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Bleach Chapter 533: Everything but the Rain Op.6

Chapter 533: Everything but the Rain Op.6 ‘The Gravitation’
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If there was any doubt from last chapter left, it is made clear again that non of the shinigami ever expected this young woman to make such a daring move.

The hollow didn’t either his mask shattering and suddenly his whole body blows up in a huge explosion or implosion, whatever you want to call it. But it’s obvious Masaki’s close range blast was easily enough to destroy it.

By instinct Ishinn jumps and places himself between the hollow and Masaki taking the brunt of the explosion with his body.

It doesn’t look like he was able to use kidou to pull up a barrier seeing he is down and out on the floor badly hurt.

Masaki runs up to him worried about him, while Ishinn goes back to his laid-back state not wanting her to worry about him too much.

He then asks Masaki an important question.

Jep. She immediately wonders what she should do. Should she lie, what would ryuuken do if he found out she told a shinigami who she was. In the end should couldn’t lie to the man who saved her life. She announced to him that she is a Quincy.

Ishinn didn’t see it coming, but he noticed the pained expression in her eyes. He plays it off with a smile, not wanting to start trouble for her aswell since she pretty much saved her life as well.

Masaki is rather surprised no doubt the Ishida family would have told her the shinigami are they mortal enemies. She seems rather surprised this guy is so kind.

Ryuuken and Katagiri have been watching the battle quietly. Dressed up and everything Ryuuken seems it best to let things as they are and not make his presence known to Masaki. He quickly leaves the scene as have Aizen and co.

Tousen seems to call the explosive decompression of the hollow a total failure. Aizen… not so much. This would be where Aizen shifted his focus completely for the time being to Kurosaki Masaki.

The other thing worth noting here is that they actually committed a grave robbery(possibly). Since Whitey was dead when they decided to turn him into a guinea pig.

Back at SS, Ishinn faces the boss finishing up his report. Commander Yamamoto was displeased about the fact he went out without permission but due to his swift action damage was ‘minimal’ therefore he wouldn’t bet punished.

Mayuri seems displeased Ishinn let the hollow be destroyed. Yamamoto pretty much knows Ishinn left something out. Ishinn keeps out any word of Masaki.

As he relaxes in his barracks he commended her strength and sheer balls to save a shinigami and even announce herself a Quincy before him. He finds her facinating already. Something blooming there perhaps… mmm?

Back down on earth Masaki is already acting her usual self again until I see some weird ass panels at the bottom of page 17. Still not sure what is actually going on. At first glance it simply looks like Masaki bumps into Urahara. But could it be Masaki feels an effect of the Hollow’s bite?

I think this is quite possibly the case as even Urahara notices something odd the young girl that bumped into him watching her with wary eyes.

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