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Bleach Chapter 532: Everything but the Rain Op.5

Chapter 532: Everything but the Rain Op.5
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Without even skipping a second this chapter goes straight onwards. Aizen has indeed stolen Urahara cloak technology in order to go where ever they need to be undetected. With that strike inflicting a serious wound on Ishinn’s back Aizen retreats to safe observational distance to watch the continuation of this fight.

Ishinn is badly hurt but still runs a clear head as he easily deduced that he got struck by a Zanpaktou and pulls a logical conclusion there is a traitor in their midst. He calls out… Aizen decides to take no risk of any kind and announces their departure.

Gin wonder if they should, afraid he might kill their pet project. Aizen made sure with his earlier attack that Ishinn cannot use his Bankai as it poses a great danger to Ishinn in his injured state. Aizen also believes that if the guinea pig gets defeated by a captain in Shikai it would have been a failure.

‘Noble’ Tousen is displeased with Aizen’s description and wishes for the creature to be called by his name. Whitey. apparently, it’s the first time they managed to created a hollow using a shinigami as a base. With all this, its obvious this takes place after the pendulum arch like I figured, simply because if it was before Kurosaki Masaki would be really old and probably dead.

Ishinn doesn’t get much rest as the hollow strikers again. The wound on his back making it hurt. Ishin has to evade and quickly moves into an attack with Engetsu using his own blood as a catalyst.

the attack succesfully takes off one arm, the limb striking the ground close to Masaki who by now has arrived on the scene.

Unfased the creature continues his relentless attack and prepares to fire a cero at point-blank range, but Masaki saves his pretty face with a well-aimed arrow. The hollow evades to cannot fire his cero.

Aizen is still here and the presence of a Quincy makes his heart beat a lot faster.

The hollow bolts for the new enemy Ishin trying to follow but on of his ankles pretty much broken and cannot pursue. Masaki tries to land a hit but even with a barrage of arrows she cannot land a hit on the hollow.

With quick decisive thinking she undoes her bow and extends her arms. To all Shinigami watching she lets the hollow plants his mouth onto her shoulder

With the hollow up and close personal she got him right where she wanted it. One arm holds onto its head and in the other she prepared a pocket bow and blasts the black hollow right through the neck and in all likelihood ending it’s life or at the very least severely reduced its survival chances.

Go Masaki… you rock balls.


6 Responses

  1. Awesome review man.

  2. I still think this is going to play out like what I posted in the “it’s out forum”:

    So Kurosaki’s mom got bit by a radio active hollow that wanted to suck up her riatsu like a vampire causing their riatsus to mix, thus the reason he has all three powers of hollow, shinigami, and quincy.

    Sounds a little cliche, and all to similar to spiderman. I hate to say it, but that’s a cheesy way of explaining how he got his powers

  3. It’s Ichigo hollow as many of us has pointed it out to be. The shiningami soul that reside in the hollow “Whitey” is where Ichigo got his asauchi from. Using the shiningami/ hollow soul as a medium to form it into a zanpakto.

  4. Awesome!

  5. God freakin Aizen, I wish he would die already!

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