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cecsBy: Cesc!

Hello folks, forgive me for the late review; I have been extremely busy with school and work. I have finals coming up in 2 weeks and have some projects to do. Also, this chapter did not do much to inspire at all.

Hashi and Madi 2.

So I went back and re-read Hashi and Madi 1 just to get a feel of how the final battle began as this hashirama_senju_vs_uchiha_madara_by_cheo36-d5hpga1chapter jumped right to the end of it. This wasn’t my favorite chapter but I thought Kishi did pretty well in wrapping up the flash back arc, we did not get a lot of details but this was to be expected as we are hearing this on account of one person, meaning it would have been weird if Hashi just knew everything. That being said, we still got a whole lot of information from these past few chapters, info that has granted us much better understanding of the two greatest shinobi to ever live and all the struggles they went through. This though isn’t the entire story and I hope we get to hear the other side.

Madi the douche!

Uchiha_Madara_by_NinjaticI keep asking for the other side of the story because despite how hard Hashi tried to make Madi’s decisions seem justifiable, I and many others can’t be convinced that Madi is a giant douche. This chapter picks up where the last one left off, big magnum is telling Mega Magnum that he is leaving the village and will become it’s enemy; however big magnum refuses to elaborate to mega magnum on why exactly he is leaving. He then states that there must be darkness to oppose the light; even though I agree with this to some extent, it does not excuse big magnum’s behavior. I can understand why Hashirama was left so confused, it seemed that they had accomplished everything they wanted and with other villages being formed, the world was heading towards peace. Big magnum really had no legitimate excuse to be such a total douche by attacking the village repeatedly, whereas Mega Magnum gave him too many chances.

Finally grew a pair eh!

Finally, Mega Magnum’s badassry is given justice with that final attack on big magnum; after hashirama_vs_madara_ch_620_by_celinzki-d5v5jbrdefeating his opponent countless times before, Hashirama finally decides that this will be the last time, and the look on his face as he pierces Madara’s heart was pure epic. Reminds me a little of Goku, you can mess with me all you want, but try to hurt any of my friends and I won’t let you take another breath! It was also refreshing to see Madara giving praise to Hashirama for finally growing a pair; I was getting bored seeing him give Madara chance after chance, this rootless side of him was necessary to make his character complete.

Full circle!

So the flashback has come to an end, but I wouldn’t expect Sasuke to make his decision yet. To be honest I am not looking forward SASUKE-naruto-shippuuden-sasuke-lovers-33701447-2000-1095to it much at all, what I’d like to see is the Kages in the battle field. Someone touch on this a little in the comments, the point to Hashirama’s story is that there may not always be a right decision . . .? Hashirama tried to keep Madara alive and tried to work with him but that only kept biting him in the bud, then when he tried killing him, stuff ended up going to hell anyway. As Madara predicted, the peace that Hashirama had worked so hard to reach led to multiple world wars, the current giant battles and the suffering of countless others. Would things have ended up better had the Uchiha and Senju never made peace? Perhaps, or things would have just been worse. There is no obvious answer, one must simply choose a path they feel is right and follow it; this is the decision Sasuke must make, what is his path? Will he follow the way of Madara, or will he follow Hashi’s path. Mega Magnum goal is not to deter Sasuke from destroying the village, rather it is show him the options and let him choose; of course Hashi would hope that Sasuke chooses to protect the leaf rather than destroy it, but that is something he will not try to force him to do.

Hope you guys enjoyed the chapter, and the review. Have a great weekend!



18 Responses

  1. I thought it was great chapter; nice info in the flashback itself and now it’s time for battle!

  2. Sasuke vs Obito?! Place ur bets……actually thinking about it, if Maddi an Obito use their visual eye powers to the full to fight sasuke – he aint got a hope in hell, Maddi rockin both EMS an Rinn, and Obito wit MS an Rinn…..the kid Uchiha really is a kid goin up against these two! Wait hasnt he got a Zetsu still in him??! Senju DNA!!! Ok i take that back he’ll be fine lol

  3. ….fucking Kishimoto. If I don’t get my Sasuke vs Naruto rematch, I will bash this manga for the rest of my existence. I swear it. That is all.

  4. @7warlord, wow man lots of aggression, but understandable. By the way I am writing the one piece review, I hope you dont mind.

  5. ok, no probls

  6. Hey jdogg when can u get this weeks review up?

  7. I got it done just now

  8. @7warlord don’t worry, by the time this manta’s over you’ll get the sasuke vs. Naruto rematch.

  9. In the chunin exams

  10. @unknown91
    I have my fingers crossed, but I don’t know dude…

  11. I really could careless about any plot holes, the fact that sasuke seems to have turned good at the moment, and even Karin forgiving sasuke, we are about to witness the battle of the magnums first hand, and as much as I’d like to see the 2nd hokage fight I wanna see minato wipe the floor with obito

  12. You don’t care about plotholes? Wow just wow….

  13. Will there be a chapter this week?

  14. btw..does anybody got any info on the new DBZ movie…battle of the Gods?!

  15. What kind of info? ive seen scenes of it and the fight scenes were awesome but the whole super saiyan god thing was kind of a disappointment for me.. gotta say though one of the fight scenes can be summed up with one word; chopsticks

  16. no naruto this week

  17. Thanks token, I just saw that earlier today..Bill is beast!

  18. you too cesc…

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