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It’s Outro!!!

Naruto chapter 627


Bleach chapter 533


One piece chapter 705



42 Responses

  1. I don’t mean to go on a rampage and say how the current events are lets just say too good to be true. Sasuke coming to save the day is just bs from kishi’s head because so far all the people that Sasuke abandoned, killed or tried to kill them all of a sudden love him. I mean Karin still in love with Sasuke after what he did to her is just not believable or how orochi who was killed by Sasuke wants to help him now. I am just shaking my head at all the bs that is happening. I can see orchi playing possum and striking when everyone is all weak but Karin is just not believable. I am just not buying this idea that Sasuke is all of a sudden cares about the village or peace and all that good stuff. I hate it when I go on a rant about one of my favorite manga but come on this is just to ridiculalious and some how I feel like I am the only one that feels this way because I looked at the comments on the other it’s out post and people are liking the current events. Sorry for the grammar to angry and in a rush. Well sorry if I was ranting too much, I just wanted to get this out of my system so it will not be in the Naruto review post. Have good reads people.

  2. ITS….GOING…..DOWN……..in two weeks 😦

  3. @jdogg

    I’m sadly disappointed if this is true about Oro.

  4. Jdogg i´m with you men. This is sooooo lame, ohh what a big sorprise another change of hearth from sasuke. Week after week chapter after chapter of this uchija crap. To be honest i almost puke in my keyboard.
    another prove that kishi is a lame writer and have zero respect for women. I mean what women would be all over the guy that stabed her. Now what, this group join the “war” and then al lovey-dovey finish this shit.
    What happend with the sasuke that want kill naruto, what happen with the anticipated fight between them. What happen to the plot????????? Kishi better finish this pathetic manga now before his sink more in the pile of shit that he create!

  5. Dont really know what to feel about this chapter but it just shows how gullible sasuke is,i mean,is there any side of the story that sasuke doesn’t get to believe and go all 180,look at this

    cover-up itachi’s story=180 from sweet 8 yr old kid to an avenger(btw marvel avengers should really think about hiring this guy),=and goes all i wanna kill itachi=good guy

    itachi’s true story=180 and goes all “i’m gonna kill those old skinny danzou and bitches of elders”=antihero-ish

    Obito’s version of madi-hashi’s love story=180 again and goes all “i’m gonna cleanse the tainted name of the uchiha and destroy the village=totally flips the switch, bad guy

    edo itachi’s read the bedtime story of konaha history=gets all anti-hero minded again

    hashirama version of madi-hashi love story=flips the switch again=good guy
    Jeez…..i’m getting a headache,its so hard to keep track of sasuke’s side these days..well at least we still have
    Madara version of hashi-madi love story=guessin another 180 to bad guy mode, then naruto vs sasuke will fall right in place

  6. @JE, wow man that’s how I feel too but kishi has talent, I don’t know where that talent went but he curtainly has talent it’s just that once Sasuke became his favorite character it’s all about Sasuke, look at the facts, Sasuke has far more varity of moves than Naruto, I lost count on how many custom changes he goes thru. But Naruto is still left with that lame suit thinie, remember when he had the cape, whatever happened to that. Till this day I am mad that kishi took away Naruto’s cape. He looked so bad ass with it and especially when he had that scrol,l it was like he was a mixture of The Fourth and Jayria with a little of Naruto but then all of a sudden no cape no scroll and left with one technique. I understand that kishi wanted the idea of making Naruto look simple but come on man he is the freaking main character. Nothing the less I still think that kishi can turn this around and the way he can do that is by making an epic ending that none of us thought would be possible.

    @gentlepunch, lol that’s way I think that Sasuke should of just stayed a bent on revenge character. It would of made more sense and he is one badass villain. I mean he bi$&h slapped orchi, stabbed Karin in the heart, ditched waterboy and Sasuke fan club boy, destroyed Danzou, killed Itachi, how more of a villain can he get, but now sadly he is a little bi$&h that is on his period, changing sides like a tennis ball.

  7. Jdogg, kishi have talent but it end in the middle of naruto and pain fight, after that the story have some good chapters but overall is pathetic. In naruto´s only technique side, i`m good (in part) with that, you just have to be a badass to beat up a guy with hundreds of jutsus meanwhile you only have two or three. But naruto (the PROTAGONIST) and the rest of badass caracthers (jiraiya, pain, konan, kisame, etc) all lost again the uchijas and kishi´s boy-toy.

  8. One question.
    What the hell going to happen with Naruto-sasuke fight?
    If sasuke turn good there is no need to fight, if the fight, would be a match between friends (LAME). If the fight just for fun would be pathetic.
    So the big question is ¿what is the plot that bastard,i mean kishi going to follow?

  9. @JE, hahaha man you have something burn against Kishi, I don’t blame you. But I think that Sasuke will change sides if he don’t I think that their fight will be like the first and Madara between to friends/eniems/rivles. Other than that I think that the fight is out the window the moment Sasuke turns good.

  10. honestly im not sure the problem with this chapter… everyone complains about sasuke changing his viewpoint well maybe hes finally being smart. All i heard was sasuke is a idiot y would he not follow his bro, y doesnt sasuke wise up and stop being a complete tool and follow ppl who lie and r weak blah blah blah. Now all the sudden when sasuke decides that his bro was right from the start and to make his own choice ppl r hating him for that! I mean come on choose a side ppl lol. Yea he flip flops decisions… but isnt that what we love/hate about sasuke?Not only that but we still dont know what he will do after that. Hes bound to change his mind about something eventually. People complain i think cause they like to… i am as big a sasuke hater as anyone but at least hes doing what he feels after hearing both sides of the story so decide ppl do u want sasuke to be a puppet or make his own choices and flip flop at times. Either way its cool to see sasuke thinking things thru for once.
    This chapter i have to say i enjoyed alot. Not only was the last page epic showing each hokage on his respective monument but we see the second being how I have portrayed him from teh start: ppl want to say he was dumb and he caused all this but the fact of the matter is everything he said to his bro over the years wasnt exactly wrong. Not only that but we realize that unlike what we believed he didnt hate the uchiha as much as we thought: as he said he kept a eye on them cause frankly they kept givin him reasons to. The fourth mentionin giving a gift to naruto is something im very interested in and maybe finally naruto will be able to do flying thunder god or something. Oro i am slightly disappointed in cause i feel he is now a puppet to sasuke but after everything ive seen of oro im still waiting to see how he actually feels and what he will do after this is all over. And oro isnt dumb enough to try and stand against the 4 hokage as he knows that if he doesnt help them or unbind them the first will wreck havoc on his ass anyways. Overall great chapter and i dont have a problem with sasukes choice as much as other ppl do. Like i said sasuke can be confused and doesnt know what to do but lets be real hes been lied to by alot of ppl and its hard for him to know who to believe but it all came down to his bro and sasuke realizes that after everythign he learned abotu itachi if protecting the village was good enough for him (one who was claimed by many to be wise beyond his years and one of the most skilledshinobi ever) maybe its worth trying for that goal.

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gfv86e3o7Ds i listen to sawywers reviews every week and this week it explains the chapter pretty well

  12. or maybe minatos gift is the other half of the kyuubis power… man if that happens say goodbye to sasuke standing a chance in a battle lol

  13. Like I give a fuck about what time of the month it is for sasuke. I’m all about that epic rematch coming our way! The second talking all tough like he gonna do something, all I know is when the two of the baddest ninjas to ever weave a handsign meets on the battlefield, him, minato, the old man, naruto, sasuke, obito, an the rest of them lames better sit the fuck down, order some nachos, and stay quiet like good little boys an girls while class on ninja-logy, aka ‘how to own ninjas LIKE A BAWSE’, is in session.

  14. @Token, my issue is that and you have to agree because if you don’t I can give you so many examples of how Sasuke is easily listening to people. He hears one person and all of a sudden they are right and he must fallow/learn from them. He is by far the most gullible character in the manga world or at least in the Naruto world. I really liked Sasuke and would say he was my second to almost my favorite when he was a kid and bent on revenge and didn’t care about anyone but power and revenge. But now he has so many personalities/issues that I don’t know what to make of him. I guess that I thought when he turns or at least learns that protecting the village at least he would have to learn the heard way. Take it like this. Remember vegeta from dragonball z, and I am pretty sure you do. Vegeta was and still is bent on getting powerful and never lost that antihero badass don’t give a f$&k attitude sort of like stone cold. And in my opinion Sasuke was shaping up to be that type of character but then all of that is gone out the window. I do not know what type of character he is now. That’s my issue with Sasuke but if we were talking about Sasuke as a kid than by far he was an epic character now he is an IDK type of character for me at least.

  15. Jdogg…….i hear u man, i miss that cape an scroll look, he looked freakin badass! Bring back the mothafuckin cape!!! Now guys i feel ur rage….i understand ur rage…..believe it or not behind the jokes an laptop screen lays a very angry guy so i get where ur coming from but guys this is sasuke we’re talking about…….the most emo, unpredictable guy in the whole show…..we will see madman sasuke very soon…..he’s 16 he’s young an gulliable, once his grandad Maddi gives his side of the story someone (tobirama) is gonna get a chidori sword to the neck!! That is when all hell will be raised and the ninja royal rumble will kick off!! No way in hell all sasukes darkness is gone in one lunch time ramen conversation. When Maddi starts talkin that pimp style uchiha lingo thats wen sasuke will get mind fucked again an say hello to thee bad guy!

  16. <_< An just like that, sasuke has made a fan club out of orochimaru, karin, an the kages. The way this is going the only battle between naruto and sasuke will be over who will be the next hokage……..

  17. @jdogg actually on the sasuke point i did mention him goin back and forth;
    “Yea he flip flops decisions… but isnt that what we love/hate about sasuke?Not only that but we still dont know what he will do after that. Hes bound to change his mind about something eventually. People complain i think cause they like to… i am as big a sasuke hater as anyone but at least hes doing what he feels after hearing both sides of the story so decide ppl do u want sasuke to be a puppet or make his own choices and flip flop at times. Either way its cool to see sasuke thinking things thru for once.”
    Sasuke for once is usin his head and remembering everythign his bro told him and making a decision unlike before when he is on impulse. I could go farther into it but i have a feeling u wont change ur mind.
    As for vegeta umm did u forget that he did stop tryin to be the strongest in teh buu saga? He saw that goku was the best and even awknowledged it when ss3 goku was facing buu. Fact is it took him a while but he in the end realized that goku was the best and there was no denying it. Also he did lose the anti hero when he realized his family was most importnant and sacrificed himself… can u see sasuke doin that?

  18. On a serious note, I have to admit I’m surprised and impressed with the second throughout this conversation. If sasuke did indeed switch sides now it was definitely due more to his words than of 1st bromance-infested flashback.

  19. and as sawyer made a point in the review i posted the way sasuke worded it doesnt necessarily mean he is all good guy now. there may be a hidden agenda we dont know yet

  20. and u said u liked sasuke bent on revenge… well everything he hated was kind of based on a lie told by itachi and was orchestrated by danzo and the leaf. Is it any wonder he didnt know which side? like ive said i hate sasuke and still not too much of a fa n cause honestly he should have reached this decision and logic a long time ago

  21. I understands everyone’s frustration that Sasuke is currently back on the good side but I was looking for that to happen anyway seeing that Madara wants to enslave the whole world! I always thought he would help defeat Madara in the end! I don’t necessarily think his conflict Naruto is over and definitely don’t think Orochimaru is suddenly a good guy! Lets just see where this goes!

  22. Wow everyone calm down- Kishi isnt stupid – he fucks up some of his characters an has a few plotholes but he isnt stupid an knows what he is doing, he is trollin da fuck out of us right now an some guys are lapping it up like a lesbian eating snatch!! We will no doubt see the final godlike naruto vs sasuke clash, we will no doubt see the rematch of all mothering fucks of a rematch between the Notorious pimp (Maddi) vs Ultra pimp (Hashi) with a little Fully formed Juubi vs Tobirama, Sarutobi an Ninja alliance on the side, we will no doubt see the rematch between Twickle Toes (minato) vs the Rinnegan Bastard (obito) an if we’re reallyyyyyyyyy luckily we may get guy sensei going 8 gates and an infamous tenten death scene!!!

  23. One piece- IM CALLING IT NOW- VIOLET IS PART OF CP-0!!!!!!!!!

  24. @ yellowflash true. It would be pretty stupid of sasuke to help madara as opposed to stopping him after everything that has happened. That would’ve truely been a 180 change. Sasuke has always used people to get what he wants, from naruto, from orochimaru, and obtio. What is there for sasuke to gain by allowing madara to succeed? Maybe the only change that occurred here is that he’s looking to the future for once instead of making spur of the moment deicisions. Based on his actions an words up from the point he decided to kill itachi till now, he never gave one thought about ‘the morning after ‘. That is the one question sasuke has yet to answer, just like naruto with how he’s gonna end the hatred. After sasuke accomplishes his goals, what will he do after?

  25. @Token, I am with you man, my issue is that a want a little twist in plot. You know what I mean like we haven’t had an event that shock the foundation of the ninja world. I know that the fight between hashirama and Madara was epic but it was short live. Like Tensa Gizla said kishi has plot issues and he could shock us all in the next few chapters but I still can’t get over the fact that Sasuke changed his mind so fast and is on the road of repent. In my opinion Sasuke still needs attune for his sins. It will be very lame if he is forgiven, I guess we will see how Sasuke will justifies his actions or if he will accapt the punishment of his actions. Look me and you both love this manga, I would agree with you on so many things. I agree with you that Sasuke changing sides was enevitable but not this way it should of been Naruto who changes his mind. Heck that is the main plot. Do you get what I am getting at. Or am I coming of as an ignort hater. 🙂

    @Tens Gizzla, I am an Naruto analyzer I am supposed to bi$&h some times sorry about that. But as to Violet being cp0, well going by your record your onto something. But hey don’t you think that monosuke and kinemon fit the role of a strawhats perfect. I loved the interaction of mono-brook-nami-chopper that was pure comedy. Oh and what makes you think she is CP0?

  26. @Jdogg,

    Bitch away bro bitch away! Everyone loves a good bitch!!
    Kinnemon an Momo fit into the strawhats reallyyyy nicely, they’ve gotten so comfortable from eating with them, epic facial expressions an general interaction – they’ve let their guard down to the point in which they are part of the family but i cant help but wonder what their big secret is. Brook this chapter taking full advantage cracked me up – he’s in a perverted league of his own! Now CP-0……violet is too good to be true an we all know that the CP guys are masters of deception – no one saw that rob lucci – the bird ventriloquist shipwright would turn out to be one of the badest zions an give luffy the best fight in the show to date imo.
    Kalifia the sexy secretary turned out to be a bubble DF user who literally kicked the taste out of sanji’s mouth and ive got a feeling Violet will do the same. She could be playing damsel in de-stress for a good reason and whenever Sanji does his internal monalogue talking about “Nami-san, Robin-chan, how is the weather” he always gets screwed over- he did the same one when he was ended up on ivanko’s tranny island!

  27. @Tensa Gizzla, you have a solid point. Though I want Violet to actually be who she is saying she is, because I want my man Sanji to finally be the one who gets the girl and if what you say is true, I can’t and don’t want to see Sanji get heart broken again, I mean how many times has he being cock-blocked. Not to mention he had to spend two years in “hell”, so for once I want Sanji to be the one getting the girl. But your points are good, oh Fuj is the the Admiral, that was predictable but still its epic, this arc is shaping up to be the most complex story so far, the possibilities of whats to come is endless.

  28. @Jdogg,
    It would be nice for sanji to get the girl but he’s known violet for what, half an hour?! That damn sure aint love at first sight especially with that fake beard on his face! Sanji cock blocks himself most of the time by trying too hard an coming on too strong – just be smooth like zoro or have that boy-ish goofy charm like luffy. You know who else looks real good with the strawhats………..that bastard ceaser clown!!! I re-read the last couple chapters an although he is a bastard criminal he looks comfy too – from when he was sleeping with the cuff’s on to chillin at the bar with them in this chapter- the creepy guy fits in well with the bizarre SH crew lol

  29. @jogg,

    p.s: Im starting to loose respect for the rank of vice admiral……..smokee got his ass whooped 3 times last arc by some big boys he should be able to dance wit (ok maybe not doflamingo but virgo an law i expected more tbh) an now this new vice admiral got beat by this nunchuck guy bartolomeo with a crappy bounty! what is going onnnnnnnn!!

  30. @token-first i expected you to bitch about this,you know you being the infamous b**ch of shannaro and all..
    “hidden agenda”
    ya,i mean considering hashirama was no longer under oro’s control.he must have replayed that scene of 1000 bitch slap shattering susano’o and thought,damn! i have no chance against this senju powerhouse.so he’ll just lead them to madara and join forces.that would be so WICKED!so so orochimaru-like of sasuke.

  31. @Tensa, this new admiral got beat by Bartolomeo who is considered a a promising rookie, and the vice-admiral ranking varies. Look at Garp, he was on par with Roger but he was ranked Vice Admiral, so it could be like some are impossibly strong and some are just at that rank of Vice Admiral which is like a pirate with a bounty between 100,000,000 to 30,000,000 beli, I am just assuming this ranking from what I have seen.

    Hey I just reread the One Piece chapter and I can see what Tensa was getting at, there was a person that tried to shot him, why? It could be that Violet led him to that place to be ambushed maybe she is a con-artist or like you said she is with CP0. Good eye Tensa.

  32. @gentle rofl that response was everywhere I have zero idea of what your point was…. Next time maybe make sense??

  33. Lol…thats how i love my comment,they are just random rant,not biased,not taking any sides.
    Well i just said you may be right,that sasukemay just have a hidden agenda.
    As for the infamous bitch part, ROFL….i think you know what i meant

  34. ” was smiling like a pimp in a fur coat store the whole time” hahaha…

    In order of epicness:

    1. One Piece – sweet, chocolate-coated, salty balls Batman!!! Fujitora-CP-0-PsychoViceAdmiralKillingRookie… it’s almost becoming too much; how does he top this next week?! Makes no damn sense! It’s about to go down on Green Bit…

    2. Naruto – keep an eye on Orochimaru; Snake-pedo does NOT like playing second fiddle! Guys Karin to Sasuke = Harley Quinn to the Joker; this women are by no means rational. Karin is a crazy lab rat chick who will always love Sasuke. And Sasuke has not “changed” suddenly (we go through this every week); SASUKE HAS ALWAYS BEEN MOTIVATED BY HIS BROTHER/FAMILY. The circumstances around ITACHI have changed. Sasuke has remained who he is from the get-go; “an Avenger” as he described himself at Team 7s first meeting.

    3. Bleach – meh…

  35. Sasuke is the truth #waitsForAngryRetortsLol

  36. Kishi still has talent and has grown as writer but maybe assumes too much of the readership…

  37. I was kinda expecting sasuke to burst out a crazy sarcastic laugh featuring orochimaru’s signature laugh “kukuku”.
    Oh well….I would have loved to see sasuke get pimp slapped by the kages.but since he’s kishi’s son,he would probably win.so the Kages wont get to go the battlefield..so i think I’ll trade it with the villian=heroes tag team out to smite madara.

  38. And finally will we be able to see minato fight at full force instead of making tobi a laughing stock of a villain?!

  39. one piece is the best pout of the big 3 and ummm he vice admiral got beat by Bartolomeo himself not the missionary guy.. i cant wait to see domflimingo vs the admiral should be a good fight.. i love how franky stepped up and i consider hi, the 4th strongest in the team.. maybe even on sanji´s level

  40. you know what is that dream sasuke wants to fulfill, its actually beating naruto to pieces… but not really the whole village after this point…its about rivalry…following the manga, sasuke had never killed major characters…

  41. what makes this manga so popular, because most reader want to see the flaws of the writer… we keep on following every episodes cuz we expect of a sort of resurrection to the plot…yet in the end we want it more than the rest its bcuz we are intrigue about the story, about the plotholes and the writer himself

  42. As far as bleach goes….@tawuya….I called it buddy. Just as cheesy of an explanation as I predicted.

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