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Chapters Are Out!!!

Grab em while they are out…out of time don’t have any. Let the discussion begin and once I have time I will add on the chapters which can be read on any stream manga site.


56 Responses

  1. So Kurosaki’s mom got bit by a radio active hollow that wanted to suck up her riatsu like a vampire causing their riatsus to mix, thus the reason he has all three powers of hollow, shinigami, and quincy.

    Sounds a little cliche, and all to similar to spiderman. I hate to say it, but that’s a cheesy way of explaining how he got his powers.

  2. FIIIIRST!!! (again shishishishi)

    In order of epicness:

    1. One Piece – feels like I’m jinxing it to say “yet another epic chapter” but hell it was. I think the blind swordsman is Kyros and the “one and only scar” he received was the one that blinded him… My final four in the coliseum are: 1. Lucy 2. Rebecca 3. Jesus Burgess 4. Kyros 🙂

    2. Bleach – Ichigos mommy was a badass lil kamikaze chick! Urahara should be running Soul Society. I’m enjoying the development of this fight and Masaki and Isshin’s first meeting…

    3. Naruto – a close 3rd of the big three; great plot development and a satisfying explanation of the valley of the end’s creation. Also great how Hashi has told this story to Sasuke (and the other Kage’s) so he can have the ball in his court to make decision. Sasuke has to ask himself; “what really happens if I destroy the leaf?”. Hashi stabbing Madara panel reminded me of Bleach for some reason.

    Another week to wait 😦

  3. @UTI – haha, let’s wait and see what actually happens before we attribute events to how Ichigo got his hollow powers; many people have been bitten by hollows and there has been no transference so far.

  4. @Tawuya

    I’m just saying man, it’s just a little to familiar for me, lol.

  5. as always, one piece is #1 for me. anyone else want rebecca to be the new member :P. its going to be interesting match vs burgess, i think we will see a 1vs1 matches before the final 2 but i am hoping for a fatal 4-way match instead lol.

    as for bleach, not much to say, just have to wait and see what happens in the next few chapters.

    good conclusion to the battle, i imagine when it comes to the anime we will see a bit more of the battle itself. mad respect for the 1st

  6. @jay – not sure if she’ll become a crewmember but she’ll likely get the mera-mera fruit after she forms a bond with luffy during this arc. I’m also interested to see how irked Sanji will be after he sees women fall over Cavendish!

  7. got to admit…that was a heck of a fight tite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. As always, One piece has giving us an epic chapter.
    1. I see The iron boy Scotch is alive, looks un-hurt and still on that winter island. I wonder what happen to XDrake.
    2. What the???? Bellamy is still alive after what happened at Jaya. lol.
    And his bounty seem to have raisen to over a 100 mil. He’s problby more cocky now. Can’t wait to see how He’s grown. Also, DD isn’t as cruel as I thought He was….He gave Bellamy a second Chance.

    Jesus Burgess!!!!! of the Blackbeard Pirates, Ha. I was thinking that BB was going to show up. HE is after powerful Devil Fuirts after all. But I should have guess the Champ would be here after it…Since the guy likes fights.

    Also, I see the the Blackbeard Pirates have grown. Commander of the first fleet. I wonder how big the BB pirates are?

  9. So hashirama had no intention on allowing madara to do whatever he was planning and was convinced that he killed him……..so how did he survive, and dissapppeared without anyone noticing? What he do to mask his fate, you’d think hashirama would know if someones dead. So how he go from getting his ass handed to him for the second -to -last time in his existence to obtaining the the power of the rinnegan to putting the full moons plan in motion to being a grumpy old man who talks of hopeless an regret an allowing young whippersnappers to carry his plan out for him?

    The end of the fight reminded me of the end fights of naruto/neji, obito/konan, an sasuke/danzo.

  10. @unknown – could Madara have used that illusion technique (Izanagi?) And left a fake “corpse” there only to slink away?

  11. Possibly, but he’d have to sacrifice his brothers eyes to do so. An hashirama died believing madara was dead, so unless hashirama died very shortly after this fight, or he just leaves/buries the corpse there an left, there’s no way madara could hold izanagi long enough to fool him for long. The corpse would just dissappear and he would search the ends of the earth for him.

    Did my eyes play tricks on me as read, or did we actually seen hashirama bleed for the first time….o_O

  12. Now that I think about could the EMS negate the side effects of izanagi/izanami? So far we ‘ve only seen those techniques from those who either have MS or regular sharingans.

  13. I did not see Hashirama bleed

  14. Hashirama doesn’t bleed! #theInsolence

  15. @ tawuya lol yea that’s what I figured. Must’ve been the dirt mixed with the rain on his skin.

  16. Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Your boy is back and man wat a shit day i had, had a 2 hour arguement an wanted to headbutt my managers face clean off but i resisted, but anyyyyyyyyyyywayyyyyyyyy:

    Naruto – first reaction….the sharingan can tell the difference between clones an a real body……….Maddi knew that was a clone, did he get stabbed on purpose or was that genjutsu?!?!?! Im just waiting for him to get up, hair blow in the wind an we get that sharingan sound activation **kachingggg** turning into thee BIG MAGNUM RINNEGAN AWAKENING!!! Yoooooo the epicness is fucking with my blood pressure!! You know Sasuke is thinking “so after listening to this branch fucker he admits that he wanted Uchiha love an booty, his brother is the reason why my clan got screwed over an he influenced danzo down the line, the third did fuck all an ate crackers an the fourth well…..i hate him coz he’s pretty – fuck it ima destroy the village just coz im bored!”

    Bleach – Ichigo’s mumzy is a BAWSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Jheeeeeeeez I love a bad bitch an this bitch is straight viciousssssssss! Arrow to the face son, arrow to the freakin faceeeeeeeeee!!! Props to Kubo this guy right here is doin his flashback justice, taking his time an takin his hot epic apple pie ideas, putting on paper an letting them bitches cool before we read. You know Kubo was talking shit in his office eating a snickers bar……”how can I shock those punks, hmmmm cut off a limb, nah that’s too obvious hmmmm (face palms himself) I got it!! Arrow!!! Arrow to the faceeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”

    One piece- Bellamyyyyyy, WTF is this krusty cowboy doing alive!!! Forget rebecca’s sweet ass, why is this protein shake bastard still breathing! I watched his death scene last night on youtube, wake up the next day an this bitch is smiling in my face like he stole my cookies – WTF!!!! Oda……explain this shit coz I don’t like bein fucked wit! Your making my boy mingo look merciful an soft instead of cold an sadistic! Also champion jesus, huuuuhhhhh! Why is he there, Blackbeard u sneaky son of a donkey! Did anyone else notice he’s the “first fleet captain…..” BB got fleets now?! Yo strawhats gonna need some fleets man seriously….. “first fleet captain Zoro” “second fleet captain Sanji” “third fleet captain Frankyyyyy Shogannnn!!”

  17. P.s Hashi is literally a backstabber!!! One chapter “i wont hurt my friend”, the next “die ninja die!!”

  18. @tensa im glad hashirama finally wised up. He realized there came a point where he couldnt help madara anymore.. hopefully this is a preview of what naruto will end up doing to sasuke

  19. P.P.S and where was mito’s sugar walls this whole time?!?!

  20. @Token – no Hashi showed Naruto what NOT to do; killing sasuke/madara for the sake of the village did not work; it bred a certain darkness – that’s the point he was making through his retelling…

  21. Izagnagi could have been used on MEGA MAGNUM. Because old BIG MAGNUM was missing an eye. That’s why he told Obito he would kill him and take his eye. Exact words: “I’m always looking for a good set of eyes.”

  22. @tawuya yea letting him live worked.. o wait he tried that before and madara still turned his back. either way madara came back but lets be real the only reason madara is a problem right now is cause of edo tensei. trying to kill madara actually gave them some peace.. remember madara didnt die from this so clearly leaving him alive wouldnt have been the smart thing to do and if hashirama had managed to kill madara this whole moon eye thing probably wouldnt have happened. Course it breeds darkness there will always be but at least hashirama did what he thought was right.

  23. @uchihatheinfamous but he also said he gave his eyes to nagato, an that one eye he found as a spare. So he couldn’t have used izanagi unless the side effects of izanagi doesn’t apply to EMS (which have yet to be determined) if that’s true, imagine sasuke spamming izanagi and izanami against naruto if they ever fought. Unlikely, but EMS would actually look like an upgrade. So far we’ve seen EMS from two uchihas an I have yet to be impressed.

  24. @tensa – as for strawhat fleet. i’d imagine jinbei and the sun pirates would join. the remaining whitebeard pirates, who we have no idea what has happened to, so possible alliance with their, after all he was ace’s brother and whitebeard respected him?

    on the other hand, there may not be a need for a fleet but alliances and that would be better any fleet. reason? take a look at the nakama they have made – arabasta, whitebeard pirates, jinbei, shanks, revolutionary army, just a few examples.

    before this manga finishes, the world will wake up, luffy would have united not only small crews but entire islands to take on the world government, in either 1 big war like ‘war of the best’ or a ‘world war’ were there are many battles taking place.

    just reeks of epicnesss!!!

  25. or there was to be a fleet, then the guys at water 7 can make the ships:P to be honest the possibilities are endless. why one piece, in my mind is the best of the 3. 🙂

  26. @Tensa – lol, welcome back. Do you have links for the stuff you mentioned on One Piece ie Bellamy death, Mingo etc.

    @Token – the critical point is not whether Madara (unknowingly) was in fact alive but that PATH that Hashirama chose; a lot of people have been leaning towards Naruto killing Sasuke and letting the village get on with what it’s doing but I think flashback showed why that’s not the ideal option. Madara being alive in the background also shows that letting him (Sasuke) run rampant is also not an ideal option. It’ll come down to Kishi referencing the whole pebble reaching the other side between Naruto and Sasuke I reckon. Maybe Naruto has utterly defeated Sasuke but then later sacrifices himself to save Sasuke from Madara and Obito with Sasuke finally “seeing in his heart”. Ultimate redemption, Sasuke activates Rinnegan and owning ensues 🙂

  27. @Tensa – LMMFAO @”Mito’s sugar walls”!!!! #Mef

  28. Just reread and noted that when Madara was stabbed through heart after being tricked by moku-clone his Sharigan was deactivated/exhausted. They must have been going at it for some time from when he activated his EMS (after kyuubi was put to sleep like a baby, lol). So does that cover the whole “loophole” about Madara not seeing it was a clone?

  29. Wait… nope, coz just after he’s stabbed his eyes do the “fwip” thing… #backToDrawingBoard

  30. @unknown good point, but now that brings another question. Who did he get to replace his eyes? I doubt Obito did it, but Obito does know how to now, so maybe he showed him. He just seemed so young to learn that though. I would REALLY like to see the story of how Negato got his eyes. From the removal from BIG MAGNUM to the locating and implanting into Negato.

  31. @Tawuya

    Remember this:

    In Oda’s defence it was off screen but still seriously thought the dude was dead but then again Oda will explain this properly.

    I’ll leave this here to:

  32. Actually sasuke was tricked by killerbee using the tentacle as clone…killerbee is as of this time not a caliber of hashirama…

  33. @Tawuya-sama

    You are wrong, reread the pages leading up to that: Madara does not have his sharingan activated. The “fwip” is Hashirama’s face and his Sage Tech or whatever it is fading. That panel is his face.

  34. @RipCord – no you are wrong (lol):


    The “fwip” sound is to signify sharingan deactivation and the close up of the black pupil is to further drive that point home.

  35. @tawuya i think ripcord is referring to this;

    http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/32913786/11 and every subsequent page does not show the sharingan bein activated at all so that fwip sound doenst appear to involve madara. What is interesting is http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/32913786/10 the ems is activated and them on the very next page it is deactivated. The fwip sound doesnt appear to have anything to do with madara deactivating his sharingan and its possible that izanagi was used on page 11 after the ems just vanished.

  36. Hey guys sorry for not getting you a review last week. I w
    as extremely busy with school projects and work so I wasn’t able to write it till Friday; I sent it to Jdogg as usual but it seems he is even busier than I am lol, anywho we will also touch on this chapter on the next review.

    in the meantime maybe I can shed some light on Madara’s EMS, so this chapter picked up from the climax of the final battle; Madara was successful in avoiding the thousand bitch slaps but had to do so in sacrifice of Susano’o. And with Susano’o gone, it became an easy task for Hashirama to tame Kyubbi and take him out of the battle field. With both the kyubbi and budha on the side lines, Hashirama and Madara proceed to a one on one battle, this is the point where Madara activates EMS (I was previously thought EMS was always active). Right after this we skip to the very end, where both combatants are very exhausted (seems the went on fighting for quite a while after Kyubbi was tamed). At this point Madara has no more energy to maintain a simple sharingan let alone EMS, and Hashirama is in no better condition either. Both left only with enough energy for one final attack, Hashirama successfully out maneuvers Madara and he comes out the victor in this titanic battle.

    hope that clears things up a lil @tawuya/token


  37. For those that give a f***…………..One piece film Z full movie (english dub coming next week)……….


  38. Sorry people but life is hard as a student and it gets harder when your computer trolls on you. Just got it fixed so tomorrows chapters will be out and I will do my best to get out the review as fast as possible.

  39. new naruto chapter is out

  40. hmmm not sure what to make of certain things. you’ll know when you have read it- http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/627

  41. Sasuke’s face on page 15 is priceless. Even he knows that he’s fucketd and that he will have to stick with Karin (poor guy)

  42. @impaler – lol yeah that was fun, cant wait to see sakura’s reaction, not sure i agree with orochimarus reaction though


  44. @Jay & Impaler – Orochimaru is lying through his snake-whore teeth! he’s positioning himself to acquire power/justu/abilities and figures piggybacking Sasuke is the only way. This Care Bear party will taste betrayal

  45. @tawuya – i hope your right, to see the one of the best villains in manga turn good would be too much. ending was epic though. time for hinata to meet her dead father-in-law 😛

  46. @Jay – that ending has to go down in the history books; it was incredible…

    @RipCord (I think) – you jinxed it!!! Looks like it’s your friendly neighbourhood spider-masaki 😦 Damn you! Although I’m hoping she was reacting to Kisuke

  47. I don’t know how I feel about BIG PIMPIN turning. Pound for pound he is my favorite character. I kinda have this empty feeling. I even see BIG MAGNUM falling for the talk no jutsu. He’s about to get it tripple time from MEGA MAGNUM, Sasuke, and Naruto, smh.

  48. http://www.mangareader.net/one-piece/705 – and last but not least one piece

  49. Yoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Freakin awesome chapter!! Karin’s back, orochimaru is lovestoned an everyone’s getting ready to go on a field trip with no packed lunches!! Now key points to note: Sasuke said he’s going to the war – he never said WHO’s side he’s gonna be on so he hasnt turned good just yet – this ninja is on a constant period – he’s a wild card, u never know what he might do, or who he might stab! Minato said he’s gonna give naruto a present – i bet ur sweet ass it aint a kit kat bar – im callin it now……………its gonna be the other half of that kyuubi chakra milkshake baby!! Maddi an Hashi are damn near gonna bust a nut when they see each other an loooooooooool at snake boy sulking firing shots at the third “Bitch i should have been hokage an ur old melting ass knows it!!” The power scales seem off tho coz juubi + obito + madara vs Shinobi qb chakra alliance, 4 Hokages an Team Hawk-Snake is straight up unfair – watch sasuke side with his grandpappy Madara an big cuz Obito. Uchiha’s vs everybody coming soon – the fourth great ninja wrestlemania is coming an Undertaker 21-0 (Hashi) is coming to whoop some asssssssssss! Great chapter tho, was smiling like a pimp in a fur coat store the whole time

  50. @tensa
    No one will be able to withstand the unstoppable tripple talk no jutsu not even BIG MAGNUM, smh. Doesn’t this kinda defeat the purpose of Naruto bringing Sasuke back from the dark side. I’m just saying.

  51. @UTI
    Sasuke is gonna pull a 180 an turn evil one last time, its the only way the naruto-sasuke bring back to konoha can make sense, sasuke is going to want to kill the village not to be evil but to free everyone from their attachments to it which is costing them their lives.
    Think about it sasuke might say everyone’s working an dying for this village if i destroy it later, then everyone can be free from that burden that is getting people killed (itachi, neji etc) or making ninja go crazy an try to protect it in their own twisted way (obito). If there is no village there is nothing to protect therefore no one should die – kind of like a true anti-hero – being cruel to be kind, besides if sasuke stays good how the hell we gonna get God mode Sasuke vs God mode Naruto?! We need to see that shit maynnn


  53. @tensa

    Maybe he will stay good, and decide not to return to the village that caused all the pain. This may be what he and Naruto fight about, Naruto trying to convince him to stay like MEGA did BIG.

  54. Dont really know what to feel about this chapter…..but it just shows how gullible sasuke is,i mean,is there any side of the story that sasuke doesn’t get to believe and go all 180,i mean,look at this

    cover-up itachi’s story=180 from sweet 8 yr old kid to an avenger(btw marvel avengers should really think about hiring this guy),=and goes all i wanna kill itachi=good guy

    itachi’s true story=180 and goes all “i’m gonna kill those skinny old danzou and his bitches of elders”=antihero-ish

    Obito’s version of madi-hashi’s love story=180 again and goes all “i’m gonna cleanse the tainted name of the uchiha and destroy the village=totally flips the switch, bad guy

    edo itachi’s reads the bedtime story of konaha history=gets all anti-hero minded again

    hashirama version of madi-hashi love story=flips the switch again=good guy

    Jeez……i’m getting a headache,its so hard to keep track of sasuke’s side these days..well at least we still have
    Madara version of hashi-madi love story=guessin another 180 to bad guy mode, then naruto vs sasuke will fall right in place

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