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One Piece Chapter 704 – The Statue of Kyros


Whats up guys. Once again we are given a great chapter this week, with Oda cranking the “Oh Shit” level up a few more notches. Also, just when I thought I knew enough characters, a dozen more is crammed in my face. Not only that, this chapter foreshadows possible future arcs. Government bombings? Battle of Dias? And basically, most of these characters come from an islands or countries itching with adventures for the Strawhat pirates. The world of One Piece really feels like a world now. That’s what is so appealing about Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire and other stories similar to them. You know that there’s an entire world out there, not just the parts you can see. And as far as shonen mangas go, I think it has the best and biggest world of any I’ve read so far.  This is how you make a story people, even…

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