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Its Out!!!

One Piece Chapter 706


Bleach Chapter 534


10 Responses

  1. Bellamy FTMFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. As far as bleach goes….@tawuya….I called it buddy. Just as cheesy of an explanation as I predicted.

  3. @Tensa

    Bill Bellamy is in manga now :O.

  4. Bellamy has been on steriods the last 2 years – dude is hench! i wonder how badly he messed up the skypeins tho? and what did he mean by “Huge wave that engulfs us all”………Law said somthin like this back on PH- wat da hell are the marines up too?!!!
    As for Bartemelo………..he’s a douchebag aint he but i like him but im rooting for Bellamy to win this round, dude recognised luffy straight away like a BAWSE!

  5. I don’t know why, but i want Bellamy to win the B block..lol. I want to see what new things he can do with his DF powers. It my look silly but so did Luffy at first.

  6. is there any reason why you guys haven’t review naruto 627 yet

  7. Jdogg is too busy busy to reblog, so here is a link to the review guys: http://monstertrioblog.wordpress.com/2013/04/20/one-piece-706-no-more-giggles/

  8. @?????, naruto chapter is not out this week.

  9. Hey jdogg I reviewed and sent Naruto 627 to you the day it came out.

  10. I thought I had that out already

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