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Hello everyone, first I like to apologize, I got confused on which chapter is which and for some reason I thought I already had been on time. Either way Cesc did his review for chapter 627, as for me I don’t want to comment on this chapter because to frank this chapter and the next chapters are going to be the type of chapters that you just have to enjoy the read, but that is not stopping Cesc, so without further ado, here is his review for chapter 627.

cecsBy: Cesc!

Interesting chapter we had this week, caught many by surprise to say the least. I have heard mixed reactions about the outcome of Hashirama’s speech, some love it while others completely detest it to the point of calling for an end to the manga. I however will hold off on any judgment on the events until we can more details. All Sasuke has said is that he will go to the battle field and prevent the destruction of what his brother died for, so he has not necessarily strayed from his path of revenge.

Last week.

But before I get into the whole Sasuke thing, let me first talk a little about last week’s chapter. So the flash back has come to an 18end, but I wouldn’t expect Sasuke to make his decision yet. To be honest I am not looking forward to it much at all, what I’d like to see is the Kages in the battle field. Someone touch on this a little in the comments, the point to Hashirama’s story is that there may not always be a right decision . . .? Hashirama tried to keep Madara alive and tried to work with him but that only kept biting him in the bud, then when he tried killing him, stuff ended up going to shits anyway. As Madara predicted, the peace that Hashirama had worked so hard to reach led to multiple world wars, the current giant battles and the suffering of countless others. Would things have ended up better had the Uchiha and Senju never made peace? Perhaps, or things would have just been worse. There is no obvious answer, one must simply choose a path they feel is right and follow it; this is the decision Sasuke must make, what is his path? Will he follow the way of Madara, or will he follow Hashi’s path. Mega Magnum goal is not to deter Sasuke from destroying the village, rather it is show him the options and let him choose; of course Hashi would hope that Sasuke chooses to protect the leaf rather than destroy it, but that is something he will not try to force him to do.

This week.

01A little recap on this week’s chapter: After hearing Hashirama’s story, we get to hear a little more about the other Kages, and what their guilt and motives were; contrary to popular belief, Tobimara did not hate the Uchiha, he in fact held them in high regard, the ones that were able to put the needs of the village ahead of their own at least. I really like Tobirama’s personality, he is a different kind of leader compared to his brother, he knew when to put the harmer down. Hashirama thought all the clans could live together peacefully, while Madara believed that there could never be peace between the clans; Tobirama attempted to create the goldilocks zone, a village in which the two clans can coexist in peace without necessarily having to live with each other. Those that were able to put the past behind them (Kagami) were trusted by Tobirama and allowed to hold important roles in the village.

Hiruzen took blame for not being firm enough to take affirmative action and letting Danzou do all the dirt work. Minato unfortunately did not have enough time to do anything and his reign was prematurely ended.

Sasuke’s decision!

A lot of people were very surprised at Sasuke’s decision here, I was surprised by that actually, I mean it was a 50% chance that his 11was to be his choice so the amount of shock from this is not justified in my opinion. Taking Hashirama’s words, and the moments with his brother all into account, Sasuke decides will no longer pursue the path of destroying what his brother gave everything up for to protect. Itachi, Hashirama, Madara, Tobirama, Hiruzen, Minato, Izuna and even Danzou all have an influence in Sasuke’s decision. So as much as you may disagree with Sasuke’s decision, the truth of the matter is that it is justified.

As for Orochimaru turning to the light side, I wouldn’t be so quick to accept it, the guy has made his entire existing out of deceit and schemes. In fact, the same can be said of Sasuke as well, don’t be so quick to call for Kishi’s head, things might take a completely different turn.

Stupid Karin!

ima9gesThe only part that actually did piss me off, how quickly Karin forgave Sasuke, it just makes me completely hate her character. Kishi truly does not give two shits about his female characters as none of them seems to have gone through any character development. I liked Karin and hoped she would emerge a more mature character after being shown mercy by the leaf, but instead Kishi disappoints me by giving us an even less developed character. Shame kishi, shame!

Overall great chapter, sets things up well for two weeks time, yeah sucks we have to wait two weeks.


14 Responses

  1. Umm. First?

  2. Karin’s making sakura look so good right now….

  3. @unkown91, Best comment of the week.

  4. @unknown

  5. I think karin situation would have been more believable,if that kick she gave suigestu had gone to sasuke.
    But kishi doesn’t want to mess with his son’s face does he?

  6. Sasuke flashback has multiple pixels. That is a good 5 or more minutes of taking everything into account. He acually took his time thinking it over. The manga makes it seem short because it was only a page long.

    Karin is no Hinata so we can’t expect too much from her character.

  7. I find it funny that just those ten ninjas together have more power than the entire shinobi Alliance.

  8. *nine*

  9. The whole aliance + Juubi + Obito are the most boring mix to watch. The Juubi is the most dull mythical tailed beast in the manga. It has less emotion than the Kyuubi or any other individual tailed beast. All it does is stand there like a statue. It was suppose to rip skies apart, cause earthquakes, rupture mountains etc etc etc. It did none of that and could barely put a scratch on the earth’s crust… FAIL!

    The alliance are so useless that they have almost no value but to be dumbstrucked by anything thrown their way. What have they done but act like a bunch of mascot? As for Obito, he has become nothing more than a lackluster character that makes us all wonder how he even fit into manga’s timeline to begin with. His character makes less sense than Sakura’s purpose to life. Seriously, have you seen his face? Very damn ugly. The only interesting character on the battlefield as of now is Madara. Naruto and Sasuke short reunion, Madara and Hashirama reunion and The Hokage’s entering the battlefield should spice the manga up a little bit. Those characters alone are more interesting than the manga itself.

  10. LMAO…..what an outburst!the juubi and “sakura’s purpose to life”..LOL.,just too damn funny



    It’s kicking off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I think BIG MAGNUM somehow knew MEGA MAGNUM would return, and he had all this planned out so he could have another upgrade to assure him winning the fight. Well really two. He’s upgraded everytime in each of their major battles. From sharingan to ems, now he has two since he found out doing it one at a time won’t help. The rinnegan and he wants to become the host of the juubi. So essentially he would become ULTRA MAGNUM aka sosp. Who would be the only person having power capable of beating MEGA MAGNUM.

  13. @uchiha if madara went thru all this to beat hashirama that kind of makes him even more sad…. to know that by ur own power u cant do anything so u get more and more to beat the one person who humiliated u in a fight time and time again? i hope thats not the case cause if so thats just kind of sad

  14. @token it’s really starting too look like that.

    That or he was going to use the infinite genjutsu to create a world he and MEGA could live in and construct how they dreamed as kids. This would also be viable because he could have easily tricked Obito into using the rinnegan to bring MEGA back or through the edo technique.

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