emo bitch?!

  21. @ tensa
    The senju brothers, duh! They on a hot streak wit the talk no jutsu on Emo bitches.

  22. @tensa

    I think Minato after his talk with Naruto.


    Hilarious, lol.

  23. Kakashi will turn him in the other dimension

  24. The Review Should be out by the end of the day. Still doing some homework and I will get on with the review with the help of CESC, till than.

  25. It’s been asked before, but what does the “double issue” mean? I thought it meant two chapters at once as well, could someone clarify?

  26. @ Fire Fist

    A double issue doesn’t mean that the contents are doubled. During four particular weeks of the year, Japan celebrates major holidays and festivities, for example, the Golden Week in May. These are the only times where the mangaka get a break, so the magazine also goes on break for a week. When this happens, the preceeding issue is a “double issue”. So, a double issue means the magazine is meant for a 2-week period, which implies that there will be no WSJ issue in the following week.

  27. @UTI an unknown

    Im hoping that Minato does it tbh! That teacher student bond – we havent seen that in ages an would make a nice change from naruto’s dry ass lines! I cant wait for Obito, Kakashi an Minato to have a little team talk, I can see it now:

    Minato: Obito……….it was you…….but why?

    Obito: Shut up sensei, it’s all Kakashi’s fault he killed Rin….RIN MOTHAFUCKIN RIN, so i said fuck it im gonna dash a boulder on his face, put my fist through his chest an burn that damn mask off his lips then rule the world an bring her back in my genjutsu

    Kakashi: Shut up Obito it wasnt my fault!

    Minato: Kakashi…you killed Rin? why? she made the best damn cookies for me every friday, why da fuck did you kill her?!

    Kakashi: I cant take it anymore, fine ill tell you all so you can shut da fuck up!!!!

    ***Epic pause for 7 seconds

    Kakashi: I fucked da bitch………..there i said it! You happy you little red an purple eyed retard! I slept wit Rin, she fell pregnant an didnt want our baby to be born into this ninja tree climbing chaos…..she begged me to kill her but i wouldnt do it, then she made me do it via genjutsu and ive regretted it ever since, im sorryyyyyy!!!


  28. @tensa
    Maury: I like to take a commercial break, stay tuned and we’ll be right back with more of the Maury show.

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