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Bleach Chapter 534: Everything but the Rain Op.7

Chapter 534: Everything but the Rain Op.7 ‘Hole of Reproach’
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Everything seems to have returned to normal in SS with Ragiku using her usual girly charms to try to shove her work to the captain. However in this battle Rangiku comes up short seeing how Ishinn already bolted off to the real world.

Rangiku immediately throws a fit about duty, but of course she is pissed she can’t excuse herself to head for the sweet shop emergency.

In the meantime things are not so fine in the Ishida household. Pretty much as soon as Masaki gets home she gets stopped by Ryuuken’s mother. She know Masaki intervened. Ryuuken gets mad running toward the only person who could have spilled the beans. The family servant Katagiri.

Ryuuken presses the woman against the wall demanding an explanation. I find it a bit naive that Ryuuken didn’t think Masaki was injured by the way she dealth with the hollow. It could simply they arrived too late, but Katagiri did see. And she thought the wound was too severe to keep silent.

Now it seems there might be a thing between these two. Maybe Katagari and Ryuuken have feelings for eachother until Masaki was brought into the household.

Their dialogue and eyes kind reinforce it for me, also Kitagiri’s pitch black hair.

Putting that aside ryuuken runs back to the hall wanting to help out Masaki. Masaki doesn’t want to put him in a difficult spot trying to wave him off, but she suddenly is overpowered by darkness and falls to the floor.

Masaki has an amazing strength, hiding that from everyone, now showing in how much pain she must have been. I don’t think this hole was suddenly there, because Urahara already noticed something within Masaki when the girl bumped into him earlier.

Ryuuken feels responsible for not going after Masaki sooner. In a panic he pretty much runs out the house with Masaki going to find his dad, not even knowing where he might be.

As he thinks back to his choices he didn’t notice a simply hollow ambush him. Luckily for him, Ishinn saves him. Ishinn approaches Ryuuken as casually as he did Masaki.

That is, until he sees the wound on Masaki’s chest. He obviously wants to help her. Ryuuken yells at him having found a new target to vent with desperation toward. Before Ryuuken really loses his cool our favorite scientist and outcast intervenes.

Urahara hasn’t been sitting still as he felt the anomaly in Masaki and has already found a way to help her. Hougyouku anybody? Hmmm? *wink*wink*. I’ll bet your ass Aizen is keeping a close eye on Masaki.


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  1. New chapter is out, but really i need some explanations 😦

  2. No time this week, will do a double chapter next week.

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